Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2022 – Is Avast Cleanup Trustworthy?

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Full Avast Cleanup Premium Reviews

If you are a Windows user, you might be aware of Avast. In fact, Avast is a powerful, efficient, and speedy antivirus that has become very popular among Windows PC users.

Many experts say Avast is a very handy antivirus program for Windows computers. In fact, the Avast antivirus program comes in the premium version in addition to its free edition.

If you go for the Avast premium version, there are some added benefits, such as an audible alert system.

Nevertheless, many Windows users say that the free version is good enough for their PCs. In addition to the antivirus software, Avast also offers a variety of other useful software tools for you.

They have already introduced VPN, a cloud computing software, antitracking programs, etc., for personal and business use. All that information proves Avast to be a well-established, reliable brand, particularly for Windows users.

However, the purpose of this article – as mentioned before – is to review Avast Cleanup. In fact, just like the name suggests, Avast Cleanup is a special tool developed to tune up Windows PCs. Is Avast cleanup premium worth it? Let’s find it out.

Does Avast Cleanup Premium Do Anything?

As per the developers, Avast Cleanup Premium is a software utility that can increase the performance of your PC. It can increase the speed, get more disk space and rectify potential errors in the system.

They say that this software can get rid of junk files, eliminate redundant apps and fix system errors. Apart from that, Avast Cleanup Premium is capable of correcting obsolete registry entries as well.

As we are aware, there is no shortage of options when it comes to tune-up utilities. However, most of these utilities are associated with adware, malware, and popups. Therefore, many users hesitate to download and install those cleanup utilities.

If you download a random app that doesn’t have a good reputation, there is a greater chance of annoyance. But that is not the case when it comes to Avast. As long as we are aware, Avast doesn’t have any adware or other annoying consequences.

What Is Avast Cleanup Premium Cost?

As a matter of fact, Avast Cleanup Premium does what it exactly says in its advertisements. Basically, it is a premium tool that cleans your PC and makes it works smoothly.

You should buy the premium version to experience the best of its services. The pricing of this tool is listed below.

  • For one year: $49.99
  • For two years: &89.99
  • And for three years: $129.99

When you look at the price list above, one would say that it is not the cheapest cleanup tool & “is Avast cleanup premium worth it.” However, the possibility of downloading the free version and trying their services are good options for any user.

Is Avast Cleanup Trustworthy?

For the price you pay, you get a PC cleanup tool with all the necessary features. It is capable of carrying out all the maintenance work on the system.

It also works collaboratively with all the other tools introduced by Avast. In a nutshell, Avast Cleanup Premium lets you experience a cleaner, faster Windows computer.

Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with Avast Cleanup Premium.

Junk File Remover

One of the handiest features included in this tool is its Junk File Remover. This feature, it can remove old files from your PC. In addition to that, it can clean the recycle bin, leftover files, obsolete, and unnecessary files, etc.

Basically, it can remove any file that isn’t useful. Through this feature, your PC will have more space and thereby experience better performance.

Registry Cleaner

One of the most common reasons a PC slows down is the uncleaned registry. Unnecessary registry files can accumulate on the system over time, slowing down your computer.

The registry of the computer bloats as you install and uninstall different programs on it. Many registry files will remain in the system when you uninstall a program.

Over time, the registry can bloat into a large file that hinders the performance of the PC. The registry cleaner included in Avast cleanup premium can clean those registry files and bring back smooth performance.

Browser Cleaner

Another useful feature included in Avast Cleanup Premium is browser cleaner. This special feature can help you get rid of unwanted, obsolete plugins, remove cookies, etc. In a way, it can increase the overall security of the browser.

It Can Put Apps in Sleep Mode

This smart cleanup app can make apps on sleep mode and give preference to the current program. Thereby, you can experience better performance on the program that runs on the PC.

Disk Cleaner

This feature lets you clean the computer’s hard disk and optimize its performance.

Shortcut Cleaner

Through this feature, you can easily remove all the obsolete shortcuts. Then, your desktop will appear to be a more organized and pleasant one.

Well, those are the main features associated with Avast Cleanup Premium. You can go through the list of those features once again and see if “is Avast cleanup premium worth it” & it is really worth purchasing Avast.

As a general recommendation, Avast Cleanup Premium can be considered a handy tool for Windows PCs.

So, Is Avast Cleanup Premium Worth It?

Although registry cleaner sounds like a good option, we are yet to find out if it really increases the performance.

Nevertheless, getting rid of unused, leftover registry files will be handy. Such cleanup would be particularly handy for those who have used the same PC for a long period.

Any PC user would install and uninstall various apps resulting in various registry files. Well, getting rid of these files may be able to give a performance boost. Anyway, getting rid of registry files is a good habit.

When it comes to cleaning the hard disk, it is compulsory for a better-performing PC. Such an option helps you to free up space and let the computer run in a smooth manner.

In addition to that, removing old shortcuts is a sign of a healthy computer when your desktop is cleaned and organized perfectly, your efficiency increases.

Cleaning the apps that are installed in your browsers is another handy approach for any PC user. Some of these apps can even work as malware as well. So, cleaning up your browsers is a really handy option. Deleting junk files is another approach.

Avast Cleanup Premium can perform all those tasks with less effort. But if you like, you can use Windows’ basic features and do it without paying an extra penny.

To do it using Windows, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Perform a right-click on your hard drive and go to “Properties” from the popup menu. Then, select the option Disk Clean-up so you can clean the junk files.
  2. Move your mouse over the Windows Taskbar and right-click on it. Then, select the option Task Manager and go to the startup tab. Then, prioritize the programs you wish to have when Windows starts.
  3. Go to the Services tab on the Task Manager and select “Services.” Through this option, you can put programs to sleep.
  4. You can select the Add-ons in the browser and disable or remove those that aren’t necessary.
  5. Click on the shortcuts that are no longer useful for you and hit the delete key. If not, you can drag and drop the respective shortcuts into the recycle bin.

In this Avast cleanup review, we should mention that the most significant benefit associated with it is a convenience.

You don’t need to go through any of the above processes to clean your computer. Instead, Avast will look after it for you.

The performance of the computer will be automatically increased through this app. Although the actual performance boost may not be so significant, Avast can at least give you confidence.


As per the Avast cleanup review, do you think Avast is worth $49.99? Avast Cleanup Premium is not necessary if you are a well-experienced user.

The functionalities of Avast Cleanup Premium can be performed through Windows itself if you are an experienced user. Moreover, we still doubt whether registry cleanup directly affects the performance of the computer or not.

In a nutshell, Avast is a very reliable company that has developed various tools for you. Some of their products are exceptionally important for any Windows user.

However, we don’t believe paying $50 for cleanup software is necessary for an experienced user. Why pay for it when you can achieve the same functions through Windows itself?

After all, we let you decide whether or not you need it. You can go through this Avast cleanup review again and conclude it.



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