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Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass
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Do you wonder how to perform a Samsung reactivation lock bypass and learn more about it? If so, this is a must-read for you.

As you may already know, Samsung smartphones come with several safety features for the benefit of the users. Of all those features, the Samsung reactivation lock feature is a really effective and handy option.

If you have used an iPhone before, you might know its Activation Lock. We should say that Samsung’s reactivation lock is pretty similar to iPhone’s Activation Lock.

The reactivation lock has been introduced to Samsung phones recently. Well, we don’t want to keep you in the dark anymore.

This article comprises all the required information related to the Samsung reactivation lock bypass. If you have any questions about the reactivation lock, they will be answered through this article. You must know that the Samsung reactivation lock is introduced as a security feature.

This feature comes in handy, particularly if the respective phone gets lost. Picture a situation in which your smartphone is lost and found by someone else. If you have activated the reactivation lock feature on the lost device, others cannot activate it.

In order to activate the device, it requires the credentials of your Samsung account. Even if the respective person performs a factory reset on the device, these credentials are required.

No matter whether you have lost the device or someone has deliberately stolen it, this feature becomes handy. Usually, the person who took your device will perform a factory reset before using it.

But if the device is protected with the Samsung reactivation lock, the other person won’t be able to use it. To use the device, the respective person will have to enter the credentials.

In other words, the device is useless for those who don’t know the credentials of the Samsung account. By default, however, this feature associated with Samsung phones comes turned off.

So, to experience this service, you should necessarily activate it. In fact, you can get it activated within a minute or so. Please note that it is highly recommended to keep this option activated.

By the way, let’s learn more about how to perform the Samsung A10 FRP bypass.

Why Should You Think of Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass?

It is true that the Samsung reactivation lock is introduced as a security measure for the user. However, there are instances in which it can be a problem for the users themselves. Think about an instance in which you have been locked out of your Samsung phone by accident.

What if you have performed a factory reset and you have forgotten the password of your Samsung account credentials?

Although it doesn’t always happen, what if it happens by any chance? In this case, you have nothing to do other than find a way to perform a bypass.

samsung reactivation lock

If you read this article until the end, you can find a way to do this. Also, we will explain some other valuable information related to this issue.

How Should You Choose a Service to Perform a Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass?

You already know how important the data stored in your Samsung device is. It might contain private photos, videos, online account details, banking information, text messages, and other sensitive data.

Even if you have deleted this data (during the factory reset process), don’t forget about data recovery software. That means powerful data recovery software can retrieve the files that are deleted. So, letting someone else handle your Samsung smartphone is risky.

This is exactly why you should rely on a truly professional service but not a random one. Although this point sounds like a no-brainer, a surprising number of individuals fall into traps. They just waste their money on random services and lose their money and privacy.

So, it is really important to rely on someone professional and well-established in the industry. Therefore, consider the below-mentioned aspects before you opt for such a service.

Read the Reviews

This is the obvious best way to find a good service provider to unlock your Samsung reactivation lock. Once you come across a service provider online, just go through their website first.

Then, you should start reading the reviews left by previous consumers. These reviews will explain the standards of the respective service.

See How Professional They Are

You can get an idea about their professionalism level just by looking at their website. Observe their website and believe your instinct.

Do they have something fishy? Too many flashing ads? Complicated interface? Just say no to them. Then, drop them a message and see how they reply. If they reply promptly and with clear information, that’s a plus sign.


Yes – payment is important to consider before you opt for a service provider. That means you should settle for a service that is not too expensive or not too cheap. If they charge really low and it is ‘too good to be true,’ just keep looking. Perhaps, they have other intentions.

Get the Information Ready

Be sure that you have all the information in hand before contacting the service provider. For instance, get ready with the IMEI number, make, and model of the device.

Have this information written down on paper. Such preparation is really handy to make the initial process quick.

Know the History of the Samsung Phone

Be sure to know for how long the respective device is. Some companies require this information so they can take the necessary measures.

It is better if you have a case history in hand when contacting the service provider. That means writing down the attempts you have made so far to bypass the reactivation lock.

Know with Whom You Are Dealing with

If you’ve decided to go with a vendor, make sure to know the name of the person you contacted. Make sure that you take notes on what you communicate. If anything goes wrong, this information can be very handy.

Have a Proper Email Account Ready

You will be asked to provide a valid email address before obtaining their service. The unlock code of the respective device will reach you through this email address. That means they send you the unlock code on your email account.

Check if They Have Any Restrictions

Before you subscribe to their services, be sure to check if they have any restrictions. Some service providers promise a little and deliver beyond your expectation.

On the other hand, others promise a lot but deliver way less than that. So, be sure to know exactly what they deliver before subscribing.

Check How Long They Take

The duration of the unlocking process will vary from one service provider to another. However, knowing how long the respective vendor would take to unlock your phone is always better. In general, a good service provider might perform a Samsung reactivation lock bypass within three days.

Why Does Price Matter When It Comes to Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass?

Well, as you have already experienced, your Samsung phone is an exceptionally important aspect of your life. However, that doesn’t mean that the process should cost you a fortune.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t go for the cheapest service you find online. You get what you pay for. It is a matter of finding the right service that can get the reactivation lock bypassed for a reasonable fee.

Also, you must know that their price is on par. So, it is always better to compare the packages a few competitors offers. Such an approach would give you an idea about the recent price packages. After realizing that their prices are fair, you can consider them favorably.

Is Speed Important?

Obviously! You don’t necessarily have to wait for several weeks to get your Samsung smartphone unlocked. After all, you need to access all the data on your smartphone as soon as possible.

Waiting for your device to be unlocked can be a really difficult task. You can get easily impatient while waiting for the unlock code.

So, you should get to know how long it would take to unlock your Samsung device. As long as the process takes around three days (less would be better), it is okay for most of the users.

Why Should You Consider Their Success Rate Seriously?

The success rate of the service provider you select must be high. If they cannot guarantee a high success rate, you will be wasting money and time. After all, we don’t want to spend money and time on a service we’ll never get.

There are plenty of service providers on the internet claiming that they can bypass the locks. However, there are hundreds of stories about scammers as well. That means there are plenty of fake services that boast about Samsung reactivation lock bypass.

Excellent Customer Service is Compulsory

Excellent customer service is a key aspect that can make customers happy and patient. A fast and reliable service indeed matters a lot when it comes to unlocking a device.

But there should be really impressive customer service to maintain a healthy relationship with clients. After being locked out of your Samsung device, you are frustrated, and there’s no secret about it.

So, you might have various questions to ask the service provider you have selected. Your frustration can blast if the service provider hesitates to answer your questions. So, ask the customer service team some questions and observe how they perform.

Don’t Fall into the Trap of False Promises

You can easily fall into various traps when you badly need to get a Samsung reactivation lock bypass done. Some vendors promise various things just because they need to get your business.

So, if some random service provider promises plenty but has no track record, think twice before selecting them. Instead, you should rely on a service that comprises true experts who can handle Samsung devices professionally. To make sure they are true experts, you can ask some questions about technical issues related to the device.

Depending on the answers you get, you can decide if the respective service provider is genuine. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when dealing with different devices.

Instead, the experts should be smart enough to deploy different methods and get your device unlocked. All you need is to unlock your device within a couple of days at an affordable rate. And you will need it with a greater success rate.

Now, let’s jump to the point of “false promises.” What does it mean by false promises? Well, all service providers usually market their services with attractive marketing lines. However, only some of these vendors do what they promise.

To differentiate a false promise from a genuine claim, you should check their track record. Even if they have attractive marketing lines but have no track records to prove it, why should you believe them? Such service providers might be telling you what exactly you want to hear. But that is not what they actually can do.

What if you come across a vendor who promises to bypass your Samsung device’s reactivation lock within one hour? Our strong suggestion is to stay away from them, particularly if they don’t have any track records to display.

If unlocking a Samsung phone within an hour is possible, how come they don’t have any reviews yet? How have all those Samsung users missed such a previous service? As long as the service provider’s claim is too good to be true, ignore them. Use your common sense in this case.

So, What’s the Best Service to Trust?

Well, there is no shortage of options when you look for a Samsung reactivation lock bypass service. However, there are only a few services we can actually rely on and fits into the criteria we have mentioned.

We have identified DirectUnlocks to be a really impressive, reliable, and efficient service in this case. We observed that we have enough and more reasons to rely on DirectUnlocks.


Why Do We Suggest DirectUnlocks?

  • They match the criteria we have mentioned above.
  • Communicate with customers professionally and promptly.
  • They have a plethora of experience handling issues related to smart mobile devices.
  • Deal with your device’s data with the utmost privacy.
  • They have excellent reviews left by satisfied clients from various places.
  • They actually deliver what they promise.
  • Have an excellent turnaround time.

And more!

So, if you are looking for a good suggestion to bypass a Samsung reactivation lock, we recommend DirectUnlocks. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not do any more research on this subject.

Instead, you may do some extensive research (just like we did) and come to a conclusion. We suggest DirectUnlocks because we have done enough amount of research.


1: Can bypassing the Reactivation Lock void my warranty? Bypassing the Reactivation Lock may void your device’s warranty. It is essential to understand the implications before attempting any bypass methods.

2: Is it possible to bypass the Reactivation Lock without losing data? In most cases, bypassing the Reactivation Lock involves a factory reset, which erases all data on the device. It is crucial to back up your data before attempting any bypass methods.

3: What should I do if I forget my Google account credentials? If you forget your Google account credentials, it can make bypassing the Reactivation Lock more challenging. It is advisable to follow the account recovery options provided by Google.

4: Can I bypass the Reactivation Lock on any Samsung device? The methods to bypass the Reactivation Lock may vary depending on the device model and Android version. Ensure you follow guides or tutorials specific to your device.

5: Are there any risks involved in bypassing the Reactivation Lock? Bypassing the Reactivation Lock may carry risks, including potential loss of data or violation of legal terms. It is recommended to exercise caution and use trusted methods or tools.


As we believe that is what you should know about the Samsung reactivation lock bypass procedure.

When you need to get a reactivation lock bypassed hereafter, we suggest you consider the abovementioned aspects. Be sure that you don’t risk your privacy just because you want to save a couple of dollars.


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