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Best Music Theory Apps For Learning Music Theory


Written by Jack Lin

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Best Music Theory App

Music has always been something special. Learning the skill is getting more accessible and more efficient these days.

There is no doubt that it takes a lot to learn music and to improve the skill. It depends on your desire to learn. Ultimately having a passion for music is something that provides a musician the power to patiently learn music.

With the development in technology, the ways to learn music have also improved. One of the most modern ways out there is to use a music theory app.

People don’t know a lot about these apps, and there is a genuine concern over their usefulness to help a person learn music.

But to be frank, these apps can work miracles if you use the best ones out there. In this article, we will tell you about the best music theory app that is worth trying.

#1 – Perfect Ear

Best Music Theory App - Perfect Ear

The perfect ear application is one of the best applications for learning music in the easiest way possible. This application is present on mobile and tablet with iOS and Android. Hence there is no issue regarding the compatibility.

There is a premium version of the application available at cheap rates. You can get the application at an affordable rate of $2.99.

The application is basically divided into three parts. These are named theory, ear training, and rhythm. This application is excellent with its bonus exercise, and you can improve your special skills via this section.

The leading section of the application provides the special rudiments of intervals, different chords, and even rhythm training. The theoretical explanation of all the topics can quickly help you to get better with the rhythms and more. The ear training section is very good at adapting according to your tone.

The next section of the ear training is also great for helping you to get the correct tone. You can easily improve your aural skills via the application effectively. There is a section that can help you to recognize the right chords and scales accordingly. There is even interval singing training and interval sight-reading available on the app.

Next up, there is a rhythm section where you can quickly familiarize yourself with different beats. The rhythmical figures are very brilliant to help you understand the special cords.

There is a unique bonus exercise that can help you to get better at identifying unknown notes.

  • The absolute pitch trainer can help you to know the note that is being played without any clue.
  • Sight-reading exercises are good for understanding the music sheet.
  • The exceptional guitar fret-board trainer is also fantastic to use.
  • The tune recognition is very brilliant.

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#2 – Tenuto


The next best app for learning music theory on our list is Tenuto. It is a fantastic app with some marvelous features to look out for. It is also readily available on the play store and apple market and is rated among the best apps for learning music theory.

Sometimes adapting to the application becomes hard, and this is not something a beginner wants. There is a vast range of 24 exercises on the app that might help you to get better.

If you are an iPhone user, this application becomes a brilliant option to go with. There are special features available for the apple folks, and hence you can always trust the app to provide excellent learning options.

The main disadvantage of the app is the fact that it is not available as a free version. You will have to download and get the premium version by paying $3.99.

Moreover, the application is all you expect from a digital learning platform. It provides a fantastic experience for its users via its animated music theory lessons.

We always will suggest the app if you want to practice precisely and get better at music. You cannot get a better application than Tenuto to learn music online. Hence it’s always good to use this app to get better at understanding the difficult tones and notes.

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#3 – Music Theory Basics

Best Music Theory App - Music Theory Basics

To be clear, this best app for learning music theory costs a good amount of money. So before investing, be sure to get a demo version of the app. This will help you to get a complete idea of this master app.

Everything from hard note reading to some of the most complex rhythms and cords is available in the app.

On the other hand, there are tons of applications that are boring to use, and they are focused strictly on making people learn. Sometimes if there is no fun in the learning process, it becomes a less effective method of grasping information. Therefore there are great quizzes and puzzles that can provide you with informative surprises.

Talking about the user-friendly behavior of the app, you can find a few problems while it’s in operation. You need to be a tech geek to use the app according to your use. Sometimes during its operation, you might face specific problems; hence be ready to deal with them accordingly to keep your learning process smooth and straightforward.

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#4 – Piano Companion

Piano Companion

This best app for learning music theory is also available on Android and iOS; hence you can easily download the app and use it accordingly. If you are a student, then you will find this app a versatile option to use. This is probably the best app for learning music theory in a very short period of time.

The unique scales dictionary is excellent with its in- search feature, and it can help you to provide a proper reference for particular notes. There is always the option of using the premium version over the free one. This app is among the limited applications that can help you even with its free version in learning music. The best part about the application is the virtual piano.

Don’t get this wrong, as this virtual Piano is not like any other piano application available out there. It is different and moreover can provide a realistic experience of using a Piano.

If you want to just compose on the run, then this can’t be a bad option to go with. The particular dedicated version of the piano and its related trails are great to work with.

#5 – EarMaster

Best Music Theory App - EarMaster

If you are an iPad user and want an application that can help you with music theory, then this is literally the best app for learning music theory. You can trust the accuracy of this application to provide efficient learning and training.

The best fact regarding the EarMaster is its premium feature availability without any cost. This means you can use all the features of this app on your iPad utterly free of charge.

If you are looking for particular exercises and activities on interval identification and more of such exciting features, all for free, then this is the best app for you. Even if you want theoretical explanations and practice sight-singing, then this is not a bad option to go for.

What makes the application even more interesting is the fact that you can easily connect external microphones and even MIDI controllers to your device, and this application will support it.

Once you plug in the microphone and start singing, you can get instant feedback results which are actually great to promote your learning skills.

But leaving all these factors aside, the only and most probably the biggest demerit of this application is the fact that it is only available on iPads. Hence you cannot use the app on any other device, which limits its usage.

#6 – Music Theory Helper

Music Theory Helper

We mentioned an application that is specifically made for iPads, but what about Androids? Don’t worry, as here we have the best music theory app specially designed for Androids.

You can easily use the Music Theory Helper to improve your chords, intervals, scales, and the circle of fifths. This application can help you with its ear training and more such features.

The best feature of the app is its user-friendly nature. You can find the app very great with the interface, and hence you won’t feel bored while using the application.

This is an excellent app if you want to focus on the basics; however, if you are trying to target detailed training, then better to go with a different application.

#7 – Functional Ear Trainer

Best Music Theory App - Functional Ear Trainer

This is a unique app on our list and is quite different from all others out there. This best app for learning music theory is available both on iOS & Android, but there are certain in-app purchases that you will need to process to use the best out of this application.

The developers of this application are very confident that this app will help an amateur to get to a master’s professional level with his music.

The developers also claim that even if you use the app for 10 minutes a day, you can quickly improve your aural skills in no time. The application is very stylish, and it is very selective in the features it provides. You can get the perfect exercise to practice your tones.

There was a time when music theory was very boring. But due to applications such as functional ear trainers, you don’t have to regret practicing music theory online. This application will also help you with rhythmic improvement of your musical tone, so we recommend it to the people who are finding it hard to select a music theory app for themselves.

#8 – Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer

The application is available easily on Androids and IOS, and you can get a complete version of this application only for $3.99. If you are searching for a full relative or an absolute pitch, then we always recommend getting the full version of the application before you start.

There are three different modes available in this application. The first one is called the accessible mode, which is moreover about the drills and other easy exercises to warm you up to the next level.

The next modes are the classic mode and arcade mode, which have more than 150 drills that can help an individual with his music theory learning.


  1. Are these music theory apps suitable for beginners? Yes, most of them have beginner-friendly lessons.
  2. Do I need to pay for these apps? Some apps have free versions, but they also offer premium features for a fee.
  3. Can I learn to play an instrument with these apps? Yes, some apps offer instrument-specific lessons.
  4. Are these apps available on both Android and iOS? Most apps are available on both platforms, but some are exclusive to one.
  5. Do these apps require an internet connection? Some apps might require an internet connection for certain features.


We tried to mention some of the best music theory apps in our article. All these applications can help you to gain better and learn easily. These applications are the best way to practice your music theory digitally.


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