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How to Tell If Your Phone Is Ghosted & Being Tracked?


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How to Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Being Tracked, Tapped, or Monitored by Spy Software

So, how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software? Modern technologies provide us with numerous possibilities.

Until recently, people were afraid about their landline phones being tapped, and now, they try to protect all of their devices that help them in their daily routine.

Since you are here, you may like to know how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being ghosted, tracked, tapped, or monitored by the phone tracker software. Also, learn if it is actually possible to track cell phone activities.

Learn here different means to find out whether your smartphone is being tracked remotely. So, let’s see how to do that!

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Ghosted, Being Tracked?

It is quite scary to be spied upon. The worst part is that our devices are not just spied on by the authorities only. There are numerous hackers and various threats lurking here and there, who try to extract our personal information.

So, if you want to identify how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software, then you should not need to be a professional.

There are some indicators that you should be aware of.

PS: let’s figure out how to track a cell phone location without them knowing.

1. Weird Smartphone Behavior

Most users observe that their smartphone suddenly shuts down, lights up, and makes some random beeping sounds.

So, their cell phones perform strange things from time to time. So, if you come across such activities frequently, then it could mean that your device has a spying application on it.

2. High Abnormal Data Usage

When you discover that the data usage suddenly goes up, there are chances that a spying application is monitoring your smartphone.

Generally, low-tech monitor applications need lots of data for sending the gathered data to the tracking source.

In that case, you can try performing a full reset on your device’s directories program.

3. Strange Background Noise While Making Calls

This is another way to figure out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the spy software.

So, if you hear unusual sounds while attending calls, it could mean someone is tapping your device.

If you are thinking how does that sound when someone taps your device, then it could be some background noise, echoes, beeping, or another voice talking apart from the person you’re talking to and yours.

When you hear such strange sounds, it could mean your smartphone is being tracked by a surveillance application.

4. Unexpected SMS

Unexpected messages having incoherent signs are another sign that the device is being monitored.

Spy applications often use private coded messages for collecting data usage. When you are getting this kind of text message often, then you may be tapped through messaging.

5. Reduced Battery Life

Does your battery require charging at all times? When a spying tool is installed on your smartphone, it increases battery usage.

Also, it loses energy much faster. It is quite possible that someone is tracking your smart device.

However, you have to remember that the power life of your phone’s battery weakens over time.

Therefore, when you observe an elevation in the drain, this isn’t a way how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the phone spy software.

6. Increased Temperature

When you witness the increased temperature of your phone’s battery even when it is idle, it could mean a hacking tool is running in the phone’s background silently.

Definitely, this way of detecting spies is not one of the accurate methods for detecting a spy tool.

However, when you find out that your mobile device’s battery life is draining a bit faster, then you may like to find out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the phone monitor tool.

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Different Ways to Find Someone Tracking You

There are different ways to find out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the phone tracker software. Let’s learn about some here!

1. Check Android Settings

How to tell if your phone is ghosted? First and foremost, if you are using an Android device, you should not root your Android smartphone.

When you root your device, you remove all OS restrictions for gaining superuser access. Thus, it can be risky because:

  • Users receive unnecessary updates
  • They leave their smartphones vulnerable to hacking applications
  • They enable malicious applications to install malware on their devices

Steps on how to tell if your phone is ghosted, or being tracked:

This method works perfectly on new OS versions.

1: Launch the Application Drawer from the home screen and choose ‘Settings‘ from there.

Check Android Settings

2: Look for the option ‘Application Management‘.

Check Android Settings

3: Choose to see ‘All Applications.’

Check Android Settings

4: See the list to find anything that includes the term ‘spy‘ in their name or anything having a strange malware-like term. If found any, delete them immediately.

Check Android Settings

Another preventive step is to restrict application permissions for installing other tools from an unknown source.

This is how users can perform this task:

1: Launch Settings first.

Check Android Settings

2: Look for the option ‘Biometrics & Security‘.

Check Android Settings

3: Now, you will come across a record of applications and permissions. Now, open all the applications one by one and alter their settings if required. Just slide the bar for doing so.

Check Android Settings

2. Check iPhone Settings

how to tell if your phone is ghosted?

Like Android devices, iOS devices also become vulnerable when jailbroken. Jailbreaking your device means that you remove all security restrictions levied by Apple.

It is better to avoid jailbreak due to the following reasons:

  • It makes it simpler for hackers to install spyware on your device.
  • This leaves your device susceptible to malware or other threats.
  • It exposes personal and sensitive information on your phone.
  • Also, you can brick your iPhone accidentally and turn it unserviceable.

If you are worried that your iOS device is being spied on, then modify your iCloud credentials. Many remote access monitoring applications need iCloud’s email ID and password.

On changing your passcode, you lock everyone out. Furthermore, install all the security fixes and updates.

To do this, follow:

1: Launch Settings and open the tab ‘General.’

Check iPhone Settings

2: Visit the tab ‘Software Update‘ and click on ‘Install.’

Check iPhone Settings

If you could not find out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software, then it is best to reset your device to default settings to remove all sorts of spying applications.

This ensures that all unnecessary monitoring tools are wiped off your smartphone.

3. Reset Settings on Android

1: Visit Settings and tap on the ‘General Management‘ tab.

Reset Settings on Android

2: Now, look for the option ‘Reset.’

Reset Settings on Android

3: Launch ‘Factory Data Reset‘ and tap on ‘Reset.’

Reset Settings on Android

4. Reset Settings on iPhone

1: Visit Settings and launch the tab ‘General.’

Check iPhone Settings

2: Look for the option ‘Reset.’

Reset Settings on iPhone

3: Choose ‘Reset All Settings‘ and get rid of all the settings and content.

Reset Settings on iPhone

Another Way to Check iPhones for Spying Tools

There are different ways to figure out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by phone monitor software. The ways to check whether your device is being monitored are similar to the above-listed methods.

However, there’s one more way that works on only iPhone devices.

If you come across an application known as Cydia on a jailbroken iOS device, then you are likely to be monitored.

If you want to see whether you need this program on your device, carry out a quick search. Sometimes, Cydia could be difficult to discover, though, because it is hidden.

For ensuring that your device is free from Cydia, type 4433*29342 in the search Spotlight field. So, if your device has this program, then delete Cydia or carry out the factory reset.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Phone Ghosting and Tracking

Install Security Software

Protect your phone from potential threats by installing reliable security software. These applications provide real-time protection against malware, spyware, and other malicious programs, keeping your phone secure from ghosting and tracking attempts.

Regularly Update Your Phone’s Software

Always keep your phone’s software up to date. Set your phone to automatically install updates as they become available. By doing so, you ensure that your phone has the latest security patches and enhancements, reducing the risk of being compromised.

Be Cautious of Downloading Apps from Unknown Sources

Avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources or third-party app stores. Stick to official app marketplaces like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, where apps undergo a vetting process to ensure their authenticity and security.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

When accessing the internet on your phone, be cautious about connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. These networks are often unsecured and can be easily exploited by hackers. Instead, use your mobile data or a trusted and encrypted Wi-Fi network.

Use Strong Passwords and Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Create strong, unique passwords for your phone and all your accounts. Avoid using easily guessable information and consider using a password manager to securely store your passwords. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication whenever possible for an added layer of security.

FAQs on How to Tell If Your Phone Is Ghosted

Learn more on how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software below!

1. Can Police Monitor Devices Without the User’s Knowledge?

Organizations like intelligence agencies can install hacking tools on any smartphone through a legal court order.

Without the court’s permission, law enforcement could not listen in legally on any conversation.

Furthermore, a call participant has to give consent to monitor a conversation through a wiretap. If done otherwise, police could be prone to misconduct charges.

If you are being wiretapped, you will not find it. But, certain signals are there, which you can look for:

  • Unknown applications are installed on your device.
  • GPS location switches on even after you had disabled it previously
  • Strange sounds or hearing echoes while making calls

Unfortunately, today’s smart devices could be accessed through code, which makes it quite harder to find out how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software.

2. What Can You Do if Your Device is Monitored?

After figuring out how to tell if your phone is ghosted, what can we do?

To remove spyware from your smartphone, you should reset your device to default factory settings.

This does not guarantee the removal of the spying program. Try the following methods:

● Change the iCloud Credentials

As stated above, hackers can track your device without installing any tool if they get access to your iCloud account details. So, change the email ID and password.

● Uninstall Suspicious Applications

Check your application list and find if something is odd. Make sure that you check hidden applications too. Spyware programs tend to disguise their identity. So, check the application info thoroughly.

● Reset Passwords

If you have been diseased with spyware, there are chances that hackers had gathered all of your passwords. It is important to reset the passwords of all your online accounts.

● Check the Bank Statements

The most typical reason why hackers track your device is to snip the sensitive information of the victim. If you use your device for making online payments, then there’s room for theft and exploitation. Check the bank statements for any suspicious activity.

On noticing anything, block all the credit or debit cards. It is better to prevent your device from malicious programs.

Install antivirus programs so that nothing can enter your device, and there will be no need to know how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the spy software.

3. Why Would Anyone Track Your Device?

After learning How to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software, it is important to know why it happens.

There are various reasons why anyone would like to gain access to your smartphone. Common reasons are as follows:

● Suspicious Spouses

Almost everyone gets suspicious for no reason sometimes. Some people go the extra mile and hire detectives or track devices to find out the truth.

However, this could be pricey. That’s why some people use spy tools as a cheap alternative. Spying tools can offer spouses every detail, such as call logs, SMS, GPS location, and more.

● Business Owners

Some owners also use monitoring tools to ensure that their workers are working fine.

Using such tools, they can keep an eye on the entire team without their knowledge. For this, they monitor work computers or install spying applications on smartphones.

● Caring Parents

Parental control applications help parents to know whether their children are safe while browsing the internet.

With monitoring tools, they can track the daily activities of their kids and even control them remotely.

● Thieves

If your device has been stolen, take all the preventive measures for ensuring that nobody abuses any private or sensitive data on the target smartphone.

However, there is a way to control unauthorized admittance easily. Use specific programs that enable users to delete and block all the data from the device in stealth mode.

4. How Can You Protect Your Device?

Once you have learned How to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped, or monitored by spy software, you should know how to protect your device.

It is better to prevent your device to keep your privacy intact. Some preventive measures that one can implement include:

● Use Passcodes on the Lock Screen

Many monitoring and spy applications need some kind of physical admittance to the device.

Use biometrics or a password on the lock screen for making things a bit harder for hackers.

● Never Root or Jailbreak Your SmartPhone

Give up jailbreaking and rooting completely. If you want to do it, then be cautious while installing anything on your phone.

● Use Security Tools

It is advisable to install antivirus software and VPNs. VPNs ensure that every online activity stays private and anonymous, while antivirus ensures that there is no malware.

● Do not Install Applications from an Unverified Source

You should download applications from verified application stores only like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This is because apps from unverified providers could be hazardous.

● Install All Patches and Updates

Keep the operating system of your device and firmware updated.

Companies release patches and updates simultaneously to stay put against all malicious activities or other threats.


So, these are some different ways how to tell if your phone is ghosted, being tracked, tapped, or monitored by the spy software.

If you find anything suspicious on your device, then it is best to perform a factory reset. Also, use other means listed here to get rid of spyware from your device.

Nonetheless, it is better to prevent your smartphone from being tracked by following the different preventive measures mentioned above.


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