Troubleshooting Facebook Session Expired Issue on Android Devices


Written by Janice

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Facebook Session Expired

Are you an Android user? Have you experienced a ‘Facebook session expired’ lately?

Well, you are not alone at all. There are plenty of other Android users who experience the same issue, just like you.

But the good news is that this article comprises the solution to resolve this issue. So, read this article instead of getting frustrated.

What Makes Facebook Session Expired Issue?

Several factors can contribute to the “Facebook session expired” issue on Android devices. Here are some common causes:

  1. Cache and data buildup: Over time, the cache and data accumulated by the Facebook app may become corrupted or outdated, leading to session expiration.
  2. Network connectivity problems: Unstable internet connection or poor network signal strength can disrupt communication between your device and the Facebook server, resulting in session expiration.
  3. Outdated app version: Using an outdated version of the Facebook app may lead to compatibility issues, causing the session to expire.
  4. App-related glitches: Sometimes, software bugs or glitches within the Facebook app itself can trigger session expiration problems.

Ways to Fix Facebook Session Expired

1. Get Rid of Session Expired Message by Re-logging into Facebook

Many of those who experience the ‘Facebook session expired’ messages often dismiss the notification without acting on it.

As we are aware, that can be a significant cause behind the constant popping up of this message.

So, to resolve such an issue, you only have to do a simple thing that doesn’t take up much time or effort.

The solution is to tap the respective notification and reenter your Facebook credentials to log in again. Then, you will have to follow the onscreen instructions to get rid of this annoying issue. It is that simple.

A considerable number of users will be able to find s resolution to this issue. As we believe this is the ‘go-to’ option, you should try it soon after noticing the ‘session expired’ message.

2. Remove and Re-add the Facebook Account to Your Device

If the previous option doesn’t necessarily work for you, you can try this second method. This is also a simple option that can deliver results faster and more conveniently.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to solve this Facebook session expired issue.

Important: Do you believe that the issue is related to your device (computer or laptop)? In that case, you will have to repair the installed app and probably replace the corrupted files. To do this conveniently, you will have to use professional software.

Facebook Session Expired

1) Go to ‘Settings‘ on your Android device.

2) Go to the ‘Accounts‘ option under the ‘Settings‘ panel.

Re-add the Facebook Account to Your Device

3) Now, tap on the option labeled Facebook.

4) You can then see an option called ‘Remove Account.’ Just tap on that option.

5) You can then confirm the action to successfully get rid of the app.

6) Now that the account is completely removed from the device, you will see the problem is gone too.

7) You can restart the device and add the Facebook account again.

8) If everything goes correctly, this option should work for you.

3. Synchronize Your Facebook Account manually to Fix Session Expired

As we mentioned earlier, this issue emerges due to a synchronization issue. So, to address the issue correctly, you will have to synchronize the respective Facebook account with the device data.

If you do it correctly, getting rid of the ‘Session expired’ message is very simple.

Below are the steps you should follow to get rid of this trouble.

1) Go to the ‘Settings‘ option and select ‘Accounts.’

2) Now, you should tap on the option ‘Facebook.’

3) You will find the option called ‘Sync Now.’ Just tap on it.

4) You will have to wait until the device synchronizes the data with the Facebook account.

5) Once the synchronization is done, you will see that the problem is gone.

6) That’s it!

Keep your Facebook app updated to minimize the potential of experiencing this type of issue and many others.

In addition to that, update your Android OS whenever it is necessary. Regular updates will prevent various issues and help your device perform smoothly.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to see someone’s private messages on Facebook.

4. Clearing cache and data

One of the first steps to take is to clear the cache and data of the Facebook app. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your Android device.
  2. Select “Apps” or “Applications” and find “Facebook” in the list.
  3. Tap on “Facebook” and then choose “Storage.”
  4. Click on “Clear cache” and “Clear data” to remove the stored cache and data.
  5. Restart the Facebook app and check if the issue persists.

5. Checking network connection

Ensure that your Android device is connected to a stable internet connection. You can try the following steps:

  1. Toggle Airplane mode on and off to refresh the network connection.
  2. Connect to a different Wi-Fi network or switch to mobile data to see if the issue is network-related.
  3. Restart your router or modem to resolve any network issues.

6. Updating the Facebook app

Keeping your Facebook app up to date is crucial for optimal performance and bug fixes. Here’s how to update the app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for “Facebook” in the search bar.
  3. If an update is available, click on the “Update” button next to the Facebook app.

7. Resetting app preferences

Resetting the app preferences on your Android device can help resolve conflicts and restore default settings. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device.
  2. Select “Apps” or “Applications.”
  3. Tap on the menu icon (three dots or lines) and choose “Reset app preferences” or “Reset default apps.”

Tips to prevent the issue from recurring

To minimize the chances of experiencing the “Facebook session expired” issue on your Android device in the future, consider the following tips:

  1. Regularly update the Facebook app to the latest version available.
  2. Clear the cache and data of the Facebook app periodically.
  3. Ensure a stable and reliable internet connection while using the Facebook app.
  4. Keep your Android device’s date and time settings accurate.
  5. Avoid using outdated or unofficial versions of the Facebook app.


1. Why does my Facebook session keep expiring on my Android device?

The session expiration issue can arise due to various factors, including cache and data buildup, network connectivity problems, outdated app versions, or app-related glitches. Following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article can help resolve the problem.

2. Can I fix the “Facebook session expired” problem by reinstalling the app?

Yes, reinstalling the Facebook app can often resolve session-related issues. After uninstalling the app, reinstall it from the Google Play Store to ensure you have the latest version.

3. How can I prevent the “Facebook session expired” issue from happening again?

To prevent the issue from recurring, keep your Facebook app updated, clear the app’s cache and data regularly, maintain a stable internet connection, and ensure accurate date and time settings on your Android device.

4. What should I do if the troubleshooting steps don’t fix the issue?

If the issue persists even after trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, it is recommended to contact Facebook support for further assistance. Visit the Facebook Help Center or their official support page for guidance.

5. Are there any alternative Facebook apps for Android that can resolve the session expiration issue?

While there are alternative Facebook apps available, it is recommended to use the official Facebook app from the Google Play Store. Unofficial or third-party apps may not offer the same level of security and reliability as the official app.

Bottom Line

That is exactly how to address the ‘Facebook session expired’ issue. You don’t have to worry or get frustrated when such occurs.

It is just a matter of rectifying the synchronization issue and getting Facebook back on track.

If you ever face the same issue again, now you know what to do. Please leave us a comment below if you have any queries.



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