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How to Cash Out on DoorDash with Fast Pay or Cash App?


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Cash Out on DoorDash

If you are looking for a side hustle in your free hours, DoorDash Delivery Driver can be a great choice.

At times when the flexibility of hours holds great value in a job, the job of DoorDash Driver provides just that. In this article, we are going to discuss how to cash out on DoorDash if you are a dasher.

As many people know, Fast Pay is the best option to Cash out on DoorDash. This is due to its ability to directly transfer the money into your bank account. However, there are conditions that one must meet to be able to use fast pay.

To know more about this, read this article on “How to cash out on DoorDash?” till the end. Before jumping into the main topic, let’s discuss the Payment Policy of DoorDash.

What is the Frequency of Payment at DoorDash?

The frequency of payment on DoorDash is once per week. If you work from Monday to Sunday, all the earnings from this period will be sent to you together.

This payment is sent out on Mondays, but the time that payment processing takes is nearly two days. Thus you will actually get the payment by Wednesday. This weekly payment is directly deposited to your bank account by DoorDash.

Can We Cash Out on DoorDash Instantly?

It is possible to cash out instantly using Fast Pay. However, you cannot do it if delivery is under process. If you cash out before the delivery is completed, you won’t receive any earnings.

However, this instant cash-out feature can be used only once a day. Otherwise, the money stays in your account. And at the time of weekly payment, it is deposited into your account without an extra delay.

When Do I Receive the First Payment on DoorDash?

Along with “How to Cash Out on DoorDash?” people worry about their first payment.

There is no need to worry; your weekly payment will start from the first week itself.

On the first Monday, after you join, you’ll receive the earnings of the first week.

How to Cash Out on DoorDash? – Different Methods

For cashing out DoorDash, you can use several methods. However, Cash App is the most used method due to it being for beginners.

How to Cash Out on DoorDash

Besides, For any user, if you wonder, how to cancel a DoorDash order; here are the different ways to cancel orders on Doordash and get a refund for you.

1. How to Cash Out DoorDash using the Cash App?

If you have applied to be a DoorDash driver, DoorDash must have taken some information from you. This information includes your bank details and other basic data.

You can use the direct deposit feature of the Cash App in order to cash out on DoorDash. The step-by-step process to do so is given below-

  1. Launch Cash App
  2. Go to Banking Tap
  3. Select the option saying, “Get your Direct Deposit From“.
  4. In the required fields, enter your employer details at DoorDash
  5. Add your Cash App account in the DoorDash app along with the Routing number
  6. After you submit the details, the process is over from your end
  7. Your money will be deposited directly into your bank account via Cash App.

Also, if you wonder, how to remove the payment method from DoorDash; if you want to update your payment method on DoorDash, just read on carefully.

2. How to Cash Out with Fast Pay on DoorDash?

The payout frequency on DoorDash is quite reliable. However, one may still need money before the weekly payment is sent. Considering this, the firm decided to introduce a quick payout method like Uber and Lyft.

In 2018, they included Fast Pay as a quick payout method for Dashers. At the cost of $1.99 per transaction, Fast Pay allows you to quickly cash out from DoorDash.

However, there are some requirements that a Dasher must fulfill.

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Criteria for Using Fast Pay On DoorDash

Quick pay is a privilege that not everyone can acquire on DoorDash. A Dasher must fulfill these criteria to be able to use Fast Pay-

  • At least 25 Deliveries Completed
  • Must Have Worked as a Dasher for At Least 14 Days
  • Must Have a Debit Card on File.

To add a Debit Card for Fast Pay, a Dasher must wait seven days since that much time is needed to process your bank details. Also, updating the old card information takes seven days as well.

While you are in this period, you cannot use Fast Pay. That’s why you carefully enter your information while setting up DoorDash and Fast Pay.

Activating Fast Pay

Before implementing the process for “How to Cash Out with Fast Pay on DoorDash?” one must activate it. We have already stated the requirements earlier in the article.

Along with that, your account must have at least $1.99 in it as a fee for activation. After completing 25 deliveries, 14 days work period and adding a debit card, you can activate Fast Pay.

In addition, if you are experiencing the issue of ‘DoorDash Fast Pay not working,’ here are a couple of the best solutions you can try to fix on your own.

Setting Up Fast Pay

Answering the question, “How to Cash Out with Fast Pay on DoorDash?” given below is the process to set up Fast Pay with DoorDash.

  1. Firstly, your debit card information should be ready for input.
  2. Launch DoorDash and navigate to the Earnings tab.
  3. Select Banking information.
  4. In this section, you will see various payout methods.
  5. Select “Fast Pay.”
  6. Input the required debit card information.
  7. That’s all. After a 7-day waiting period, your Fast Pay will be ready to use.

Fast Pay F.A.Q.

There are various questions that come up frequently. We have listed a few of them below.

DoorDash FAQ

How Much Time Does Fast Pay Take?

The only waiting period that Fast Pay may present you with is the 7-day waiting period. This period is to authenticate your debit card information.

So it’s crucial that you enter the right digits in the required fields. After that, any transaction made via your account will be completed within minutes.

Is It Compulsory to Wait for 7 Days to Use Fast Pay?

The seven-day waiting period is crucial. During this period, your debit card details are authenticated by the team of Fast Pay.

This acts as a protection layer for both DoorDash and you.

PS: Read this article to find out what time does DoorDash open. We have answered many questions regarding DoorDash’s opening and closing times for you.

Can I Skip the 7-Day Waiting Period on DoorDash?

The 7-Days Waiting period is compulsory no matter what ranking of Dasher you have.

Even if you are an old dasher, this waiting period is mandatory.

Since it ensures the authenticity of a Debit Card, this period is for the security of your own funds.

How to Cash Out DoorDash – Cash App and Fast Pay

Depending on which payout option you are using, the method to withdraw your money will differ.

In this section, we have included methods to cash out on DoorDash using Cash App and Fast Pay.

How to Cash Out Using Cash App on DoorDash?

Cash App does not require debit card information in order to send your earnings to your bank account. This is especially useful for those who don’t have a debit card linked to their bank accounts.

You will first need to link your DoorDash and Cash App accounts. After this, your weekly payouts will be sent to your bank account using Direct deposit via Cash App.

If you use the Cash App, no extra effort is needed for cashing out on DoorDash.

How to Cash Out Using Fast Pay on DoorDash?

It is important to activate your Fast Pay before you try transactions. A fee of $1.99 is charged for activating Fast Pay, so it is the minimum amount that your account should have.

Only one transaction can be made per day; thus, make sure no deliveries are pending in order to get all the earnings. As no payment for ongoing deliveries is sent to you by DoorDash.

The steps to cash out on DoorDash using Fast Pay are as follows.

  1. Launch DoorDash.
  2. Navigate to the Earnings menu.
  3. Go to “Deposits and Transfers.”
  4. In this, your past transactions will be displayed.
  5. Click on “Cash out with Fast Pay.”
  6. Confirm the amount and click on “Transfer.”

That’s all. Your earnings will be deposited into your bank account within a few minutes.

Trouble While Using Fast Pay?

Knowing “How to Cash Out With Fast Pay on DoorDash?” won’t save you from issues that might come up on Fast Pay.

In this section, we have discussed a few issues that you may face.

Trouble While Using Fast Pay

Why Has My Fast Pay Option Grayed Out?

If your Fast Pay option looks grayed out, there might be a few reasons behind it.

  • You are not yet eligible to use Fast Pay. It is important to have completed at least 25 deliveries and 14 days of work to be eligible to use Fast Pay on DoorDash.
  • Your account balance is lower than $1.99. Since it is the transaction fee, you need to have more than $1.99 in your account.
  • If you are from a country other than the U.S., you won’t be able to use Fast Pay. This is due to Fast Pay being available to users from the U.S. only.
  • If you have entered Prepaid Card information instead of Debit Card, you won’t be able to use Fast Pay.
  • Another reason could be that your 7-day waiting period is not completed yet, as we have mentioned earlier in “How to Cash Out with Fast Pay on DoorDash?”. This period is crucial to verify the Debit Card details that you entered or updated.

If you are using DasherDirect, then you won’t be able to use Fast Pay as a payment option. This will be until you change your payout method back to Direct Deposit.

Unable to Cash Out on DoorDash Using Fast Pay

There might be another issue that might make you unable to use Fast Pay even though you know “How to Cash Out With Fast Pay on DoorDash”.

These reasons are:

  • Already used Fast Pay once that day.
  • Updated Debit Card information. This leads to a 7-day verification waiting period.

If you do not relate to any of these causes, it is advised to contact the DoorDash Support team about this issue.


Q1: Are there any fees associated with Fast Pay and Cash App?

Both Fast Pay and Cash App may charge fees for instant transfers. It’s essential to review the fee structure to understand the costs involved.

Q2: How long does it take for the funds to appear in my bank account with Fast Pay?

Fast Pay provides instant transfers. However, the speed at which the funds appear in your bank account may depend on your bank’s processing time.

Q3: Can I use Cash App for other transactions besides cashing out DoorDash earnings?

Yes, Cash App offers a wide range of services, including sending and receiving money, making online purchases, and investing in stocks and Bitcoin.

Q4: Is it necessary to link my bank account to Cash App?

Linking your bank account or debit card to Cash App is necessary to transfer funds and cash out your DoorDash earnings.

Q5: Can I cash out my earnings on DoorDash without using Fast Pay or Cash App?

Yes, DoorDash also provides the option of weekly direct deposits. However, utilizing Fast Pay or Cash App allows you to access your earnings instantly.


DoorDash is a great side hustle for those who have free hours. With the help of Fast Pay, you can easily cash out on DoorDash for instant money.

There are some requirements to that; regardless, it is a great answer to “How to Cash Out on DoorDash?”


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