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Stream Audio from PC to iPhone

Are you looking for a method to stream audio from PC to iPhone? If so, it is possible to carry out this action with iTunes.

If your system has iTunes installed on it, just switch on the feature ‘Home Sharing‘ from there.

This will let you access your videos and music in the iTunes library from an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.

To stream audio from PC to iPhone using iTunes, there is no need to sync. However, iTunes can just stream songs from its library only, which means that users cannot stream other audio or music, such as system audio, game sound, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube music, etc.

For streaming such sounds from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, they need to look for another method. Learn about some of the different methods to stream audio from PC to iPhone here!

Part 1: The Best Way to Stream Audio from PC to iPhone – Airfoil

In that case, you may have to use a third-party tool to stream audio from PC to iPhone. It is recommended to go with the Airfoil application. This picks up where the iTunes tool left off.

This application turns iOS devices into audio receivers. By doing so, the tool allows users to send audio from their systems to their iOS devices wirelessly.

Steps to Stream Audio from PC to iPhone via Airfoil:

1: In the first place, download the ‘Airfoil Satellite‘ tool from App Store to your iPhone. This serves as a companion to the Airfoil desktop tool on your PC.

2: Now, install the desktop version of Airfoil from the website of Rogue Amoeba Software.

stream audio from PC to iPhone with Airfoil

3: Next, connect both your PC and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi connection. After that, run Airfoil and Airfoil Satellite separately. In the desktop version, select audio source and then tap on the sound icon present next to your iOS device. This lets you stream audio from PC to iPhone hassle-free.

Airfoil Satellite

So, this is how users can send system audio and any other app’s audio virtually right to their iPod, iPad, or iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Or, are you thinking of streaming sound from your PC to your Android tablet or smartphone? If yes, then you need to use another application to get this task done.

One of the audio mirror tools that you can go with is SoundWire. This audio streaming tool assists you in streaming audio from your computer to your Android device easily. Plus, this tool is available for free.

Part 2: Stream Audio from Reason to Other Devices With Reason

During the mastering or mixing stage, users like to hear what their music sounds like on different devices. This is true for a device that could be brutal to the music, like mono tablets and smartphones with mid-range and low audio capabilities.

Airfoil helps you out there! This tool is worth your money, i.e., $29. However, you need to purchase a license for either Macs or PCs. This application can throw sound from Reason to Mac, Windows, Chromecast, Android, Bluetooth speakers, iOS, and even Linux.

Gladly, this tool comes with a free trial. Now, you can try out this tool to check whether it works for you or not. Once satisfied, go for its full version.

How to Stream Propellerhead Reason to Other Devices via Airfoil:

1: Firstly, it is better to close down Reason if it is running. If you are using it on Mac, you need to force quit the tool.

2: Now, get the trial version of Airfoil for Mac or Airfoil for Windows. Install this desktop version.

3: After that, you have to get Airfoil Satellite on the iOS device, where you would like to hear Reason. Download Airfoil Satellite and install it on your smartphone.

4: Now, open Airfoil on your system. After opening it, visit Mac Reason – Preferences or Windows Edit – Preferences. Tap on the tab ‘Audio.’ On your Mac, choose the default sound card. On the other hand, select the DX version of the sound on a Windows PC. It is recommended to use ASIO drivers due to their lower latency. Now, you can close the window of ‘Preferences.’

Airfoil Preferences --> Audio Settings

5: When Airfoil is running on the Reason system, visit the Preferences window. For this, open Airfoil and then select ‘Preferences.’ Under the ‘Play Local Audio Through‘ window, choose the same source that you have configured Reason to use. Then, just close the Preferences tab.

Airfoil Preferences

6: Next, press the dropdown Source menu and choose ‘Reason.’ If this option does not show up, you have to play sound in Reason. On Windows, users will be able to see Reason in the list. On Mac, try to choose the Reason tool manually. Go to the Apps folder, then open up the folder of Reason, and finally, select the Reason tool.

After that, Mac users may have to play sound through Reason. Now, Airfoil will notify you if it has to reset the Reset tool, and after that, the tool should be ready.

stream audio from PC to iPhone on Windows

7: Next, play some music in Reason. Press the speaker icon for the system. The reason is to turn on if they want the speakers on their computers to play the sound too.

8: Now, users need to open the Airfoil tool on the devices they like to stream. Ensure that they are on the same Wi-Fi connection. The reason is playing, and the sound can be heard via the Neocomp, i.e., on Windows desktops and the Neocell 7 tool on iOS devices. It can be told due to the blue speaker icons.

Stream Propellerhead Reason to Other Devices via Airfoil

Audition Masters/Mixes for Different Model Devices

The most amazing thing about Airfoil is that users just need to pay for one Airfoil license. However, the Airfoil Satellite tools are free. This is amazing, as if they have paid just $15 for the PC or Mac client and for the Android or iOS client.

It would mean that users could not borrow their friends’, colleagues’, or family’s devices to hear how their mix sounds on the devices. This is how you would not be able to download the tool on the Google Play or App Store account without paying another fee.

So, gladly, the Airfoil Satellite tools are free. Devices could sound different. If you have got users over chilling, trying out your music, or maybe even watching you do the mastering or mixing procedure, they could load up the Airfoil Satellite tool. This helps get a more well-rounded idea of how you mix audio on multiple devices.

Employ Apple Lightning EarPods Through Reason

So, there is a major issue with the iPhone model 7. This model does not have a headphone jack of 3.5mm. It features an adapter and Lightning EarPods having a connector. Due to this, you can use Lightning EarPods with devices having Lightning Ports.

Now, you can listen to Reason using the Lightning EarPods for mastering and mixing. However, you cannot render and transfer a wave file manually to your iPhone with this. For that, you need the Airfoil tool.

Employ Apple Lightning EarPods Through Reason

During the mastering or mixing phase, Reason is helpful for auditioning. This is because users can simply throw the audio out to another source like AirPlay devices.

This could be natively done on Mac and not on Windows. For accessing AirPlay devices on Windows, you can use iTunes. No other applications can do this unless you use Airfoil.

The Reason Tool is Only Good for Mixing/Mastering

Reason works perfectly great for mixing and mastering. However, this tool is not something for production. This is because there is a delay of about 2.3 seconds to Android from Reason. This delay is done to keep in time.

However, on iOS devices, this time is a bit quick response time. For example, you may feel AirPlay takes longer than 3 seconds.

When playing the Reason app on the desktop and two iPhones, they feature near-identical times for the music. On placing two iPhones apart, they sound like two stereo speakers due to the awesome timing. However, when you bring the devices together, you may feel a faint time delay.

So, this is not an issue when auditioning songs for mastering or mixing. However, it could be a big problem when you try to produce with this method. Hit ‘Play‘ and wait for the music to begin feeling short. A key on your keyboard and waiting for the note to register sounds like others playing the notes.

After that, there is also the problem of time dilation. Sometimes, the music will sound slowed down. It is an actual trippy effect. It sounds like others play the song from vinyl and hit the ‘Stop‘ tab while the needle is still there on the record.

However, this does not actually happen much. So, this is how you can use Reason to stream audio from PC to iPhone.

Part 3: Another Way to Stream Audio from PC to iPhone – WiFi2HiFi


The AirPort Express of Apple has been a great method to stream audio from PC to iPhone across your home. However, if you do not have this tool, you can use WiFi2HiFi for streaming audio from your iOS device to the stereo.  

While you can hook your iPhone or iPod up to your stereo and directly play music, you might not save all your music files on your iPod. Plus, you cannot play other audio streaming apps like Grooveshark on your iOS device.

With the help of WiFi2HiFi, users can stream audio from a PC to iPhone on the same Wi-Fi connection. All they have to do is to download and install the application on their Mac or Windows PC.

So, this is it! Whenever users start up the tool on their system, the application will detect the iOS device automatically. So, it will stream audio from the PC to the iOS device directly.  

WiFi2HiFi is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. Although this tool costs about $0.99 for iOS devices, its desktop version is available for free. However, it is way better than AirPort Express, which you get for $99.

PS: here are the best FLAC player on Android for your reference.


Can I stream audio from my PC to iPhone using other methods?

Yes, there are alternative methods for streaming audio from a PC to an iPhone. Some third-party apps and software, such as Spotify, Google Play Music, and Plex, offer streaming capabilities between devices. Additionally, you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled speakers that support direct streaming from a PC to an iPhone.

Is it possible to stream audio from iPhone to PC?

Yes, it is possible to stream audio from an iPhone to a PC. You can use applications like Airfoil, iTunes, or third-party streaming apps that support this functionality. These apps allow you to transmit audio from your iPhone to your PC speakers or connected audio devices.

Can I stream audio from non-Apple devices to my iPhone?

Yes, you can stream audio from non-Apple devices to your iPhone using apps like Airfoil. These apps enable you to stream audio from various sources, including Windows PCs, Android devices, and other platforms, to your iPhone.

Are there any free alternatives to iTunes and Airfoil for streaming audio?

Yes, there are free alternatives available for streaming audio from a PC to an iPhone. Some popular options include VLC Media Player, Spotify, and Google Play Music. These apps offer basic audio streaming capabilities without the need for additional purchases or subscriptions.

Do I need an internet connection for audio streaming between PC and iPhone?

Yes, both iTunes and Airfoil require a stable Wi-Fi connection for audio streaming between a PC and an iPhone. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to establish a seamless connection and enjoy uninterrupted audio streaming.


When it comes to streaming audio from PC to iPhone, Airfoil works perfectly well. However, you can see how this method is just for mastering and mixing but not producing. It works in the same way as AirPlay does. If you like to stream audio from PC to iPhone, this tool gets the job done.

Also, you can use another tool for the same job, which is WiFi2HiFi. So, download any of the tools to stream audio from PC to iPhone hassle-free.


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