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Best Pokeball
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When it comes to searching for the best Pokemon ball, you may come across various options.

Interestingly, many individuals are still looking for the standard Poke Ball due to some reason or another.

But the truth is that there are various other options to use. So, what is the best Pokeball of all? Let’s find it out.

Best Pokeball

There is no shortage of Poke Ball options to consider, but many casual players aren’t aware of those. Each of those Poke Balls comes with different functionalities. In some cases, they are the rarest Poke Balls, for your information.

In fact, trying to catch a rare Pokemon could be a pretty mad move. However, it would be absolutely amazing to have one of those rare Poke Balls.

With that said, we have the answer to the question ‘what is the best Pokeball’. In other words, we have the list of the best Pokemon ball options for you.

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What Is The Best Pokeball? The List

Here’s the list of best Pokemon ball entries for you.

1. Master Ball

Best Pokeball - Master Ball

If you are looking for the best Pokemon ball, Master Ball should be an obvious entry on your checklist. It has a guaranteed ability to catch a wild Pokemon. Players can usually grab only one Master Ball in each playthrough.

So, you should save this Master Ball to use only when you absolutely need it. This specific catch tool can be used to catch legendary Pokemon. As a result, you don’t have to face the trouble of wasting plenty of other containment devices.

In general, Master Balls are supposed to work without any failure. However, you should know that some of the Pokemon characters aren’t catchable even if you use Master Ball.

For instance, Ghost Marowak found in the Pokemon Tower at Lavender Town is such a character. Kyurem is another Pokemon that cannot be caught with Master Ball.

Just like the other balls, the Master Ball doesn’t work against Pokemon when it comes to semi-invulnerable states.

Well, with Master Ball, you can expect a success rate of 99.994%, and that is absolutely amazing. Although some individuals don’t believe it, that’s the truth. So, having Master Ball is a definite advantage for any Pokemon player regardless of their expertise.

2. Net Ball

Net Ball

This game was introduced in Generation 3, and it has a catch rate of 3.5X for Water and Bug. If not, it features a catch rate of 1X with other ones. In fact, Water Pokemon can be considered the most abundant one across the game.

Well, 16.5% of all the monsters are related to water. So, the ability of Net Ball to catch those aquatic Pokemon characters becomes handy in this case. If you have the Net Ball, you are likely to catch more monsters.

The most noticeable drawback is that Net Ball doesn’t work with Bug/Water duos which are rare, though. Surskit is one of those Pokemon. However, we don’t consider it a huge issue.

In fact, this is one of the best Pokemon ball tools to catch the Pokemon. So, if someone has the question “what is the best Pokeball” this could be a solid answer.

3. Dusk Ball

Best Pokeball - Dusk Ball

This is another impressive Pokeball that comes with a catch rate of 3X to impress you. This specific rate is available at night or in a cave. If not, the catch rate goes down to 1X. This one was introduced in Generation 3 of the Pokemon game.

Compared to many other best Pokemon ball entries, this option’s ability is nerfed in Sun/Moon to 3X. However, having a catch rate of 3X is a superb value addition to your gaming approach.

It explores at night or in caves, and the Dusk Ball offers an excellent capture rate. It impacts all the Pokemon types if you hunt late at night or in a cave.

So, the logic is absolutely simple. You should talk to resistant foes at night so the submission will be more convenient.

4. Ultra Ball

Best Pokeball - Ultra Ball

This Pokeball has a relatively lower catch rate (2X), and it is introduced in Generation 1. It is a familiar tool for Pokemon like Red and Blue veterans.

The Ultra Ball has been helping you catch Pokemon from Original expeditions. It is true that the bonus is pretty low, you don’t find any conditions along with it. Also, you don’t see any gimmicks with it.  

This specific Pokeball becomes incredibly helpful even in Generation 1. Even if you will find some drawbacks on and off, Ultra Ball is still a good option.

5. Timer Ball

Timer Ball

This is another Pokeball that comes in very handy but features a relatively low catch rate of 1X. It was introduced in Generation 3. When you face a tricky creature, this specific Pokeball can be handy. That is specifically because it can heal itself.

If not, it may have some poor luck with other tools as you attempt to catch prey. Even if you turn the failure, that will assist the endeavors. Each of those turns will add to the chances of success along with a Timer Ball.

You will find this specific Pokeball to be highly useful in longer fights when it comes to difficult foes. Timer Ball can max out along with a catch rate of 4X. In fact, that is the double value of an Ultra Ball. That will give you a decent chance even if you try to catch a difficult opponent.

6. Nest Ball

Best Pokeball - Nest Ball

When you are at the endgame, you will find your Pokemon to be at super-high levels. You will go across the region with the intention of completing the Pokedex with confidence. However, you find yourself to be low on Ultra Balls.

Well, in this case, use an option like Nest Ball, and you can increase the chances of catching Pokemon. Even if you are a monster, you can use the Nest Ball to become successful.

7. Love Ball

Love Ball

Just like the name suggests, Love Ball appears to be an adorable Pokeball for any user. It has a pink shell and has a heart in front. However, this specific Pokeball can be used for those who are looking for Pokemon.

The ball will gain a higher catch rate under two conditions. For instance, it needs to be in the same category and in the opposite gender.

As a result, it will come to an 8X catch rate which is incredibly useful. It is specifically true when it comes to shiny hunting or finding a mate.

These options are popular when they are introduced to Gen 2. All in all, this is one of the best Pokemon ball options you can have.

8. Luxury Ball

Best Pokeball - Luxury Ball

With the assistance of Luxury Ball, your Pokemon can acquire friendship in a quicker manner. That will work out for specific NPCs who want to meet other friendly characters.

If not, the same can work for Pokemon to meet evolution along with better friendship. This specific option works for those Pokemon such as Eevee. With the assistance of friends, it can evolve into Umbreon or Espeon.

However, the best thing is that Luxury Ball is a desirable option specifically for Pokemon trainers. The appearance of the black ball, along with the red stripes, is a wonderful option.

It is a sleek, intuitive, and cool option on the screen of the opponent. The name of this ball matches the characteristics perfectly.

9. Cherish Ball

Cherish Ball

Those who ask the question “what is the best Pokeball” should check Cherish Ball too. In fact, this is a completely red ball that has a pretty unique appearance. This option appears more of a grip. However, the ball itself is a pretty special one.

When it comes to the official description, the Cherish Ball comes with a rare one. This is especially because you can obtain it through special events. You don’t get it in the form of an item that is used for Even Pokemon. In many ways, this could be rated as one of the best Pokemon ball entries.

10. Park Ball

Best Pokeball - Park Ball

When it comes to the Safari Ball, you can consider it a special Pokeball. This specific Pokeball is used to traverse the Safari Zone.

When it comes to the individuals who cannot battle along with Pokemon preserve, Park Ball Pokeball becomes handy. In fact, it becomes the only option to capture those rare pieces within the park.

When you consider the characteristics of Park Ball, you will have it through migration capabilities. It was available in Generation 4 as Pal Park.

By doing a transfer from Generation 3, even the Park Balls were transferred with it.

11. Repeat Ball

Repeat Ball

This is yet another superb Pokeball that has a catch rate of 3.5X. It offers this catch rate on the registered Pokemon. If not, it features a mediocre 1X catch rate. This is one of the best Pokemon ball entries introduced in Generation 3.

Repeat Balls experienced an upgrade to 3.5X from 3X pretty recently. With the assistance of Repeat Balls, you can experience better chances when it comes to finding snagging creatures. That means the creatures that are already in the Pokedex.

Well, you will wonder why it is necessary to recatch the creatures that are already captured. If you are a competitive player, however, you might hunt for monsters that come with higher individual values. Also, you will look for different possibilities with them.

On top of that, you will want a different gender for the purpose of breeding as well. Likewise, there are many uses to catching the ones that are already captured. This is exactly when a Pokeball like Repeat Ball becomes handy.


  1. What is the rarest Pokeball? The rarest Pokeball is the Master Ball, which has a 100% catch rate.
  2. Can you buy Master Balls? In most games, Master Balls cannot be purchased. They are typically acquired through significant game progression or special events.
  3. What is the catch rate of an Ultra Ball? An Ultra Ball has a catch rate that’s twice that of a standard Pokeball.
  4. Which Pokeball is best for legendary Pokemon? The Master Ball is typically the best choice for legendary Pokemon due to its 100% catch rate.
  5. Can Great Ball catch legendary Pokemon? It’s possible, but the chances are significantly lower compared to using an Ultra Ball or Master Ball.


In the captivating world of Pokemon, the journey of a Pokemon trainer is incomplete without the use of Pokeballs. Whether you’re a beginner catching your first Pokemon or an experienced trainer chasing the elusive legendary Pokemon, choosing the best Pokeball is a critical aspect of the game.

Remember, the key lies in knowing your Pokeballs and understanding how and when to use them. So go out there, and may the best Pokeball be with you!


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