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Adventure Sync Not Working
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Are you facing the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working issue while playing the Pokemon GO game on your device?

Users who play Pokemon GO often come across this issue related to the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature. The Adventure Sync feature is a unique characteristic that is quite rare to find in other popular games.

In other words, when this sync feature is enabled, users receive certain in-game credits and rewards, even when they are not using the application.

The main idea behind the adventure sync feature is to boost people to be more active physically and remain fit. However, adventure sync has forced users to raise various queries ever since it got released in November 2018. While some users do not know how they can enable this sync feature, others are skeptical about its tracking procedure.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync may not function if users are using an outdated version of Pokemon Go or if they are using any kind of battery optimizer or saver.

Also, if you use a manual timezone on your smartphone, it can cause issues like Adventure Sync not working. Another reason for not tracking your physical activity can be the low accuracy mode. If the permissions required, such as location and storage permissions, are not given to Pokemon GO, then the app causes issues.

In this guide, we are going to provide comprehensive insights into the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature and how it can be used for earning rewards in this popular gaming option.

Part 1: Introduction to Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

Before we discuss how to resolve the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working feature, it is important to know what Pokemon Go Adventure Sync is. This feature was released by Niantic in November 2018. Players can enable this interesting feature through the ‘Settings‘ menu in the Pokemon Go game.

Once you have enabled this feature, it will track all the GPS movements even if Pokemon Go is not running. Also, when you relaunch this game, it will reward you automatically with special credits like Buddy Candies.

Introduction to Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

So, if you like to get these exciting rewards, you will need to carry your smartphone with you. In this way, all your GPS movements will be easily tracked.

Along with the GPS signal of your device, this feature even collects data from other fitness tracking applications for tracking precise movement. However, it would not count your movements if you were too fast, such as while driving a car.

In just the span of two years, the company has released various updates to improve the Pokemon GO Adventure Sync feature.

In March 2020, this gaming giant recently announced an upcoming update for Pokemon GO, where the feature ‘Adventure Sync’ will get significant improvement. As per claims, this upcoming game update will offer credits for indoor walking and treadmill running too.

Part 2: Rewards You Get from Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

Pokemon Go Adventure Go offers rewards that players can receive by enabling this sync feature. Basically, you will get weekly credits depending on the distance you have totally covered in the whole week.

The window of distance is classified into three different sections, and every section comes with its own individual rewards. These sections include:

Weekly Walking DistancePokemon Go Sync Rewards
5km20 Pokeballs
25km20 Pokeballs, 500 Stardust, 10 Great Balls, 5km Eggs, or 1 Rare Candy
50km20 Pokeballs, 1500 Stardust, 10 Great Balls, 5km Eggs & 3 Rare Candy or 10km Eggs

It is worth mentioning that 50km is the maximum distance that can be covered for rewards. When you surpass this distance benchmark, you will not get any more benefits.

Besides, let’s figure out how to spoof Pokémon Go with ease.

Part 3: How to Enable Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

Now, you are familiar with the credits that you can receive through the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync feature. It is time for you to start collecting these exciting rewards. For this, have a look at the steps listed below for enabling this feature on your smartphone.

Players who have updated Pokemon Go recently then will receive a pop-up notification automatically to turn on this sync feature.

However, if you do not receive any notification, then go through the instructions listed below for switching on this feature through the ‘Settings‘ menu.

#1: Open Pokemon GO on your mobile device.

#2: Click on the icon ‘PokeBall‘ to launch the primary menu. Then, choose ‘Settings‘ to get to the settings tab.

How to Enable Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

#3: Now, select the ‘Adventure Sync‘ option to enable it. Also, you may need to provide extra permissions so that the game can collect data easily from different fitness-tracking apps.

How to Enable Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

Part 4: Why Adventure Sync Not Working Problem Occurs

Despite being the remarkable feature of Pokemon Go, most players have reported that this feature does not function properly for their user accounts.

On reading Pokemon GO forums, you will find that in many cases, Pokemon Go Adventure Sync did not update the tracking details for a week, and thus, it did not reward any credits.

If you are coming across the ‘Adventure Sync not working’ issue, then here are some tips for making this feature function again.

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You should follow these tips before trying out the different solutions listed below.

  • In the first place, you need to ensure that the Pokemon Go game is entirely closed. When the game is functioning, Adventure Sync will not track the GPS movements, even if it is running in the background. This is because Niantic will employ distance tracking.
  • Next, you should use a compatible fitness-tracking application. Generally, Pokemon Go supports Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iOS devices. Your phone should run these applications so that the sync feature can track the weekly GPS movements successfully.
  • See if the applications used by the Sync feature are keeping track of your physical activity.
  • You should be running, biking, or walking at a speed of less than 10 km per hour to get rewards. This game employs a specific speed cap, where it would not track the distance if your speed goes over 10 km per hour.
  • Make sure the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync is enabled in the Pokemon Go settings.
  • Start your phone again, and open the health application. Check if this app is recording all the steps, and then check if the adventure sync is not working issue is fixed.
  • Examine if your phone is compatible with Adventure Sync and the tools needed by it. For instance, HTC One is not compatible with Google Fit. Thus, Adventure Sync does not function on it.
  • Remember that there could be a delay of several hours for this feature to sync your steps with the health application on your phone.
  • Kindly note that the data you manually enter in health applications like Apple Health and Google Fit will not count in Pokemon Go Adventure Sync. Plus, the data put in through third-party applications are considered manual unless you use Apple Health API or Google Fit API.
  • Examine if your smartphone has the needed sensors for tracking your steps and distance.
  • Lastly, log out of your Pokemon Go and other related health applications. Then, sign in again and see if the ‘Adventure sync not working’ issue has been resolved.

Part 5: How to Resolve ‘Pokemon GO Adventure Sync Not Working’

Solution 1: Update the Application to the Recent Version

  • Open Google Play Store and click on the three-dot menu.
  • Next, select the ‘My Apps & Games‘ option.
  • Find ‘Pokemon Go‘ and click on it.
  • See if there’s an update present. If there is, tap on ‘Update.’
Update the Application to the Recent Version
  • Once done, see if the ‘Adventure Sync not working‘ issue has been resolved.

Solution 2: Switch Off the Battery Saver Mode on Your Device

  • Open the device’s notifications and then select ‘Turn off Battery Saver.’
Switch off the Battery Saver Mode on your Device
  • Reconfirm your action by going to the menu ‘Power Saver.’ If your phone supports it, then exempt the Pokemon Go game and health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit from optimization.
  • Remember that the Adventure Sync feature does not get affected by the battery-saver mode.

Solution 3: Change the Timezone from Manual to Automatic

  • First, close Pokemon GO and then open the phone’s Settings.
  • Find the ‘Date & Time‘ tab and open it.
  • Toggle the switch to ‘On‘ for ‘Automatic Time Zone.’
Change the Timezone from Manual to Automatic
  • Now, open the game and see if the ‘Adventure Sync not working‘ issue is fixed.

Solution 4: Change the Location of your Device to High Accuracy

  • Close the Pokemon GO game and open the device’s quick settings.
  • Keep pressing the ‘Location‘ tab.
  • Now, select the ‘Mode‘ feature and then choose ‘High Accuracy.’
Change the Location of your Device to High Accuracy
  • Open the game and see if the problem ‘Adventure Sync not working‘ has been fixed.
  • Close the game and launch Google Fit.
  • Now, go to the tab ‘Profile‘ and tap on the icon ‘Gear.’
Relink Pokemon GO and Google Fit
  • From the ‘Google Fit Data‘ section, select ‘Manage Connected Apps‘.
Relink Pokemon GO and Google Fit
  • From there, select ‘Pokemon Go‘ and choose the ‘Disconnect‘ option. Ensure that you are using the right Google account.
Relink Pokemon GO and Google Fit
  • Now, confirm your action to disconnect Pokemon Go.
  • Close the ‘Google Fit‘ tool.
  • After five minutes, open Pokemon Go and then visit its Settings.
  • Click on the ‘Adventure Sync‘ tab. And enable this feature.
Relink Pokemon GO and Google Fit to fix Adventure Sync Not Working
  • Now, you need to connect this feature with health apps like Google Fit.
  • Lastly, link both of these services. Now, you will no longer see the ‘Adventure Sync not working’ problem on your device.

Part 6: Incredible Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Cheats to Know

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync is a very useful characteristic, especially for regular Pokemon Go players. However, it is safe to point out that not all players like or have the energy to walk around for some kilometers just to collect rewards for Pokemon Go. That’s where Pokemon Go Adventure Sync cheats come into play.

For both Android and iOS, there are lots of different cheats available out there. These cheats help users trick Pokemon Go into believing that players walked a particular distance, indeed, even when they have spent the day on their couch.

Now, let’s discuss different tricks for cheating with Adventure Sync on Android and iOS devices.

1. Fix Adventure Sync Not Working on iOS by Choosing This Cheat

Spoofing the location is the best trick for faking your GPS movements and adding more distance to the Adventure Sync tracker. Users can do this by employing a dedicated location spoofing application for iOS, such as Foneazy MockGo.

This geo-spoofing application comes with lots of features. Using this incredible feature, you can modify your GPS location and plan a complete route by faking the GPS movement in the Pokemon Go game.

In this way, your activity on Adventure Sync continues to enhance, even when you have not walked a single step. The Foneazy MockGo application has a range of features that make this tool the most reliable one for spoofing the location on iOS devices.

Key Features of Foneazy MockGo:

  • This tool lets you fake your location anywhere across the world.
  • It allows you to spoof GPS movements on games like Pokemon GO while setting the speed manually.
  • MockGo saves locations and routes to use in the future.
  • With this tool, you can discover locations with the help of GPS coordinates.
  • This application is compatible with all iPhones running on iOS 7.0 up to the recent iOS 16 version.

Steps to cheat Pokemon GO Adventure Sync with Foneazy MockGo:

#1: First, you have to install Foneazy MockGo on your Mac or Windows PC. Once the installation is over, run the tool and tap on the ‘Start‘ tab.

Foneazy MockGo

#2: Next, connect the iPad or iPhone to the system and tap on ‘Trust‘ when a pop-up shows up on the mobile device. Enter your device’s passcode to grant all the permissions.

#3: Once successfully connected, you will come across a map. Select ‘Multi-Stop Mode‘ present on the right side.

mockgo multi stop mode icon

#4: For planning your customized route, users need to pin the locations on the map one by one. Also, they can set the location by putting the GPS coordinates and addresses in the search column.

mockgo multi stop mode

#5: After selecting all of the locations, they will show up automatically in the tool’s sidebar.

Using MockGo, players can set round trips by putting in the number. Also, they can adjust their speed according to their preferences by dragging the tool’s slider. After putting in the speed and times, tap on the Move Here button to start your fake GPS moves.

mockgo multi stop mode circle times

So, you may already have made your smartphone move without walking and moving outside. All of the data saved by your device count for Pokemon Go. Now, you can enjoy this incredible Adventure Sync feature hassle-free with Foneazy MockGo.

mockgo multi stop mode in progress

2. Resolve ‘Adventure Sync Not Working’ on Android by Using this Cheat

Just like iOS, players can even cheat Pokemon GO Adventure Sync on their Android devices. To do so, you have to use a professional tool like DeFit. This amazing tool is officially called the debugger of all fitness applications.

Instead of spoofing your GPS moves, DeFit will just add activity records to the Pokemon GO account easily. Thus, you will get all the rewards linked to Adventure Sync without walking kilometers. Now, let’s go through the stepwise instructions for employing DeFit for adding activity data on Android devices.

#1: Visit Google Play Store and then download ‘DeFit‘ on your Android device.


#2: Run the application and log in using the same ID that you used for creating your account on Pokemon GO. And then, from the next tab, drag the tool’s slider for customizing your activity data. Click the slider to turn on the ‘Sync fitness data‘ feature.

Resolve Pokemon GO Adventure Sync Not Working with DeFit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Adventure Sync not tracking my steps accurately?

A: Adventure Sync relies on the sensors in your smartphone to track steps. Ensure that you have granted the necessary permissions for the Pokémon Go app and that your device’s motion activity is enabled. Also, check if any battery optimization settings are interfering with Adventure Sync.

Q: My Adventure Sync is not syncing with the game. What should I do?

A: Try the following steps to resolve the sync issue:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Check if you have enabled Adventure Sync in the Pokémon Go settings.
  3. Ensure that the Pokémon Go app has the necessary permissions to access your device’s storage, location, and motion activity.
  4. Restart your device and open Pokémon Go again.

Q: Adventure Sync is not working on my specific device. Any suggestions?

A: Some devices may have compatibility issues with Adventure Sync. Check if there are any updates available for Pokémon Go and your device’s operating system. Additionally, ensure that you have followed all the steps mentioned earlier in this article.

Q: Can Adventure Sync drain my device’s battery?

A: Adventure Sync is designed to be battery-efficient. However, if you notice a significant drain on your device’s battery, check if any battery optimization settings are affecting Pokémon Go’s performance. Disabling battery optimization for the app can help alleviate battery drain.

Q: Are there any known bugs related to Adventure Sync?

A: Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, regularly releases updates to fix bugs and improve the game’s performance. Visit the official Pokémon Go website or community forums to stay updated on any known issues and upcoming fixes.

Q: What if none of the solutions work for me?

A: If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article and Adventure Sync is still not working, it is recommended to reach out to Pokémon Go’s support team. They can provide further assistance and investigate any specific issues related to your account or device.


So, this is everything that you need to know about this incredible Pokemon Go adventure sync feature. If you did not use this feature before, it is time to enable it to earn great rewards for free by just performing some physical activities.

However, when you feel too lazy to roam around, you can use some amazing cheats like Foneazy MockGo for iOS and DeFitfor Android to earn rewards.

Use Foneazy MockGo to fake your location on iOS devices. This tool lets you enjoy rewards right from the comfort of your bed. Now, download MockGo and get rid of the Pokemon Go adventure sync not working issue for real.


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