Export and Print Facebook Messages Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide


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Similar to how we would never want to lose our text messages, our Facebook messages are just as sentimentally precious to us.

Although it wouldn’t be the end of the world, if we were to lose our Facebook messages, we would be upset about it.

Fortunately, we have put together different methods you can use to export easily and print Facebook messages without hassle.

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Part 1. Using Dr.Fone to Export and Print Facebook Messages

The first method we will be taking a look at uses Dr.Fone. With this method, we can quickly save, export, and print any of the Facebook messages you have on your device. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

#1 – Start by downloading Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (iOS), installing it accordingly, and running it.

#2 – Connect your iOS device to your computer using the appropriate USB cable once the program is running.

#3 – Next, This will display several of the features that Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS offers, but for this method, click on the “Phone Backup” option.


#4 – Dr.Fone will then perform a full scan on your device to detect all of the data which is currently stored on it. This may take a few minutes.

#5 – Once the scan is complete, you will be shown a list of the data types which have been detected. For this method, only select the “Messages & Messenger Attachments” option from the menu.

export facebook messages wth dr.fone

#6 – Click “Backup” when you are ready to move on.

So far, this method has allowed you to take a backup of your Facebook messages and have them saved on your computer. Read on to understand how to export and print the Facebook message.

ios device backup

#7 – Once the backup has been taken, click on the “Export to PC” button at the bottom of the right and select a file location where you would like to have your Facebook messages saved.

#8 – Exit out of Dr.Fone and guide yourself to the file location where you had saved your Facebook messages.

#9 – Once you have found your saved files, look through each of them so that you know which file contains which messages. With this last set of steps, you can print out Facebook messages.

#10 – Simply right-click on the files containing the messages you want to have printed, click on the “Print” option, and follow the instructions accordingly.

#11 – Once you have followed the instructions, click on the “Print” button, and you will have successfully learned how to export and print Facebook messages using Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS.

If you give this method a shot, you’ll see that it is no longer difficult. This is the best method out there, and while there are other methods out there, this is the one that I recommend the most.

Part 2. Using an Android Device to Export and Print Facebook Messages

While this method isn’t as efficient for getting the job done, it will do the work if you have an Android device. Similar to the first method, this will be split into multiple sections.

This first section will cover how you can export the messages before printing them.

#1 – First, you will need to ensure that two applications are installed on your Android device. These applications are “Facebook Messenger” and “Messenger Backup for Facebook.”

Messenger Backup for Facebook

#2 – Launch both applications and follow the steps accordingly until your Facebook messages are shown.

#3 – On the “Messenger Backup for Facebook” application, go through each conversation and select the ones which you’d like to have exported.

Note: A bar at the top can be used only to export messages from a conversation.

#4 – Click on the “Next” button, and you will be prompted to give the file a name as well as define a file location.

Click on the "Next" button

#5 – Lastly, click on the “Start” button, and the selected conversations will be exported and saved on your device in whichever location you define.

In this next section, we will be taking a closer look at the export and print Facebook messages process, although more specifically, how you can print the messages and get them on paper!

#6 – Head to the Google Play store and install the “Google Sheets” application. Due to how your messages are saved in CSV format, this is the most efficient method.

 install the "Google Sheets" App

#7 – Launch the Google Sheets application and sign into your Google Drive account once it’s installed.

#8 – Next, head to the Google Play store and install the “Cloud Print” application. This plugin is developed to easily print files from your handheld devices without running into any issues.

install the "Cloud Print" application

#9 – After installing Cloud Print, head back to Google Sheets and upload the CSV file you obtained from the previous section. Now that it’s uploaded, open it up.

#10 – You will now be able to view the messages contained in the CSV file. Just click on the menu option at the top of your display, and select the “Print” option.

#11 – The Cloud Print application will then appear, and if you haven’t used it before, you will be prompted to select a printer to get the job done.

#12 – Select the printer you’d like to use for this, enter the requested details, and hit the “Print” button.

hit the "Print" button
export and print facebook message on android

In comparison to the first method that we looked at, the second method definitely contains more steps that must be done to export and print Facebook messages successfully.

One significant benefit that this method has over the first method is that Dr.Fone is a program that must be bought; however, with dr.fone this entire process is undoubtedly made a lot easier.

My Recommendation to You

Most methods that allow you to export and print Facebook messages are time-consuming and often difficult. For that reason alone, I suggest you use the first method we discussed, which uses Dr.Fone.

Another reason I suggest using Dr.Fone is that you must have your printer set up for wireless printing to use your Android device to get the job done. If you don’t already have it set up, then it can be a very problematic and difficult task if you don’t have any experience.

All in all, Dr.Fone is, without a doubt, my number one option for this.

Part 3. About Dr.Fone

Below are some of the features contained in Dr.Fone that cause the program to stand out from the crowd.

  • No Data Loss. This is worth mentioning. Unlike some other programs, when using Dr.Fone you need not worry about any of the processes causing you to suffer from data loss. While using Dr.Fone you can be assured that you will never experience data loss.
  • Windows and Mac. That’s right! Dr.Fone is one of the few data management programs that are compatible with both the Mac and Windows platforms. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about only being able to use it on individual computers.
  • Try Before You Buy. We understand that buying software online isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. Therefore, we offer you the chance to use the program’s free version before you purchase it.
  • Data Management. Not only can you handle your Facebook messenger data, but you can use Dr.Fone to manage all of the data which is currently stored on your device. Whether you’re looking to take regular backups, restore a backup due to data loss, or you’re only trying to leave some space on your device, Dr.Fone can get it done.

From the list above, it’s clear that Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS is somewhat necessary when controlling your smartphone.

If you don’t already have a copy of the program, then go ahead and get your hands on one now.

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Q: Can I export messages from a specific time period? A: Yes, when exporting Facebook messages, you can specify the desired date range to export messages from a particular period.

Q: Are there any limitations to exporting Facebook messages? A: Yes, Facebook may impose limitations on the amount of data you can export at once. If you have a large message history, you may need to export in multiple batches.

Q: Can I print Facebook messages in a specific format? A: When printing Facebook messages, the format will largely depend on the exporting method you choose. The exported messages are typically in HTML format, but you can customize the print settings to adjust the appearance.

Q: Is it possible to print Facebook messages without any personal information? A: It’s important to review the exported messages before printing to ensure no personal or sensitive information is included. You can manually redact or delete any such information before printing.

Q: Can I export and print messages from a deactivated Facebook account? A: No, once your Facebook account is deactivated, you lose access to your messages. It’s crucial to export and print messages before deactivating your account if you wish to keep a record.


Exporting and printing Facebook messages can be a valuable way to preserve important conversations, maintain records, or simply create a physical copy for sentimental reasons.

Whether you choose to export through the Facebook website or use third-party applications, the process is relatively straightforward. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure a seamless experience while safeguarding your privacy and security.


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