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How to Resolve the 0xc10100bf Issue Easily


Written by Jack Lin

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Are you facing the ‘0xc10100bf‘ problem when playing a video? If so, you have arrived at the right page. Find here what the 0xc10100bf issue is and how you can fix this error on your own.

Most people come across the 0xc10100bf issue while playing files on their systems. In case you are also encountering this issue and have no idea how to resolve it, then fix it.

Find here different ways to fix this annoying issue on your system.

Part 1: Find Out What the 0xc10100bf Issue Is

When you try to play videos, sometimes you see the ‘0xc10100bf’ issue on your computer’s screen, which means that your video file either has an unsupported format or an improper file extension.

There can be several reasons why the issue might appear. To learn more about this issue, continue reading the post.

Reasons Why Users May Face the 0xc10100bf Issue

Before you start reading about the different ways to repair the 0xc10100bf issue, read why it happens. Let’s know about different reasons why you come across this annoying issue.

1. Media Player Incompatibility

The 0xc10100bf error shows up when your media player does not support the file format. This happens when you try to play videos.

In that case, users must convert that file format into the format your media player supports.

2. Broken Videos

Also, the 0xc10100bf issue appears when your video has become corrupt. Now, you might come across corruption because of several reasons. It happened when the video was not recorded properly or when the video was downloaded from unreliable sources.

3. Wrong File Extensions

Another issue could be the wrong file extension. Now, this might trigger the error 0xc10100bf. Mostly, this issue occurs when users have renamed the file without converting it properly. This can be done through dedicated video conversion tools or software.

PS: let’s learn more about how to fix FLV files that are corrupted easily.

Part 2: How to Fix the 0xc10100bf Issue

Suppose users cannot play video files with the Movies & TV app, Windows Media Player, or other players, no worries. Particularly, your computer or operating system has nothing to perform with this problem. In that scenario, your file could be the culprit most probably.

Thus, this makes this problem a minor one. So, let’s check out how one can resolve the ‘0xc10100bf’ problem with different solutions.

Method 1: Examine Supported File Formats

When your file looks fine, then the 0xc10100bf error could result due to the format of your file. So, you should ensure that the media player that you are using supports the file format.

It does not matter which application you use, including Movies & TV applications, Windows Media Player, and others.

Examine Supported File Formats

When you see that the file is not in the supported format, convert your file to a compatible file format. On the internet, look for free video converter tools to carry out this task.

Or just employ the tool that you find will work for this job. Also, you can download any third-party codecs or players for playing the particular file.

Also, here are the top solutions for the Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied issue and the error 0xc0000022 you should check out.

Method 2: Examine the File Extension

If your video does not feature the correct file extension, it may result in the ‘0xc10100bf’ issue. Usually, this situation occurs when users have renamed the file without employing a devoted video conversion software or tool for converting it properly.

Some media players will look for and repair this problem immediately. They identify the real MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type of the file. However, other players might not be able to perform this task.

Another method to examine whether your file extension is proper is to see the file’s details. You can do this using a file manager.

Also, you can check whether the file extension is compatible with the MIME type. You can resolve the 0xc10100bf issue by renaming your file with the correct file extension.

Method 3: Play the Video on Other Devices

When you try to play a video, sometimes it shows the error “This file is not playable.” There could be a huge possibility that the file is faulty or defective.

So, when you come across the 0xc10100bf error on your computer’s screen, try playing the file on other devices.

This is the first thing that you should try to check whether your file works fine on other devices or not. The file is corrupted or damaged if it cannot be played.

In that case, you should replace the damaged file with some new copies. Now, this is the easiest method to resolve the issue.

Method 4: Use Another Program to Play Videos

Usually, the ‘0xc10100bf’ issue occurs because of an unsupported file format or codec. In that case, you can resolve the problem by playing your video using another program. Use a VLC media player for playing videos, as many people prefer this tool.

This tool is configured for playing videos in different formats. Besides VLC, there are various other programs, such as KMPlayer, Winamp, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc.

Method 5: Look for Malware and Remove It

When you double-tap on videos, you come across the ‘0xc10100bf’ issue every time. This error implies that malware has infected your system.

Now, this could be the worst condition you can come across. However, there is nothing to worry about. Users can easily fix this error through Windows Defender.

This security tool is already equipped with your system. Windows Defender is quite a decent application.

To open this security program on Windows PC, go through the following instructions:

#1: Initially, visit ‘Settings‘ on your PC and choose the ‘Update & Security‘ tab.

#2: Afterward, select the ‘Windows Defender‘ tab and tap on the ‘Use Windows Defender‘ option. Now, you are all set to employ this in-built security program by Windows. Scan the corrupted file.

Remove Malware to fix 0xc10100bf error

However, at times, even using Windows Defender is not helpful in fixing this annoying error. In that scenario, go for other reliable and powerful anti-malware programs.

These tools will help you in scanning the system deeply and get rid of all the detected threats.

Method 6: Fix Videos Using Wondershare Repairit

You need dedicated and reliable software to resolve the issue if you still face the error ‘0xc10100bf’ on your system.

Such a reliable tool is Wondershare Repairit Video Repair. This professional program lets you fix video files effortlessly.

Wondershare Repairit features a user-friendly, simple interface. Using this video repair tool, users can repair damaged or corrupted video files of different sizes and formats on their systems. For this, they need to follow some simple steps given below:

Step 1: Add/Upload Damaged Video Files

In the first place, users have to download Wondershare Repairit. After that, launch this program on your system.

Once installed, add the damaged video file to the program from the destined location. Or, you can drag and drop the file into the upload tab.


Step 2: Begin the Fixing Process

After you have added the video, Repairit will begin uploading it. It will take some time to upload the video based on its size.

Here, you need to remember that if you add more than a single video, they will be uploaded one by one. Once your videos are uploaded successfully, click on the tab ‘Repair’ to begin the fixing process.

Add File to Repairit

Step 3: Look at the Fixed Video

So, the fixing procedure will be over in minutes. After it is done, users will come across a message saying “Success” on their computer screens. They can preview their files to see whether they are fixed or not.

After that, users can save the files to a secure location. It is recommended not to save them in the location where they were saved earlier.  

Look at the Fixed Video

Step 4: Choose ‘Advance Repair’

If you are not satisfied with the results, opt for ‘Advance Repair.’ After selecting this repair option, users need to add the sample video and repair it again.

After uploading the file, they can select the ‘Repair’ tab to initiate the fixing procedure.

Repairit - Choose 'Advance Repair'

Step 5: Choose the Location

Once you see the ‘Success’ message on your computer screen, it implies that the fixing procedure is over.

Now, you can save your repaired video to the desired location and play it again. Hopefully, you will no longer face the error ‘0xc10100bf’ on playing the video.

Fix 0xc10100bf using Repairit

Part 3: Tips to Prevent the Error 0xc10100bf

Now, you know how you can fix this annoying error. At the same time, you must be aware of some tips to help prevent this problem. So, have a quick glance at the following tips!

  • Moving video files to the system: Play files using external drivers can cause the 0xc10100bf issue. Thus, try moving the files to your system’s local drives. This will fix the issue.
  • Keep your media players up-to-date: No matter what media player you are using, ensure that it is always updated. This helps to play the videos smoothly without coming across any problems.
  • When you install a popular media player on the system, make sure that you download it from an official or reliable source. Thus, it is recommended that you install media players only from the developers’ official websites.
  • When you download videos online, ensure that you use reliable software or a secure website for downloading the videos.
  • Always install credible and robust anti-malware on your system. Scan the system at regular intervals. This keeps your system protected from all viruses and malware, which can damage or corrupt your videos.


Q1. What does the 0xc10100bf error mean? The 0xc10100bf error is a common media player error that indicates a compatibility issue between the media file and the player. It can lead to playback interruptions, audio-video sync problems, or complete playback failure.

Q2. How do I check file compatibility? To check file compatibility, examine the file format and codec requirements of the media file you’re trying to play. Cross-reference these requirements with your media player’s supported file formats and codecs. Ensure they align for seamless playback.

Q3. Can malware cause the 0xc10100bf issue? Yes, malware or viruses can interfere with media playback and trigger the 0xc10100bf error. It’s essential to run regular antivirus scans to detect and remove any malicious software that could be causing compatibility issues.

Q4. Why should I update my codecs? Updating codecs is crucial for ensuring compatibility with new media file formats and resolving issues like the 0xc10100bf error. Developers often release updates to address bugs, improve performance, and enhance compatibility with the latest multimedia standards.

Q5. What should I do if none of the troubleshooting methods work? If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article resolve the 0xc10100bf issue, it’s advisable to reach out to the media player’s support team or report the issue to the software developer. They may provide additional guidance or release updates to address the problem.


So, the error 0xc10100bf can occur on your system while playing videos. This issue occurs because of the wrong file extension, unsupported codec or file format, or damage to the video file. Now, fix this annoying issue using the different fixes mentioned here.

However, some files get interrupted or have missing sections while downloading. Thus, such files are beyond repair.

However, using Wondershare Repairit, users can repair any damaged video file hassle-free. Now, download this tool and enhance your video-watching experience.


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