We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community


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We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community
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Does the message “We restrict certain activity to protect our community” mean your Instagram account is banned?

If not, what does it really mean? Should you take any specific measures to avoid this message? Let’s find out the answers to all these and more questions.

The Meaning of “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Warning

About only 20% of Instagram accounts have come across the message “we restrict certain activity to protect our community.” Your eyes did not deceive you; that is the correct translation. In fact, users do not see this error notice as often as you may assume.

In any case, what does this particular error message indicate? Let’s find out what exactly these Instagram problem messages actually represent before we dig deeper.

The Instagram team may flag your profile for investigation if they see any of the aforementioned behaviors. Under such circumstances, the platform will display a message saying “Try again later” as well. 

Also, let’s figure out the reasons why you keep seeing the ‘we limit how often Instagram allows you to do certain things‘ error, as well as the solutions to fix it.

Let’s Go Ahead and Find out What This Error Message Actually Means

Assume that Instagram believes that you have been utilizing some aspects of the service at an excessive rate.

In that case, you may see this notification. What we mean by pretty unusual is a rate that is anything out of the ordinary.

An official warning will be sent when such behavior is detected. After that, a proper investigation and possible action on their part will be taken.

In case you’re wondering what would cause you to receive this email, we’ll cover those topics in these paragraphs. That said, let’s talk about what kind of impact this notification will have.

What Happens to Your Instagram Account After Displaying This Message?

Let’s imagine that you have come across the aforementioned error message. What’s next? What sort of an impact may it have on your Instagram account?

We believe that the “we restrict certain activity to protect our community” error will be followed by some restrictions.

For instance, let’s assume that you got the above message after unfollowing a large number of accounts. If so, after the above warning message, you will not be able to unfollow accounts anymore.

The same applies to actions like commenting and liking. So, that’s what happens to your Instagram account after the restriction message.

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For How Long Will the Restriction Be Applied?

If you have received “we restrict certain activity to protect our community,” you might need to know what’s next.

In other words, you may wonder, like any other Instagram user, for how long the restriction might remain. The truth is that we’d love to be of assistance, but we just don’t know the solution.

Let us confirm that this warning is not a permanent ban before you fall into a panic. The purpose of receiving a warning is to provide you with an opportunity to change your behavior.

It is not implemented as a form of punishment. Similar restrictions are in place on Instagram for the safety of its user base.

The Duration Might Vary

Having said that, it is unknown how long this prohibition will remain in place. Some Instagram users have reported being locked out of their accounts for up to a week. This is regardless of the fact that the issue often resolves itself within 24 to 48 hours.

It’s, therefore, reasonable to conclude that not all users will see the same results from this limitation. We assume that each user chooses their own time limit for the implemented restriction.

That is to say, Instagram has your account limited for as long as it can justify the respective suspicions. Hopefully, the above gives you the gist of the error message. Now, it’s time to talk about the contexts in which you’ll most likely encounter it.

What Are the Reasons and Fixes for This Issue?

Now, let’s go ahead and learn what sort of reasons behind the ‘we restrict certain activity to protect our community.’

Moreover, we intend to explain the most effective solutions to address this specific situation.

So, let’s go ahead and learn everything about it.

01. Give It Some Time

When Instagram issues you this notification, it will usually prevent you from engaging in certain potentially malicious actions. This restriction will be there for a set period of time.

So, the best thing you can do to resolve this is to wait it out. This is irrespective of how long that takes will depend on what you do.

Give It Some Time

You may think this is a ridiculous answer, but have faith that we are acting in the best interests. You’re really on Instagram AI’s radar if you’ve gotten this warning.

Doing the wrong thing at this juncture will just make things worse. If you want to make the greatest decision, you should wait for the ban to be lifted.

As an added precaution, we advise you to limit your platform activity for the time being. We’re not discussing everything you’ve done, only the things you think led to this predicament.

Basically, give it some time if you see the “we restrict certain activity to protect our community” notification.

02. Are You Using a Third-party Application? Get Rid of It.

Have you been making use of a third-party program for some time and then got this notification? If so, Instagram’s AI has figured out what you’ve been up to, and they dislike it.

What if you do not even want them to execute more harsh actions over your profile? If so, you should reconsider your plan and get rid of any unauthorized programs or software. For the time being, it could be absolutely beneficial to return to organic expansion.

Mentioned below is how you can do it.

  • First, open your Instagram application and log in.
  • Go to the profile simply by clicking on the profile icon. You can see this icon at the bottom of the application.
  • Now, click on the icon that appears as a hamburger. This will bring up several different options at once.
Enter Instagram Settings
  • Select “Settings.”
Instagram Settings
  • Then, you should click on the option called “Security.”
Security of Instagram
  • Now, you can scroll further down and select Data & History. Then, you should go to Apps & Websites.
Apps & Websites
  • Now, you will see options called “Active” and “Expired & Removed.” In this case, just select “Active.”
Active Apps and websites
  • It will display all the apps that already have authorized access to the Instagram profile. These will be displayed alongside details such as the user ID. Also, you should see the data of authorization.
Remove Active Apps
  • If you find the culprit application, tap on the option “Remove.” This will revoke the current access.
Confirm to Remove Third Party Apps

That’s basically it. You will see that the connected website/app is removed from the account. You can then see if the account works as usual.

03. Try to Log in Using Another Device

What if you have received a warning even if you have not done anything wrong? Well, it could be a glitch or even a bug in that case. The first step you should take in this situation is to refresh your account repeatedly.

If the problem persists, try logging out and signing in to see if the issue has been resolved. Finally, you can try accessing your account from an entirely new gadget.

04. Contact the Support Team

Well, up to this point, we have covered almost everything you should know about Instagram’s restriction warning. Are you still unsure why this warning was sent to you?

If you’re still not convinced, you can always contact Instagram’s support staff. You can reach them by email or smartphone. What you must know is that you may not get an immediate answer after contacting the customer support team.

However, they will contact you as soon as possible. Here are the Instagram Help Center’s details.

What Measures Can You Take to Prevent This Message?

Well, those are the solutions we can provide you to get rid of this warning message. As you may notice, there are a couple of solutions to fix this issue and get back to Instagram. According to what we believe, it is always better to stay away from the causes.

As per the good old saying, prevention is better than cure. So, below are the measures to avoid getting the message of ‘we restrict certain activity to protect our community.’

  • Make sure that you avoid using any third-party applications or tools on Instagram. In fact, Instagram doesn’t allow any third-party tools to be used to change the way it behaves. So, if you use any of the third-party applications, you can get rid of them now.
  • Do not overdo anything on Instagram. In other words, you have control over every action you take on the Instagram platform. As long as you don’t overwhelm the AI of Instagram, you are on the safe side.
  • Never share the login information of your Instagram profile with your friends under any circumstance. Make sure that you limit the usage of your Instagram account to your personal devices only.
  • Always use only relevant hashtags for your posts.
  • Never perform bulk actions such as following and unfollowing. It is important to do it gradually without creating any suspicious activities.

Will You Face a Permanent Ban?

Well, how do you think Instagram users feel whenever they see the aforementioned warning? Most of these users, naturally, worry that this portends an imminent ban on their accounts.

We hope to put your mind at ease by elucidating this uncertainty. Think about other questionable behaviors on your side that do not include the use of third-party technologies.

The good news is that such actions will not result in a permanent suspension. However, your Instagram profile’s security may be compromised if you use a third-party application.

Therefore, if you care about the security of an Instagram profile, you should never use third-party apps.


1. Why are certain activities restricted in the community? Certain activities can harm the community by creating a toxic atmosphere, discouraging participation, and compromising the safety of members. By restricting these activities, we ensure a positive and secure environment for everyone.

2. How are violations of community guidelines handled? Violations are addressed with appropriate action, ranging from warnings to permanent bans. Transparency and accountability are paramount in maintaining community standards.

3. Can I contribute to the improvement of community guidelines? Absolutely! We encourage active participation from our community members. Your feedback and suggestions are crucial in refining our approach and creating a better experience for everyone.

4. How can I report prohibited activities? We provide user reporting mechanisms to report prohibited activities. Your reports play a vital role in maintaining community safety.

5. How does the community strive to balance freedom and protection? We recognize the importance of freedom of expression while ensuring protection. By setting clear boundaries and fostering understanding, we create a balanced environment that respects diverse opinions.


This concludes our weblog. It’s likely common knowledge that Instagram issues numerous warnings to profiles that behave in questionable or automated ways.

When you perform an unusual activity on the profile, you may see the warning we mentioned above.

In most circumstances, ignoring this warning will result in a 24-to-28-hour (or longer) suspension of access. That means access to various Instagram services will be restricted. You can contact Instagram’s support staff if you believe you have got this message somehow.

Even if you are using unofficial Instagram add-ons, you need not worry about getting your profile permanently deleted. So, that’s all about the “we restrict certain activity to protect our community” error message.

With that said, do you have any other doubts related to this matter or similar stuff? Please keep us posted; we will address them at our earliest.


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