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Instagram Name Checker

Using an Instagram name availability checker is a requirement for many users who want to create new profiles.

So, we composed this article explaining the usage of such a tool and finding a good username.

Please read this article through and know what you can do with such a tool.


A person’s username on a social networking site is a reflection of their character. In addition to that, a user’s username is more of a window into their world.

But what if you eagerly create an account only to encounter the “sorry, the username isn’t available” error message? Instagram faces stiff competition from other massive social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.

In fact, those platforms together boast over 1.3 billion monthly active users. Instagram remains competitive by releasing new features that are favorably received by its audience.

Besides, if you wonder, can you hide posts on Instagram or how to hide an Instagram Story? So other users cannot see them, here are the best solutions.

You Are Likely Running out of Username Ideas

Let’s get back to the error message that says your username isn’t available message. In this case, it’s likely that four of the five usernames you thought of are already in use.

Because of this, you should probably use a good Instagram username checker. Such a tool will allow you to see if the desired username is available before committing to it.

In this article, we are going to talk about what is an Instagram name checker. In addition to that, we intend to discuss how to check Instagram name availability using those tools.

To make it more informative, we are going to provide you with the top 10 Instagram username checkers. So, let’s start with what is an Instagram Username Checker.

Also, here, let’s learn the reasons behind ‘we restrict certain activity to protect our community‘ on Instagram and how to get rid of this warning message.

What Exactly is an Instagram Name Checker?

Now that we have reached the year 2023, the Instagram platform is still popular. Instagram recently stated that it has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. So, it has reserved fourth place among the most prominent social media platforms in terms of the user base.

People are so obsessed with their online identities. Because of that, they will check to see if their preferred Instagram name is already taken. They do it before deciding on a name reserved for their newborn or their company or website.

How to Check Instagram Name Availability?

A user can find out if a username is taken or accessible on the Instagram platform in two ways. You can do it with or without the help of a dedicated third-party app.

We’ve laid out the procedures for both options. You can choose any option based on your requirement.

Using a Third-party Instagram Name Checker tool

As an example, let’s use IUG to walk you through the steps of employing an Instagram name checker.  

With these instructions as a guide, utilizing the Instagram name availability tool is a breeze.

  • First, you should visit the web-based tool called IUG. Then, you should key in the desired username within the given box.
Enter Instagram username to Check
  • Once you have done that, the tool itself will check if the typed username is taken. If it is taken, you can tap the option called “Let’s generate more….“.
IUG Let's generate more...
  • Once you have done that, you can enter the respective username that was not available. After that, tap on the option called “Generate.”
generate instagram name using IUG
  • You can then give a name and contact number along with an email address.
Check Instagram Name Availability Using IUG
  • In addition to that, you can check the status of other usernames as well and replace those data.

Without Using a Third-party Tool

What if you don’t want to go for a third-party tool? What if you are looking for a standard method to check for username availability?

If so, you can follow the steps below and get it done without the use of any third-party application.

  • First, you should open Instagram.
  • Tap on the option that allows you to sign up. This means the field that requests you to enter the phone number or the email address.
  • Provide your phone number or email address.
Login to Instagram
  • Now, you must enter the confirmation code that is sent to your phone number or email address.
Enter confirmation code
  • Now, you should enter your name (full name). Then, choose a good password so you can continue.
Add your name on Instagram
  • Add the date of birth.
Add your birthday on Instagram
  • Please note that Instagram will also suggest a username depending on the provided email ID.
  • Now, you should enter the desired username. This option will notify if the respective username is currently available.
Change Username on Instagram

The Best Tools You Can Use to Check for Instagram Usernames

Let’s go ahead and learn the most impressive Instagram name checker tools you can use.

01. GitHub

When it comes to verifying Instagram handles, GitHub is far and away the finest option. Information about the user’s login credentials is displayed in full by this specific tool.

What if this tool returns a 404 error? In that case, it’s safe to assume that the user has chosen a username that already exists on Instagram.

02. Name Tool

Name Tool is another impressive option that can check if a given username is available or not. It is relatively easier to use compared to many other random tools.

In addition to that, it gives you the results in a pretty quick period of time. So, this is a great option that can be used even if you are an absolute beginner.

03. Instagram Username Checker

If you are looking for an excellent Instagram username inspector, try Instagram Username Checker. In fact, you can consider this one of the most popular tools available for checking username availability.

Assume that a user enters a set of usernames in this tool. In that case, the app immediately returns results showing whether or not those usernames are available. In addition to that, it offers suggestions for alternative usernames as well.

04. BrandSnag

Using BrandSnag, acquiring your own Instagram Username is a breeze. With minimal effort, you may see if your desired Instagram username is available using this handy tool.

You can easily search for any username with the assistance of this tool, thanks to its smart algorithm.

05. Namechk

Well, Namechk provides a free service to verify the availability of a chosen username. Namechk is a tool that can help you come up with a clever username.

A lot of people utilize this to find names for their social media accounts. This is a superb option in terms of checking available usernames.

06. Email Verified

Enter a username between 1 and 30 characters long into Email Verified‘s first field. Then, in a matter of seconds, you may find out if the username you want is available. It’s that simple and quick.

07. Knowem

Knowem is a highly reliable service for checking a username for Instagram. There is a unique function associated with Knowem that it apart from similar websites. That is the ability to filter the checked usernames by category.

08. Instant Username Search

This specific program, aptly named Rapid Username Search, provides instant access to relevant results.

When you enter the anticipated username, it checks its availability and returns results immediately. Just like the name suggests, this tool delivers results instantly to the delight of many users.

09. Randommer

Randommer is another excellent tool that becomes highly beneficial in searching for usernames on Instagram.

Thanks to the efficiency of this tool, it can check for usernames within a minute or so. So, if you are in a rush to get a username verified, this tool is an ideal option.

10. Startup Name Check

The final option in our list is Startup Name Check. This is a very impressive tool that delivers excellent results. On this tool, you can find more than 22 networks (social media).

In addition to that, it supports more than 36 domain extensions. You can check for username availability through all those domain extensions and social media platforms. The most impressive feature of this tool is that it displays every fresh username that is searched for.


Q1: Are these Instagram name checker tools free to use? Yes, most of the tools mentioned in this article offer free access to their basic features. However, some tools may have premium plans or additional paid features for advanced functionality.

Q2: Can I use these tools to check username availability on other social media platforms? Absolutely! These tools are designed to check username availability across multiple social media platforms, ensuring consistency in your digital branding.

Q3: Do these tools suggest alternative usernames if my desired one is unavailable? Yes, many of these tools provide suggestions and variations of your desired username if it’s already taken. This helps you find suitable alternatives that align with your preferences.

Q4: Can I use these tools to generate ideas for business usernames as well? Certainly! These tools can assist you in generating creative and brandable usernames for personal and business accounts alike. Simply enter relevant keywords or criteria to generate suitable suggestions.

Q5: Are there any restrictions on username length or character usage on Instagram? Instagram usernames can be up to 30 characters long and may contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. However, usernames cannot contain spaces, symbols, or special characters.


Those are the tools you can rely on to check for Instagram name availability. And we expect these tools to become useful for anyone who wants an efficient Instagram name checker.

We should emphasize the fact that each of those tools comes with unique efficiencies. So, you can select any tool depending on your preference and after some more research.


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