Brachydios Weakness Guide – Essential Tips for MHW Players

Are you looking for a Brachydios weakness in MHW? Well, we have figured it out for you. And, in this guide, we explain it in a very simple manner.

As you may have learned so far, Brachydios could be rated as a mid-tier monster. In fact, it was pretty much a forgotten monster that existed earlier in the Iceborne storyline.

In addition to that, it has a raging variant, and it has a pretty tougher character. It comes with slime that explodes very quickly.

Also, the explosion radius is wider than many players expect. To make it more threatening, Brachydios comes out on a frequent basis. So, it is important to assure your safety.

Before thinking about Brachydios’ weakness, it is best to assure your own safety to proceed. Otherwise, you will not survive to figure out the weaknesses of the Brachydios, so you should avoid them.

However, figuring out the Brachydios weakness is definitely worth it. Based on who you inquire, the gear of Brachydios is considered to be among the coolest in MHW.

When it comes to the Raging Brachydios version, it allows you to carry it to the endgame. You can easily roam with the Agitator Secret as well. It’s true even if it is not as meta as you expect.

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Raging Brachydios Weakness

As we already know, Raging Brachydios was weak when it faces Ice damage in the earlier Monster Hunter games. It is absolutely true even when we relate it to the MHW as well. As of today, it shares the same type of weaknesses.

The good news is that you get access to a large range of Ice weapons. You can choose them in the latest edition of Iceborne.

One of the best options, in this case, is Velkhana weapons. They offer a massive amount of raw and elemental stats. It is ideal for the purpose, without a doubt.

In addition to Iceborne, water damage too will work. It is true that water damage offers two-star effectiveness when used against regular Brachydios.

However, this specific tool has an explosive power that is enough to knock down the Raging Brachydios. When you fire Watermoss with glowing bits or melee attacks, you will see the same effect.

Brachydios Weakness Tips

When it comes to Brachydios weakness tips, you should note that this is a much bigger version. Compared to the predecessor, this one is huge. In fact, it is 100% bigger than the physical size of the previous version.

As a result, you will find it pretty difficult to hit its head using short-range and blunt weapons. For instance, using a weapon like Hammer and Hunting Horn will be difficult.

But the good news is that you can use Clutch Claw to fight with Brachydios. When you fight with Brachydios slime, however, it has a very high potential to detonate. If you lock into longer animations, that will cause some serious trouble.

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Instant Glaive is another powerful and useful tool that can be used at this stage.

This will become handy, specifically when it comes to group play. Raging Brachydios doesn’t allow you to stay above it. In addition to that, it will let you experience a greater chance of mounting the monster.

This will bring it down to the ground level. It will allow your teammates to have a clear shot of the body parts. The massive monster will become a target.

You should ensure that there are plenty of healing items when you complete the fight.

Raging Brachydios come with a unique ability as they can burrow to the earth. Then, it can enter a whole new era, particularly for the final phase of the battle. At this stage, the exits will be closed.

Also, the Forecasters will not work (they will be disabled). As a result of that, the only way for you to go out is to faint.

However, that is not the most optimal way if you don’t use Fortify option. Well, the truth is that preparedness is the key. You should consider bringing crafting materials that should be used for important items in the game.

Then, you should map those items to a quick-craft wheel. That will be easier for you.

Well, this is not a bad approach at all. Well, there is another subtle Brachydios weakness for you to consider.

The weakness is associated with the size of this giant. In other words, its size itself can be considered a weakness. This monster moves slower compared to its counterpart.

However, this Brachydios weakness is addressed using a wider range of attacks based on slime. Nevertheless, you will not have to worry about charging into the dirt simply by physical strikes.

For instance, slower weapons (the Great Sword or the Charge Blade) will be able to address this situation. It can make quick work of the armored boxer. The body slime of Raging Brachydios works in a pretty different manner compared to the previous Monster Hunter versions.

This slime doesn’t detonate anymore in the event of experiencing an impact with any weapon. What happens if you hit Raging Brachydios in its body part that comes with an explosive slime?

If that’s the case, the slime will start to drop to the ground. Then, it will start to prepare for an explosion, just like it happens with a normal pool.

When you are at the final stage of this battle:

You will see that Raging Brachydios will turn back. It will turn back while throwing slime, which is already heated intensely. The slime will be thrown into the ground. The massive pools will not detonate over as you expect.

Instead of that, they will deal with damage as you go on. Even if you have a Heat Guard, the effect will be there.

At a specific point when you are engaged in a fight, the camera will pull back. At this point, the Raging Brachydios will unleash the power, which is pretty similar to Seething Bazelgeuse.

The reared-up roar represents all the slime that will explode. In order to survive this attack, you should get clear or dive.

Raging Brachydios Armor – MHW Brachydios Weakness Guide

Well, what do you have to do with this battle? You already have the Raging Brachydios armor. At a glance, it appears that there is nothing to worry about. The gear has a very powerful skill.

It also, has some powerful and strong decoration slots as well. But as we know, it is important to start crafting the helmet as soon as possible. You should check if you have a Large Elder Dragon Gem so you can get it complete.

Now that you have all five pieces, the beta set offers an Agitator at the 7th level. This is particularly because of the Agitator Secret, which offers a bonus of two pieces.

In addition to that, you get a Weakness Exploit at the maximum level (at level 3). That is achievable if you have better skills in the game when you touch the decoration.

However, that’s not all, there are many other things to achieve. There is a four-piece Raging Brachydios armor to achieve. That will give you an Artillery Secret.

As a result, you can boost the skill straight ahead to level 5.

After that, there are the slots. With the Raging Brachydios Beta helmet, you can find level 4 decoration slots as well.

In addition to that, it has a level one and one point in Weakness Exploit used for good measure. It will become one of the most suitable armor pieces you can even find. You can use it for those who use mixed sets.

To get an idea about the full Raging Brachydios Alpha breakdown, you should read the following.

● Helm Alpha

It has a 2X Level 2 slot and a 1X Level 01 slot. Also, the weakness exploit is 1X. However, it has a 2X guard.

● Mail Alpha

This one has a 1X level 2 slot with a 2X level one slot. On top of that, it has a 2X agitator. When it comes to blast attacks, it shows a value of 3X.

● Braces alpha

It comes with 2X level 2 slots with a 2X agitator. In addition to that, it has 3X artillery as well, and it is very useful.

● Faulds Alpha

This one comes with a 1X level 3 slot and a 3X agitator. The artillery has 2X power.

● Greaves Alpha

You can find 1X level 3 slot and 1X level 1 slot in it. On top of that, it has a 2X weakness exploit. To make it more powerful and efficient, it has a 3X speed sharpening as well.  

Mentioned below is the full-ranging breakdown associated with Raging Brachydios Beta.

● Helm Beta

This one has 2X level 4 slots with a 1X level 1 slot. Moreover, it has a 1X weakness exploit as well.

● Mail Beta

This one comes with a 1X level 4 slot and a 1X level 2 slot. To make it more versatile, it has a 1X level 1 slot and a 2X agitator.

● Braces Beta

It has 2X level 4 slots as well as a 2X agitator.

● Faulds Beta

This one comes with a 1X level 4 slot and a 1X level 1 slot. Moreover, it has a 3X agitator to make it more efficient.

● Greaves beta

You can find 1X level 4 slot and 2X level one slot in this Greaves beta. Moreover, it comes with a 2X weakness exploit.

So, that’s all about Brachydios weakness. We hope that you will find this guide to be useful.



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