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Best Electric Pokemon Go: What Are The Best Options?


Written by Jack Lin

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Best Electric Pokemon Go

Knowing the best electric Pokemon Go can be exceptionally handy for those who want to play it competitively.

Well, you will need those Pokemons to battle in raids and progress successfully and faster. This is particularly true when it comes to competing in some challenging raids.

It is true that there is no shortage of electric Pokemons. They can cause a massive amount of destruction to any of those enemies they come across.

So, if you have the best electric Pokemon Go, winning a battle or a raid is almost a walk in the park.

Best Electric Pokemon Go Characters

Without further ado, let’s move on to the best electric Pokemon Go you can find.

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01. Raichu: Volt Switch & Wild Charge

Best Electric Pokemon Go - Raichu: Volt Switch & Wild Charge

Volt Switch is considered to be yet another popular electric-type attack. It is easily be rated among the best electric Pokemon Go characters. This is specifically because of the massive amount of energy it has. It is true that Wild Charge is not the most powerful attack. However, it will be very handy for you.

41.5 DPS can change the battle’s tide. And, you should remember that there is an option to use Thunder in the form of your main attack. However, you should note that it is not as useful as you may think.

Players will be able to find Volt Switch from Gen V. And, that is mainly the prize you will get when defeating Elesa, Maison, or Wattson. You can find the same in Mount Hokulani in Sun and Moon.

This is a pretty similar option compared to Wild Charge. Players can find this option only by searching for the option called TM93.

Besides, here are the strongest non-legendary Pokémon for you.

02. Magneton: Spark & Zap Cannon

Magneton: Spark & Zap Cannon

Here’s another powerful and best electric Pokemon Go for your reference. These can be considered the most powerful attacks included in the Magneton. And, with the assistance of the same attack bonus, this Pokemon becomes more useful. This is particularly true when Charge comes with a 30% chance to paralyze the target.

When you play the game, Spark cannot do damage as good as Volt Switch. It will cause only 10.3 DPS compared to 10.5 DPS. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a useless option. It has plenty of quick attacks and leads to the Zap Cannon. As a result, you can expect massive damage of 45.4 DPS from Zap Cannon. This is a very effective way to demolish your opponents.

Just like you do with Pokemon Go, the moves can be found either through Fast TM or Charged TM. If not, you can simply catch and evolve to meet the desired match as well. The best thing is that this is one of the most convenient moves you can think of. Spark can be found in Gen III and newer versions.

You can even level it with Magneton. The Zap cannon of this game is pretty similar until you find it correctly. Also, you should know that it features differently in each game. So, we have plenty of reasons to call it one of the best electric Pokemon Go.

03. Luxray: Snarl & Wild Charge

Best Electric Pokemon Go - Luxray: Snarl & Wild Charge

Just like you’ve noticed in Manectric, Snarl is considered to be one of the useful and powerful options. When you have a DPS of 10.9, that could be one of the most powerful attacks to choose from.

That can build enough and more energy to use Wild Charge a large number of times. If you are looking for the best electric Pokemon Go, you can choose this one. This specific option uses a 10.3 DPS.

However, it is somewhat less powerful. It can be found in TM95 and TM95. Snarl is available in Gen V, VI, and VII. It is located only, but you cannot battle for it. However, you can still find it in Castelia City, Lost Hotel, Lostlorn, Mirage Cave, etc.

When it comes to Wild Charge, Magnetic requires you to level up and get hold of the powerful move. It differs based on each generation. However, on average, it doesn’t take long.

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04. Jolteon: Thunder Shock & Thunder Bolt

Jolteon: Thunder Shock & Thunder Bolt

If we don’t consider this one as one of the best electric Pokemon Go, this list isn’t complete. The moves in this awesome Pokemon are very handy. Thunder Stock comes with a DPS value of 10, and you may feel it is somewhat small. Even if it has a pretty lower attack power, players can still use it.

It has a 13.3 EPS, and that can build up to ThunderBolt. That deals 38.4 DPS, and that’s, of course, a powerful attack. However, you should note that there is a massive attack with a DPS of 50. It will take up more than 41.7 of energy when you use it. That means it is not worth doing it.

Thunder Shock is one of the most convenient moves you should get hold onto. This is particularly true because it is acquired using leveling. That means you can use up to 31 Jolteon based on the type of game you play.

Nevertheless, it can be noted as one of the most popular Pokemon that requires some time to evolve. But when it comes to thunderbolt, it is not that simple. You can bring this best electric Pokemon Go in many games, particularly if they are Gen IV.

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05. Ampharos: Charge Beam & Zap Cannon

Best Electric Pokemon Go - Ampharos: Charge Beam & Zap Cannon

Ampharos is one of the best electric Pokemon Go characters that can necessarily pack a punch if required. Thanks to the specific attack called Charge Beam, it becomes very handy for you. It also has the main attack called Zap Cannon. This means that the hits of Pokemon Go are 20% powerful and efficient.

First, a Charge Beam makes pretty small damage (8.7) per second. In fact, it doesn’t seem like a massive amount of damage. However, when you take the buffs given to Ampharos, you will find it a very handy option.

When you have the Charge Beam, you can even experience a 70% more chance to increase Ampharos’ Special Attack. In addition to that, Zap Cannon can be very powerful. With a DPS of 45.4 and a minimal 27 EPS, Ampharos can be one of the most powerful options.

But the truth is that this is not the easiest moveset for you to hold. This option becomes available in versions of Gen IV. Also, it can be found in various other places based on the game type.

Nevertheless, it is available for a few versions only. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Super Mystery Dungeon, and Gates To Infinity are those versions. When it comes to Zap Cannon, you can achieve it using the level in versions VI and VII. However, in Gen II, you are supposed to find it.

06. Manectric: Snarl & Wild Charge

Manectric: Snarl & Wild Charge

It is true that this is a pretty dark-type move. However, Manectric is a good option thanks to the moveset it features. This is specifically due to the 10.9 DPS attack.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a moveset that depends on electricity, you can go for the Charge Beam. But it has some low DPS value (with 8.7).

When you use it for the main attack, Wild Charge is highly popular and effective for enemy Pokemon. It lets you turn your battle’s tides and help players win. 41.5 DPS along with a 19.2 EPS is a pretty effective combination. It can use Wild Charge in the form of a rapid-fire attack.

The option Wild Charge is rather a simple one, and it can only be obtained through leveling Manectric. In fact, the level will range between 42 and 61 based on the game. The good news is that it is relatively low. Snarl will be available to find only. You cannot level it up. You can find it in TM95, and it doesn’t have much lore around. The move starts with Gen V.

07. Zapdos: Thunder Shock & Thunder Bolt

Best Electric Pokemon Go - Zapdos: Thunder Shock & Thunder Bolt

Well, it could be really shocking to see such a legendary Pokemon has a low range of attacks. Even if the range is too small, you can expect some impressive damage from it. That is based on how you play.

Do you want an attacking Pokemon? If so, you will have to look at Thunder Shock which has 10DPS, and ThunderBolt with 38.4 DPS. But for this Pokemon, Thunder Shock is an Elite option.

If the players want a pretty defensive position, it is highly recommended to choose Charge Beam with Zap Cannon. That is because Charge Beam has a pretty small 8.7 DPS, and it adds 13.6 EPS. As a result, it prepares for 45.4 DPS from the weapon called Zap Cannon.

For the major part, you will have to get hold of Thunder Shock for Zapdos. That is required to be achieved during Level 1 or Level 5 in Gen VIII. When it comes to ThunderBolt, things depend on the game.

For those who are lucky with Gen VII, this should be achieved when you reach level 32. Those who are in TM24 will get it as the price for defeating Lt. Surge in Gen 1.

If not, the same price can be achieved by defeating Clemont in Gen VI. You can also bring the same in Gen III and Gen IV games as well. If not, you will have to search for them in various areas, including Sandy Cave, Poni Pains, Victory Road, etc.

08. Magnezone: Spark & Wild Charge

Magnezone: Spark & Wild Charge

it’s true that Wild Charge is considered to be the best electric Pokemon Go in terms of electric types. It is not the most powerful because it released only 41.5 DPS. Compared to Thunder’s 50DPS value, it is somewhat weaker.

In terms of the total damage done, it is a good card to have. This specific Pokemon lets players enjoy a shorter reload period. Also, it lets you throw at the enemy as much as you like without any issue.

When it comes to the Spart, the player can benefit from the attack bonus of the same type. Nevertheless, it does have a 10.5 DPS. It can also restore a massive 12.9 value of EPS.


1. How do I catch Electric Pokémon in Pokémon Go? To catch Electric Pokémon, you can visit areas with high spawn rates of Electric types, such as parks, urban areas, and near electrical facilities.

2. Are Electric Pokémon weak against any specific types? Electric Pokémon are weak against Ground-type moves. Ground-type Pokémon have immunity to Electric moves, making them a formidable counter.

3. Can Electric Pokémon learn moves of other types? Yes, some Electric Pokémon can learn moves of other types through TMs or evolution. However, their primary moves will always be electric-based.

4. What are the best moves for Electric Pokémon? The best moves for Electric Pokémon include Thunderbolt, Thunder, Wild Charge, and Volt Switch. These moves have high power and can deal significant damage.

5. How can I maximize the potential of Electric Pokémon in battles? To maximize the potential of Electric Pokémon, it’s essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Use their electric moves against Water and Flying types, and be cautious when facing Ground types.


So, that’s all about the best electric Pokemon Go you can use. What do you think? Do you have other options to be included in this list? Please let us know.


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