Does UPS Deliver on Sunday Just Like on Other Days?


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Does UPS Deliver on Sunday

Does UPS ship on Sunday as they would do on weekdays? If so, do you have to pay extra to get a delivery done on a Sunday? Let’s find it out.

The conveniences offered by today’s shipping businesses are extensive and varied. On the other hand, delivery services during weekends, particularly on Sundays, are comparatively recent innovations.

So, does UPS run on Sunday and deliver your packages? If the answer is yes, what should you know about the updated service? Continue reading if you’re curious to learn what we found about their delivery services.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday

In 2022, UPS will offer some limited deliveries on Sundays. Sunday delivery service is restricted to certain metropolitan regions for residential parcels and is unavailable at all.

It is true that UPS makes deliveries throughout the week (even during weekends) to many locations. However, there are still times, such as holidays, when employees are not required to come into the office.

Deliveries made on Sunday have varying costs. However, certain providers, like UPS SurePost, include Sunday in their offerings.

Continue reading for additional information and helpful facts and suggestions if you’re curious to learn more about Sunday deliveries. Also, you will be able to learn how to use it for the next package delivery.

Besides, do you wonder when DoorDash will stop delivering (starts delivering)? Well, here we explain everything related to this matter to you.

So, Does UPS Deliver Throughout All 7 Days?

If you ask does UPS deliver on Sunday as of today, the answer is yes. However, their company does not offer their services seven days a week.

Sunday shipping is still relatively restricted. Moreover, they are only available for shipments to domestic destinations and APO/FPO boxes.

In addition to this, deliveries on Sundays are still restricted to the more urbanized and densely inhabited areas.

There can also be certain holidays that UPS recognizes. During such holidays, the company doesn’t necessarily ask their staff to deliver packages. As a result, your packages will not be delivered on some days of the year.

Now you know that UPS does not ask staff to work on some holidays. So, they are not considered holidays for this clause.

The following are examples of holidays that UPS recognizes as important enough to prohibit deliveries and package pickups.

  • Easter Sunday (the first Sunday in April after the appearance of the first full moon).
  • They don’t deliver on Mother’s Day (the second Sunday in May).
  • No deliveries on Memorial Day; it is the last Monday in May.
  • No deliveries on Juneteenth.
  • Independence Day.
  • Labor Day (the first Monday of September).
  • The fourth Thursday of November (Thanksgiving Day).
  • Christmas Day.
  • Christmas Break.
  • New Year’s Day
  • New Year’s Day Break

You can go to the page dedicated to “holiday schedule” on UPS’s official website. This page will provide more information related to the holidays that UPS currently accepts.

That also includes whether their delivery and pickup service is open and whether the UPS Stores are open. This information can be found on the page.

It is essential to point out that UPS provides one service that operates around the clock. They also operate seven days a week and all 365 days a year. This service is known as UPS Express Critical.

What Makes UPS Express Critical Different?

UPS Express Critical should be your choice if you are looking for extremely urgent deliveries. The most important thing is that it’s not affected by any holidays. It typically delivers in approximately 24 hours but can sometimes deliver in much less time.

Visit their official website or call customer support at 1-800-714-8779 for any information.

That will clear up any doubts you may have about the service called “UPS Express Critical.” Then, you can decide whether or not to use that service for your next urgent package.

So, Does UPS Ship on Sunday During the Holidays?

There are some individuals who also wonder does UPS ships on Sundays during holidays. Let’s find out the truth about this.

UPS, like most other shipping companies, experiences its highest volume of business around the winter holidays. This is a pretty common scenario in the industry of package deliveries.

However, UPS does not make an exception and extends the delivery services for each and every package. Rather, the respective extension will only apply to packages with the Sunday delivery option.

Let’s Make Things Clearer

Let’s clear things up further. As per this, you can pay extra to make your package a Sunday delivery. However, you cannot become eligible to get this service just because you are willing to pay.

In fact, this is available for individuals who order the service well in advance. So, keep that in mind before getting their service.

During the Christmas season, it’s a smart idea to make use of the Sunday delivery option for the package. This is true if you are sending something that must be delivered on a specific date.

However, if you do not ask and make payments for this additional capability, UPS won’t add it for you. This is true even if you ask them to. So, if you expect

Will UPS Deliver an Amazon Order on a Sunday?

Will UPS Deliver an Amazon Order on a Sunday?

Some individuals wonder whether UPS delivers on Sunday if it is an Amazon order. Amazon seems to be the only shipping provider that offers delivery seven days a week at no additional cost. That poses a significant threat to established businesses such as UPS.

However, UPS has agreed with Amazon to share in some of the latter’s revenues. This is done to assist Amazon in using the “last-mile delivery” option.

In fact, it is usually considered the most time-consuming and labor-intensive portion of delivering packages. Because of this partnership, UPS can deliver some of Amazon’s packages on Sundays.

Assume that the item you order from Amazon gets delivered through UPS. In that case, you will also be required to pay an additional fee for shipping. This is how Amazon distributes a portion of its revenues to UPS.

UPS sticks to its delivery schedule even though Amazon claims to offer delivery services seven days per week.

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Sunday Delivery from UPS?

Generally, the weight of the box, its size, and the distance it will be traveling are taken into account. All of those aspects are considered in determining how much the delivery will cost when using UPS.

There is no difference in the price of having packages delivered on a Sunday. However, there can be some additional costs involved with such deliveries because they demand more personnel.

The “last-mile delivery” can be considered the most time-consuming and expensive aspect of any parcel delivery service. That is because all residential deliveries are assessed a residential fee. This price helps offset some of the costs of providing this service.

Sunday Deliveries Are Applicable Only for Residential Packages

It is true that there is a limited scope of Sunday delivery services. Because of that, this surcharge is applicable only to parcels addressed to a single address.

The Sunday residential price is double the normal rate. It is to account for the additional staff and supplies needed to complete the delivery on that day.

Packages shipped on Sunday will incur a surcharge of $16 in addition to the standard shipping fee. UPS’s official website has further information regarding delivery & pickup options throughout the weekend.

This includes Sunday delivery & pickup if you’re interested. UPS SurePost is now the only service that offers Sunday delivery at no additional cost.

Can I Get a Package Delivered Through UPS SurePost on a Sunday?

Assume that you need a package delivered on the weekend. In that case, choose SurePost, a service co-created by USPS and UPS for joint deliveries.

Logistics, as well as long-distance transport, are taken care of by UPS, while last-mile delivery is handled by USPS.

There is no Sunday surcharge from UPS since USPS handles delivery for this service. UPS has a document outlining the benefits of UPS SurePost if you’re interested in learning more.


  1. Does UPS deliver on Sundays for all shipments? UPS Sunday delivery is primarily available for certain premium services and not for all shipments. It’s recommended to check with UPS or use their tracking tool to determine if your specific shipment is eligible for Sunday delivery.
  2. How can I check if UPS Sunday delivery is available for my location? You can check the availability of UPS Sunday delivery for your location by contacting UPS directly or using their online tracking tool. Enter the tracking number or shipment details to get accurate information about delivery options.
  3. Are there any additional charges for UPS Sunday delivery? Yes, UPS Sunday delivery often incurs additional charges compared to regular weekday deliveries. The exact amount depends on the service level and destination. It’s advisable to inquire about the charges before opting for Sunday delivery.
  4. What are the alternative options if UPS Sunday delivery is not available? If UPS Sunday delivery is not suitable for your needs or unavailable for your shipment, you can explore other shipping carriers that offer Sunday delivery options. Additionally, you can consider local pickup services or schedule deliveries for regular weekdays.
  5. Can I request a specific Sunday for delivery with UPS? UPS Sunday delivery allows you to choose a specific Sunday for your delivery. However, keep in mind that this service is subject to availability based on the destination and service level selected.


In conclusion, UPS does offer Sunday delivery services, although it is not as widely available as their weekday services. UPS Sunday delivery primarily caters to specific premium services and is subject to additional charges. It provides benefits such as time-sensitive deliveries, convenience, and flexibility, but it also has limitations and restrictions. If UPS Sunday delivery doesn’t meet your requirements, consider exploring alternative options or scheduling deliveries for regular weekdays.


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