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GPS Without Internet: How It Works and How to Use It


Written by Jack Lin

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Does GPS Work Without Internet

Can GPS work without internet? If so, how can I put it to work? I have heard that the internet is compulsory for GPS work. Is that true? I expect an answer from an expert to solve my curiosity. Thank you very much!”

Well, it is true that there are many individuals who wonder how GPS works without the internet. However, many of them are not sure about an answer.

If you have the same doubt and looking for a solid answer, please keep reading. We will explain the practicality of this situation.

There is still a world out there, even if you’re unconnected. Whether you’re going off-grid permanently or simply for a few days, you probably don’t want to be constantly connected. You don’t need internet access to have a great time, and there are many methods to do so.

When traveling without a data connection, a lot can go wrong. This is particularly true if one is totally reliant on their smartphone! Though fortunately, many navigation apps operate offline. This page explains how GPS works when there is no cell phone reception.

Can GPS Work Without Internet?

Before moving forward, let’s find an answer to the question, “can GPS work without internet.”

To get accurate GPS, a mobile phone must have access to 3G and 4G networks. These networks offer location services on cell phones that run on the Google Maps application developed expressly for this task.

In the absence of a data link, your phone still has the ability to use GPS to provide directions. Because there aren’t many routes that need frequent updates, mobile maps for Android and iOS devices work well. Since they don’t constantly hunt for updates from servers around the world, these types of programs save battery life.

It’s absolutely true that maps are a very useful tool these days. However, if you want to get real-time traffic reports and learn about road closures, you’ll need an internet connection. If this is the case, you’ll need internet connectivity to use the offline map capabilities on your device.

This is true when it comes to Android or iPhone devices. So, in a nutshell, GPS DOES WORK WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION! You don’t need an internet connection to perform GPS tracking.

PS: here are the top best Android GPS Tracker apps for your reference.

How Can GPS Perform Without an Internet Connection? 

How Can GPS Perform Without an Internet Connection? 

GPS allows you to track your phone’s location even if you don’t have cellular coverage. Because they don’t change frequently, maps downloaded to this device don’t need to be linked to the internet. Instead, they provide directions based on your current location.

When it comes to maps and localization, things can get complicated. GPS accuracy may take longer than normal to pinpoint your location. That said, the actual topography you see on the ground depends on the app(s) or platform(s) you use.

It’s also possible that it will slow down the rate at which it communicates with the satellites up there. Satellites are the aspects that help find out the location.

If no data is being streamed to the device – i.e., there’s no internet connection – then offline maps are required.

As a result, users may always “search” for certain locations and obtain real-time directions. Offline maps and GPS tracking can still be used even if you don’t have Internet access.

Besides, if you wonder how to hide my location on iPhone, this guide is just for you.

How Does GPS Work Without Internet – the Best Method

It’s impossible to refute the ease of using GPS or Maps. As with most online things, it should come as no surprise that a large number of people abuse GPS.

They don’t have to tell the person they’re tracking that they are actually doing it. A person’s privacy is clearly violated by such an action.

However, what if you know the GPS tracking and find it difficult to confront the respective person? In that case, the best option is to use location-faking software, like iToolab AnyGo.

Using the tool, a stalker can be fooled into thinking your phone is in a different place. Also it can even stimulate your GPS movement.

Also, the good news is that it is used and compatible with iOS 16’s most recent release as well.

Learn to use iToolab AnyGo to fake your iPhone’s location after installing it on any Mac or Windows computer. In other words, let’s learn how GPS works without the internet with the help of AnyGo.

  • First, connect your iPhone to the PC through a USB cable while running the software. To access the iPhone’s current location, click Start.
  • Second, see if AnyGo is showing the proper location. In the event that this isn’t the case, click the tab labeled “Center On” to fix the problem.
iToolab AnyGo
  • After selecting Teleport, enter the desired virtual location for the iPhone and press Search.
does GPS work without internet Using AnyGo
  • Finally, you can verify your new location. After that, you can simply press the option “Go” in order to avoid being tracked down.
press the option "Go" in order to avoid being tracked down

A Bit About GPS and Its Functionality

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) measures are provided by GNSS systems such as GPS. Since the United States space Force manages and maintains GPS, it is available to anyone in the world.

Back in 1973, GPS was founded, and its first satellite was launched in 1978. Blocks of satellites are built and launched in succession. Between 1978 and 1981, a total of ten Block I satellites were deployed into orbit.

Beginning in 1989, the Block II satellites were capable of transmitting on two L-Band frequencies. The Block II of GPS was divided into various development series.

The most notable of which were Block IIA, IIR, IIR-M, and IIIF. In order to arrive at Block III, the preceding generations of satellites had to be built upon.

How Does GPS Function?

The space segments, control segments, and user segments all exist in GPS, as do many other GNSS constellations.

There are more than 30 satellites in the GPS space sector that are controlled by the US Space Force. Remote monitoring and control stations on Earth, as well as end-users that require extremely precise satellite placement, use them.

The GPS’s control segment is likewise under the supervision of the US Space Force. Dedicated ground antennae and several monitoring stations throughout the world are all part of the system. These facilities keep an eye on the health of the GPS satellites.

Also, they maintain their orbital positions and the accuracy of the atomic clocks they carry. These stations are critical to the GPS constellation’s general health and accuracy. And that’s a brief introduction to the functionality of GPS technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Can GPS Work Without Internet?”

To make things clearer for you, we composed this section of frequently asked questions. These questions will make things clearer for you. So, keep reading and learn more about it.

Q1: Is it possible to use your smartphone as a GPS device without using data?

You can use GPS tracking without the internet if you have an offline map found on the device. The exercise can be completed without mobile data if you have the proper GPS app installed.

Q2: What are the GPS apps that work with no internet?

There are many different GPS apps that function without the assistance of the internet. For instance, Google Maps, HERE WeGo, and MAPS.ME etc., are excellent choices.

These apps are capable of granting access to maps that are offline. With that said, with the assistance of those apps, users can navigate through maps easily.

Q3: Can I use a GPS tracker with no cell network?

Yes. GPS trackers record data so they can be used when no cell service is available. So, even if you have lost cellphone signals, you can simply use GPS maps.


Do you want to ensure that your navigational system is ready even under offline conditions? That means do you want to use it in the event of a lack of internet or data connectivity.

If so, you can download the desired map through Google Maps. GPS tracking can be done without the internet if you have this level of preparedness.

However, there are also drawbacks to using a GPS, such as the possibility of stalking. Installing iToolab AnyGo will allow you to alter your iPhone’s location without anybody else knowing about it. That’s an excellent solution to address all those errors.

And that’s our guide on does GPS work without the internet. If you have more doubts, please let us know.


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