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Top Best Control Surface for Logic Pro X in 2024


Written by Jack Lin

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Control Surface for Logic Pro X

Control surface for Logic Pro X is one of the best ways to give more efficiency to your work.  It can bring a considerable amount of productivity as well. Using the best control surface for Logic Pro X can make a significant difference to the way you work.

As you know, Logic Pro X is considered to be a comprehensive option with a wonderful set of features. Also, it has a massive library of plugins as well. With such a massive range, you’ll find it challenging to identify the best control surface for Logic Pro X.

To make things easier for you, however, we have prepared this article. Mentioned below is the list of control surfaces you can use for your Logic Pro.

Control Surface for Logic Pro X – the Best Options to Consider

Mentioned below are the best options if you are looking for a control surface for Logic Pro X.  We have picked these items from a large range of products. So, go ahead and choose the best control surface for Logic Pro X and experience better productivity.

01. Korg NanoKONTROL2 MIDI Control Surface (Black)

YouTube video

Arguably, this could be the best control surface for Logic Pro X found in the market. This is a very popular option among individuals such as mixers and musicians specifically because of the simplified interface.

The overall design of this device is exceptionally convenient. Also, it shows greater affordability compared to other expensive models in the market today.

So, if you want the best control surface for Logic Pro X at an affordable price, check it out. In addition to that, it comes in pretty compact size as well for your convenience. You can fix it to a laptop or a desktop PC without necessarily disturbing its functionality.

However, it has some uncommon features. For instance, it has a feature called transport control. That is exactly why we consider Korg nanoKONTROL2 to be the best control surface for Logic Pro X. It gives you the option of playing and recording.

Also, it allows you to fast-forward and rewind the recorded options. These buttons are placed on the panel dedicated to transport.

When it comes to the switches, they are placed in a way that can be accessed easily. You will have access to eight channels. Those knobs let you achieve a perfect balance in the tracks.

On top of everything, this specific device is made to be compatible with all the main DAWs. That means the DAWs are made to be compatible with both macOS and Windows operating systems.

02. Best Control Surface for Logic Pro X – Behringer X-32

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This is an excellent mixing board with robust features. As you may already know, devices that come under Behringer show excellent compatibility apart from solid functionality. The design of this device is awesome. It has the excellent build quality and all the features required to record live shows.

This is an excellent option that has a sturdy design. The overall performance of this device is exceptionally powerful. You can see 40 inputs along with a digital mixer. There are 16 mixed busses as well as the main LCR design.

You can also see six matrix busses that come with programmable preamps for the mic. This is a very unusual option when it comes to control surfaces. You will also find different configuration options as well.

However, if you are a beginner, this model demands you to spend some time learning it. You can find this device to be smoothly compatible with Logic Pro. Also, it is compatible with other DAWs. Moreover, it is compatible with smartphones as well.

Besides, if you are looking for the best iPad holder for the mic stand, this article you must check out.

03. Behringer X-Touch Mini Ultra-Compact Universal USB Controller

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This’s another excellent device that works perfectly with Mackie and MIDI Protocols. It also has an X-Touch Mini USB controller, which is exceptionally compact, portable, and lightweight. It also has 16 buttons that are illuminated. There are easily accessible knobs.

With this specific device, you can control everything, including plugins and virtual synths. You can perform all those tasks with ease. On top of everything, you can use gain different layers that are coupled with 25 elements.

This unique device is perfectly compatible with many DAW devices, and Logix Pro is one of those. In addition to that, this device is capable of offering perfect control over instruments and lightrooms.

All you need is to place the laptop solidly and connect the device to the USB port. Thankfully, the same USB port plays the role of a power supply. So, this is an excellent product with superb functionality.

04. PreSonus FaderPort 8 8-Channel Production Controller

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FaderPort 8 is offered to you by PreSonus. It is an exceptionally effective control surface for Logic Pro X.  Basically; it is a feature-rich device that can deliver excellent results. Regardless of the type and size of the video, this controller shows excellent performance. You can experience the best out of it, no matter whether you are a novice or a pro.

If you expect the best control surface for Logic Pro X that saves your time, check this item out. You can use it to control your DAW or even the Logic Pro.

You can find 100mm motorized and touch-sensitive faders (there are 8 of those faders). Those faders will follow the respective automation in a perfect manner.

If you do have a home studio that comprises plenty of equipment, this is one of the perfect devices. It gives the option to edit those regular plugin settings from the control surface. That means you can expect a friendly user experience with it.

05. PreSonus FaderPort Production Controller

YouTube video

If you are looking for the best control surface for Logic Pro X, don’t miss this one out. It has a unique design with a compact size. The modern design and the unique outer appearance make it a superb option for those who prefer flexibility. It is exceptionally affordable, and on top of that, it fits perfectly into smaller spaces.

You can experience superior performance from this controller. The device is made to be compatible with DAW units. Also, it gives you the option of operating devices easily at your fingertips with convenience. You can expect a superior mixing session with it.

Nevertheless, it comes with a single motorized fader. This specific fader is ideal, particularly for those who intend to manage a home studio successfully.

This device comes with a dedicated transport control. That offers excellent control over functions like Play/Pause, Stop, Record, Loop, Fast Forward, Rewind, etc. It also offers an extra support pad.

The PreSonus FaderPort offers greater comfort. That perfectly fits your hands, particularly if you are a beginner. With a 100mm fader, you will be able to optimize your mixing. That can be utilized with complex multiple faders.

06. Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface

YouTube video

Are you a beginner or a professional who handles a home studio? No matter what your status is, this is an ideal product with excellent performance. One of the most noticeable things about this product is that it has a relatively larger set of sliders.

Also, it has a very impressive overall touch control. You can see plenty of positive reviews associated with this product. Many professional artists have rated this product to be one of the best in the market. Many individuals will find this device to be exceptionally handy.

In addition to those features, you will see that it facilitates a large number of connection ports. For instance, they have USB connections to accommodate DAW control and MIDI I/O ports. It also has an Ethernet Port coupled with two USB ports. You will also have a ¼” footswitch input control (3 of them).

In this control surface for Logic Pro X, you will find rotary controls along with LED collars. They are provided with handy adjustments as well, and they can be used quickly. As a result, you can change the values to your favorite values and settings. It also has handy controls that are convenient to access. Thanks to such uniqueness, we consider it a superb control surface for Logic Pro X.

Nevertheless, there is one major drawback associated with this project. It has a pretty clunky design on the control surface. The design is too thick. If you expect to work while sitting comfortably, this model will not be the best for you.

In other words, you will find it pretty difficult to use this device while seated in your chair. Despite those relatively large dimensions, you can experience greater functionality with superior performance from this device. All in all, it is a very impressive device for every user.

07. Best Control Surface for Logic Pro X – Mackie Control Universal Pro

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This is another option that is known as MCU. In fact, it is a superior control surface for Logic Pro X. You will find this option to be a very handy one.

MCU offers an excellent, genuine feel of faders. Also, it offers knobs that are easy to access. So, you don’t have to give up the experience of modern-day audio production and manipulation. This specific option appears to be one of the most impressive analog mixing boards available in the market.

With that said, this specific control surface for Logic Pro X has a heavier design. Also, it is a larger option compared to other products in the market. There are unlimited options provided to collect audio, and that gives a definite advantage in terms of creativity.

There are nine motorized faders included in this device. You will also find some standard controls and shortcuts. On top of that, you can see the Proprietary communication protocol (Mackie). Moreover, you will see additional faders, so you can add multiple devices. That means devices like Mackie Extender, and you can add up to 8 tracks.

As a result of this expansion, you can have a fully functional control surface for Logic Pro X. It works with other DAWs as well apart from Logic Pro X.


How do control surfaces enhance the music production workflow?

Control surfaces enhance the music production workflow by providing a tactile and intuitive interface for controlling various parameters in Logic Pro X.

Instead of relying solely on a mouse and keyboard, control surfaces allow users to adjust faders, knobs, and buttons in real-time, providing a more hands-on approach to mixing, editing, and navigating through projects. This improves workflow efficiency and allows for a more creative and immersive music production experience.

Can I use multiple control surfaces simultaneously with Logic Pro X?

Yes, Logic Pro X supports the use of multiple control surfaces simultaneously. This means you can combine different control surfaces to expand your control options and customize your setup according to your preferences.

For example, you can use one control surface for mixing and another for controlling virtual instruments or effects. Logic Pro X’s flexible control surface integration allows for seamless communication between multiple devices, enhancing your overall productivity and creative possibilities.

Are control surfaces compatible with other DAWs?

Most control surfaces are designed to be compatible with a wide range of DAWs, including Logic Pro X.

However, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications and compatibility lists to ensure that a particular control surface is officially supported by your preferred DAW.

Logic Pro X provides comprehensive control surface support and offers extensive integration options, making it compatible with many popular control surfaces available in the market.

Can I use control surfaces with Logic Pro X on a laptop?

Yes, you can use control surfaces with Logic Pro X on a laptop. Many control surfaces are designed to be portable and lightweight, making them suitable for use with laptops.

However, it is crucial to consider the available connections on your laptop. Some control surfaces connect via USB, while others may require additional adapters or interfaces. It is recommended to check the control surface’s connectivity options and ensure compatibility with your laptop before making a purchase.

What are the advantages of using a control surface over a mouse and keyboard?

Using a control surface offers several advantages over a mouse and keyboard when working with Logic Pro X.

Firstly, control surfaces provide tactile feedback, allowing for precise adjustments and control over parameters. This tactile experience enhances the workflow and improves the overall user experience.

Secondly, control surfaces offer a more intuitive and natural way of interacting with the software, mimicking the feel of traditional hardware mixing consoles.

Finally, control surfaces can speed up your workflow by allowing for simultaneous control over multiple parameters, eliminating the need to switch between different software controls.

Can I automate parameters using control surfaces in Logic Pro X?

Yes, you can automate parameters using control surfaces in Logic Pro X. Control surfaces offer dedicated controls for automation, allowing you to record and manipulate automation data in real-time.

Whether it’s automating fader movements, plugin parameters, or virtual instrument settings, control surfaces provide a convenient and efficient way to capture and edit automation within your projects. This flexibility enables you to add dynamic changes and expressiveness to your music.


Well, choosing the best control surface for Logic Pro X is a decision that should be taken by you. However, the above options offer great inspiration when you shop for a good control surface for Logic Pro X. By using a good control surface; you can expect more efficiency and productivity.


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