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iPad Keeps Freezing

iPads are amazing devices for play and work, but what to do if your iPad keeps freezing?

So, it is annoying when your iPad keeps freezing, especially when you’re doing something important.

There are various reasons why your iPad constantly freezes. Hopefully, there are also many ways to fix this frustrating issue easily (best fixes for the iTunes backup now greyed out issue).

Part 1: Reasons Why Your iPad Keeps Freezing

It is pretty normal for devices to freeze once in a while. However, when it happens regularly, there can be major problems inside the device.

So, here are some potential reasons why your iPad keeps freezing:

  1. Applications are designed differently from one another. If several applications keep running, then they might not function well together. Your iPad keeps freezing when applications are buggy or corrupted. This is because this disrupts the procedure in which iOS works.
  2. The latest iOS version is not running on the iPad or is damaged by bad applications.
  3. Any change in the settings on your iOS device was made recently. This does not work well with the operating system or applications.
  4. Your iPad gets stuck when it is hot to operate. However, it has the resources running to keep it cool.

Part 2: How to Fix the iPad Keeps Freezing Problem

To unfreeze your iPad, you have to download Wondershare Dr.Fone. Install this amazing tool on your system. Dr.Fone – System Repair is a simple iPad and iPhone system recovery software.

This provides you with some incredible tools. Using these tools, you can retrieve lost data and repair iOS devices that have been misfunctioning lately.

Key Features of Dr.Fone – System Repair:

  • This amazing tool can fix your frozen iPad.
  • Plus, it can fix other iOS system problems like recovery mode, looping on start, a frozen screen, black screen, white Apple logo, etc.
  • Only repair your frozen iOS device to normal without any data loss.
  • Fixes other iTunes and iPhone errors like iTunes error 14, error 27, error 4013, etc.

Dr.Fone is an incredible, easy-to-use tool. Users can use this tool even when they have no technological knowledge. It gives a stepwise guide so that users can fix their frozen iPads on their own. Here’s how to fix your frozen device:

Steps to Repair a Frozen iPad using Dr.Fone:

#1: Select the Repair Mode

Firstly, users have to launch Dr.Fone on their systems. After that, they have to choose the ‘System Repair’ option from the home interface.

Connect your frozen iPad to the computer using a genuine USB cable. The tool will detect the device automatically. Tap on the ‘Advanced Mode’ or ‘Standard Mode.’

dr.fone - iOS Repair

#2: Get the Firmware Package

Users can fix their frozen iPads with the perfect firmware on their iOS devices. Depending on your iPad’s model, the software can retrieve the perfect version.

Tap on the ‘Start’ tab so that the software can begin downloading the needed firmware.

Get the Firmware Package

#3: Repair iOS

Once the downloading is over, the tool will begin working on fixing your iPad. It will take about 10 minutes to fix your iOS to work normally. The tool will notify users once the process of repairing their frozen devices is over.

Fix iPad keeps freezing with dr.fone - System Repair

While there are lots of methods to fix a frozen iPad, they all are short-term ways and work as a Band-Aid. They do not fight the root cause of the issue.

Dr.Fone is the quickest and easiest way to resolve the problem once and for all. This offers the best method to restore frozen devices to their original conditions and settings without losing any data.

However, you have to remember that modifications like unlock and jailbreak will be reversed. If you encounter this issue again on your device, then it could be something serious. In that circumstance, you will have to take your device to the nearest Apple store.

Also, let’s figure out how to factory reset the iPad without an iCloud password.

Part 3: Common Ways for Both Completely and Functional Frozen iPad

If your iOS device is completely frozen and there is nothing you can do, use these methods to fix it.

Also, if your iOS device is still functional, then fix the device with these methods. So, here are some other ways to fix your frozen iPad.

Method 1: Force Restart Your iPad Without Data Loss

With this method, it is quite easy to fix your device when encountering any issue with iPadOS or iOS.

Sometimes, force restart can work perfectly if your iPad keeps freezing. Here’s how you can perform a force restart on your iPad:

Steps to Fix the ‘iPad Keeps Freezing’ Issue:

#1:Look for the ‘Home’ tab and the ‘Wake/Sleep’ tab.

#2: Press both tabs for around 30 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the iPad’s screen. Once displayed, your iPad is going to restart.

Force Restart Your iPad Without Data Loss

Method 2: Best Method to Repair Your Frozen iPad Without Data Loss

This is the best method to repair your frozen iPad. For this, you must use a third-party tool with a built-in feature to fix iPadOS or iOS. This is because your iOS device must have glitches with the iPadOS/iOS.

We recommend you use Tenorshare ReiBoot for repairing your device. It can refresh your iPadOS or iOS and repair all related issues. Plus, there is no data loss.

ReiBoot is a product of Tenorshare company, which popular media sites like Makeuseof, Cult of Mac, and many others recommend.

The tool is amazing due to its strong features. Have a look at them below:

  • This tool is the best to repair iPadOS/iOS in the entire market. Its exclusive and advanced technology provides assured results.
  • Repair various iPadOS/iOS system issues like iPad/iPhone stuck in recovery mode, black screen, Apple logo, white screen, iPhone error 53, iTunes error 4013, etc.
  • The program supports iPad with Retain Display, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and all iPhone models.
  • It is compatible with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Here’s how you can repair the iPad that keeps freezing with the Tenorshare ReiBoot program without losing any data. After downloading ReiBoot on your system, install it, and follow the instructions below.

Steps to Fix Your Frozen iPad using Tenorshare ReiBoot:

#1: Select the Repair Mode

Firstly, launch the tool on your system. You will come across three options there. Select the ‘Standard Repair’ option from there.  

Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot Standard Repair
#2: Enter the Recovery/DFU mode

Now, connect your iPad to your system with a genuine USB cable. Tap on the ‘Next’ tab.

When the program detects your iPad, put your device into Recovery/DFU mode. For this, follow the instructions coming up on your screen.

Enter Recovery/DFU Mode
#3: Download the Firmware Package

After that, this program will suggest your device’s most compatible firmware options. It even provides iPadOS.

Therefore, you just select a suitable firmware package and select the ‘Download’ tab. Wait for it to get downloaded.

Download Firmware
#4: Repair Your iPad

Once you have downloaded the firmware, you have to select ‘Start Standard Repair.’ Now, the program will repair your iPad automatically. Within some minutes, the iPad will be repaired and rebooted to normal.

Start Standard Repair
Fix Your Frozen iPad using Tenorshare ReiBoot
Fix iPad keeps freezing with ReiBoot

With the ReiBoot iPadOS/iOS repair tool, users can fix their iPads, which keep freezing without losing any data.

Therefore, the program wins lots of amazing feedback from various users. Now, just download its free version to try its amazing features.

Method 3: Restore Your Frozen iPad to Factory Settings Through iTunes

This is another method to fix the ‘iPhone keeps freezing’ issue. In this method, you have to use iTunes on your Windows or Mac system. Please remember that all the settings and data will be deleted from your device.

Once restored, your device will be like a new device. Therefore, it is better to think twice when creating no backup before facing the issue.

So, here are some simple steps to restore the frozen device through iTunes.

#1: Launch iTunes and make sure you are using its recent version.

#2: Connect your iPad to your system with a USB cable afterward.

#3: iTunes will detect your device automatically. Once detected, choose the icon of the iPad. After that, select the ‘Restore iPad’ option.

To confirm the restore request, click on ‘Restore.’ Now, the ‘iPad keeps freezing’ issue will be resolved.

Fix iPad keeps freezing with iTunes

#4: When still facing the problem, press the ‘Side’ and ‘Home’ tabs simultaneously. Keep holding until you come across the ‘Connect to iTunes’ icon or the ‘a cable pointing to a PC/Mac’ message on the screen. Do not release the tabs on seeing the ‘Apple logo.’

#5: After iTunes detect your device in recovery mode, press ‘OK.’ Then, click on the ‘Restore iPad’ tab.

#6: Confirm the action by tapping on ‘Restore.’

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved by now. After your device has been restored, it will start again. Now, you need to set up your device again.

Restore iPad Using iTunes

Part 4: How to Prevent an iPad from Freezing Incessantly

By now, your iPad will be working properly. However, it is recommended to prevent this issue from happening again. To prevent your iPad from freezing again, go through the following tips:

  1. Download applications only from reliable sources. It is best to download them from the App Store. In this way, you would not have to deal with nasty surprises.
  2. Next, update your iPad OS and applications if you come across an update notification. This ensures everything will function as it needs to be.
  3. It is recommended not to use your iPad while you charge it. Using your iPad during that time overheats it.
  4. Avoid running multiple applications in the background. Close all applications that you are not currently using. Thus, your system will just concentrate on the task that you are performing. Make sure that the iPad has space for circulating hot air. Therefore, it is best to avoid placing the iPad on your sofa, bed, or cushion.

Also, if you are bothered by the iPhone alarm not going off issue, click to fix them with ease now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Why does my iPad keep freezing?

The iPad can freeze due to various reasons, such as insufficient storage, outdated software, memory overload, overheating, or software glitches.

FAQ 2: How do I clear the cache on my iPad?

To clear app cache on your iPad, go to Settings > Safari (or the respective app) > Clear History and Website Data.

FAQ 3: Will updating my iPad fix the freezing issue?

Updating your iPad’s iOS and apps can help resolve freezing issues by fixing bugs and improving performance.

FAQ 4: Can I force restart my iPad?

Yes, you can force restart your iPad by following the specific steps mentioned earlier based on your iPad model.

FAQ 5: What should I do if the freezing issue persists?

If the freezing issue persists, try resetting all settings on your iPad or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

FAQ 6: Will resetting all settings erase my data?

No, resetting all settings will not erase your data. It only reverts the settings to their default values.


So, this is how you can resolve the problem if your iPad keeps freezing. You can repair your frozen iPad using different methods.

Among all, the best solution is to go with Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool lets you fix all iOS-related problems hassle-free. Get this tool now to fix the ‘iPad keeps freezing’ issue!


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