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Games like Spore
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Spore & Best Games like Spore

Creating a world and characters is what every player aspires to and what could be better than developing your own style of play and mechanism in the game. Spore is a multitasking real-life strategy game that allows you to develop a mechanism according to your choice.

Its gameplay is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to put through various mechanics, like building an empire, creating different species, and changing planet evolution. Furthermore, the characters must aim to procure wealth, safeguard their religion, and eventually rule over the universe of Spore.

The aim is indeed high, and therefore it will take a fair amount of your time to build the basics. However, its developers are lagging in the development of the Spore levels further, resulting in only five stages so far since its release in 2008.

If you have aced all five stages of Spore and are searching for its alternatives, then you have arrived at the right place because we have brought the 10 best games like Spore that you can thoroughly enjoy. The gameplay of these games similar to Spore will engage you until the end.

All these Spore like games are available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, and on the browser. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of 10 best games like Spore.

Top Best Games like Spore

01. Thrive (2016)

Games like Spore - Thrive

Thrive is akin to Spore as it is based on an open-source system and is one of the best games like Spore. Developed by Revolutionary Game Studio, the creators of this game like Spore devote themselves to developing its gameplay and ensuring that each player can access it. Thrive is free of cost; you just need to download a referral code from its official website.

This game like Spore starts from a single-celled organism, which gradually evolves by procuring elements and resources from the surroundings. There are six stages in total, and at every stage, your character will transform. Your motive is to dominate other species and rule over the entire universe.

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02. No Man’s Sky (2016)

No Man's Sky

As the name suggests, No Man’s Sky is based on a space adventure where you travel around the universe, discovering numerous galaxies, planets, and aliens. Its creator has put their fancy imagination into this futurist game and created a whole new universe. While exploring various planets and aliens, you will notice the difference between them.

Also, you will encounter an energy source or guardian called the Atlas around which the entire universe revolves. There are trillions of different planets in No Man’s Sky, and many of them are identical.

Although the gameplay is the same as other Spore like games, it is unique in its own way. It is undoubtedly one of the most adventurous games like Spore on this list.

03. Game Like Spore – Flow (2006)

Games like Spore - Flow

Flow is based on a real-time strategy. It was created by Omni System Limited and published by a German company, Headup Games. The pivot of this game like Spore, is the concept known as the ‘Dyson Tree Hypothesis.’ According to this concept, several trees and plants can grow on comets if one provides them with favorable weather and condition.

It may sound obscure, but you can use it to create varieties of plants and trees and take over your enemy asteroids by burrowing their roots deep down into the core of your enemy. In addition, these plants multiply when their stems or leaves fall and transform into seeds, resulting in saplings. 

This concept talks about how some trees are used during the battle to attack and defend the enemy. Its mechanism and environment are similar to games like Spore. 

However, the players are disappointed because of the lack of multiplayer gameplay. Nevertheless, it is one of the most exciting games like Spore.

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04. Plague Inc. (2012)

Plague Inc

Plague Inc is an evolutionary game like Spore in which you kick off as a harmless pathogen but later become the lethal one, killing a large number of people. Although its gameplay is not similar to other games like Spore, it does contain some similarities in its objectives and mechanics. 

In the beginning, you need to choose one pathogen from various others. Each pathogen carries special attributes and abilities. After choosing a pathogen, you must select the location where you want to spread the plague.

Your objective is to infect the entire world before someone finds its cure. Therefore, you need to be quick and secretive while spreading the plague. In addition, you can use various mechanics and traits, which will assist you in intensifying its effectiveness and wipe out the entire world.

However, if you want to be considerate and are not willing to kill humans, then you just need to use ‘necro virus‘ to transform them into zombies or ‘neurax worm‘ to enslave them. No doubt that this is one of the craziest games like Spore.

05. Species: Artificial Lives, Real Evolution (2018)

Species: Artificial Lives, Real Evolution

This game gives you the power to create life and destroy it depending on your choice. You can create living species, analyze them, and eliminate them whenever you desire. Similar to other games like Spore, Species: Artificial Lives, Real Evolution encapsulates an open-world mechanism and provides you with flexible gameplay.

You can witness the evolution of different inhabitants without prying yourself into its procedures.  However, in the beginning, you need to carry out the basic procedure of developing various species, which includes matching and combining different genres. The process of intersecting varieties of genes will allow you to form humongous creatures that will run freely in the jungle.

It is quite fun to create monstrous species by combining the cells of tiny organisms. If you are tired of playing the protagonist in games, then you should try this game, which allows you to create ghastly creatures and use them to create chaos around the world. Its playthrough resembles other games like Spore.

06. Sins of a Solar Empire (2008)

Sins of a Solar Empire

Like Spore, Sins of a Solar Empire revolve around the character that takes vengeance against the emperors and aspires to reign over the empires. To obtain this objective, you must strategize your plan, gather and empower your army, explore the universe, and lead your army to fight the emperors. The best part of this sci-fi game like Spore is that you will fight epic battles across the galaxy.

Also, the combat style is intense, and the war may continue for hours, further escalating the tension. This game will indulge you completely, and you need to be quick in planning strategies and taking action to succeed in your mission.

Your ambitions are high, which is why you must gather extreme wealth, power, and people. It is available on Amazon and is one of the action-packed games similar to Spore.

07. Katamari Damacy (2004)

Games like Spore - Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy was not developed by famous game companies but was created in a competition held by Namco in a school. Yes, you heard it right! It was a school project and did not cost a million dollars for its development. The judges were quick to admire this game like Spore, when a firm took it over and developed it to meet the demand. It came out in 2004 for PlayStation 2 console.

After waiting for a decade, the developers of Kamatari Damacy released its installments on Nintendo Switch in 2018, which led to a surge in its demand for Microsoft platforms. Hence, it motivated the creators to build their own games for other platforms.

In this game like Spore, as a prince, you wander through the city to accomplish the tasks designated by ‘The King of All Cosmos.’ During your journey, you must avoid tiny sticky organisms, which will cause you great harm and stop you from progressing in the game.

That organism acts like a plague, which, once stuck to your body, will gradually enlarge and occupy your entire body. Katamari Damacy’s unique gameplay made it one of the popular games like Spore.

08. Endless Space 2 (2017)

Endless Space 2

Although it is a sequel to Endless Space, its features and mechanics are more robust and exciting than its predecessor. It is one of the popular games like Spore and was nominated for numerous awards in 2017.

Created by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega, Endless Space 2 starts on five different planets, comprising different habitats, weather, and your chosen ethnicity. Your mission is to rule over other planets and to achieve this mission, you must empower your race’s technologies by carrying out research.

Your success and failure depend on them. These researches will aid you in approaching various other planets. In addition, it gives you a choice between single-player and multiplayer. So, if you want to enjoy games like Spore with your friends, then Endless Space 2 is for you.

09. Endless Space (2012)

Games like Spore - Endless Space

For science lovers, this game is apt as Endless Space incorporates characters that are mostly science lovers or science geeks. Its high-resolution visuals complement its futuristic gameplay. Whether you are a science lover or not, its sci-fi game style and adventurous gameplay will surely enthrall you.

This game like Spore was released on Windows in 2012, followed by other platforms. Endless Space will take you on an adventurous journey to the future in which the world is technically advanced and integrates high technology. You will experience the world in the year 3000, which has more advanced technology.

Your motive is to pick one of the nine civilizations, build your empire, deal with political issues, eliminate your enemy, and conquer the world. In order to accomplish your mission, the Academy will train your fighters. This is one of the advanced games like Spore.

10. Osmos (2009)

Games like Spore - Osmos

Developed by Hemisphere Games, Osmos is a 2D video game that contains artistic puzzle gameplay. It is available on platforms like MacOS, Windows PC, iOS, Android, OnLive platforms, and Linux. This game like Spore incorporates a simple mechanism. Your aim is to increase the size of your planet by absorbing other small planets.

All the planets in Osmos are in a bubble form, and you need to avoid contact with bigger ones and focus on absorbing small bubbles. Its gameplay is simple, but its developers have streamlined it by creating a larger red bubble indicating the danger. It is one of the easiest games like Spore, and you must try it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is Spore available on modern gaming platforms?

Unfortunately, Spore is not available on modern gaming platforms. However, you can still find the game on various online marketplaces and play it on compatible systems.

Q2: Are the games mentioned in this article available on consoles or only on PC?

The games mentioned in this article are available on various platforms, including PC, consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and in some cases, even on mobile devices. Make sure to check the specific platform requirements before purchasing or downloading a game.

Q3: Can I play No Man’s Sky with my friends online?

Yes, No Man’s Sky offers multiplayer functionality, allowing you to explore the vast universe with your friends. You can collaborate, trade, or even engage in space battles together.

Q4: Are Minecraft and Terraria multiplayer games?

Yes, both Minecraft and Terraria support multiplayer modes. You can join servers or play with friends locally to enhance your gaming experience.

Q5: Are there any upcoming games that might be similar to Spore?

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and new games with similar concepts to Spore may be in development. Keep an eye on gaming news and announcements to stay updated on upcoming releases.


All these 10 games like Spore are fun to play, and you can even enjoy some of them with your friends. Few of the Spore like games on this list let you experience the role of an antagonist, which every player wants to experience once in a while.

So, try these 10 best games like Spore and let us know which one you found more interesting.


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