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Best Gundam Games Recommendation for Game Lovers


Written by Jack Lin

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Best Gundam Games

Introduction to Gundam Games

If you say you are a gamer or a fan of anime, you most definitely must have heard about one of the biggest anime franchises in the entire industry of games. Gundam games are one of the top-rated gaming companies because of its impeccable anime gaming graphics.

Since its first premiere in 1979, most people in Japan have become die-hard fans of Gundam games. Gundam gaming launched its first-ever anime game, i.e., Kidou Senshi Gundam Part 1: Gundam Daishi ni Tatsu, only within the boundaries of Japan. This game was only played on Personal Computers such as FM-7 in 1983.

However, to your surprise, we must tell you that Japan has played way more Gundam games as compared to any other country in the world. We surely can’t tell you which Gundam games aired within the boundaries of North America first.

However, we can for sure say that the Gundam Battle Assault game was the first-ever console-based game in North America in 2000. 

Similarly, we can bet there are various Gundam games that you must have never even heard of, Such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam Assault survive, and many more. 

However, we completely understand how much you love playing your favorite Gundam games; therefore, we are here to make it easy to find all the best Gundam games that you missed all these years. 

Let’s discuss some of the best Gundam games that can make your gaming experience much more exciting and Worthwhile. 

10 Best Gundam Games Recommendations

01. Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story – The Blue Destiny (Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden: The Blue Destiny)

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - The Blue Destiny

Let’s start this list with a Mobile suit Gundam Side story – The Blue Destiny, which was a highly praised Gundam game series that did not premiere outside of the boundaries of Japan. This Gundam series of Blue destiny showcases the story of the Guinea pig team and Yu Kajima. This gaming series was the very first Gundam version as an FPS game.

The main selling point of this impeccable game is its gameplay which is quite simple as well as Exciting. The player has to fight the enemy and win the game. A few people who have played Gundam Wing might recall that Epyon & Wing Zero had a Zero centric system which increases the powers of the Pilot.  

The game moves around the EXAM-centric system that provides new powers to the player. In the initial levels of the gameplay, the player might play as a Gundam Mass only. However, after moving forward in the game, the player gets to lead the Blue Destiny in Gundam games. 

This Gundam game is fully built as a First-person game, and the player can enjoy every level at a slow pace. If you feel this is the game that you feel lousy missing, then get it today and live your way through the world of Blue Destiny Gundam.

PS: here are the most popular PS2 fighting games for your reference.

02. The Great Battle V  

The Great Battle V

Gundam games got a lot of positive responses from Japan-based games for this impeccable series. This battle series of Gundam games include various famous anime characters such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Fighter Roar, and SD Knight Gundam. This game showcases a part of Banpresto’s Compati Hero Series and is based on side-scrolling shooting.  

In the Great Battle V, the theme of the game world changes to a western environment that also has some levels that are adapted from Natsume’s Wild Guns. At the time of the launch of this highly addicting game, it was all over japan because of its high-quality animation and exciting gameplay.  

03. SD Gundam Generation G Overworld 

SD Gundam Generation G Overworld

Another game series that must have been missed from the headlines of your hometown is the SD Gundam Generation G Overworld series. This PSP series launched in 2012 and instantly became a trending game. It is a long-running series similar to almost all the series of Gundam games. 

While playing this Gundam series on your Playstation, you might feel some resemblance to the Super Robot Taisen game series. Well, both of these famous series have quite similar gameplay of crossing over Japan properties.

However, the one factor that makes it unique from all other game series is that this series includes all the Gundam series ever launched from the initial series of Gundam to Gundam 00.

Even in today’s time, the gameplay of SD Gundam Generation G overworld can take you in a different game zone and make your gaming experience 100 times better. 

04. MS SAGA – A New Dawn (Gundam True Odyssey Ushinawareta G No Densetsu)

MS SAGA - A New Dawn

Another one of the best RPG Gundam games became popular because of its distinctive original story. The plot of this RPG game is not related or similar to any of the other Gundam games series.

In this Gundam game, various mechs of wing and UC are included to make the story exciting and engaging for all the gamers. 

Similar to the Final Fantasy VI game, the MS Saga also depicts Gundams in a Superior Defendor form like a classic old Nintendo Role Playing Game version. 

The MS SAGA game is set up in a theme of the pre-industrial era to connect it with the gamer’s fantasy desires. 

As Gundam built this game as per the fantasy wishes of professional gamers in 2005, it might be a little challenging for today’s young or casual gamers. However, what fun is it if a game isn’t challenging, right?

Moreover, the old-fashioned menu layouts make the game a lot more vintage style, and that is something that you guys shouldn’t miss.

05. Gundam – Char’s Counterattack (Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gyakushuu No Char)

Gundam - Char's Counterattack

The Gundam – Char’s Counterattack is a PlayStation-based game similar to the movie Gundam – Char’s Counterattack from 1988. If you play this game with interest, you will find that the entire gameplay is not the same as in the movie. The only similarity between the Gundam game and the film is their name and their characters. 

The players do face-to-face matches till their last breath. As the Virtual theme was based on the land, the theme play of Char’s Counterattack is set up in space.

Moreover, the most exciting feature of this version of the game is that the players are not restricted to the Counterattack story of Char’s. A player can also choose avatars and gameplay themes from the initial game versions & zeta Gundam. 

Other than this one, another amazing fact about this series is that a player can also choose the char’s avatar in the Zeta Gundam theme. This can make things easier and more exciting for you in the game. 

06. Gundam Side Story 0079 – Rise From The Ashes (Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden: Colony No Ochichita Chi De)

Best Gundam Games - Gundam Side Story 0079 - Rise From The Ashes

The Gundam game Rise from the Ashes is included in this impeccable game series list for multiple reasons. Firstly this Gundam series was the first-ever Gundam series aired in the United States as a First-person shooter game.

The best part about the Gundam side story game is that the Japanese version of this series enables the player to fight the real Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank altogether.  

The gameplay of this FPS series showcases the player moving forwards as the character White Dingo team in the outskirts of Australia. Unlikely the player does not lead Gundams in this series of the game and merely pilot the GM team.

The player can use various weapons such as guns, lasers, and cannons to move forward in fighting the enemy unit, i.e., Goufs & Zakus.

07. Mobile Suit Gundam – Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam (The Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gundam Vs. Z Gundam)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam

The Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam is an exciting series game suitable for playing on your Playstation 2. In early 2000 the United States was treated with the most exciting drop of the Gundams series. This Gundam series was trending all over Japan and the US in the first month of its release. 

The gameplay of this series is played from the side of a 3rd person shooter; however, it is not your regular shooter game. This game requires the player to be strategic and alert while playing this game. 

This game series includes the characters and mobile suits from the initial two-game series of Gundam gameplays. The player has to win a face-off against various enemies to move forward in the game. Your advanced mobile suits have multiple armaments such as missiles, guns, lasers, grenades, and beam sabers. 

You can quickly get the English version of this game to have a smooth and trouble-free gaming experience. 

08. Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeonic Front (Zeonic Front The Kidou Senshi Gundam 0079)

Zeonic Front

This series was launched for the users of Playstation 2 in the year 2001. The premiere of this Gundam series was made in Japan in 2001 and the United States in 2002. 

As it is quite evident by the name of the game itself, this series of games is set as per the point of view of Zeon in the theme of the initial Gundam series. 

In this Gundam series, the lead player moves forward in the game as the most popular character Midnight Fenrir under the rule of Kycilia Zabi and Garret Schmitzer. 

Moreover, the gameplay also enables the players to play in some exciting events like Operation Odessa & proceed for a surveillance purpose to collect data regarding the real White crew base. 

Other than this, the player can quickly revisit the briefings, maps to set the strategies and coordinate regarding the fighter and the fighting pieces of equipment. 

09. Gundam: Battle Assault (Gundam The Battle Master 2)

Battle Assault

The Gundam battle assault: Gundam master 2 is a game series from the 2000s. The Battle assault game is built to be played on a Playstation for a smooth and impeccable gaming experience. In this series, the gameplay showcases that the Hero fights the various other characters of the Universal Century. 

The players will get the chance to go for a face-off against the evil robots and many other enemy characters. The gameplay is slow. However, the player can fly around the game city in the Endless duel.

Gundams fan players would love this game because of its smooth story as well as fantastic anime graphics. This Gundam game is highly recommended to all the Gundam fans in the entire world. 

10. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren’s Ambition (Kidou Senshi Gundam Giren No Yabou: Zeon Dokuritsu Sensou Den)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Ambition

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren’s ambition is dedicated to the popular world franchise of Japan, i.e., Nobunaga’s Ambition. This popular game is considered the best Gundam game out of all the other series. 

Some various features and factors make the Mobile suit Gundam: Gihren’s Ambition the best Gundam game series. 

The player can choose to move forward in the game as the Feds or the Zeeks. Of course, the choices of the player will decide and accordingly change the result of the gameplay. 

Moreover, the Gundam series provides you with the power to change what’s about to come. If the player desires to save the death of your favorite character, then choose your character wisely.

For instance, maybe you don’t want the demise of Garma? or Ramba Ral? Sleggar? or Ryu? Well, your game choices can make it happen.

The only thing that might trouble you is that this Gundam game series is built for Japanese players. However, you can always check the Game FAQs to solve your confusion. 


1. Can I play Gundam games on multiple platforms? Yes, Gundam games are available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

2. Are the Gundam games beginner-friendly? Many Gundam games provide tutorials and accessible gameplay options, making them suitable for both newcomers and seasoned gamers.

3. Can I play Gundam games online with friends? Yes, several Gundam games offer multiplayer modes, allowing you to team up or compete against your friends online.

4. Are there any Gundam games based on specific Gundam series or movies? Yes, there are Gundam games that focus on specific series or movies, such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space.

5. Are the Gundam games story-driven or focused on combat? Gundam games offer a blend of compelling storytelling and exciting combat. Some games prioritize narrative elements, while others emphasize intense battles and strategic gameplay.

Final Thoughts

If you are enticed by the above-mentioned list of some of the best Gundam game series, waste no more time. Order these impeccable and exciting Gundam games today and level up your gaming experience.


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