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Games Like Danganronpa
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The people who have ever played Danganronpa and found themselves loving puzzles, mysteries, character interaction, and storytelling would also love to play other Games Like Danganronpa.

Being a series of visual novels of murder mystery, Danganronpa has built a huge followers base just after its first game, “Trigger Happy Havoc“, got released.

List of the Games Like Danganronpa

Below we have mentioned the best and most popular games that are similar to Danganronpa:

#1 – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Games Like Danganronpa - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

If you have played Danganronpa and liked the trial investigations in it, you will surely love Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney also. You will find the crimes to be too complex, which would demand a lot of deep and careful investigation. It will surely keep you engrossed in the characters and events all the time.

You shouldn’t miss playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney if you are a hard-core fan of mystery-style games. It would give you the chance to enjoy playing while making efforts to unveil the truth hidden behind the various cases. There will be investigations on the present pieces of evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and crime scenes also.

#2 – Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

It is also a series of visual novels of murder mysteries, and the most important thing is that the first two games of this series have been developed by the same developer who developed Danganronpa.

The games in this series include Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Virtue’s Last Reward, etc. Each game of Zero Escape can be played independently. In other words, there is no need to play them in a sequence.

The plot of each and every game of the series is going to keep you engaged with its uniqueness. Though the plot may sound a little bit familiar to you, which includes: 9 individuals getting kidnapped, and then they are pressurized to start playing the game of life/death so as to be able to escape or get freedom.

To get some clues, you will also examine the objects and surroundings. You will also get involved in the task of solving mini-game puzzles to move forward.

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#3 – The Sexy Brutale

Games Like Danganronpa - The Sexy Brutale

With an awesome soundtrack and visually amazing graphics featured in it, The Sexy Brutale is a unique game, and it offers interesting puzzles. Again, it is a murder mystery game that will surely make you fall in love with it by making your gaming experience memorable.

This puzzle game occurs in a mansion that is stuck in the time loop, and the people of the mansion are murdered one by one. You will try to save those people by spying on the guests and learning their secrets.

#4 – Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Agatha Christie is another mystery adventure game, and it was released in the year 2016. Most of the reviews for the game on Steam are positive, with a few comments of criticisms, including that there is very little room to explore (the game is very linear).

Agatha Christie has been based on one of the famous novels, and its plot is almost the same with just minor alterations. The game has impressed not only the novel lovers but also the gamers who have never heard about this novel before.

#5 – Corpse Party

Games Like Danganronpa - Corpse Party

Like Danganronpa, Corpse Party will also make you get invested in its characters by the end of your playing it. Developed in 1996, Corpse Party is a survival horror & adventure game in which you will be exploring the haunted grounds of a school in order to find your way to escape from there. It will involve your interaction with other characters in the game and investigation of the surroundings.

Along with the story elements, Corpse Play also offers gameplay. You are allowed to pick and use items. You can also escape from chasers. And, as far as the graphics aspect of the game is concerned, it features simple graphics and occasionally animated cutscenes. Another important thing about this game is that it invokes the feeling of creeping horror.

#6 – Ai: Somnium Files

Ai: Somnium Files

If you are interested in playing like a detective who solves a murder mystery by investigating crime scenes, Ai: Somnium Files is another one of the popular games like Danganronpa that you can consider playing.

The game was released in the year 2019, and the people like Yusuke Kozaki and Kotaro Uchikoshi are behind the making of this game as we know that Kotaro Uchikoshi has directed Zero Escape also and Yusuke Kozaki has worked on in the Fire Emblem also.

#7 – Persona 5

Games Like Danganronpa - Persona 5

Another popular game Like Danganronpa is Persona 5, which also secures its spot in the list of the most admired RPGs. However, it gets deeper if we talk about the psychological aspect of the game, and it is more serious, too, whereas Danganronpa reflects comedy also in various situations.

Unlike Danganronpa, Persona 5 is not a murder mystery-based game. As compared to Danganronpa, the objectives and themes are also quite more subtle in Persona 5. But it still involves the high school students using friendship and hopes for overcoming the world’s despair, which makes it similar to Danganronpa.

Another similarity between Persona 5 and Danganronpa is that both games feature a little bit of social simulation and role-playing.

You will be unlocking character abilities, new storylines, and romantic possibilities as well by interacting with other characters and moving forward in relationships with them.

#8 – Exile Election

Exile Election

It is a game similar to Zero Escape and Danganronpa series and is being loved by many Danganronpa fans. Exile Election is a great name on its own, but the game hasn’t been released all over the world. Rather its release is confined to Asia only.

The story of the game occurs in an amusement park, and there are 12 characters who are forcefully made to play a game of life/death.

#9 – The World Ends With You

Games Like Danganronpa - The World Ends With You

This game also features the elements like school-aged characters, amnesia, game rules, life/death situations, etc., and thus, proves to be like Danganronpa. It is an action RPG by Square Enix, and you will be playing it as a teenager Neku.

You will be fighting and struggling to survive. In order to cross the various hurdles, you will have to cooperate with the game’s other characters even till the end of the game.

This game is also good when it comes to the soundtrack and animation and offers stylish graphics as well. You will surely love to see Neku stopping and bopping in the background with J-pop.

Another important thing to mention here about this game is that the story that it narrates or portrays is genuine, which will deeply resonate. This aspect of the game also plays an important role in making it similar to Danganronpa.

#10 – Orwell


Orwell is another game similar to Danganronpa, which is quite narrative like other visual novels. The game has been named after the novelist who has written the famous 1984. In the game, you as a player will keep on guessing what’s going on and what you should suspect.

The players in the game are state operatives having access to systems of security surveillance of ‘The Nation.’ The Nation is a country in the game.

#11 – The Professor Layton Series

Games Like Danganronpa - The Professor Layton Series

With a lot of mysteries to be solved and a lot of evidence to discover, this series of games is a puzzle adventure having point-and-click elements. However, it is not as dark as Danganronpa.

From its first title in 2007 to the latest one in 2017, many titles have been spawned by the series. This series of games has got not only the anime adaptation of its own but also the feature film, manga, and books too.

#12 – Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

The story of this game is about ten friends staying in a private mountain resort, and there is a murderer also among these ten people. Though Shrinrai is not as visually fascinating as Danganronpa, it still has some amazing twists that you will always remember. The characters are dynamic, and the game starts with trope-centered characters.

There are five endings in the game, making it go into more depth as the story advances, which makes it a bit more similar to Danganronpa.

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#13 – Fatal Twelve

Games Like Danganronpa - Fatal Twelve

Fatal Twelve is another visual novel that was released in the year 2018. The game has been given several positive reviews on Steam, with many gamers declaring it to be the visual novel they like. The game involves a protagonist dying in an explosion.

The protagonist, with the other 11 people, gets up to explore themselves in ‘Divine Selection,’ which is actually a ritual.

#14 – Raging Loop

Raging Loop

Raging Loop is another visual novel, and it has a great replayability. The players replay it over and over again with the purpose of exploring everything that is possible for them to explore. And, that has been possible due to its great writing.

It is a psychological horror-type game that offers an unrevealed gem. In the game, you, along with the other characters of the game, will be caught or captured in a village. You will be hunted by the ancient gods in the village.

The game also features a branching flow chart indicating the consequences of the various choices. In addition to it, you will also get to see a game plus that would unlock the thoughts of some characters.

#15 – The Sherlock Holmes Series

The Sherlock Holmes Series

The games of this series take place in London, with its players playing the role of Sherlock Holmes. Just like Danganronpa, it is mandatory for the player to discover clues in various environments that are explorable.

This game is loved by both general gamers interested in mystery-solving and gamers who are lovers of Sherlock Holmes. The first title of the series got released in the year 2002, and the latest one was released in 2016.

#16 – Ghost Trick

Games Like Danganronpa - Ghost Trick

Another popular game like Danganronpa is Ghost Trick which also involves mysteries and secrets to unlock for moving forward. It was developed by the creator of Phoenix Wright.

You, as a player, will be playing as a ghost and will be trying to explore why you were killed or murdered. You will have to reset the clock for 4 minutes to save the potential victims and change their death in order to successfully accomplish your discovery mission.

The game features witty dialogue, colorful characters, and bright animations as well. Though it heavily leans when it comes to the puzzle part of the game.


1. Are these games available on multiple platforms? Yes, most of the games mentioned in this article are available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

2. Can I play these games even if I haven’t played Danganronpa? Absolutely! While these games share similarities with Danganronpa, they can be enjoyed independently and provide their own immersive experiences.

3. Are these games suitable for all ages? Each game has its own rating and target audience. Some games may contain mature content and are recommended for players of appropriate age.

4. Are these games puzzle-focused or story-focused? These games strike a balance between puzzles and storytelling, offering engaging narratives with puzzle-solving elements to keep players engrossed.

5. Where can I find these games? You can find these games on various digital platforms such as Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Nintendo eShop. Physical copies may also be available for certain platforms.

Final Words

The new release from the Daganronpa series might take time to take place, but you can try the above-recommended titles if you are looking for the games like Danganronpa.


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