How to Play Super Mario Run on PC with No Lag or Hassle


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Super Mario Run on PC

Playing Super Mario Run on PC can be super fun. Anything on the big screen is so much fun compared to the mobile screen.

That said, do you wonder how to play Super Mario Run on PC with no lag or hassle? If so, this article is for you.


The most beloved plumber from the world of Nintendo of the 1990s is now ready to dazzle Generation Z. You may now play Super Mario Run on your PC’s larger screen.

Let us show you how to get the most out of your Super Mario experience in that magical Mushroom Kingdom.

The game’s app is only provided on Play Store as well as the iOS Appstore by default. But the good news is that it should not prevent you from playing Super Mario Run on PC.

You can use mobile games and apps on a Windows device with a few clever tactics and intelligent technologies.

So, let’s see how to play this game on PC with no hitch or a glitch.

Part 1: What You Must Know About the Game Called Super Mario Run on PC

First, let’s take a close look at some of the most important information related to Super Mario Run on PC.

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Specifications of Super Mario Run on PC 

  • Developed by: Nintendo
  • Fall into the genre of auto-running
  • Single-player mode
  • More than 100 million downloads so far
  • 3.7/5 rating

Super Mario Run, a recreation of the iconic Mario Bros., was released for Apple and Android in 2016. Soon after that, it quickly became a smash hit. It’s the company’s flagship property, and it was the first smartphone game they ever released. It is the most popular game in the Action category, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

In the first week alone, it had fifty million downloads from gamers and critics alike. Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Browser and must be rescued in this game’s traditional scenario.

In addition to the rescuing mission, the game provides tough tasks with extra features for additional fun and enjoyment.

Main Features of Super Mario Run on PC 

  • Extremely simple mechanism but a challenging gaming experience
  • There are three interesting modes in terms of gameplay, so you will be entertained constantly
  • Superb aesthetics with nostalgic characteristics
  • It is possible to do many interesting things using the coin collection
  • It is possible to play with your friends or with an online community. Also, it lets you play against the computer if needed.

Part 2: Reasons to Enjoy a Game Like Super Mario Run on PC

Fun and visuals can’t be had on mobile phones because of their smaller screens. So, the majority of gamers would like to play games on a computer rather than on a mobile device. For the most part, PCs are a better option than mobile phones.

  • Playing Super Mario Run on PC provides better graphics and more control over gameplay.
  • They can play the game while still taking care of other responsibilities.
  • The specifications of a mobile device are fixed. However, a PC can be customized for a more enjoyable experience.
Play Super Mario Run on PC

Part 3: Better Ways to Enjoy Super Mario Run on PC

When a PC-specific program was not released, consumers were understandably unhappy. Only Android & iOS devices are supported with Super Mario Run.

With emulators, in fact, you don’t even need to have a Windows PC in order to play your games.

There are a few things you should know about screen mirroring. This is true if you want to play games like Super Mario Run. On this page, we are going to show you how to enjoy Super Mario Run on PC.

Use Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is the first and the best software that allows you to run Super Mario Run on a PC. This special application is so versatile, and it has so many features to impress you.

Its screen mirroring functionality allows you to view your smartphone’s screen on a PC monitor. Simply put, Tenorshare Phone Mirror makes it easy for users to view their phone’s screen on a computer.

Most Android and Microsoft Windows have no issues running the app. It’s the best screen mirroring program since it has a user-friendly layout packed with top-notch functionality.

So, why don’t you give this impressive tool a try to play this game on PC? After all, playing Super Mario Run on PC is so much fun as opposed to playing it on your PC.

Features of Tenorshare Phone Mirror

  • Impressive design with a highly simplified interface to make screen mirroring so simple. It is exceptionally simple and perfect for any user regardless of their level of expertise.
  • Excellent controlling of the game, thanks to the use of the keyboard along with personalized settings.
  • In order to provide a better gaming experience, the full-screen and zooming feature helps you a lot.
  • Apart from Super Mario, this special app lets you enjoy all the mobile apps on your big screen.
  • In addition to gaming, this tool allows you to use any other app, including social media.
  • No lags or interruptions.

Guide to Play Super Mario Run on PC using Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Please follow below simple steps to play Super Mario Run on PC.

  • First, you should download and install Tenorshare Phone Mirror and get it installed on the PC. After that, you should launch that program.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror
  • Now, you should use your USB wire to establish a connection between the phone and the PC.
  • Then, you should enable the option called “USB Debugging” as well. To do that, you should go to “Settings” and choose “About Phone“. Then, go to “Software Information“. You can then choose the option called “Developer“. After that, you will see a build number of the device. Tap seven consecutive times on it. Also, be sure to click on the button called “OK” whenever it appears when tapping on that build number.
Play Super Mario Run on PC Using MirrorTo
  • Now, you are supposed to permit Tenorshare Phone Mirror to use the device properly. In this case, you should hit the “mirror” button. Then, Tenorshare Phone Mirror will display the content of your phone on the PC.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror
  • Now, you will gain control of the actions as well as the games from the PC. You can download the game on your Play Store as you would normally do. Then, you can enjoy your Super Mario Run on PC smoothly.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Use an Android Emulator

Bluestacks is the best emulator out there, and pretty much any user knows it. It’s easy to use, has a ton of functionality, and works on both Windows and macOS.

The most recent Bluestacks update is six times faster than the majority of Samsung smartphones in terms of performance.

If you want to play games such as PUBG, you should have a minimum PC configuration.


Bluestacks Has a Number of Useful Features:

  • Zooming in & out and tapping the locations to select are just two of the excellent controls provided.
  • It is possible to do many operations with a single keystroke by using the script guide feature.
  • Its Real-Time translation allows you to choose your preferred language and play the game in that language.
  • The emulator has a high frame rate, allowing you to fight your opponent without any lag. Using the Higher FPS option means no more lagging and crying because you’ll always be prepared when attackers approach.
  • Aiming abilities are honed because you can now play with both your mouse and your keyboard simultaneously. It’s possible to use any combination of custom controls and pre-set controls to control your characters.

Steps to Follow

  1. With the help of Bluestacks, you may download and then install Super Mario on your PC.
  2. The official website of Bluestacks allows you to download the version that best suits your needs.
  3. The emulator can be installed by following the instructions. It’s a rather simple process. Open the BlueStacks emulator when it has been installed.
  4. It’ll take a few minutes for the software to be installed. Upon completion, the app will appear on your phone’s “Home” screen.
  5. The Play store is pre-installed in the operating system. So, from the home page, click on the Play Store’s icon to launch it.
  6. Now type “Super Mario’s Run” into its search bar. Right-click and select “Install“. You can play the game right now. Afterward, that game will appear in its list of apps installed.
  7. The game button in Bluestacks will launch the game on your computer with no hassle. Enjoy the game in the same manner; you enjoy the game on your mobile devices.

A free download of the game is available for your convenience. However, only the Kingdom Rally, Toad Rally as well as World Tour levels can be played for free. In order to play the entire game, you will need to pay a predetermined fee.

To fully experience the world that belongs to Mario Bros., you’ll need a good Internet connection. No offline games can be played on this device.

Nintendo Account signup is free. Menu > Link if you have such an account. In the menu, select My Nintendo if you previously have linked your account from the older device.

Yes, emulators typically support gamepads and controllers. Connect your preferred input device to your PC and configure the controls within the emulator settings.

Unfortunately, Super Mario Run does not currently support cross-platform synchronization. Your progress will be separate on each device.


In fact, Super Mario Run on PC is a much better approach compared to the smartphone version.

To accomplish that task successfully, we have listed the most practical methods in our article. The game Super Mario has been there for a long time and is appreciated by people of all ages.

Emulators or other screen mirroring programs let you play this game on widescreen on your computer.

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is definitely the best way to play Super Mario Run on PC. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you can mirror your smart device’s content to a large screen.

If you do have other doubts pertaining to this matter, please let us know.


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