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User Not Found on Instagram
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It would be annoying to see a “User not found on Instagram” message when you search for someone on Instagram.

The purpose of this article is to explain this situation and what can you do about it.

So, let’s go ahead and learn what this is all about.

User Not Found on Instagram – What Does It Mean?

There are many users who come across this error. Did you send someone a direct message recently?

And, when you go to their profile, did you receive an error notice with the above message? If so, you might face a pretty frustrating experience.

Perhaps, you tried looking for those on Instagram but couldn’t find them. With that said, there are a variety of reasons for the mistake, and it doesn’t necessarily imply you’re stuck.

We are here to help you and get your out of this situation easily.

The message “Person Not Found” on Instagram indicates that the user has changed their username.

If not, they have banned you, deleted the account, suspended their account, or deactivated their account.

In that case, when you attempt to access a user’s profile who has blocked you, the error will appear.

A user’s profile would no longer be available on Instagram if they change their username.

Also, the same will appear if they have deactivated their account or have their account suspended or terminated.

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Reasons for the User Not Found on Instagram Error

01. The Respective Username is Not Available Anymore

The first reason for this ‘User Not Found on Instagram’ error is that the respective user has modified their username.

You won’t be able to locate someone using their previous identity if they change their username. This is due to the fact that their previous username seems to be no longer being used.

If you want to locate someone on Instagram, you’ll have to search for their new username. You won’t be able to locate them on Instagram if you look for their previous username.

However, if you search for them using their previous username, you may get this warning. This specific error appears while accessing their profile.

You may need to contact the individual in order to locate them on Instagram again. Inquire about their new username and look it up on Instagram.

It is possible to view their profile without getting the problem notice after you’ve done so.

And, that’s the first reason for the “user not found on Instagram” error to appear and how to solve it.

02. They Have Blocked You

User not found Instagram because they have blocked you

Do you see a “User not found on Instagram” message while accessing someone’s profile? If so, it’s likely that you’ve been banned. This could be one of the most frequent causes of this specific error message.

If you visit someone’s Instagram profile after they’ve blocked you, you’ll see the same error message.

You will not be able to locate someone who has blocked you on Instagram. This implies that even if you perform a search for a specific username, you won’t see their profile.

However, this is not the case if you have already sent them a direct message. Also, the same applies if the profile has been in your “recents.”

Did someone block you while you were sending direct messages to them? If so, that specific profile will still be accessible in your direct messages.

However, assume that you go to that profile from the direct messages. In that case, you’ll get the error message we are talking about. 

You’ll also be able to view their profile if their profile appears in the “recents.” Accessing that profile through the “recents” will result in the same error.

Overall, if you get this error message while visiting someone’s profile, there’s a good probability they’ve blocked you.

03. The Account You Are Looking for is No Longer Available

Next, the “User not found on Instagram” error can appear if the user has deleted his or her account.

When someone discards their Instagram account, the respective profile and all of their posts are deleted as well.

This indicates that their Instagram username is no longer active. If they deactivated their account, you will get the “User not found” message if you go to their profile.

If you deactivate an Instagram account, you won’t be able to find it again. You will, however, be able to access their profile if you have already direct messaged them.

Of, you can access it the respective profile is in your “recents.” However, if you go to their profile, you will still get that error message.

04. The Respective Account Has Been Suspended

The respective account has been suspended

Next, the account you’re looking for may be suspended or disabled. In other words, Instagram has permanently suspended the account.

When an Instagram account gets suspended, the respective profile is removed from the platform.

The most frequent cause for an Instagram account being suspended is that it has broken the platform’s rules.

They may, for example, have uploaded improper material, resulting in a lifetime ban on the profile. Accounts who break Instagram’s rules or terms of service get little to no notice.

The profile will be suspended if it receives repeated complaints about breaking the rules or if the AI finds it. If this is the case, accessing a recently suspended user’s profile will result in this error.

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05. The Account You Are Looking for is Disabled

You might come across the above-mentioned error message if the respective user has disabled the account by himself.

Compared to deleting an Instagram account, disabling it is only a temporary action. When a user disables their profile, their profile and interactions with posts are both hidden.

This implies that their Instagram profile would be kept hidden until they reactivate it. As a result, if you visit someone’s profile who has recently been deactivated, you will get the error message.

How to Define Whether Your Profile is Blocked

You won’t be able to look for their profile if you’ve been banned on Instagram. You may still look at their profile if you’ve sent them a direct message.

The same can be accomplished if they’re in your recents. You may still view their account from the direct message list if you’ve already sent them a direct message.

If you are banned by them, however, you will get the error message called “user not found on Instagram.”

On top of that, if they are on your recents, you may still see their profile. If you are banned, you will get the same error.

What Makes It Impossible to Find a Specific Instagram Profile?

Because they may have banned you, you are unable to locate an Instagram user. You may use a different account to check that you’re banned on Instagram.

To begin, go into your primary account and look for their login. The respective account will be kept hidden from users who are banned.

In that case, using a different account, you can search for the person’s profile. If you’re able to locate it, your primary account has been disabled. That is exactly why you’re receiving the “user not found on Instagram” message.

In Some Cases, You May Not Be Able to Find a Specific Profile Even if You Are Unblocked

There are four reasons why you can’t locate someone on Instagram if you aren’t banned. The person may have canceled their account or changed their username.

If their profile has been disabled or even suspended due to some reason, this User Not Found on Instagram error can appear.

A Couple of Important Points to Remember if You Want to Assure the Safety of Your Instagram Profile

● Make Use of the Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional security feature that helps protect your profile. That’s done by requesting something you already know, and already have.

For instance, your account credentials and your mobile phone are required whenever you log in using an unfamiliar device.

So, if somebody has acquired your password but not your phone, they will be unable to access your account.

● Define Who Can See Your Posts

Each Instagram profile is accessible to the whole community by default. You can limit who can see your content by using a private Instagram account. You may also delete followers from a private account without banning them.

To make your account a private one, just go to your profile page’s “Settings” tab. After that, you can set “Private Account” to the “on” position. After that, however, you’ll have to authorize every follow request that comes your way.

Define Who Can See Your Posts

● Block Any User Who Shouldn’t See Your Content

Assume that you don’t have a private profile. Even then, you may use the blocking feature to limit who can discover and follow your profile Instagram. To block a user, go to their profile, and click the dotted icon in the top right corner.

After that, choose the option called “Block User.” The account user will not be notified that they have been banned. While the person may still mention your Instagram username, this remark will not show in your Activity.

Even mentioning will be impossible if they don’t know the new username you have set up.  

Block any user who shouldn't see your content

● Take Control of the Comments You See

In general, a bulk of discussions take place in the comments section of the Instagram platform. Therefore, it is always critical that you feel at ease with the feedback on your photos.

We introduced the possibility to filter the comments depending on the keywords you provide. If not, you can even consider the default keywords.

● Have a Very Strong Password

Choose a password that is very hard to guess. Also, that should be a combination of letters, numbers, and even symbols.

Don’t use that password for any other platforms. You are not supposed to share your password or write it down anywhere.

Do you use someone else’s computer or mobile to log into Instagram? If so, you should never check the box labeled “Remember Me.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can a deleted Instagram account be recovered?

A1: No, once an Instagram account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Deleting an account is a permanent action, and all associated data is lost.

Q2: How long does it take for an Instagram account to be deactivated?

A2: When a user deactivates their Instagram account, it becomes temporarily inaccessible. The account can be reactivated by the user at any time.

Q3: Why can’t I see someone’s Instagram profile even though I know their username?

A3: There are various reasons why you may not see someone’s Instagram profile, such as the user having a private account or changing their username.

Q4: How can I contact Instagram support for assistance with the “User Not Found” issue?

A4: To contact Instagram support, you can visit the Help Center on the Instagram website or report the issue through the Instagram app.

Q5: Is the “User Not Found” message always a result of an issue?

A5: Not necessarily. While technical glitches and other issues can cause the “User Not Found” message, it can also indicate that the user has deactivated or deleted their account.

The Bottom Line

Well, there are many users who experience the error called “user not found on Instagram.” There are five main reasons for this error to appear when you try to find a person on Instagram.

We have explained all those situations above and the possible reasons. So, if you have any other doubts related to Instagram usage, please let us know.


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