How to Know Who Blocked Me on Instagram?


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Who Blocked Me on Instagram

How to know who blocked me on Instagram? I am curious about this aspect so can someone please tell me about it? Thanks a lot!” 

Well, there are many individuals who have the question, “who blocked me on Instagram.” If you are one of them and wonder how to know who has blocked me on Instagram, this article is a must-read. Let’s go ahead and read to find all the answers.

In this article, we will cover plenty of details related to this matter which is important to any user.

How to Know Who Blocked Me on Instagram?

Let’s start with the basics. If you don’t know if a specific user has blocked you, there are easy methods to verify it.

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Method 01

Here is the first method to check who has blocked me on Instagram. Start by looking for their profile on social media. Enter their username in the app’s search field. If the account you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the search results, it has either been blocked or deleted.

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Method 02

Let’s learn another way to check how to know who blocked me on Instagram. To get to their profile, use a comment you have already done or a direct message (DM). Does their profile appear, but the photo grid shows a User is not found & No Posts have Yet been noticed?

If so, that implies that the user has blocked you. However, this method works only if you and the person you’re trying to contact have already exchanged messages. If they have not done that, then follow the instructions listed below.

Who Blocked Me on Instagram - No Posts Yet and User is not found

Method 03

Here’s the third method to learn who blocked me on Instagram. Go to their web-based Instagram page. Enter in any desktop or mobile browser. They’ve blocked you if you can access their profile in the browser and not the app.

It’s possible that the person has deactivated their account if you can’t see their profile using Instagram (how to hack Instagram profile).

Method 04

Follow their lead as closely as you can. Go to Instagram’s web page and check out their profile. Tap the blue follow icon to see if they’ve blocked you. The button won’t operate if you’ve been blocked, and Instagram may suggest a message delivery issue.

Observe other social media profiles, such as groups, for likes and comments. This implies that the individual hasn’t deactivated their profile but has merely prohibited you from contacting them.

Who Blocked Me on Instagram

Method 05

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, they will be unable to see your profile. You are under no obligation to block him in return. When you’re stuck, there’s not much you can do to find who blocked me on Instagram.

Well, even if a user blocks you, your Instagram account will not be affected. When someone blocks you on Instagram, you don’t get a notification. If you don’t look into it, you’ll never find out.

The Following Are Signs That You’ve Been Unfollowed on Instagram:

  • It’s been a while since you’ve seen any activity from a certain user’s account. Also, you haven’t received any direct messages or seen any of their posts in your news feed.
  • A person’s Instagram handle is searched, but you can’t find or access the person’s account or profile.

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Have They Really Deleted Their Profile or Just Blocked Me?

As a user of the Instagram platform, there are instances when your account is deactivated/deleted.  Moreover, do you think you’ve been blocked by someone else’s account?  So how do you determine the difference between the two?

Simple! You won’t be able to look for or visit a deactivated/deleted Instagram account. Well, if you do, you’ll see an error notice. There’s a good chance that the account has been deactivated by now.

Remember that even if a user has blocked you, their profile page will still show “No Posts Yet.” That’s irrespective of the fact that their post count is still available at the top part of the screen. You should also know that deleted accounts, on the other hand, are removed from Instagram without a trace.

Perhaps Instagram has stopped operating or is slow, and you’re experiencing the same issues as other users. So, it is better that you give it a try later on. If not, you can even try to connect to a different network and check what has happened.

How to Know Who Blocked Me on Instagram using an App?

A third-party tool can help you figure out who’s blocked you on this platform. Such tools become handy if you wonder who has blocked me on Instagram.

Well, it is true that Instagram works with 3rd party apps to allow users to plan posts and Stories. However, the truth is that there is no Instagram-approved tool to identify those who have blocked you.

With that said, the following applications should only be used at your own risk:

● Sarman

Have you been unfollowed by someone on Instagram, and you want to find out why? If so, this app is for you. Premium features cost $7.99 per month and are available for a one-time fee of $9.99.

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● Profile+ Reports & Insights

This app helps keep track of who has blocked and unfollowed you. In addition to that, it gives you a wealth of information on the accounts of those who’ve done so. Basic statistics can be accessed for free using the app. The premium version has a month-to-month fee of $3.99.

Know Who Blocked Me on Instagram using Profile
Know Who Blocked Me on Instagram using Report & Insights

Is It Possible to See Who Has Blocked Me on Instagram without a Third-party App?

Unless you have access to a third-party app, finding out who blocked you will involve a little digging. The reason for this is that there is no way to see whose accounts have blocked you. Instagram is doing this to make it as simple as possible to block specific users privately.

It’s easier to find out who has blocked me on Instagram with the apps suggested in the preceding section. Are you willing to fork over cash to use Instagram’s premium features? And, do you want to take the risk of breaking the app’s terms of service? If so, go ahead and use them.

Why Would Someone Block You on Instagram?

It is possible to remove one person from the friend list for a variety of reasons. Hence, if you’ve previously been blocked by your friend, it’s time to reevaluate what you’ve done recently to them.

Mentioned below are some of the practical reasons why you are already blocked on Instagram by someone. So, let’s find them out.

  • You may publish too many images in a pretty short period of time. Such action will end up irritating your Instagram followers and clogging up their feeds. In the past, even you might have blocked a friend because they uploaded too many photos of things, haven’t you? No one will like to see photos with uninteresting captions and content on their social media accounts. After all, no one uses Instagram to get bothered by an annoying Instagram user. So, keep that in mind if you are a responsible Instagram user.
  • That person may have walked away from you because of a lingering issue that can’t be resolved directly. In order to put distance between you and the other person, they blocked you. Because the two-way chemistry was so sour at that point, it’s safe to say that if you are mistaken. In that case, you can consider an apology to your friend in order to regain their trust.
  • Because hacking or losing an account can cause problems for that person, you should also verify their status. Due to a different objective, that account was transferred. So, that could be another reason.
  • Last but not least, blocking can occur due to a mistake as well. For instance, some users might mistakenly (accidentally) block their friends.


1. Can I unblock myself if someone blocks me on Instagram?

No, you cannot unblock yourself if someone blocks you on Instagram. The decision to block or unblock a user rests solely with the person who initiated the action.

2. Will Instagram notify me if someone blocks me?

No, Instagram does not send notifications when someone blocks you. The lack of interaction and the inability to access their profile serve as indications that you may have been blocked.

3. Can I follow someone who has blocked me on Instagram?

No, when someone blocks you, they automatically remove you from their followers’ list. Therefore, you won’t be able to follow them or see their posts.

4. Can I still see someone’s profile if they have blocked me?

No, once someone blocks you on Instagram, you lose access to their profile. Their posts, stories, and profile information become invisible to you.

5. Should I confront someone if they block me on Instagram?

Confrontation is not recommended if someone blocks you on Instagram. It’s best to respect their decision and focus on positive interactions with others.


Instagram’s blocking tool is designed to safeguard users from unwanted information and troublesome, annoying profiles. For whatever reason, anyone can obstruct anyone. There is absolutely nothing you can do, even if it’s discovered that you’ve been barred. It is in your best interest to move on and forget about the past.

Hopefully, this guide has explained everything about how to know who blocked me on Instagram. If you want more information on who blocked me on Instagram, you can go ahead and let us know. Stay safe and happy Instagramming!


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