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The Ultimate Guide to Warped Bone in MHW

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Warped Bone Monster Hunter: World

In the vast world of Monster Hunter: World (MHW), there are numerous resources and materials that players need to collect in order to craft powerful weapons and armor. One such resource is the Warped Bone, a valuable item with various uses throughout the game. In this article, we will explore what a Warped Bone is, how to obtain it, its uses, and provide some tips for efficiently farming this sought-after material.

Warped Bone in MHW Uses in the Game Monster Hunter: World.

In Monster Hunter: World, Warped Bone has many different uses. Warped Bone in MHW is necessary for many armors, weapons, and decorations in Monster Hunter: World.

The value of those things is undeniable, especially when you stop getting them in High-Rank Quest. They will become more and more valuable.

Warped Bone Monster Hunter: World


The first use of Warped Bones in Monster Hunter: World is weapons. As many of you may know, weapons are significant in this world since the players need them to deal with a considerable number of monsters.

In this case, Warped Bones can be used to create the first round of Dragonbone Weapons. These are important because they can be used for Swords, Shields, Charge Blades, and Lances.

In particular, the Dragonbone Cutter and Lance can ultimately lead to the powerful rarity of eight weapons.

Warped Bones in MHW are also required for the latter end of the Pulsar set of weapons. Those can be used for Dual Blades, Charge Blades, Long Swords, and Bows.

However, Warped Bones in MHW have counted as the third tier of Pulsar weapons. This means that they don’t lead to the best examples for certain types of weapons. Players may consider prioritizing Dragonbone weapons if they are using Charge Blades or Lances.


For a few different armor sets, Warped Bones are required; but the main one that you need to really put an eye on is the Death Stench set. There are three items of rarity seven that need at least one Warped Bone to craft.

The advantage of the Death Stench set is that they have decent Ice resistance. Although currently, it is only applicable to Legiana, it will probably become more beneficial in new expansions.

Additionally, for the Bone armor set, you can also use Warped Bones in MHW for parts of it, among the Skull Mask, the Odogaron Helm, etc.


Generally, the first tier of Charms costs lower and more common materials to make. The more and further you move up in tiers, the rarer and less common the items required to upgrade.

Warped Bones are required for many first-tier charms, which include the Fortification Charm, the Whetstone Charm, etc. Meanwhile, Warped Bones are required for Intimidator Charm I and III, as well as the Enervate Charm II.

For more specific charms, you may need to grind out the Warped Bones you have, which will cost three to six Warped Bones to create.  

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Different Ways to Get Warped Bones

That’s all the uses of Warped Bones in Monster Hunter: World. After knowing the benefits of it, you may be surprised by how it is so essential to the players in Monster Hunter: World.

However, Warped Bones are among the rarest items in the game. If you are looking for solutions for finding Warped Bones, here are the different ways that will quickly provide you with the number of Warped Bones in MHW you need.

2.1 Monsters Drop Warped Bones

Monsters drop Warped Bones

The game is called Monster Hunter: World, so obviously, the first way to find Warped Bones is by getting them from monsters. Unfortunately, there is only one monster that possibly has a chance of dropping this rare item. That’s why it is RARE!

No matter low more high rank, players need to hunt those Raphinoses to obtain Warped Bones. Even then, they have to be very lucky because there’s only an 8% chance of obtaining Warped Bones.

Some of you may be disappointed by this point, noticing that there’s only a tiny chance of getting one of those things. Don’t panic, there are still other ways that you can get Warped Bones in MHW.

2.2 Warped Bone Quests

Warped Bone Quests

The efficiency of you getting Warped Bones as a reward for a quest is much greater than getting Warped Bones from monsters. Personally, I will consider getting Warped Bones in MHW from that quest since the possibility from Raphinoses is too low.

There are nine low-rank quests, two high-rank quests, and one master quest that you can consider doing. All of the quests have the possibility of rewarding you with Warped Bone in MHW.

2.2.1 Low-Rank Quests

Radovan Roadblock (13% chance)

Firstly, let’s get into the nine low-rank quests. Starting with Radobaan Roadblock, the objective of this quest is to hunt a Radobaan in the Rotten Vale.

The Radobaan is a hulking brute that is covered with oil. The tricky part about this monster is that it will pick up the bones in the Rotten Vale and use it as its shield, which makes it much more difficult to kill.

However, attacking its leg when doing this quest will make your life much easier. Many of its attacks come in as rolls and forward-facing attacks, so put your eye on these attacks so you can easily avoid them.

After completing this quest, you will have a 13% chance of getting a Warped Bone in MHW. Not high, but better than Raphinoses.

A Rotten Thing To Do (13% chance)

The next quest is A Rotten Thing To Do. The objective of this quest is to defeat a Great Garros. Great Garros is covered with black onyx and is quite a problematic monster to deal with, especially on your first few attempts.

It may spit yellow fluid from its mouth. Try avoiding this fluid because if it hits you, you will be paralyzed. Great Garros also have the ability to call and command regular Girros’ aids.

To deal with Great Garros is better to use water elements. Same as the Radobaan Roadblock, you will have a 13% chance of getting a Warped Bone in MHW after completing this quest.

A Bone To Pick (13% chance)

To unlock the quest A Bone To Pick, you must complete the Radobaan Roadblock. In this quest, you will be dealing with Odogaron, Great Garros, and Rodobaan. You also have a 13% chance of getting a Warped Bone in MHW.

Persistent Pest ( 12% chance)

In this quest, the objective is to slay 14 Hornetaur. Other monsters that might occur to distract you are Garros and Raphinos. By completing this quest, you will have a 12% chance of obtaining a Warped Bone.

On Nightmares’ Wing (12% chance)

For this quest, you will need to slay five Raphinos. They are hard to hit since they are flying, so this quest may be a little troublesome. By completing this quest, you will still have a 12% chance of getting a Warped Bone.

Into the Bowels of the Vale (16% chance)

When doing Into the Bowels of the Vale, your objective is to complete the assignment of Odogaron. Eventually, you will have to beat Odogaron.

However, this time you will have a 16% chance to get a Warped Bone in MHW. Great deal, huh?

Scratching the Itch (16% chance)

This quest still requires you to hunt down an Odogaron. It still gives you a 16% chance of getting a Warped Bone in MHW.

Mans best friend (16% chance)

To unlock this quest, you need to finish Into the Bowels of the Vale and the White Monster For A White Coat. This quest request you to capture an Odogaron, also giving you a 16% off obtaining a Warped Bone.

The Meat of the Matter (12% chance)

Unlike the other low-ranks, it no longer needs you to deal with Odogaron or other stuff.

However, you need to deliver two lumps of meat within 50 minutes. You have a 12% chance of obtaining a Warped Bone in MHW after completing this quest.

2.2.2 High-rank Quests ( Both 12% Chance)

The high-rank quests do not have that high percentage of rewarding you with Warped Bone in MHW.

There are two high-rank quests: Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver and Chef Quest! A Rotten Request. Both of them have a 12% chance of rewarding you with a Warped Bone.

2.2.3 Master-rank Quests (12% Chance of Getting Three!)

The only master quest that can possibly reward you with Warped Bone is The Lord of the Underworld. It still only has a 12% of rewarding you Warped Bone in MHW.

However, unlike other quests, which only reward you with one Warped Bone, this quest rewards you with three Warped Bones! Way to go!

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Tips for Efficiently Farming Warped Bones

To optimize the farming process and obtain Warped Bones more efficiently, consider the following tips:

  1. Investigations: Engage in investigations that specifically reward bone materials, as they have an increased chance of yielding Warped Bones. Focus on investigations with multiple gold rewards for better chances.
  2. Using Capture Net: Utilize the Capture Net tool to catch small creatures in the field. Occasionally, these creatures may drop Warped Bones, providing an additional source for this valuable material.
  3. Solo vs. Multiplayer: Depending on personal preferences and hunting capabilities, choose between solo or multiplayer hunts. While multiplayer hunts allow for faster monster hunting, solo hunts provide more opportunities to explore and gather materials, including Warped Bones.


  1. Q: Can I obtain Warped Bones by carving monsters?
    • A: No, Warped Bones are primarily obtained from bone piles and mining outcrops in specific locations.
  2. Q: Are Warped Bones rare?
    • A: While Warped Bones are valuable, they are not exceptionally rare. With the right farming strategies, hunters can gather them consistently.
  3. Q: Can I use Warped Bones to craft all armor sets?
    • A: Warped Bones are used in the crafting of specific armor sets. However, not all armor sets require Warped Bones as a material.
  4. Q: Are there any monsters that drop Warped Bones as a reward?
    • A: No, Warped Bones are not directly obtained as rewards from monster hunts. They are primarily found in bone piles and mining outcrops.
  5. Q: Can I trade Warped Bones with other players?
    • A: No, Warped Bones cannot be directly traded with other players. They can only be used by the player who obtained them.


Warped Bones are valuable resources in Monster Hunter: World, offering hunters the means to craft powerful armor and upgrade weapons. By understanding how to obtain these bones, where to farm them, and how to optimize the farming process, hunters can efficiently collect the necessary Warped Bones for their equipment needs. So gear up, venture into the depths of the game’s various regions, and gather these twisted bones to unlock the full potential of your hunter!


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