How to Enable Grindr Fake GPS on My Device?


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Grindr fake GPS

Wondering as to what can be the benefits of enabling Grindr fake GPS? Well, there can be many advantages of doing that since the app Grindr works by using your real-time location.

It’s a top-grossing dating app that gets you to meet new people that live near you. With such apps come a lot of privacy issues like location access permits, location tracking, and phone activity getting tracked.

We aim to provide you with solutions in this article to enable you to use a fake location on Grindr. We will also be introducing you to two amazing software named dr.fone- Virtual Location (iOS) that gives the best results.

What is a Grindr App?

This is a social networking app that works upon getting access to the phone’s location. It’s meant to be used by Trans people, bisexuals, and gay men for getting matches in the city they are located in.

The users of both the App Store, as well as the Play Store, can download it. It has a free and paid version.

Grindr app

Some of the Risks Associated with the App Are:

  • The location and frequently visited places are public and accessible, which is a privacy threat.
  • The health info like HIV status, contact, email ID, etc. are stored with the app.
  • Anonymous dates can be risky and vulnerable without any proof of background check.
  • The policing of other countries regarding your LGBT affiliation might be risky as they might be different from your country.

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Let’s See the Advantages and Disadvantages of Enabling a Grindr Fake GPS:


  • Enables you to check out more profiles in different locations
  • Can befriend people from different places
  • Get more views and visitors on your profile
  • Solves privacy issues by discontinuing or masking location sharing


  • Risk of a ban due to fake potential
  • Jeopardize the efficiency of the other more useful apps with the wrong location feed
  • Unknown threats at new locations

Changing Location on iOS Devices

The iOS devices have limited options available for the users who want to fake their location with a Grindr fake GPS. This issue happens with Grindr too.

However, we will be providing you with two solutions that will give you the best results and successfully block location sharing as well as fake it.

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Use dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) to Enable Grindr Fake GPS

It will enable Grindr to fake GPS location for you just with one click. It confuses the app about the location and helps you to put a new location to get more matches in nearby places. You can also turn off the changed location as per your wish.

dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) doesn’t require you to get any special permission too. It runs with all the latest models of the iPhone. It can fix the problem of how to change location on the Bumble app for you too.

Method to use dr.fone- Virtual Location:

1) Connect the iPhone with the PC. Open the app. Click on the option Virtual Location application. Upon getting the Trust Prompt, verify it to secure the connection of the app to the iPhone.


2) Once the iPhone is detected, click on Get Started as it appears in the next prompt.


3) The next interface will show you a map along with your live location on it. Clicking on the button Center On will alter your present location.

Teleporting anywhere

4) There will be an option of Teleport Mode in the screen’s top-right corner. Click on it to start the process. Now just enter the location into the search box.

Teleporting anywhere

5) Drag the pin anywhere on the map to drop it at the location that you want to show. Now, just hit click on Move Here.

Teleporting anywhere

6) It’s done. The changed GPS coordinates will now be used by all the apps, including Grindr, on your phone. Use the Grindr fake GPS now where you can spoof the location anytime and also get more matches. You can even alter the movement routes along with speed as per your wish.


Changing Location on Android Devices

There are a lot of apps available on the Play Store that helps you to spoof the location of your device as shown in the various applications.

For changing the location of Grind on an Android device, you will need to make some changes in the settings of the phone.

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Follow the Steps Below to Get Grindr Fake GPS:

1) Unlock the device. Open the Settings tab. Select the option About Phone and then click on Build Number. Now, you will have to tap the option Build Number seven times repeatedly, and this will unblock the developer options.

2) Now go to the settings again. Open Developer options. Enable the option of turning the Mock location on.

3) You are all set. Just visit the Play Store. Look for any location faking app and download it.

4) Apps like Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer and Fake GPS location can give satisfying results.

Changing location on Android devices

5) Download and open the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app. Allow it to access the ad terms and device location. Select the app for making the location changes. Pin the desired location on the map. Click on the buttons Play and Without Ads to apply the changes. This will successfully implement the fake location, and you can check for the same on Google Maps.

Changing location on Android devices
Changing location on Android devices
Changing location on Android devices to fix grindr fake gps not working 2021
Changing location on Android devices

6) The app Fake GPS location will help too in a similar way. The process is very much the same. Check it out for yourself.

Enabling Grindr Fake GPS on a Computer

You can perform this task over a computer with the help of Desktop Emulators like BlueStacks too. Such apps help to run Android-compatible applications on the PC, be it Windows or macOS.

You can use Grindr on your PC in a similar way and access all the features to fake the location too. Just by operating BlueStacks on the computer, you can use Grindr on it and make the necessary changes.

Follow the Steps to Run the Task:

1) Download the app BlueStacks from its official website on the PC and install it. Open the app and follow the instructions to set it up properly.

Enabling Grindr fake GPS on a computer

2) Once done with that, look for the Grindr app with the help of the search box. You can download it from the Play Store too.

Enabling Grindr fake GPS on a computer

3) Wait till BlueStacks finishes installing Grindr on the PC. Then restart the BlueStacks app for continuing the process.

Fix grindr fake gps not working on a computer

4) Before using Grindr, turn the location on in the sidebar and also start the Mock location feature. Drag and put the pin anywhere on the map to change the location to the chosen one.

Enabling Grindr fake GPS on a computer

5) You are done. The new coordinates are ready, and you can check all the profiles that are near the new location.

Enabling Grindr Fake GPS with the Help of a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networks help to modify the device’s IP address to deal with security issues. During changing the VPN, you can enter the location of a different server being run by the same tool.

So many times, when we change the IP address, the applications also get fooled into believing the wrong locations. This allows you to put any fake location on the app and check out new profiles in that area wherever it may be.

Follow the Given Steps:

1) Visit the Play Store. Download any application with a trustable VPN like Hola, Express, Nord, etc. Buy their premium version since the free ones will not be of that much help as they give limited options.

2) Launch the downloaded VPN app. Create an account and log in. Run the default VPN option to modify the location.

Enabling Grindr fake GPS with the help of a VPN

3) You can also go to the Settings of the app and check the servers supported by it. Change the desired things for enabling a fake Grindr location.

Fix grindr fake gps not working with the help of a VPN

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I get banned from Grindr for using fake GPS?
    • Yes, altering your GPS location on Grindr may violate their terms of service, leading to an account suspension or ban. Proceed with caution.
  2. Is using a GPS spoofing app safe?
    • Using GPS spoofing apps comes with certain risks. Ensure that you download reputable apps and stay updated with the latest security measures.
  3. Can I change my location to any place in the world?
    • With GPS spoofing apps, you can set your location to virtually any place in the world, as long as the app supports it.
  4. Will enabling fake GPS affect my phone’s functionality?
    • Enabling fake GPS should not affect your phone’s overall functionality. However, it’s essential to use reliable apps and be cautious while granting permissions.
  5. Are there any alternative dating apps that offer location flexibility?
    • Yes, there are other dating apps available that provide location flexibility. Research and explore different options to find the one that suits your needs.

Final Words

So this exhaustive article was all about giving you the best solutions for enabling Grindr fake GPS. You should try out the dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) software as they are very easy to use and have a unique and reliable interface.

We have covered all the tricks for all the devices so that you don’t feel restricted at all. Pick what suits you and hit the dating world!


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