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How to Fix Error Code 0x80070780 on Windows?


Written by Jack Lin

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When attempting to delete, transfer, or copy a file on their computer, many Windows users have often received the error “Error 0x80070780: The File cannot be accessed by the System“.

In this blog, we have looked into why the problem occurs and assembled solutions and fixes to solve the issue 0x80070780 on your system. Keep reading!

When you try to open a file, you may get an error screen that says Error 0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system.

This issue can occur in various scenarios, including when you create, delete, copy, or rename a file on your computer.

When you get this window, click the Try Again button to try performing the same operation again. Alternatively, you can just hit the Cancel button to end the process.

Most of the time, even after hitting the Try Again button, you will still receive the error 0x80070780.

The problem can occur with Windows 7/8/10 for various causes, including file permission issues, missing system files, bad sectors or hard drive problems, a damaged and unreadable directory or file, malware infection, or an unknown virus.

Top Fixes for Error 0x80070780

Nevertheless, there are solutions to the difficulties listed above, and we’ll go over them in-depth in the following section.

Error Code 0x80070780

In most situations, however, you cannot be certain of the specific cause of why the system cannot access the file.

As a result, you can attempt each of the following fixes one at a time to resolve the problem code 0x80070780.

PS: if you are experiencing the issues like File Cannot Be Deleted Because It Is Open In System, here are the top solutions for you.

Quick Fix: Login as Administrator

Many computer users log in using a guest account rather than an administrator account, which prevents the system from accessing several essential system files.

If you encounter this issue, you should verify user permissions.

1: On your Taskbar, click on the Windows icon and your user name at the top.

2: The screen will then provide a list of user accounts. You must identify whether or not you are logging in as Admin. If you aren’t, you’ll need to log in as an administrator to Windows.

log in as an administrator to Windows

3: Finally, use the account password to log in to the account.

Don’t get too worked up if this method fails and the files remain inaccessible; this is only the beginning- we will guide you through several other solutions.

Besides, let’s figure out how to fix the Recovery: Your PC Needs to Be Repaired Blue Screen Error.

Situation 1: Fix Error Code 0x80070780 While Accessing Files

The error message may appear when you try to access files from your computer’s hard disc or an external device. In such circumstances, you can use one or more of the following methods:

Fix 1: Perform Disk Cleanup to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

The goal of this method is to clean the disc so that you can properly utilize the device.

However, before using this method, you must first restore your data. The tips to accomplish data recovery are described in the next solution of this blog.

Follow the procedures below to do a disc cleanup:

1: Select This PC, then right-click on your hard drive.

2: Select Properties from the list of options.

3: Go to the General tab, then to Disk Cleanup.

4: Click OK after selecting the files you wish to remove.

Perform Disk Cleanup to fix Error Code 0x80070780

Fix 2: Perform Data Recovery to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

If you lose data due to the “0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system” issue, you can recover it using data recovery software.

You may also use a data recovery application before applying necessary updates to your PC to repair the problem.

This way, you can be confident that your sensitive information will never be lost. There are numerous data recovery solutions available, including EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and Recoverit Data Recovery.

Fix 3: Format The Drive to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

Formatting a drive can assist in recovering file system problems and some disc faults that may cause the error in focus.

Before formatting the internal disc or the external drive, as the case may be, make a backup of your data to another external device or an internet storage service.

1: Open This PC and choose the hard disc partition with the right-click menu.

2: From the drop-down menu, choose Format.

Format Drive to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

3: Select a file system compatible with Windows, assign it to your USB device, and click Start.

4: A warning message will pop up; click OK to confirm.

These steps you may take to resolve error 0x80070780 if it occurs when accessing a file.

Fix 4: Reinstall the Disk Driver to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

Device driver difficulties, such as USB not being detected by Windows 10, are another common cause of file inaccessibility.

You should reinstall the device driver to rule out the potential for driver problems. Here’s how to do it:

1: Connect the USB drive to your processor if that’s where the issue is.

2: To access the Power User Menu, press Windows + X.

3: To launch Device Manager, use the M key on your keyboard.

4: When you’re in Device Manager, expand the Disk drives area by scrolling down the list of installed devices.

5: After that, right-click the USB drive and select Uninstall device from the menu.

Reinstall Driver

6: Confirm the uninstallation, and click OK on the popup.

Disconnect the USB drive and restart the computer after the removal procedure is finished. Connect the USB to the PC when Windows 10 starts up, and the driver will be reinstalled immediately.

Try accessing the file/folder that you were attempting to open previously to see whether it opens without the problem reoccurring. If it doesn’t work, move on to the next fix.

Situation 2: While Copying Files

When you are trying to copy files from one folder to another, your system may be unable to access one or more files.

In such cases, the “Error 0x80070780” may appear. Consider trying out the following fix:

Fix 1: Use Robocopy to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

If you’re having trouble copying files from one folder to another using Windows 10’s usual native file transfer feature, consider utilizing the built-in Robocopy command-line utility.

1: Type “cmd” into the search field on the “Start menu.” Select “Run As Administrator” from the search results by right-clicking on Command Prompt.

2: Enter the following command in Command Prompt:

“C:\Users\admin\Downloads\6-recover mac deleted files from trash” “F:\test”

The first path is the location of your source file, and the second path is where you wish to copy the data to. You can replace them according to your actual requirements.

You may regularly back up your files to an external USB or the cloud as a preventative measure. This way, you won’t lose your important data in case of a hardware/software failure or disaster.

Situation 3: Fix Error Code 0x80070780 While Backing Up the System

When attempting to back up their system to an external hard drive, several users have complained about receiving the message 0x80070780, “the file cannot be accessed by the system.” This problem can be solved in two ways:

Fix 1: Use SFC.exe to Fix Missing or Corrupted System Files

Corrupted or damaged system files are one of the most common causes of the file cannot being accessed by the system error.

In this case, you can utilize the System File Checker to resolve the issue.

1: To use the System File Checker utility (SFC.exe), you must first open Command Prompt.

2: Type cmd into the search box on Windows. There will be a dialogue window that appears. Select the option to run as an administrator.

3: In the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

4: The program will search all protected system files and substitute any faulty Microsoft versions with the right ones. Now, wait patiently for the procedure to finish.

type sfc /scannow and press Enter

5: On the Command screen, you may get a message stating that your computer is unable to correct the faults it has discovered. In such circumstances, use the command below: chkdsk E: /f /r /x.

chkdsk E: /f /r /x

The system will check for and correct any file system problems discovered on the machine where you cannot access files.

Fix 2: Disable Security Software As Admin to Fix Error Code 0x80070780

1: Type “Windows Security” into the search box on the “Start menu.” Then hit the “Enter” key.

2: Once you open the Windows Security tab, you will find a section called “Virus & Threat Protection.” Click on it and then “Manage Settings” under Virus & Threat Protection Settings in the next window.

3: Using the toggle button, turn off the “Real-Time protection,” “Cloud-Delivered Protection,” and “Automatic Sample Submission” settings.

Disable Security Software to fix Error Code 0x80070780

This can help to resolve the Error 0x80070780. If not, let’s move on to the next potential solution.

Situation 4: Fix Error Code 0x80070780 While Performing System Restore

Third-party software may be preventing access to files. When third-party antivirus software is used, this becomes even more likely.

A clean boot ensures that no third-party applications or services start with Windows, preventing file access.

Users may clean boot Windows 10 by following the steps below.

1: Type msconfig into the Windows Search box.

2: Run the application as an administrator from the options that display.

3: On the Services tab, select Hide all Microsoft services.

4: After that, choose to Disable all.

System Restore

5: Return to your Windows Search box and search Task Manager.

6: Select the Startup tab in Task Manager.

7: Disable all of the items by clicking on them. At the bottom of the window is a Disable button.

Disable on Startp Tab

8: Return to the Startup tab and click OK.

Your computer should be restarted. Then your system will boot into a clean boot state where no software will prevent you from accessing your files.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes Error Code 0x80070780? This error often arises due to corrupted or damaged files, hard disk problems, or incomplete Windows updates.
  2. Can I prevent Error Code 0x80070780? Yes, regular system maintenance and updates can significantly reduce the likelihood of this error.
  3. Is it safe to use the SFC Scan? Yes, SFC Scan is a Windows utility tool that’s safe to use and can help identify and fix corrupted system files.
  4. What should I do if I continue to get Error Code 0x80070780 even after applying the fixes? If the error persists, consider consulting a professional or reaching out to Windows Support.
  5. Do I need any specific skills to implement these fixes? No, these methods are simple and can be performed by any regular Windows user. Just follow the steps provided.


The error message “Error 0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system in Windows 10” can prohibit you from accessing your files. The given solutions are effective in addressing the error.

Thus, if you are experiencing the problem 0x80070780 or the file cannot be accessed by the system on your Windows, you do not need to worry since we have provided you with almost all of the necessary fixes.

Apart from the methods listed above, there are other solutions for resolving the error, such as fixing faulty sectors on hard drives and doing a Windows startup repair.

However, we believe one of the methods above has addressed the problem completely, and you do not have to try the two much more difficult solutions.


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