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ESO Gold Farming – Top 6 Hacks on How to Make Gold


Written by Jack Lin

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ESO Gold Farming

A lot of players struggle to find the best ways to boost their ESO gold farming skills. We can say it’s no easy task for the newbies also because of the complex Elder Scrolls Online market systems.

Well, we are going to break a few of ESO’s best ways to make gold secrets here in this comprehensive guide on ESO how to make gold.

Gold Rewards in ESO

Any player can generate a steady amount of around 10K gold in ESO every hour. Now, this will require you to use the right tricks and tools. The key aspects include looting, trading, gathering, crafting, and committing a crime. Every ESO player is usually aware of these aspects, and you need to only use them smartly to yield gold.

Note: The methods discussed below apply to the ESO PC version and ESO Plus subscription. The latter includes access to add-ons, a bottomless craft bag, double bank space, and eligibility for a 10% boost in gold gain.

1 – Resource Grinding

ESO gold farming - Resource Grinding

You can load your craft bag in ESO through the great method of passive accumulation of crafting materials. This can be done through random movements in any direction, food collection, searches in random places, visits to dark places, treasure hunts, wood forages, and waterway explorations. The main aim of these moves is to find different useless-looking items lying around that must be hoarded. The crafting recipes and motifs maximize ESO gold farming.

Several Tips for Hoarding Like Pro Include

  • Harvest most resources nodes as possible
  • Pick every lost item as per carrying capacity
  • Deconstruct all extra glyphs and equipment at the craft stations

Take a Look at This Skills List for Maximizing Equipment Deconstruction Output:

  • Blacksmithing or Metal Extraction III– Boosted material dropping and Tempering Alloy extraction
  • Clothier or Unraveling III– Boosted material dropping and Dreugh Wax extraction
  • Enchanting or Aspect Extraction III– 10% higher chance of Runestones discovery
  • Jewelry Crafting or Jewelry Extraction III– Boosted material dropping and Chromium Grains extraction
  • Woodworking or Wood Extraction III– Boosted material dropping and Rosin extraction

Hirelings are other great options to boost the chances of ESO gold farming. They provide the player with rare materials in batches shipped every 12 or 24 hours. The benefit of this is hoarding highly precious crafting items without grinding.

Here are Some Skills for Hirelings:

  • Woodworking or Lumberjack Hireling III– Provide a batch of random items every 12 hours
  • Provisioning or Hireling III– Provide a batch of random items every 12 hours
  • Enchanting or Hireling III– Provide a batch of random items every 12 hours
  • Clothier or Outfitter Hireling III– Provide a batch of random items every 12 hours
  • Blacksmithing or Miner Hireling III– Provide a batch of random items every 12 hours

You can use tools like HarvestMap for spotting and marking the resource nodes’ locations on the game UI. This add-on tool pins the locations automatically upon your visit. It is to be noted that HarvestMap provides pins from external files. This tool can be easily downloaded with the help of third-party tools like Minion.

For better node-by-node resource farming, add 75 CPs to The Lover constellation for Master Gatherer and Plentiful Harvest.

For higher profits from loots and hunts, add 75 PCs to The Shadow constellation for Treasure Hunter and Fortune Seeker.

2 – Making Living by Flipping Goods

ESO gold farming - Making Living by Flipping Goods

This is the next ESO best way to make gold which involves understanding how to use the market of ESO optimally. Tamriel still possesses spectacular capital, which is owned by the ESO player economy. The problem emerges with the absence of any centralized marketplace.

It is a guild system here where the listings posted by any Guild member can only be seen by the same guild members. One has to hire a Guild trader for selling listings to other people out there interested in purchasing items. Now, Guild Traders can only accept the listings native to their geographically bounded Guilds which is a problem. The result is a market with inconsistent listing prices, confusion, and chaos.

Making Living by Flipping Goods

A possible way out of this mess is minimal use of the Tamriel Trade Center. This is an add-on tool that aggregates all listings of an item from players and generates global pricing info on each such item. Master Merchant is a great addon tool for serious traders which shows complete sales of your guilds. You can even operate both these tools together but ensure no confusion between the data.

Run the executable client for setting up the Tamriel Trade Center before logging in. Now, you have to boost the Guild Trade system. Fill each of the five guild slots provided by the trading guilds. You can find authentic traders sitting in trading guilds with the Guild Finder tool. Choose guilds from different parts of the globe.

Also, here is the completed guide on how to trade items on Roblox with ease for you.

Now, Look out for All the Item Stalls Being Sold at Lesser Global Value by Other Players.

Buy the good deals and then resell at a higher price on your Guild portals. For selling, contact the teller of a public bank and select the option of Guild Store for opening a trading window. An 8% charge is levied on the total sale value of the listing, which is set up for sale. This includes a 1% refundable security deposit on the sale and a 7% Guild bank charge.

You can set up a total of 150 listings by operating five Guild Traders at once. To get a better Guild Store interface, you can use addons like Awesome Guild Store.

The Guild Traders from different cities have different levels of inventories. This is a result of them being priced according to the blind bid system. The richer trading guilds can bid more gold stacks to the more productive traders. Thus, a server-wide trade environment is developed with a high-profit guild being stricter. They maintain their richness, stabilizing the constant flow of auctions, weekly dues, raffles, sales taxes, etc.

You can maximize ESO gold farming flipping benefits by dealing with the high-profit guilds. A very crucial thing to remember is to never resell items of your guild in the same circle. There is no benefit of buying cheap items and then selling them at upped prices in the same guild. The trade logs inspection by the trading guild may catch this action of yours.

Upon getting caught, the operators will punish you with a swift boot for arbitraging the wares of other players. It is also to be noted that there is a mark of the creator’s name on each crafted item. This makes the identification of items and catching the defaulters an even easy job.

3 – Heavy Crafting Is Good

ESO gold farming - Heavy Crafting Is Good

There are daily tasks of completing a set number of crafting missions that brigs huge rewards. If you complete all seven crafting writs, then you can win 4.6k gold every day per level 50 single characters.

Every character has to complete basic certifications from their alliance-specific locations first, like Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, or Davon’s Watch.  After that, they can even start at level 6 to complete the crafting writs.

The gold rewards keep increasing from 216 at level 6 to 664 at level 50. The best ESO how to make gold through daily writs system strategy includes leveling up all the toons till 50.

Note: You must harvest resources enough to meet all the requirements of the daily crafting writs.

The major benefit of winning crafting writs is independent income solely from the progress. You can have the characters winning gold daily despite bombing crafting. The earned items will be comparable to the present status of the corresponding item tier’s passive skill line.

Here is a list of the Best Passive Skills That Give High Returns:

  • Alchemy or Chemistry III– 16 poisons or 4 potions are produced with each crafting try
  • Provisioning or Chef III– 4 food items are produced with each crafting try
  • Provisioning or Brewer III– 4 drinks are produced with each crafting try

The highest rankers of passive skill crafting writs mostly earn special surveys, master writs, and ingredients. You get access to rich resource codes and better prices with these.

Best Passive Skills That Give High Returns

It’s better to choose a city which requires wide traveling for writs completion. The crafting stations and writ boards are better positioned closer. Cities like Stormhold, Rawl’kha, and Vivec City are the best in this case. The Lazy Write Crafter tool automates crafting writs through a GUI button.

You can make good money with professions like alchemy, provisioning, and furniture crafting. The latter boosts income with the high prices of yellow/blue/green/purple pieces. Furniture trading is a great option for players who optimally distribute skill points and time to develop primary crafting passives. It requires surmising greater skills than any other profession in ESO.

For any kind of construction professional, you will have to continue getting more recipes, stealing, or looting. By maintaining the inflow of material, you will be able to keep the volume high and sell-out items as well. After that, you can start posting listings on your trading guild, as discussed in method 2.

4 – Doing Some Crime

ESO gold farming - Doing Some Crime

Crime in the real world can cause you trouble, but the same can bring you rewards in ESO. One ESO best way to make gold involves committing as many crimes as possible. You can steal, murder, etc., in any preference you want. This will earn you great amounts of gold coins stored in the back drawers and back pockets.

The first thing to remember about this method is that it commits crimes only in stealth mode. Stay hidden always and look out for roaming NPCs. Attend to your reticle telling your detected/hidden status and act accordingly. Your rewards will get nullified upon getting killed or fine payment.

Secondly, clean the multi-purpose items rather than sell them out. This includes items like crafting items, recipes, motifs, potions, lockpicks, equipment, soul gems, and different utility items.

For becoming the best ESO criminal, activate all the Legerdemain, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood skill lines.

Pursue these Skills:

  • Legerdemain or Trafficker– Clean and sell extra goods at 180% high value amounting to 140 sales and 140 launders in total each day
  • Legerdemain or Light Fingers– Boost NPC pickpocketing chance by 50% (rank IV)
  • And Legerdemain or Locksmith– Boost lock picking odds by 70% (rank IV)
  • Dark Brotherhood or Scales of Pitiless Justice– Reduce heat and bounty from assault or murder by 50% (rank IV)
  • Dark Brotherhood or Padomaic Sprint– Boost runaway speed after NPC assassination by 30% (rank IV)
  • Thieves Guild or Haggling– Boost profits by 10% at fenced items sale (rank IV)
  • Thieves Guild or Clemency– Once a day dialogue option for free-up from guards for one minute temporarily
  • And Thieves Guild or Swiftly Forgotten– Vanish bounty at 115 rates and heat at 64 rates for every 3 mins (rank IV)
  • Vampirism or Dark Stalker– Free of speeding fine during sneaking, boosted stealth mode by 50%

There is No Way You Can Mess with a Guard in Tamriel. You Can Use Various Other Tools Like.

  • The Steed Mundus Stone for 10% boosted run speed
  • The Shadowy Supplier for random gifts from an Outlaws Refuges NPC like Roguish Stealth Draughts or Edicts

Invisibility is another ESO best way to make gold. It helps to escape NPCs and gain a speed boost. You can make invisibility potions through the alchemy skill line. The Laboratory Use passive (Alchemy Rank 15) can help here.

Mix These Ingredients to Make Invisibility Potions:

  • Namira’s Rot– Can be found near shaded areas, caves, trees, etc.
  • Scrib Jelly– Can be found on the Kwama mobs of Deshaan, Vvardenfell, Bal Foyen, and Stonefalls.
  • Nirnroot– Can be found near streams, rivers, and other water bodies

You can also get the best items from nobels, safeboxes, and thieves’ troves. Moreover, pickpocketing the high-status NPCs will also get you more precious items. The blue/green items can be found in guarded places. These items can fetch you 100-25 gold rewards.

There is a chance of pickpocketing NPCs a second time when the random cooldown timer goes out. You must act immediately in such times. Pickpocket and murder the NPC for gaining numerous drops. However, make sure that the surroundings are all clear during this act, or you will gain a bounty.

Now that you have gotten enough goods, it’s time to offload them. For that, you can go to the local Outlaws Refuge and find the fence there. If you have any bounty raised, then it can be paid off with gold too.

As default offloading, there is the option of fencing only. At the beginning of ESO, you can only clean 50 items in a day. Keeping these rules in mind, you can make better deals for better profits.

5 – Mob Farming In the Public Dungeons

ESO gold farming - Mob Farming In the Public Dungeons

Another great spot for ESO gold farming is the Public Dungeons. The ESO public dungeons are like no other hunting ground with deadly and highly profitable encounters. They have much shorter mob respawn timers and clustered mob spawning.

Thus, taking out the enemy clusters in these dungeons will have you more loots and gold for every minute. The public dungeons with Imperial mobs drop higher gold.

This is a list of the Imperial Mob Public Dungeons:

  • Crimson Cove or Malabal Tor
  • Bang’korai or Razak’s Wheel
  • The Vile Manse or Reaper’s March

AOE damage skills are mandatory for managing public dungeon farming.

You Can Use the Following Destruction Bow and Staff Weapons for Managing Damage:

  • Volley– For launching arrows for 8 seconds at any target
  • Elemental Storm- For storming at any target for 2 seconds and damaging every enemy for 7 seconds
  • Wall of Elements– For creating a caster zone for 6 seconds for dealing ailments and long damage
  • Impulse– For instant damaging in 6m radius

Plenty of skills from Dragonknights, Sorcerers, Wardens, and Templars come in handy for AOE.

Following Are Some Skills:

  • Blazing Spear by Templar– Showering of divine damage
  • Impaling Shards by Warden– Summoning of ice shards
  • Lightning Splash by Sorcerer– Creation of a storm
  • Fiery Breath by Dragonknight– Breathing of a fire cone for instant damage

You can use Nightblades for instant damage. The PVE Necromancer builds in the AlcastHQ are great too.

The ESO how to make gold Mob farming method gets better with some smart Champion Point allotting. Allot to Spell Erosion for reverting the damage caused by the opponent’s weapons through the AOE spells.

Choose to allot to Piercing for balancing the effect of physical weapon penetration. Allotting to Precise Strikes cab boosts critical physical rating while allowing to Elfborn can boost spell crits.

6 – Hunting Down Motifs, Runeboxes, and Recipes

Hunting Down Motifs, Runeboxes, and Recipes

This last ESO gold farming method involves collecting motifs, recipes, and rune boxes as many as possible. These items are highly precious classes of ESO and can yield gold worth as much as 1 million.

You can evaluate the market price of any of these items with the help of Master Merchant and Tamriel Trade Center. Common places to find these items include:

  • Runeboxes– Rare drops in special server events and Veteran Trials
  • Motifs and Recipes– Inside common containers like urns, crates, treasure chests, desks, backpacks, unlooted NPC corpses, barrels, etc

The crafters must sell each recipe they find. Endless items can be created from one recipe depending upon the hoarded materials. Thus, you can gain high consumption value and profits from recipes. As per the TTC value of recipe products, sell recipes when the price is lower and sell products when the price is higher.

Also, here is the list of the best farming games for your reference.


Q1. Are these gold farming methods suitable for players of all levels? Yes, the gold farming methods mentioned in this article can be adapted to different player levels. Some methods may require higher character levels or specific skills, but there are always options available for players at all stages of the game.

Q2. Is it necessary to invest real money to farm gold effectively in ESO? No, it is not necessary to invest real money to farm gold effectively in ESO. While there are options to purchase gold through the Crown Store, the methods outlined in this article focus on in-game activities and strategies that do not require real money transactions.

Q3. How long does it take to accumulate a significant amount of gold using these methods? The time required to accumulate a significant amount of gold varies depending on factors such as your dedication, playtime, and market conditions. With consistent effort and smart decision-making, you can start seeing noticeable results within a reasonable timeframe.

Q4. Can I use these gold farming methods in conjunction with each other? Absolutely! Combining different gold farming methods can further optimize your earnings. Experiment with various approaches and find a balance that suits your playstyle and preferences.

Q5. Are there any risks involved in gold farming in ESO? While gold farming in ESO is generally safe and within the game’s terms of service, it’s essential to avoid engaging in any activities that violate the rules or disrupt the gameplay experience of others. Play fair, respect the community, and enjoy the process of building your wealth in a responsible manner.

Final Words

These were our best ESO how-to-make gold methods that are going to land you on a gold pile. You can now use this gold for a new house, the legendary armor set, an expansive rune box, or even respect the skills. Also, you can expand personal inventory spaces and bank with this gold.


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