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Best Solutions for 0x0000007b Windows Error


Written by Jack Lin

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0x0000007b Windows Error

Bluescreening isn’t an unfamiliar encounter for a lot of Windows users. It can happen with absolutely no explanation, and it’s honestly one of the biggest frustrations when a bluescreen interrupts an enticing movie or indulgent video gaming session.

The majority of us only get hit by the 0x0000007b error every once in a while. For a very unfortunate small group of Windows users, bluescreening happens more often than not.

A common cause is graphics card problems, but that’s not all that can result in bluescreen. Without further delay, let’s jump right in and look at why your computer displays this error code and the steps you can take to fix it.

0x0000007b Windows Error – What is It?

Firstly, what actually is 0x0000007b? Bluescreening shows a number of frustrating error codes, and this is one of them. Like most error codes, it’s not uncommon for Windows users to see this on rare occasions.

0x0000007b Windows Error

History has shown us that this particular code is a sign of driver problems, and for more important drivers, such as those for your processor and graphics card, it can indicate deeper problems. In some cases, we’ll see the error shown in context.

Let’s say you get the error code, and alongside it is a message, “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.”

This provides a bit of context, and we can then assume that the error relates to a storage device (HDD or SSD) or possibly RAM.

This isn’t the only circumstance it’ll occur in, though, so it isn’t always a problem with your hard drive or RAM.

0x0000007b Error

So at the end of the day, we can’t say exactly what the error is. It can crop up in many situations. We can determine from this, though, that in most cases, 0x0000007b is a hardware error resulting in bluescreening.

Reasons for the 0x0000007b Error

Let’s get deeper into this error code and consider some of the reasons for it happening. Among the top reasons are:

  • Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive Issues. As we said before, the error code may also have “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” next to it. This relates to the computer not being able to access the current boot device (usually your primary storage disk). The inaccessibility could be due to faulty hardware, a virus or malware, or a corrupt hard drive.
  • Lack of RAM. Computers are slowly advancing and require more resources to function effectively. If you have a low amount of RAM or notice that your RAM usage is frequently hitting 90% or higher, this can cause a bluescreen.
  • Viruses or Malware. When a computer has a virus or malware infection, it won’t function properly. Most antivirus programs will detect any severely harmful infections, but if it doesn’t, then it could affect your firmware and hardware. Run an antivirus scan, and if this is the reason for an error code, it will remove any viruses.

Keep in mind that these aren’t all of the reasons for 0x0000007b, just the ones that we found to be the most common. Your experience could be different, but this is irrelevant – whatever the source problem is, our fixes are suitable.

Solutions for Repairing 0x0000007b

A lot of different solutions can be effective for repairing this error code and preventing it from constantly showing up.

There’s always the chance that it will occasionally reappear – that’s how these errors are – but with the solutions that we’ve got below, you’ve got a great chance of fixing whatever problem is at the root.

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1. Keep Your Drivers Up to Date

It’s easy to forget about updating a computer’s drivers, but it’s important to check for new driver versions on occasion.

All pieces of the computer’s hardware require their own driver to communicate with the rest of the equipment effectively. As you can guess, this means there are lots of drivers.

Fortunately, you won’t have to search for all of them yourself. Instead, you can use Driver Easy, a program that detects your hardware and scans the internet for the most recent drivers. Here’s how to use this software:

  • #1 – Download Driver Easy and install it on your computer.
  • #2 – Launch the program and press the “Scan Now” button.
Driver Easy
  • #3 – A short scan will detect your driver’s information and display any old drivers with the relevant new driver information.

Using the free trial version of Driver Easy will only allow you to get to this stage, no further. With the Pro version, though, you can fix 0x0000007b by updating the drivers.

  • #4 – Click “Update All,” and Driver Easy will instantly update the older drivers. Alternatively, only update specific drivers by clicking the relevant “Update” button.
Update Drivers to Fix 0x0000007b Error
  • #5 – When the updates are done, restart your computer and wait to see if bluescreening still occurs.

Regularly search for important driver updates. They include security improvements that could prevent you from being at risk.

2. CMD System Check

By default, Windows installs its own set of drivers, which are part of the operating system. If any of these files (or other system files) are corrupt or aren’t functioning properly, bluescreening could become an issue.

Fortunately, we can use a built-in tool to detect any files that fall into these categories.

  • #1 – Type “CMD” into the search bar, right-click “Command Prompt,” and click “Run as Administrator.”
command prompt
  • #2 – Enter the command “SFC /scannow.”
  • #3 – After the scan, if any problems are found, enter “DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth.”
DISM.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  • #4 – Once this tool finishes the repair, enter “SFC /scannow” once more to check if the errors are still found.
SFC /scannow

During this process, every Windows system file is run through a scan. Any problems that are found will quickly repair with the next command.

3. Reconfiguring SATA Operation

Never meddle with the boot settings of a computer if you don’t know what exactly it is you’re doing.

SATA Operation settings decide which operational mode an integrated SATA hard drive controller runs in. Switching this to another mode may help.

  • #1 – Turn off your computer and turn it back on.
  • #2 – As soon as the computer starts loading, repeatedly press the F2 key.
  • #3 – When the BIOS menu appears, use the arrow keys to navigate to “SATA Operation” and select “ATA.”
Reconfiguring SATA Operation
  • #4 – Press the “Enter” key and confirm the change by selecting “Yes.”
  • #5 – Next, repeatedly click the F10 key, and when a notification appears, select “Yes” again.
Reconfig SATA Operation to Fix 0x0000007b Error

The computer will then reboot, and you’ll soon find out if this resolves 0x0000007b. If this doesn’t do the job, then feel free to repeat these steps and switch the SATA Operation back.

4. Windows System Restore

If you notice the error code starting to occur shortly after you update Windows, the update may interfere with drivers and cause the error.

Whenever users update the operating system, a restore point is made in case of any problems.

  • #1 – Type “System Recovery” in the search bar and click the top result.
  • #2 – On the window that pops up, click on “Open System Restore.”
  • #3 – Choose “Recommended restore” and confirm that the date and time were when you updated Windows. Click “Next.”
Windows System Restore
  • #4 – Follow the instructions, which will revert your system to the restore point.

This will affect none of your personal files, only system files. All this does is put Windows back to the previous version, getting rid of any problems an update may cause.

5. Running the CHKDSK Tool

Another system tool that can be run is a disk check, which, simply put, checks storage devices for corruption or errors.

  • #1 – Type “CMD” into the taskbar’s search feature and right-click the top result.
  • #2 – Click on “Run as Administrator,” this is important to ensure the command checks every directory.
  • #3 – Enter the command “chkdsk c: /r.”
  • #4 – As part of the disk check, any problems found will also repair. Restart your computer after the process finishes.
Run CHKDSK to Fix 0x0000007b Error

So, if there’s a storage disk error (which could negatively affect computer hardware in a lot of ways), running this command will detect and repair it.

Can I Recover Data Lost from 0x0000007b?

A complication that some users face after bluescreening is data loss. This data is usually a project they were working on at the time of the error, and if they don’t save files, this can mean a lot of lost data. We’re left wondering whether it’s possible to recover this data, and yes, it is!

Recovering data is best done with Wondershare Recoverit, a multipurpose data recovery solution.

  • Recovers over 1000 different types of files
  • Reliably recovers files from any storage device (HDD, SSD, USB Flash Drive, etc.)
  • Securely recovers data without overwriting existing files
  • Restore data under any circumstances for its loss – corruption, accidental deletion, or crashing
  • Previews all recoverable data to enable selective data recovery
  • Simple, fast, and effective recovery process steps
  • Available for Windows and Mac computers

Fixing a consistently disruptive error like 0x0000007b requires patience and a trial-and-error approach. Recovering your data with Recoverit is straightforward and to the point – a quick scan and you can recover any lost files.

How to Recover Data with Recoverit

Using Recoverit won’t be an overly technical experience. To assist you in using this piece of software, follow our guide below.

  • Step #1 – Download, install, and launch either the Windows or Mac version of Recoverit.
  • Step #2 – Choose the “All-Around Recovery” feature from the main menu. Connect the storage device to your computer if you recover files from a USB device or SD card.
  • Step #3 – A list of storage devices you can recover data will be shown. Choose the device where your lost data was kept and click “Start.”
Select Disk to Recover
  • Step #4 – Recoverit’s thorough scan will commence and could take a while, depending on how many files are on the device.
Scan Lost Data
  • Step #5 – After Recoverit finishes scanning, all files will be in an easily readable format. Go through the directory tree on the left of the window and find your lost files.
  • Step #6 – Check the box next to all the files you intend on recovering and click “Recover.”
Recover Data using Recoverit

Take note that if you’re recovering lost data from a hard drive with hundreds of gigabytes of files, the scanning stage will take longer than if there were around 50 gigabytes. This isn’t something that any data recovery software can avoid, so brace yourself for waiting!

Recoverit is the best program for retrieving data lost to the 0x0000007b error code. It’s easy to use, has a high success rate, and provides an effortless data recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can a faulty hard drive cause the 0x0000007b Windows error?

A: Yes, a faulty hard drive or incorrect hard drive settings can trigger this error. Ensure that your hard drive is functioning properly and configured correctly in the BIOS.

Q: How do I access the BIOS settings?

A: Restart your computer and look for a message that says “Press [key] to enter setup” or similar. Press the indicated key (often Del or F2) to enter the BIOS settings.

Q: What if none of the solutions mentioned above work?

A: If the error persists after trying the solutions mentioned, you may need to seek professional help. Contact a computer technician or Microsoft support for further assistance.

Q: Can I prevent the 0x0000007b Windows error from occurring in the future?

A: Yes, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering this error by keeping your system up to date, regularly scanning for viruses, and ensuring that all hardware components are functioning properly.

Q: Are there any specific Windows updates that address the 0x0000007b error?

A: Microsoft periodically releases updates and patches to address various system issues, including error fixes. Keep your Windows operating system updated to benefit from these improvements.

Q: Is there any software available to automatically fix the 0x0000007b Windows error?

A: There are software tools available that claim to fix Windows errors automatically. However, exercise caution when using such tools and ensure that you download them from trusted sources.


You’ll successfully get rid of 0x0000007b, and those constant bluescreens should be behind you.

Moreover, if there is data loss, Wondershare Recoverit should aid you in the recovery of that data. Bluescreening is something that most computer users will encounter every once in a blue moon.

But when it happens every day, it gets frustrating and becomes more than a problem. With this error gone, you can enjoy a smooth computer experience.


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