Efficient Ways to Convert PDF to Midi Files: A Beginner’s Guide


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Are you looking for different ways to convert PDF to Midi files? If so, know some efficient ways to convert PDF files to Midi effortlessly.

What is Midi File?

Midi is the standard in the music industry when we talk about digital representation and music production. This music format is well-admired due to several reasons. The foremost reason is that this format comprises of smaller size in comparison with other music files.

On the other hand, most sound cards on electronic devices and computers synthesize signals conceded by Midi files. Due to this fact, these files are even popular on websites, greeting cards, and phones.

Before translating a music file, it is represented through musical scores. These scores are generally formatted in PDF version, which is then fed into a music application. Here, musical notes are processed, which reproduce melodious tunes through speakers.

One can export these tunes to audio files such as Midi. So, if you have no idea how to convert PDF to a Midi file, we have come to your rescue.

In this article, you will learn about different ways to perform this task with the help of an ODT2PDF converter. So, let’s get started!

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How to Convert PDF into Midi File on Mac / PC?

To convert PDF into Midi, you can use applications like PDFtoMusic. It is the best application for converting sheet music and music scores from PDF to Midi.

You can use the free version of PDFtoMusic to translate the very first page of the PDF to Midi.

Instructions to Convert PDF to Midi on Computer:

Step 1: Upload Your File

In the first place, you need to upload the PDF file. Soon after, the program will start to scan the document for all the musical notes.

PDFtoMusic will playback the discovered musical notes while continuing to search for other notes within the document.

Step 2: Export the File

Next, you have to export all the discovered musical notes to several file formats. There are various options available, like MP3, WAV, OGG, and Midi. In this case, choose the format Midi.

Convert PDF to Midi with PDFtoMusic

Step 3: Add Sound

This program enables you to edit the PDF content by adding instrumental sounds of instruments like pianos or guitars.

Using this tool, you can even remove musical notes that you do not like to incorporate in the concluding music file. So, use the digital music editor by going for an extension.

Best PDF to Midi Converters for iOS Devices

As stated above, Midi holds much significance in the music industry. However, you will find that most websites comprise vast collections of music files only in PDF format.

As a musician, you will need an application to play those files by converting them into supportable formats.

In this way, you can modify those files with the help of your music notation tool. Additionally, music scores can only be formatted in PDF formats. You require a PDF to Midi converter to get files in Midi format to perform this task.

Here, you will learn about some of the best PDF to Midi converters. In addition to converters, there is also an application called PDFelement, which allows users to read music scores in PDF files.

So, let’s move on to our list of the five best PDF to Midi converters.

1. Sheet Music Scanner

Price: $3.99

This incredible tool comes with an in-built camera, where you can scan sheet music in printed form. Thus, Sheet Music Scanner plays the song for you without hassle.

sheet music scanner ios

Using this PDF to Midi application on your iOS device, you are free to select the instrumental sound and speed and, lastly, enjoy the music track like never before.

Special Features of Sheet Music Scanner:

  • Sheet Music Scanner playbacks and scans a PDF file or images from the gallery.
  • It exports files in formats like Midi, PDF, WAV, M4A, MusicXML, AAC, or MP3 to other applications, cloud storage, and directly Airdrop.
  • This application plays any song from any point by tapping on the notes, symbols, or measures.
  • It supports several cloud storage such as One Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You just have to get the proper cloud application to make it work.

2. Forscore

Price: $9.99

Forscore allows users to download a song and play the same within a few seconds. This PDF to Midi converter tool is a music sheet reader for iOS devices.

After a successful launch of Forscore, users will discover that it ultimately changes the whole music world for them.

forscore ios

Forscore offers a user-friendly interface, where you will find several tools to improve everything from technical to final performance.

This incredible tool allows you to create links for managing repeat plays and audio tracks.

To avoid strident transitions, you can use the “Half Page” feature to view the existing page’s bottom half and the next page’s upper half simultaneously.

This incredible tool allows you to import PDF files from the internet and even directly from services like Dropbox.

It organizes your music library really well. Here, you can turn pages instantly. To deliver the best experience possible, Forscore even learns from users.

3. PiaScore

Price: Free

This PDF to Midi application enables you to browse music scores. PiaScore works perfectly for every iOS device, which resolves many problems for music lovers.

With PiaScore, you do not have to worry about carrying countless scores and finding your favorite track.

piascore ios

Special Features of PiaScore:

  • This PDF to Midi converter tool allows you to scribe notes within music scores. Here, you get three sizes and six colors of pens, stamp input, and text wiring.
  • PiaScore turns pages for users automatically.
  • It even supports lock-protected files.
  • Its feature, “Crop Page,” allows easier reading.
  • This amazing tool offers impressive tools like a music player, voice recorder, virtual keyboard, and chromatic tuner.
  • With PiaScore, users can arrange pages without restraint. To jump pages as a repeat, you need to simply insert the button “Page Jump” on that page.

4. SuperScore Music

Price: Free

This PDF to Midi converter tool allows you to import PDFs. SuperScore Music does not extend PDFs to Liquid Music Display and MIDI playback.

However, this interesting tool offers many other PDF file features. These unique features include collections, page-turning methods, unique markup ways, etc.

superscore music ios

SuperScore Music enables users to import music files with its feature of Open or Share for applications like Dropbox, Mail, and others.

This application’s annotation features help you mark music scores for practice or performance. One can show or hide these markups by simply clicking on the screen.

SuperScore files come up with backing tracks, which provide students and professionals with an impressive performance.

One can play these files at each and every tempo with quite flexibility. Here, you can even mute backing files.

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PDFelement – Best Tool to Read Scores in Your PDF

PDFelement is one of the leading applications in the music industry. This tool offers an all-inclusive and straightforward platform for your every PDF editing need. You do not have to install any additional software to use its exciting features.

Among its various features, this application is famous for its ability of feature-filled editing. This tool enables users to edit every element on the PDF file using functions like add, delete, or edit.

If your file came into being after scanning, this tool implements the industry-leading module Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to lift the file content. This way, PDFelement allows you to modify and edit the file depending on your needs and preferences.

On the other hand, PDFelement is also a great document creator and converter. One can easily convert files to PDF from other formats like images and Office files. It can also convert PDF to ODT. You can even work on documents a lot. This way, you can perform all the work within a specific period.

With PDFelement, users can organize their files with extra tools. Here, you can edit and add elements like watermarks, bates numbers, hyperlinks, headers, bookmarks, footers, and other editorial items that come with this incredible tool.

Convert PDF to Midi with PDFElement

Unique Characteristics of PDFelement for Windows:

So, let’s look at how this tool works wonders on Windows PC!

Smart Editing

This tool edits PDFs in a faster, smarter, and easier manner. It offers the best way to format PDF files. One can get backgrounds, links, images, pages, footers, headers, and more.

Annotate PDFs

One can integrate sticky notes, comments, stamps, text boxes, and drawing tools for better collaboration and sharing of documents. One can perform this entire task using this all-in-one PDF editor.

Create PDFs

Users can create PDF forms using all kinds of interactive controls. It enables users to fill out PDF forms hassle-free. This tool comes with an intuitive outlook while having robust features.

Protect PDFs

Here, one can protect PDFs using permission restrictions and passwords. In addition, users can redact the content and even sign the files using digital signatures. Lastly, you can export files to Dropbox.

Read Music Scores on iOS Devices

If you are looking for an application to read music scores, PDFelement is the right choice. This tool enables you to annotate or read the PDF files on iOS devices like the iPhones or iPads.

It ensures the best reading experience for PDF files. This application is a free iOS tool that comes with really awesome features.

midi ios

Other Special Features of PDFelement:

  • It is compatible with iPhones and iPads.
  • This tool allows users to easily draw digital signatures for signing contracts and legal PDF forms like tax or business forms.
  • PDFelement converts PDF to formats like PAGES, TXT, EPUB, HTML, RTF, XML, and MS Office formats.
  • One can take notes on files swiftly by inserting text boxes, stamps, comments, or sticky notes.
  • PDFelement sends files through One Drive, Dropbox, Mail, and other sources.
  • This program can add headers, footers, watermarks, and backgrounds to PDF files.

You know what tool you have to use to convert music files from PDF to Midi format. In this article, we have suggested five different tools to carry out this task. Apart from conversion, these applications offer lots of other features as well.

Meanwhile, PDFelement is one such tool that works perfectly for every task. Users can use this application for both Windows PC and iOS devices.

Get this incredible tool from its official website, or click here for the Windows version and iOS devices. So, enjoy a smooth experience with music PDFs with PDFelement!


Converting PDF to MIDI provides musicians with new opportunities to interact with and explore sheet music. It enables music playback, customization, and collaboration in ways that static PDF files cannot achieve. Whether you are a music student, composer, or performer, harnessing the power of MIDI opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Now, take your PDF sheet music, convert it to MIDI, and embark on a musical journey of limitless potential.


1. Can any PDF be converted to MIDI? Not all PDF files can be directly converted to MIDI. The success of the conversion depends on the quality and clarity of the sheet music in the PDF, as well as the capabilities of the conversion software or tools used.

2. Are there free tools available for PDF to MIDI conversion? Yes, there are free tools available online for PDF to MIDI conversion. However, the features and accuracy may be limited compared to paid or professional software.

3. How accurate are the conversions? The accuracy of PDF to MIDI conversions can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the music notation, the quality of the PDF file, and the algorithms used by the conversion software. Some manual editing may be required to ensure accurate results.

4. Can I edit the resulting MIDI file after conversion? Yes, MIDI files are editable using MIDI editors or music notation software. You can make adjustments, corrections, or enhancements to the resulting MIDI file according to your requirements.

5. What are the system requirements for MIDI conversion tools? The system requirements for MIDI conversion tools may vary depending on the software or online tool used. Generally, they require a computer or mobile device with sufficient processing power, memory, and a compatible operating system.


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