15 Best Games Similar to Baldur’s Gate: A Must-Try for RPG Fans


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Games Like Baldur's Gate
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Have you ever thought about playing Baldur’s Gate again or games similar to Baldur’s Gate? If not, then it’s time that you must consider giving it a try.

There are some mind-blowing games on the market since Baldur’s Gate got launched. These games have the same criteria as this one, along with some extra features. All this extraness will make your gameplay a mind-blowing one.

We aren’t going to ask you to go through the trouble of finding these games all by yourself. Instead, we have made it easier for you by curating a list of the best 15 games like Baldur’s Gate.

Read below to find out about these top 15 games similar to Baldur’s Gate.

About Baldur’s Gate & Games Like Baldur’s Gate

One of the best and most inspiring games seen by the gaming world ever was Baldur’s gate. The very reason being Baldur’s Gate’s immense popularity was its impressive role-play aesthetics and gameplay. All of it was nothing less than gold, as has been proven by game lovers time and again.

There are plenty of elements in Baldur’s Gate that are complex and deep. It is intriguing to see how these elements have been woven so well into the classic standard gameplay. The systems involved in the gameplay can even become much more complicated to end up giving a headache to the player.

There are various action RPGs that have always spoken highly to the fans of BioWare games. As Baldur’s Gate became popular, many newer CRPGs emerged too. A lot of these CRPGs were seen to be based on Baldur’s theme only. This was an attempt to connect with the emotions of the players.

Finally, the new CRPGs released allowed Baldur lovers to relive the same moments. These games are similar to Baldur’s gate as they carry the role-play theme at their core. The replica games have been remarkably successful too, and we hope you will enjoy them.

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Top 15 Games Similar to Baldur’s Gate

When computers were new entrants in the market, tabletop RPGs were the sole hits among games. They could be played on consoles as well.

Interestingly, they became successful even with a simple plot, like a bunch of people lost somewhere. Many games were based on this criterion. Here are 15 top games like Baldur’s Gate.

1. Tower of Time

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Tower of Time

Another new entry that has just been available for two years yet is still gaining traction across multiple platforms. The Tower of Time’s setting is a blend of classic and contemporary with elements from fantasy and science fiction. In the tabletop realm, modern settings based on steampunk and science fiction are very popular.

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2. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever released. It has nearly everything that an RPG enthusiast could desire. Despite the lack of isometric graphics, it features plenty of missions, animals, weapons, and mythology to please even the most voracious RPG aficionados.

This third-person action role-playing game is among the varied games like Baldur’s Gate, allowing the player to choose between different characters.

3. Path of Exile

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Path of Exile

Path of Exile offers a similar idea but with a considerably more classic fantasy flair and twist based on the Diablo series. It combines isometric combat and action with the MMORPG format. Path of Exile is now one of the most popular online dungeon crawlers with much more to discover.

The game maintains its uniqueness by offering the scope of adventures continuously to the players. This is in contrast to the free-play idea of the game. One may expect steadily boring gameplay, but it is not the case.

4. Valheim


This game falls under the category of survival games similar to Baldur’s Gate with traditional elements of RPG games. In one look, this surprise smash looks like a mix of Skyrim and Minecraft with Nordic options like building and crafting. Valheim shares a lot of similarities with most games similar to Baldur’s Gate.

The players are shown entering the afterlife, which is a horrible place. It has entered the harsh realm of Valheim, which is the afterlife. You can play alone, but you may also connect with other players to form groups of up to 10 members.

5. Planescape: Torment (Enhanced Edition)

Planescape: Torment (Enhanced Edition)

The traditional games are making a rapid comeback, either as part of a remastered edition or as sequels. The first Planescape was released in 1999 and featured a range of various dimensional realities for players to explore.

In preparation for the third installment, an updated and upgraded take on the old Baldur’s Gate was taken. It also has a unique fantasy environment with a design that harkens back to Tim Burton’s films to improve the experience. The new edition contains reworked music and an enhanced interface.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Cyberpunk 2077

This is one of the games similar to Baldur’s Gate with a lot of role-playing, dialogues, graphics, and much more. Like previous open-world games, the realm of Night City forms the major setting, serving as an exploration ground.

While all play the same character, the mercenary character called V can be customized. Players can equip him with various fighting talents as well as crafting skills, such as hacking. You will always have a “companion” of sorts, even without the need to host a party for Johnny Silverhand.

7. Jade Empire

Jade Empire

The company BioWare didn’t stop hustling after rolling out multiple games in the 1990s. The entire gaming world praised the BG series. They went on to create Jade Empire in 2005, an RPG based on Asian mythology, marking a difference between it and other games similar to Baldur’s Gate.

The story is about a living monk who is fighting single-handedly. He has to save the world from the cruelties of a villainous emperor. There is one thing that makes this game stand out among other games similar to Baldur’s Gate. 

It is a unique morality system, which can twist the game in your favor. This feature can also be traced in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

8. Wasteland 3

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Wasteland 3

This game is quite popularly known to begin with an already established reputation. It is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) for individuals who prefer to control their entire environment.

The game has a post-apocalyptic setting in Colorado’s icy, mountainous wilds, unlike other games with a fantasy or medieval design. Wasteland 3 shares many similarities with the Baldur’s Gate franchise. This includes an isometric pattern, multiplayer game style, and choices that determine the storyline’s trajectory and final ending.

9. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

You may find this game to be wholly based on D&D gameplay, but the name exposes its original foundation. Kingmaker is based on the Pathfinder RPG, which belongs to the TTRPG’s main competitors and falls among games like Baldur’s Gate.

The essential aspects of the old BG games, like the taking-turns battle system and isometric pattern, are retained. Character customization is emphasized more, unlike D&D-based games. And a character’s alignment can be changed, and the fate of particular adventures can be influenced.

10. Disco Elysium

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Disco Elysium

Not all CRPGs are required to have a fighting system. In truth, there have been games that have continued the legacy of Baldur’s Gate without containing any fighting. ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium is an incredible gem because of its sheer brilliance among other games like Baldur’s Gate.

Another notable thing is that it has some of the best writing ever seen in a video game. The game stands proven as a great work of art, even though it is absolutely devoid of any fighting.

11. Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines

This game is surely one of the most criminally underestimated RPGs of all time. It is easily exemplifying how the most unique and adventurous games can go undervalued in the game world. For a long, rich, complicated, and fascinating role-playing game, it was entirely neglected by most people at that time.

This was because Bloodlines was launched on the same day as Half-Life2. Over time, though, the game became a cult classic, which is understandable. Any gamer looking for a fantastic role-playing adventure will not be disappointed with this gem.

12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Games Like Baldur's Gate - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It’s impossible to talk about excellent modern role-playing experiences without mentioning The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red put its heart and effort into what many consider to be the best role-playing game of all time. This game is the third installment of a beloved trilogy.

The development of Geralt’s journey through the first two games culminating in a magnificent third act, is fascinating. It can be considered as an analogy for CD Projekt Red, which began as a small game firm and grew into one of the most influential game studios of the modern age.

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13. Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights

If Baldur’s Gate has worn gamers down, a journey to Neverwinter should quench their hunger for more D&D-inspired gameplay. Neverwinter Nights, developed by Bioware and similar to Baldur’s Gate, is a weekly tabletop campaign transported to the console.

It’s as typical as a top-down fantasy game can be. Yet, it takes a lot of cues from the well-known tabletop franchise. Some may find it an acquired taste, but it’s a fitting follow-up to Baldur’s Gate.

14. Pillars of Eternity

Games Like Baldur's Gate - Pillars of Eternity

As gaming became more sophisticated and nuanced, games like Baldur’s Gate were considered outmoded. Thankfully, this hasn’t deterred several renowned designers from continuing to create games in this genre.

Pillars of Eternity is a game that any CRPG lover should play at least once. It has everything a classic CRPG should have. This includes a beautiful setting, superb tactical combat, and a compelling plot that keeps players interested for a long time.

15. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

Moving on to recent experiences, Fallout: New Vegas must be mentioned on this list of the best games like Baldur’s Gate. The original launch version of the game was detected with a load of bugs. This called in for a huge criticism of the game, and the game masters expressed disappointment. However, the makers of New Vegas took the issue into their hands immediately. They not only fixed the issues but also optimized the mechanics well enough to make it a great success.

Obsidian truly made every statistic in New Vegas feel important, which is more than most modern games can claim. This is a fantastic game that anyone who is even mildly interested in this genre should play.


Can I play Baldur’s Gate on modern systems?

Yes, the Enhanced Editions of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II are available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Are the games similar to Baldur’s Gate available on consoles?

Most of the games mentioned, including Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Dragon Age: Origins, are available on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Do the similar games offer multiplayer features?

Some of the games mentioned, like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Neverwinter Nights, offer multiplayer features that allow you to embark on adventures with friends.

Can I import my Baldur’s Gate save files into the similar games?

Unfortunately, save file compatibility between different game series is uncommon. Each game usually has its own unique storyline and character progression.

Can I expect the same level of storytelling in the similar games?

While the games mentioned offer immersive narratives and engaging stories, each has its own distinctive style and approach. However, if you enjoy the storytelling aspects of Baldur’s Gate, you are likely to find the narratives in the similar games equally captivating.

Final Words

There are many games similar to Baldur’s Gate, which have made a prominent place in the market. This is not to mean that the original game has lost its reputation as it’s not going to step down any soon.

A lot of games similar to Baldur’s Gate have been created like the ones listed here, which have grown exponentially in popularity.


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