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DoorDash Payment Methods
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Do you want to know how to delete the payment method on DoorDash? Or, do you want to know different DoorDash payment methods you may be able to use? If so, the following comprises the information you were looking for.

When using DoorDash to place an order for food, you will be required to make a payment. Consumers of DoorDash can take heart from the fact that the company offers a diverse selection of payment options.

This post details all of them, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each payment method accepted by DoorDash. Also, we discuss information on how to delete payment methods on DoorDash.

In addition, we discuss whether or not it’s possible to use multiple payment methods when using DoorDash. That said, let’s take a good look at all the different payment choices available to you.

DoorDash Payment Methods

DoorDash offers several different payment options for its customers. The following is a list of all of the payment options that DoorDash accepts.

01. Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

You can pay for what you’ve ordered with either a debit card or a credit card. That said, adding your card details to your DoorDash app is all required.

Your card information, like the number, expiration date, and CVC, will all be included. You also have the option to use the DoorDash mobile app to scan the card. If you’d rather not input this information by hand, it is required.

Indeed, users do not trust this option very much. Because of that, they have gotten into the habit of manually entering my card information.

Credit Cards Are a Recommended Method

It is our usual recommendation that you use a credit card to place an order. That is because doing so enables you to collect points & miles. Eventually, it may later be redeemed for free travel.

In addition, the consumer protections offered by credit cards are superior to those offered by debit cards. And this is important if you’ve got a problem with your purchase. Assume that you can’t convince DoorDash representatives to fix the problem.

In that case, you can file disputes with the credit card provider. That will be useful to fix the issue from your end. This is why this information is important.

It is possible to add an unlimited number of debit cards or credit cards to your DoorDash app. This is a convenient feature to have if you wish to use a variety of cards to pay. Deleting a card from a DoorDash account is simple after adding it.

02. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be considered another payment option that is available to you for your purchase. You will need to install Apple Pay before everything else. Then, it would be best if you got it on your iPhone before you can use Apple Pay.

After you’ve completed those steps, you’ll be able to link Apple Pay with your DoorDash app. You can do it simply by navigating the app’s payment options area with no trouble.

You can easily configure your cards through Apple Pay. After that, you can use the same to pay for your meal orders. You can do it without repeatedly entering the card details in the DoorDash app. This is one of the benefits of utilizing Apple Pay.

Also, we will address the question, “Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?” and its other payment methods. We will also be covering many more topics related to it.

03. PayPal


You can also pay for any DoorDash order with Paypal, which is another payment option. Assume that you have enough money in the PayPal account or cards that are linked to the PayPal account.

In that case, paying for DoorDash orders with this method is exceptionally easy and fast. It is true that DoorDash runs campaigns from time to time.

As a result, customers who pay with PayPal are eligible for discounts. That can be a primary reason for many individuals to use PayPal as a mode of payment.

04. Venmo


Venmo is mostly used for users to send and receive money with their friends and family. However, it can also be used to pay to buy goods and services from various merchants.

Within the DoorDash mobile app, you will see a simple option to join your Venmo profile. Simply navigate to the payments page and press the Venmo button there. After that, the Venmo mobile app will send you a notification.

It notifies whether or not you would like to connect your Venmo wallet to DoorDash. Venmo is a good choice for making purchases with if you already have money in your Venmo account. So, that’s a good option for those looking for DoorDash payment methods.  

Besides, do you want to know how to pay someone with a Venmo balance? This article explains the practical way of getting it done so you can try it.

05. DoorDash Credits

DoorDash credits are the last form of payment you can access through DoorDash. There are two different ways to get credit.

The first option is to purchase gift cards for DoorDash. After that, you will have the option to link a gift card with your existing DoorDash account.

The second method for acquiring DoorDash credits is to obtain them straight from DoorDash. DoorDash might give you credits if, for instance, there was a difficulty with the delivery. This would be done to compensate for the inconvenience.

DoorDash credits do not expire. Because of that, you can consider them as currency in your profile. However, you can use them exclusively for DoorDash orders.

DoorDash credits cannot be used for any other purchases. If any credits are left, you should use them as often as possible. As a result, you will not ignore them.

What Payment Methods Are Not Accepted by DoorDash?

People frequently inquire about two types of payments that cannot be processed. To begin, DoorDash does not accept cash as a form of payment for any orders.

DoorDash tested an option where customers could pay for their orders with cash some years ago. However, the company has decided to stop offering this payment method to customers. 

There’s no way for you to make payments with cash because they do not accept that form of payment.

Cash App should be regarded as the second mode of payment that isn’t directly accepted by the merchant. DoorDash does have integrations with Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal. However, they do not have a direct integration with Cash App.

Nevertheless, you can pay for your DoorDash order by linking a Cash Card with the DoorDash app.

You can still use the Cash Card to pay for your DoorDash order. It is true even when you can’t directly link any Cash App profile with DoorDash.

How to Delete the Payment Method on DoorDash?

The process of deleting payment methods from DoorDash is a pretty perplexing aspect. As a result, this question is frequently asked by others. You should remember that it is not that difficult to do it.

Select the payment option you wish to remove. You can do it by swiping to the left from your saved payment methods list.

After that, a delete button in red color will appear. When clicked, it will allow you to remove the payment method.

It Allows You to Have Only One Default Payment Method

You should keep in mind that your profile can only have one preferred payment method. To delete a form of payment that has a checked box, one must first remove the checkmark.

Changing your default form of payment to a different card and then deleting the card is an easy workaround.

You can’t necessarily pay for any order using two different payment methods with DoorDash. Only in the case of DoorDash credits is it possible to use another mode of payment. The good news is that it is also possible to pay for the remaining portion of your purchase.

You can do that using any DoorDash payment option if you don’t have sufficient credit amount. And that’s the answer for those who wonder how to delete the payment method on DoorDash.

Is It Required to Have a Credit Card to Use DoorDash?

DoorDash does not require credit cards as a condition of service. They also accept various forms of payment. Using credit cards is a possibility as well. As a result, you can use your credit card for DoorDash.

Are Debit Cards Accepted by DoorDash?

Yes, debit cards are accepted by DoorDash. Moreover, multiple debit cards and credit cards can be linked to your DoorDash account.

On the DoorDash app, you may also set your credit card as your preferred payment option.

What if DoorDash Doesn’t Allow You to Remove a Credit Card?

There must be other payment methods in place before you eliminate the option of credit cards. It’s impossible to remove a credit card from your account if only one payment method is linked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does DoorDash accept cash payments? No, as of 2023, DoorDash does not accept cash payments.
  2. Is it safe to use my credit card on DoorDash? Yes, DoorDash uses secure servers and encryption to protect your payment information.
  3. Can I use multiple payment methods for a single order on DoorDash? Currently, DoorDash only allows one payment method per order.
  4. What if my DoorDash gift card doesn’t work? You can reach out to DoorDash customer support for assistance.
  5. Can I change my payment method after placing an order? No, once an order is placed, the payment method cannot be changed.


So, those are the DoorDash payment methods you can use and the detailed guide on deleting payment methods on DoorDash for you when needed.

If you have any other questions related to this matter, please leave a comment below.


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