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There are many individuals who want to learn how to fix FLV files that are corrupted.

If you have the same question, you are on the correct page. This article explains the best method you can use to fix corrupted FLV files.

Well, corrupted files are not new or rare things for computer users. It is one of the most common issues you might experience when using computers.

This issue mainly occurs when you try to store files on a portable storage device. It goes without saying that these errors can also lead to huge losses and annoyance.

Imagine creating an FLV file and transferring it to a portable drive to share. You take it to another place and open the file only to find out it is corrupted.

How frustrating will it be for a user? Your efforts and time are in vain, and you feel hopeless. But don’t worry, as this article brings you good news.

In other words, we explain how to fix FLV files. In addition, we explain some important methods so you can use them to prevent future file corruption.

What are FLV Files?

As you may have heard, FLV is the file format that represents Flash Video. In a way, FLV files can be identified to be videos. They use applications such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air to view the content online.

Also, FLV is considered the standard file format used in almost all embedded videos. Websites such as Facebook, Hulu, and YouTube can be considered the best examples that use FLV videos extensively.  

Assume that you have faced such a situation and recovered a video file with a bad data recovery tool. You try to play it on your media player, and it doesn’t work.

What can you do now? Give it up? Probably not! In this case, you can find a way to fix corrupted FLV files.

Part 1: What Makes FLV Files Corrupted?

There can be many reasons behind a corrupted FLV file. We tend to delete some of the important data without thinking much.

Some instances are unintentional, while others aren’t. No matter we you delete the data, we find ways to retrieve them if they are so important.

However, some of our data recovery apps can recover files poorly. Unless you use a powerful data recovery tool like Wondershare data recovery, the outcome might be poor.

This is particularly true when it comes to video files. Recovered video files often get crash due to corruption. They fail to play video players no matter how hard they try.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can contribute to a corrupted video file. Mentioned below are the reasons for your information.

Error Writing or Reading Data

When we start to edit a file, the respective file’s internal architecture will be rewritten. This is required to apply the changes we make to the respective file.

However, serious issues can occur if the file is closed unexpectedly during this process. As a result, your file is most likely to experience issues pertaining to missing information or poor structure.

Damaged or Lost Information

Today, we all tend to transfer information very often due to various reasons. Thanks to modern-day technology, we have a wide array of options to transfer files through different media. Some of those media are physical, and others are not.

• Transferring Data through the Internet

We can transfer data through email, cloud storage, etc. Despite the convenience of these methods, they are prone to lose information due to internet failure or poor connection. As long as the connection is not stable enough to transfer data to servers, transferring issues can appear.

Also, the smooth transfer of data can be prevented by malware infections. Regardless of the cause, if the transfer is interrupted, the respective file will be damaged.

• Data Transfer through Physical Devices

USB Flash drives, external hard drives, DVDs, SSD, etc. As you can understand, physical media are prone to physical damage.

For instance, they can malfunction due to power failures, crashes, impacts, heat, etc. As a result, their information can get damaged, causing writing and reading errors.

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Part 2: Fix FLV Video using Repairit Video Repair  

Do you have a damaged FLV video, and you cannot afford to lose that? Don’t worry. We can help you out and explain how to fix FLV videos that are damaged. The main step to repairing FLV files is to find a reliable video repair tool.

In fact, there are various programs out there to fix FLV files. However, not all of them can do what they promise.

So, before choosing a tool to fix your files, you should do some research. We had the same issue until we found the powerful and handy application called Wondershare Repairit.

This is an exceptionally simple video repair app that can do wonders in repairing FLV and MP4 files. In fact, this application is dedicated to repairing FLV files.

Compared to the tons of other tools of its kind, Wondershare Repairit comes with a very powerful algorithm. It ensures that you recover all the FLV files regardless of how they are corrupted. It has an advanced mechanism to address all the issues in the file and make it work again.

So, instead of relying on random tools, we highly recommend Repairit to fix FLV. This tool has already received plenty of positive reviews from users across the globe.

Most Important Functionalities Associated with Repairit.

  • It can fix FLV videos without issues with the frame, sound, header, movements, etc.
  • You can use it to repair videos stored on your USB drives, SD cards, etc. That is in addition to the files saved in your local storage.
  • You can get a preview of the repaired videos using several formats.
  • Apart from FLV, this tool can fix other video formats too. For instance, you can fix AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, M2TS, MTS, etc., and FLV.
  • You can use Repairit to fix FLV files found on both Windows and macOS platforms.

How to Fix FLV using Wondershare Repairit

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to use Repairit and fix FLV.

  • Download and install the Repairit video repair tool. Then, launch the application to see its main interface. After that, you should click on the Add button. That will allow you to navigate to the FLV file that should be repaired.
  • Next, you should select the respective FLV from its location. Then, you should click on the Repair button to proceed.
Add Files to Repairit
  • Once the repair is completed, you can preview the file.
Preview files
  • That’s it. You can save the file once the repair process is completed. Choose a location to save the file and view the FLV file you have repaired.
fix flv Using Repairit

As you can see, it is very easy to fix FLV if you have the right tool. Wondershare Repairit is a very handy tool that can fix FLV files with a couple of easy steps.

Important: If the respective video file is corrupted badly, you will have to fix it through Advanced Repair mode. You should do that by adding a sample video. Basically, a sample video is a valid file that is created in the same format on the same device.

Repairit can switch to a deep repairing process with a more intense algorithm with this method. Once the process is completed, the repaired file will be saved in a couple of seconds. That’s it. You have just fixed the damaged FLV file, and it is now accessible with no issues.

Repairit Advanced Repair Mode

Part 3: Fix FLV using VLC Media Player

If you want a free option instead of the professional solution we presented above, try VLC player.

VLC is one of the best free tools that can fix FLV files in most cases. VLC Player has the ability to repair corrupted FLV files automatically.

However, this method’s overall effectiveness is lower than the previous solution.

In other words, the VLC Player doesn’t fix intensely damaged FLV files. That said, if you want to give it a try, here are the steps.

  • First, you should open the VLC player on your computer. Then, click on the option called Media on the menu bar. Click on Convert/Save to proceed. You can even use CTRL + R to perform the same function.
VLC - Convert/Save
  • You can now add the corrupted FLV file to the VLC player and proceed to repair it. Navigate to the respective folder and locate your file. Then, click on the button labeled Convert/Save.
Open Media on VLC
  • You should choose a codec for the output file and define a location for it to be saved. Then, please click on the button labeled Start.
Conver FLV Using VLC
  • Afterward, you should find the Preferences option from the Tools dropdown and click on it. If not, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL +P.
VLC Preferences
  • You should select the option called Always Fix that is found in the Damaged or incomplete AVI. You can find it in the section dedicated to Input/Codecs. After selecting the option called Always Fix, click on Save.
Fix FLV using VLC Media Player

That’s it.

Part 4: Use FLVMDI to Fix FLV 

Apart from the previously mentioned steps, you can use FLVMDI as a method to fix FLV. It is a free application that can be downloaded easily. Once the respective tool is downloaded, you should launch it to see the main screen.

Then, navigate to the corrupted FLV file and hit the button labeled Run FLVMDI. It will start the repairing process.

FLV MetaData Injector GUI

If you check the button called Output Progress, you can see a separate window. That will give you a demonstration of the progress of the ongoing repairing process.

At the completion of the process, you should exit the program simply by pressing the Close button. You can then open the repaired file on your PC.

Use FLVMDI to fix FLV

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Part 5: Preventive Measures in Handling FLV Videos

Now that you know how to fix FLV files, here are some preventive measures to avoid file damage.

  • Always have a backup of your important data before making any changes to the videos.
  • Make sure that you save backups in more than one source. For instance, keep a backup in an external hard drive, USB drive, and cloud storage.
  • Always use an up-to-date OS and an antivirus.
  • Use a reliable, solid, and speedy internet connection.
  • Use a UPS if you are using a desktop computer.

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1. Can I fix FLV video files that are corrupted without any software? Yes, you can try using VLC media player’s repair function. However, this might not be effective for severe corruption.

2. Is FLV video repair software safe to use? Absolutely! Most video repair software are safe and reliable, but always download from a reputable source to avoid any additional issues.

3. Can I prevent FLV video files from getting corrupted? While there’s no surefire way to prevent corruption, following the preventive measures mentioned in the article can reduce the chances significantly.

4. Do I need technical expertise to use FLV video repair software? Nope! Most video repair software are user-friendly and don’t require any technical knowledge.

5. Is there a risk of losing my video file while repairing? Most video repair software create a new fixed file while keeping the original corrupted file intact, reducing the risk of loss.

6. Can corrupted FLV files damage my computer? Not typically, but they might contain viruses. Always ensure your files are virus-free.


While corrupted FLV video files might seem like a bane of your existence, with the right knowledge and tools, you can easily fix them. So, next time your favorite video gets corrupted, don’t panic! Just follow the steps outlined here and breathe easy.


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