Best Psychic Type Pokemon You Can Find In 2023

Do you want to find the best psychic-type Pokemon? Well, the good news is that you are on the correct page. That is because it comprises a list of the best psychic Pokemon.

So, why don’t you learn about the best psychic Pokemon for you?

List of Best Psychic Type Pokemon

Psychic types like Mewtwo and Alakazam are known to be great threats from the initial stages of Pokemon.

They always boast exceptionally higher attack stats when they are on the battlefield. They are also known for their clever minds and other methodical approaches. Instead of getting into intense fistfights, they use their clever minds and smart approach.

As a result, these best psychic-type Pokemon can have the edge even if they play defensively or offensively.  

PS: here are the weakest Pokemon card for your reference.

01. Victini

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Victini

First up, Victini is considered to be a Mythical Pokemon. That means it comes with 600 base stats. You should know that the stats of Victini are even, and each of those has 100 base power. Moreover, it is a dual-type (both Psychic and Fire).

It has the ability to perform as a Victory Star. As a result, it can increase the accuracy of the allies as well. So, you can use the same on moves that have lower accuracy.

Most of the moves found in Victini’s armory can hit really hard. Also, they come with the best EV investment. Therefore, we consider Victini to be one of the best psychic-type Pokemon for any player.

02. Gardevoir


This Pokemon is rated as one of the most popular options in the franchise. It is a well-liked and superbly powerful Pokemon among the rest. Gardevoir has a very impressive Special Attack. It also has a Special Defense approach.

However, it also comes with a Mega Evolution that offers an excellent boost to the game. Also, it has a Fairy-typing ability to counter all the dark types which comes with very significant advantages.

03. Hatternene

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Hatternene

Hatterene is considered to be another best psychic Pokemon that works as a Fairy Type Pokemon. It offers fantastic support as well. It has low health and speed stats, and they are made up for the incredible support moves.

On top of that, it has Magic Guard, which can catch your foes off guard. Then, it will allow you to use their Entry Hazards as weapons against them. There are other moves like Reflect and Healing Wish, so they can keep the other Pokemon healthier.

Thanks to the low-speed stat, it works perfectly on teams that use Trick Room. The excellent attack stats it offers become useful. It is faster than pretty much all the other Pokemon.

04. Latios


Latios can be rated as a pretty speedy psychic Pokemon that has a greater sweeping ability. Also, it has a special attack stat.

All in all, it can be rated as one of the best psychic types of Pokemon. There are plenty of fantastic moves related to this option, and you can use it with STAB as well.

Even if it has lower defensive stats, it can manage it with Roost easily. As a result, it can recover lost health. You can even force unwanted items onto the opposing Pokemon.

Moreover, Latios comes with a large move pool so that you can have plenty of coverage. The good news is that it has very powerful offensive attacks. So, it can destroy the opposing teams before they get a chance to attack.

05. Tapu Lele

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is considered to be the guardian of Akala Island. It is located in the Alola Region, as you already know. That means it should have enough strength to protect the people living on the island.

This special Pokemon has Psychic Surge as the signature ability. It sets up Psychic Terrain. Through that, all the other psychic types can enjoy various benefits.

Apart from boosting all the psychic attacks, this special Pokemon can negate the priority moves. Those priority moves are performed by foes when it comes to competitive battling scenes in the game.

06. Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex is one of the best psychic-type Pokemon because of various reasons. It has been Typed with Ghost.

Therefore, it has only two weaknesses called “Ghost and Dark.” When it comes to Shadow Rider Calyrex, it is the fastest Pokemon found in the series. Moreover, it has a very powerful special attack stat as well.

Moreover, it comes with a Nasty Plot, so that can boost all those stats further. As a result, it can be rated as one of the best psychic Pokemon you can find.

On top of that, it has some great moves to use the STAB feature.

07. Reuniclus

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Reuniclus

This is a pretty small critter that is found inside the blob that appears in green. This specific Pokemon can be defensive and offensive whenever it is necessary.

Compared to most other Pokemon, this one has three incredibly handy abilities to battle.

Magic Guard and Overcoat can protect this Pokemon from getting damaged from various weather conditions. Magic Guard can move further by responding to any residual damage or recoil damage.

So, this Pokemon can make use of Power-boosting Life Orb without necessarily facing any drawbacks.

08. Gothitelle


It is true that there are many Psychic Pokemon with powerful and special attackers. However, Gothitelle stays a tad ahead of all the others because of its tricks.

The shadow tag ability of this tool can trap the foes from switching out. Also, it can set up a trick room if the allies are performing too slowly.

To make things more interesting, this Pokemon has the ability to use an ally switch or heal pulse. Those abilities can support the allies to beat the opponent.

09. Necrozma

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Necrozma

Necrozma is one of those Pokemon that can perform Mega Evolves, Signature Z moves, or fuse. It is a legendary physic-type Pokemon that can perform various moves in different situations.

It is upgraded into Ultra Necrozma, and it shows very destructive Z moves. You can expect a base power of 200 from it.

10. Cresselia


Of course, Cresselia is one of the best psychic-type Pokemon that is related to the competitive VGC. Just like with Gothitelle, Cresselia, too, is considered a supportive team member. This can frustrate the opponent easily and give you the edge you are looking for.

Because of the high stats performed in Special Defense, HP, and Defense, this Pokemon is a very impressive one. This has massive bulks that let you survive various powerful hits.

Then, it will heal with the assistance of moonlight. Moreover, it will leave your opponents frustrated using Toxic and Thunder Wave.

11. Alakazam

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Alakazam

In fact, Alakazam is rated as one of the best psychic Pokemon in addition to the legendaries. It is true that it has some frail defenses as well.

This Pokemon is an untouchable one with high speed and special stats. It can knock out all the enemies with a single hit before experiencing any damage.

12. Hoopa


This is more of a primary character that falls into the list of best psychic-type Pokemon. The secondary type of this Pokemon depends on its form. The default confined form of this character is Psychic or Ghost. And its stronger, Unbound form is known as Psychic or Dark.

It is true that it has rather a smaller size. However, that doesn’t mean that Hoopa is a weak Pokemon. It has superb stats in both attack and special attack modes.

It offers a perfect mixed attack mode as well. With that said, Hoopa has an upgraded version called Hoopa Unbound. It has very impressive killer offensive stats.

13. Metagross

Best Psychic Type Pokemon - Metagross

Being one of the best psychic-type Pokemon, Metagross is rated as a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. It has plenty of good stats in general.

However, the true strengths of this Pokemon are found in the attack mode and defense mode. This is the exact opposite of various other Pokemon available.

Because of the half steel-typing of Metagross, it features a pretty impressive defense characteristic. Because of their respective characteristic, Metagross is considered one of the most solid psychic Pokemon types. It can be so devastating.

14. Lugia


This could be rated as one of the most pioneering and legendary Pokemon characters you can find. In fact, Lugia is still rated as a very big threat even in the modern era.

Being one of the best psychic Pokemon that can fly, it has superb stats on the board. It shows some legendary status which is much deserved. Basically, Lugia is more of a tank of a Pokemon.

It has excellent defensive abilities, and there is a multiscale to half the damage. This specific Pokemon can recover health easily with the Roost. It comes with superb support moves such as Thunder Wave.

So, those are the best psychic-type Pokemon on our list. Do you know the other best psychic Pokemon that should be included in this list? If so, please let us know, and we will update this list.



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