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GPX (GPS eXchange Format) and KML (Keyhole Markup Language) are two popular file formats used to store geographic data. GPX files contain information such as waypoints, routes, and tracks recorded by GPS devices. On the other hand, KML files are XML-based and used to display geographic data in applications like Google Earth.

Understanding GPX and KML Formats

GPX files are commonly used in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and geocaching. They store waypoints (locations), routes (paths), and tracks (recorded movement) that can be visualized on various GPS devices and software applications.

KML files, on the other hand, are widely used in mapping and visualization applications such as Google Earth. They allow you to represent geographical data with customized symbols, colors, and labels.

Benefits of Converting GPX to KML

Converting GPX files to KML format offers several advantages.

Firstly, KML files are compatible with a wide range of mapping software, including Google Earth, making it easier to visualize and analyze your GPS data.

Secondly, KML files support advanced features like custom styling, annotations, and overlays, enhancing the visual representation of your geographic data.

Lastly, converting GPX to KML expands the usability of your data, enabling you to share it with others who may not have GPS devices but can access KML-compatible applications.

To get it done, you will need a GPX to KML converter. For those requiring, we composed this article revealing the best GPX to KML converters.

The List of Best GPX to KML Converters

This article segment will explain the most effective GPX to KML converters for your reference. You can go through this list and pick the most appealing option that fits your expectations.


GPX2KML  GPX to KML Converter

The first option we explain is a free online tool that can convert GPX to KML without any issues. You can simply visit their website and upload the GPX file to that using the interface.

Then, you can get three options to choose from. They are waypoints, tracks, and routes. You can select the most appropriate option that matches your requirements. You should make sure that the items you check exist in the original GPX file you expect to convert.

For instance, you will get no data if your GPX file has only tracks but no waypoints or routes. That means the output file (KML file) will not have any data after converting. So, be sure to check the data that actually exists in the original GPX file.

Moreover, you can choose the option called ‘Zip Archive‘ if you want to get KML into ZIP.

At the completion of the conversion, you can get a link from the website. That link will direct you to download the KML file with another link. The other link will view your new KML file on Google Maps straightaway.

In addition to that, you can see the conversion stats that reveal various other information. For instance, it tells the number of waypoints and routes found within the file. Also, it will display the total distance.

Besides, it allows you to save the KML files on a server. To do that, you should enter an email address to which the KML file will be sent.

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02. MyGeoData


MyGeoData is another online tool that can work as a very effective GPX to KML converter. This website allows you to convert GPX to KML format using three simple steps.

Mentioned below is how to get it done using MyGeoData.

● Input your data

As the first step, you should upload the existing GPX file to the website. Then, it will scan the uploaded file and break it into layers.

You can then select the required layer that should be included in the KML file. The GPX file will be broken into the following layers.

Track Points, Route Points, Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints.

If none of those layers exist in the GPX file, the tool will skip it in the output KML. This specific tool displays the coordinates system and the character encoding, which is available in the GPX.

● Output data

At this stage, you should choose the desired output format for the file, so you should choose KML. The tool will use the same coordinates for the output KML file as well.

● Conversion

The third step of the process is conversion. In this case, you can convert the file simply by clicking on the ‘Convert Now‘ button. If not, you can see it directly on the map by choosing the ‘Show On a Map‘ option. That’s it!

03. GPSVisualizer


This is another online GPX to KML converter that comes with a large range of functions. And converting GPX to KML is only one function of this tool. We should mention that GPSVisualizer is the most simplified tool of all the options we explain.

This tool uploads the respective GPX file and clicks on the ‘Crate KML File’ option. The tool will look after the rest and generate a KMZ file using GPX data.

In fact, ‘KMZ‘ is a zipped KML file. That means a single KMZ file can have more than one KML file. In addition, GPSVisualizer can generate a KML file using an HTML code with GPS data.

04. KMLTools


KMLTools is another good converter that can convert GPX files into KML. This online tool utilizes GPS data to create a new KML file compatible with Google Maps etc. You can even name the KML file at the conversion if you use KMLTools.

Also, it allows you to decide if you want tracks or tours in the KML file. It comes with additional parameters for the tour. Then, you can set the tour period and the camera’s tilt angle.

05. GPSPrune GPX to KML Converter


This is another free tool that can be used to convert GPX files into KML. This software is developed for Windows users. Like other options mentioned in our article, GPSPrune allows you to save GPX as KML.

After opening a GPX file, it displays the track details and the waypoints on the interface. If required, you can edit the content of the GPX file before converting.

For instance, this software allows you to add new waypoints or remove an existing one. If not, you can duplicate an existing waypoint using the option ‘Points‘.

In addition to that, this software allows you to experience various options such as Compress track and Split Track into segments.

You can also use it to Rearrange Waypoints and delete existing points by date. In addition to converting GPX to KML, GPSPrune can generate POV, SVG, Text, etc.

06. GPSBabel GPX to KML Converter

GPSBabel GPX to KML Converter

GPSBabel is special because it is both free and open-source. This tool is designed specifically for Windows users. Converting a GPX file to a KML file is a pretty simple task.

More importantly, converting the file takes only a couple of steps. Below are the steps you should follow to convert GPX to KML through GPSBabel.

Converting GPX to KML through GPSBabel.

  • First, you should choose the input format GPX XML and import your GPX file.
  • You can also apply translation options (such as data filters) if required. For instance, you can choose options like Track, Routes, Waypoints, and other available options. You can also apply Synthesize small names and Enable character set transformation. You can find some general output preferences simply by using the ‘Options’ button. Then you will find options such as export line strings for tracks and routes. Rotating colors for tracks and routes are another possible option. Likewise, there are several options to choose from.
  • As the final step, you should choose the output format as ‘Google Earth‘ Markup Language. Then, press the button labeled OK to continue.

07. TCX Converter

TCX Converter  GPX to KML Converter
TCX Converter

TCX Converter is another option you can use to convert GPX files into KML or the other way around. In addition to GPX and KML, this software supports other formats such as TCX, TRK, CSV, and many others.

You can choose any of those file formats when you export the files. When you open a file in this tool, you can see the containing tracks and waypoints. If it is necessary, you can add or remove waypoints.

Once the basic editing is done, press the ‘Save KML File‘ button. Then, you can convert the same GPX into a KML.

In addition to that, this tool offers you the Multi GPX option as well. As a result, it allows you to load multiple GPX files in the form of batches and convert them.

08. 3D Route Builder

3D Route Builder
3D Route Builder

3D Route Builder is another powerful tool that allows you to convert GPX to KML. This tool is designed specifically for Windows.

This tool may convert GPX files to KML or KMZ format. You should go to the ‘Export As’ option to do that.

The free version of this tool doesn’t allow you to edit the contents of GPX before conversion.

However, you can use it to create a new GPX or any other supported file with GPS data. For instance, it supports formats such as CSV, GPS files, etc.

09. POIConverter GPX to KML Converter


This is another software developed to convert various file formats comprising POI, tracks, and routes. You can use POIConvert to convert files with extensions like GPX, KML, CSV, XLS, WPT, RTE, etc.

To convert a GPX to KML, you should open the desired GPX file first. Then, use the ‘Save’ option so you can save it as a KML file.

You can use the option called Append to add multiple GPX files. Then, you can add multiple GPX files as a sequence and get them converted.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Conversion Tool

When selecting a tool for converting GPX to KML, consider the following factors:

  • User-friendliness and ease of use
  • Customization options and flexibility
  • Compatibility with your operating system
  • Speed and performance
  • Additional features and functionalities


Q1: Are these conversion tools free to use?

A1: The availability and pricing of these tools may vary. While some tools are free to use, others may require a paid subscription or offer premium features at a cost.

Q2: Can I convert KML files back to GPX format?

A2: Yes, many of the tools mentioned in this article also support the conversion of KML files back to GPX format. Check the documentation or features of the specific tool you are using to confirm its capabilities.

Q3: Can I convert multiple GPX files to KML simultaneously?

A3: Yes, some tools, such as GPSBabel and ExpertGPS, allow batch conversions, enabling you to convert multiple GPX files to KML format at once.

Q4: Are there any offline tools available for GPX to KML conversion?

A4: Yes, tools like EasyGPS, ExpertGPS, and standalone GIS software such as QGIS and ArcGIS can be used offline to convert GPX files to KML format.

Q5: Can I edit the converted KML files after conversion?

A5: Yes, once your GPX file is converted to KML, you can edit the resulting KML file using software applications like Google Earth Pro, QGIS, or ArcGIS. These applications provide tools for manipulating and customizing KML data.


So, that’s our list of best GPX to KML converters. If you have better opinions, please let us know. We would appreciate it if you could leave feedback below, expressing your thoughts.


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