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Top Best Anime Board Games in 2024


Written by Jack Lin

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Anime Board Games

With live-action Netflix adaptations and multimillion-dollar video games, anime has never been more famous.

Whether it is classic masterpieces such as Dragon Ball, blockbuster smashes such as Akira, or long-running legacy series, namely One Piece, Japanese animation is taking the world by storm, and the same goes for the best anime board games which have become a fan-favorite.

It is hardly surprising given the genre’s trademarks of fast-paced sequences, engaging characters plus narrative, and great visual aesthetic. Most anime board games highlight the characteristics that drew fans’ interest and admiration initially while also providing a new method to share favorite worlds, characters, and tales with others.

These anime board game options are all enjoyable, basic enough for a bunch of newcomers to the games to learn, and designed expressly for enthusiasts who will appreciate the concepts and references.

Obviously, the art is fantastic, and these also serve as enjoyable keepsakes for fans to openly display on a shelf.

#1 – The Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Anime Board Game

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most legendary anime franchises. Similarly, owing to the anime’s popularity, The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has become a well-known anime board game.

It is a show noted for its brutal confrontations, planet-destroying strikes, and gigantic, luminous hairdos, and it is packed with characters who are both extremely strong and a touch eccentric.

Participants assemble a deck of 50 to 60 cards featuring animated characters, comprising numerous variations of popular characters such as Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, before throwing them versus one another in a struggle to decrease their opponent’s health to zero.

The game also includes the potential for the deck’s leader to awaken, acquire new power, and strike back versus a formidable adversary.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the potential for numerous characters to conduct combinations together to increase their power. The game is available for purchase on Amazon.

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#2 – Attack on Titan: The Last Stand

Attack on Titan: The Last Stand

The second anime board game on this list is based on Attack on Titan, which is presently the most famous anime in the world. Both in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, the titans are terrifying. They loom over people, inflicting chaos and unleashing unimaginable horror.

The anime’s final season will run in 2022, although this board game has been available for quite some time. Attack on Titan: The Last Stand requires two to five players, with one of them taking on the role of a Titan. The remainder of the team takes on the role of one of their preferred Attack on Titan characters.

Instead of losing part of that frightening immensity in a slew of plain cards and pieces, Attack on Titan: The Last Stand includes a titan who literally stands up from the table, offering the board game’s gameplay an astonishing feeling of 3D verticality. The humans must ascend and fight the Titan before it wrecks the city in this game, which is played vertically.

#3 – Death Note: Confrontation

Death Note: Confrontation

Death Note is well-known for its mind tricks. Thus it stands to reason that a strategy board game based on it would be developed. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best anime board games presently available in the market.

In this two-player game (a wonderful idea for couples), one player takes on the role of L and attempts to catch Kira.

The opponent takes on the role of Kira. In this mind game, L uncovers criminal targets in an attempt to discover Kira. Kira is seeking to destroy those targets while also accumulating sufficient victory points to win the game. It is a basic deduction game that lasts around 30 minutes.

The game is simple to understand: Kira tries to impede and throw off L, while L tries to remove alternatives until he finds Kira. If people are interested in sharing characters, this game might be scaled up to accommodate larger groups.

#4 – Sword Art Online Board Game: Sword of Fellows

Sword Art Online Board Game: Sword of Fellows

Sword of Fellows, Sword Art Online’s cooperative anime board game, is a great way to get into the universe of Sword Art Online. Players can select from six distinct characters, each with a unique role and set of powers. In this game, you will try to escape Sword Art Online while fighting opponents along the way.

This is a cooperative dice game in which players compete against a succession of hurdles, either alone or in groups. This concludes in a climactic. This leads to a final fight in which competitors attempt to roll Kirito 8 identical dice out of the 9.

The game is mostly enjoyed with 2-4 players. However, it could also be played solo, with one person acting as many players and battling alone to win the game.

Since each of the six characters has a distinct set of abilities, individuals can switch to a different character once they have achieved their goals with their current character. The game lasts around 30 minutes.

#5 – Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge

Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge

Sailor Moon: Dice Challenge is a simple game that provides some brief entertainment. This game is for 2-8 participants and is suitable for ages ten and above. Players can enjoy several Sailor Moon characters from the classic anime’s seasons 1 and 2. Every character and position combination has unique special powers.

This anime board game is all about die rolling in its simplest form, and the number of available Sailor Scouts or antagonists is mind-boggling, each with its own set of powers and dice pools.

The game’s imagery is vibrant and fun, which is essential for a series as aesthetically appealing as Sailor Moon. As the Pretty Guardians strive to vanquish the Dark Kingdom and the Black Moon, participants engage in dice battles.

This game is ideal for pubs or cafés since it may be enjoyed one-on-one. When working with larger groups, it may also be customized for teams. The game offers fascinating gameplay with a massive amount of characters to play with, so we urge you to at least give it a look.

#6 – Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade

Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade Anime Board Game

Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade is one of the best anime board games available. Of course, the game is based in the Cowboy Bebop world, a classic of the anime genre, and we must state straight away that the artwork of the pieces, cards, and settings in this board game are all stunning.

If you enjoy Cowboy Bebop’s unique style – especially its superb soundtrack – and the combination of sci-fi and western action, this board game will be an amazing addition to your proud collection.

Up to 4 participants will join the Bebop gang as bounty hunters Spike, Jet, Faye, and Ed, who explore the universe in quest of missions to gain reputation and surpass their adversaries-the, the other participants.

The cards enable players to journey around planets by charging their spacecraft and transporting their character figures between Earth, Mars, and Ganymede to collect their prizes.

Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade is a fantastic tribute to the anime for enthusiasts, with a semi-cooperative spirit among the conflict and imagery that reflects the anime’s snappy style.

#7 – My Hero Academia: The Card Game

My Hero Academia: The Card Game

My Hero Academia: The Card Game is based on the massively famous anime, with players taking control of hero agencies aiming to acquire super-powered kids from U.A. High School. My Hero Academia: The Card Game mixes stunning My Hero artwork with intense action.

Participants may send their students on assignments to establish their image as the top hero agency in the world by picking students with the correct “quirks” – their amazing talents, for those unacquainted with the show.

Every organization will be able to fulfill its mission cards and gain points by employing strikes, movement, and other action cards, ranging from passing the school admission exam and really establishing their team to taking on formidable adversaries and more.

The game incorporates bright pictures and scenes from the series, rendering it a great opportunity to explore the world and its characters in a fresh light. If you are a fan of My Hero Academia and have been thinking about how to keep your love of anime alive on the shelf, get your hands on this amazing anime board game!

#8 – Tragedy Looper

Tragedy Looper Anime Board Game

Tragedy Looper comes up next on this list, and although it is not modeled after any specific anime, if you enjoy mystery, suspense, or deduction-based anime, you will definitely enjoy this one. Players can be either the “Mastermind” or a mere “Player” in it; there is only one Mastermind, but up to 3 participants can join.

As a participant, you will assume the character of a leader of your choice and progress through a narrative, traveling back in time after specific occurrences. You will be working to prevent “tragedies” from occurring to crucial characters for a number of days on end in these time loops (a typical tendency in computer games) whilst the Mastermind attempts to prevent you.

Tragedy Looper takes some time to master because the gameplay is so unusual; however, the rules are not too hard.

#9 – Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game

Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game

The Naruto franchise, similar to Attack on Titan, seems to have a plethora of card and board games available. Today we are going to discuss Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game, which is perhaps the most unusual of the lot, so much so that the individuals unacquainted with the series will appreciate the anime board game the most.

In it, you will take control of one of Konoha’s best-known characters and journey across the Shinobi villages, attempting to wrest wins from the Akatsuki. Overall, the gameplay is fantastic.

It struggles with several of the exact issues that anime adaptations have in computer games. However, there are several ways of playing and methods to change the game in future play sessions, and it is just a great cooperative game.


1. Can I play these anime board games if I’m not familiar with the anime series? Absolutely! While familiarity with the anime series adds an extra layer of enjoyment, most of these games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for both fans and newcomers alike. Give them a try, and you might discover a new anime series to explore.

2. Are these anime board games suitable for children? The suitability of these games depends on the age recommendations provided by the game publishers. Some games may be more complex and better suited for older players, while others are designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages. Always check the recommended age range before purchasing.

3. Can I play these games solo, or do I need a group of players? Many of these anime board games offer solo gameplay options, allowing you to enjoy the game even when you’re playing alone. However, some games may require a minimum number of players or work best with a group. Check the game specifications to determine the player count.

4. Where can I purchase these anime board games? You can find these anime board games at various online retailers, specialty board game stores, and sometimes even at local anime or hobby shops. Check reputable online marketplaces and official game publishers’ websites for availability.

5. Are there expansions or additional content available for these games? Some of these anime board games have expansions or additional content that can enhance gameplay and add new elements to the experience. Be sure to check the game’s official website or the publisher’s announcements for any available expansions or updates.

Ending Remarks

When you mix an anime you enjoy into a board game, it becomes even more interesting. You get to enjoy the wonderful imagery while playing against other participants in an anime-themed world.

We hope the above-listed best anime board games give you the same experience.


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