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Chasing the rarest mount in WoW has been one of the top challenges loved by its players. There are plenty of bizarre yet magical mounts that add to the charm of the game.

This article is an endeavor to introduce the top WoW most rare mounts to you so that you know how you are going to amp up your WoW collectible section.

Mounts in World of Warcraft

One of the largest shares in the WoW collectibles section is taken up by the Mounts. Players obtain these mounts through different means, including raids, dungeons, questing, trading, grinding, reputation, etc.

The reason why players are ready to do so much for mount farming is that it is simply thrilling. It is also a refreshing break for classic dungeon grinding or raiding. Mounts make the wait for another expansion or feature launch easier.

There are over 100 mounts available in-game WoW. Each one of them is known for its uniqueness and rarity along with looks, style, popularity, etc. Some of the mounts have extremely low drop rates that just make them an exciting challenge to possess. Also, if you are experiencing the WoW Escape Key Not Working issue, click to fix it easily now.

Now, we are going to present a list of 23 WoW’s most rare mounts that is going to help you with your next target.

#1. Amani Dragonhawk

rarest mount in wow - Amani Dragonhawk

This mount appeared in the game in the expansion pack Twilight of the Dragons after the Patch 4.1.0 update. Even though it is one of the WoW’s most rare mounts, it is relatively readily available for riding once in each race.

The simple-looking mount matched perfectly with the Blood Elves and looks unique due to its color scheme. It is also highly expensive, with around 4.8 million gold purchasing amounts.

#2. Arctic Wolf

rarest mount in wow - Arctic Wolf

A gem mount of the level 60 epic mount group Arctic Wolf was launched in the vanilla WoW. There is no clear reason behind the immense popularity and rarity of this mount.

However, it can be said that this Orcs mount just used to do better than the Night Elves and humans. It was also an armored wolf that looked so much cooler than a simple wolf walking around every day.

#3. Black Nightsaber

Black Nightsaber

The Patch 1.4 update had many of the epic mounts unavailable, Black Nightsaber being the rarest mount in WoW. It was an unarmored mount that could be obtained with the card of Reins of the Nightsaber.

This level 60 mount was the best match for Night Elves. The rarity of this mount only increases the jealousy of those players who can’t ride it while watching Darnassus Night Elf NPC guards strolling around on it.

#4. Black Qiraji Battle Tank

Black Qiraji Battle Tank

The popularity and quality of this mount are unmatchable. It had one of the toughest obtainment conditions. It involved a 10-hour long haul of fighting Silithid in Ahn’Qiraj opening phase and using the card Scepter of the Shifting Sands to control the Scarab Dais. This whole event happened once at every server only. Thus, the rare availability of the mount even in the simplest WoW session explains much.

#5. Corrupted Hippogryph

Corrupted Hippogryph

This mount appeared in the Crown of the Heavens expansion pack in the TCG group. The best part about Corrupted Hippogryph is that it is saddle-free, but its basic and monotonous design isn’t liked by many of the users.

However, it remains one of the most sought-after mounts because of its high connections with Night Elf lore, hugeness, and suitability for roleplay server players. Get it with luck and real money!

#6. Crusader’s Black Warhorse

Crusader's Black Warhorse

This rarest mount in WoW ceased to be a part of the game since the Patch 4.0.3 update. It used to be available as the Horse-side win in A Tribute to Immortality, and only about 0.1% of players could manage to unlock it.

The only game element that could challenge its popularity has been the Alliance version, as Hordes are just the greatest riders, but that can’t beat the numbers still.

#7. Crusader’s White Warhorse

Crusader's White Warhorse

Just like the above mount, White Warhorse has also ceased to continue after the Patch 3.2 update. The rarity of this mount was due to its obtainment condition. It required the completion of the Trial of the Grand Crusader 25m, ensuring no dead players and unexhausted 50 chances. No dead player was in the toughest condition, along with the faint availability of raids.

#8. Explorer’s Jungle Hopper

Explorer's Jungle Hopper

Desert exploration in WoW becomes fun with this mount that shared thematic style with the plane of Indiana Jones. It is easy to win but rare to find. The condition to get this mount includes players recruited in the game via your subscribing to game time equivalent to 9 months. You can arrange so in any way, and the chance to win other desert theme rewards unlock too.

#9. Feldrake


This is one of WoW’s most rare mounts that only 0.1-2% of players can manage to win. This is because the mount is available on the Trading Card game platform and appears in the game Timewalkers: War of the Ancients.

This tradable card can be purchased with the bidding amount of gold. Moreover, the mysterious looks of Feldrake with green vapors and Burning Legion head mark make it the perfect match for Demon Hunters and Warlocks.

#10. Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

A mount that has been owned by just one player ever is the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider. The interesting thing is that this mount never existed originally in the game.

It was a color misplaced alternative of the original gnome racial mount that got deleted accidentally by its rider. Even this mount ceased after the Patch 6.2 update, and the rumors have it that the sole mount owner tried to cheat jeopardized the rarity of the mount.

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#11. Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

This cloud serpent mount is the best example of why everyone wants to ride them at least once. The exceptionally magical white and black glow adds up to the majestic flight of the serpent mount.

Now, the hard part is winning this mount that only comes with farming the weekly lootable Sha of Anger.  A simple way to do so is killing Sha of Anger weekly with many characters; though, the chance remains bleak still.

#12. Prestigious Midnight Courser

Prestigious Midnight Courser

This had been another of the WoW most rare mounts that became even more mysterious with the updates in the in-game Honor set-up. It takes an immense amount of grinding along with huge 250 Honor for unlocking the ride.

However, only the players with PVP Penchant take up to take up the impressive mount again. The same is not the case with low-level players.

#13. Savage Raptor

Savage Raptor

One of the rarest TCG mounts group, Savage Raptor, is a member of the pack War of the Elements. Even after having found the best source, there are only 0.1-2% chances of finding this mount.

Now, with the rise of very skilled and dedicated hunters, the mount is coming down on the popularity and rarity scale. The tooltip for riding the mount is the only way to getting to obtain this.

#14. Silent Glider

Silent Glider

What makes Silent Glider a rare mount is the drop rate of merely 0.58%. However, the charm of this flying fantasy-lore game manta ray with spikes and a hardcore style.

The first condition of obtaining this mount is defeating the Soundless which is very difficult and rare. The grind drops heavily on patience as the loot is dropped only once every day. However, the ride is worth it.

#15. Sinrunner Blanchy

Sinrunner Blanchy

The latest WoW update had this new and very cool mount added to the game. You can own and unlock Sinrunner Blanchy with a combination of days of effort and a complex set of items.

Blanchy belongs to the damned and had to be offered the following items gradually in 6 days- 3 dread hollow apples, 1 saddle blanket, clean water, 4 strong horseshoes, 1 grooming hairbrush, and 8 fistful oats. Upon accepting and befriending the player, the mount allows one additional ride.

#16. Solar Spirehawk

Solar Spirehawk

The phoenix lovers cannot find anything more majestic than the Solar Spirehawk mount of WoW. The magical avian is the rarest of the rare find with only 0.03% chances of a loot drop. Such low chances make it a very rarely found mount along with the toughest condition to get it. There is a chance of getting to ride this mount if you manage to defeat Rukhmar!

#17. Son of Galleon

Son of Galleon

You may find the rarest mount in WoW, but nothing matches the aura of Son of Galleon. We are talking about a heavy dino mount that becomes available only to the lucky few. You will need to arrange 20000 gold just for the saddle of this mount. Don’t think it’s easy since it’s going to have you waiting for the black market bidding.

#18. Swift Shorestrider

Swift Shorestrider

This mount has been there ever since the start of the game. However, it could only be gained by using the Wasteland Tallstrider card available in the Throne of the Tides expansion.

The rarity became even higher as Blizzcon 2019 released a unique unscratched card for the mount on eBay. The price for the card was around $400 which made the mount expensive for users and even rarer.

#19. Swift Zhevra

Swift Zhevra

This mount could be won as a reward under the initial promotional Recruit a Friend game. You can’t find it anymore as other rewards have replaced it. This also happened because the extreme rarity of the mount made other rewards relatively lucrative for the players.

Zhevra mount was ground riding only, and other rewards mounts had better riding features like multi-player mounting, air flights, etc.

#20. Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

Another majestic cloud serpent mount becomes obtainable only with the defeat of Nalak which is extremely difficult. It doesn’t get any better with the Mogu Rune of Fate.  

The riding spell becomes available only after the user befriending Order of the Cloud Serpent. All in all, the chances of winning the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent are not more than 0.6%.

#21. White Riding Camel

White Riding Camel

There are plenty of camel mounts, but White Riding is the best-looking most rare mount in WoW. It was in the expansion pack Tomb of the Forgotten players launched in the Patch 4.3 update.

The rarity of this game can be observed with the rarity of its card itself. It can be availed at the trading game platform and was launched in 2012. You can buy it from different players in-game or other online platforms even now.

#22. White Stallion

White Stallion

One of the unique unarmored mounts launched at the beginning of WoW, White Stallion has gone out of existence now. This is because the racial and 100% speed mounts versions were traded for with the unarmored initial WoW most rare mounts. White Stallion was a charming mount that was a legendary pleasure to ride and witness in various gaming videos like those of Youtuber Cranius.

#23. X-51 Nether Rocket

X-51 Nether Rocket

Another rare gem of trading card gaming, this mount was readily findable for everyone in the expansion Servants of the Betrayer. However, around 1% of players could only manage to retain the card till the present. There was another mount available via the card named X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME. It has been retained by around 35 players till the present time. Clearly, this mount is a strange combination of ease and rarity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Are rare mounts purely cosmetic, or do they offer any gameplay advantages? A: Rare mounts are primarily cosmetic and serve as a symbol of achievement. However, some mounts may offer increased speed or unique abilities, providing a slight advantage in certain situations.
  2. Q: Can rare mounts be traded or sold between players? A: It depends on the game’s mechanics. In some games, rare mounts can be traded or sold, allowing players to acquire them through alternative means. However, in others, they are soulbound and cannot be traded.
  3. Q: Are rare mounts accessible to all players, regardless of their level or experience? A: Rare mounts often require a certain level of progression, skill, or access to specific content. While some can be obtained by players of all levels, others may only be available to high-level or endgame players.
  4. Q: Can rare mounts be obtained through in-game purchases or microtransactions? A: In some games, certain rare mounts may be available for purchase through in-game stores or microtransactions. However, the most prestigious and challenging mounts are usually earned through gameplay achievements.
  5. Q: Are rare mounts permanent or temporary? A: Rare mounts are typically permanent once obtained. However, seasonal events or limited-time promotions may introduce temporary mounts that are available for a specific period.

Final Words

We are sure you must have decided on the next rarest mount in WoW that you are going to obtain. You can get help with the unlocking of these mounts from the WoW gaming guides available online. Catch them all and tell us how you did it in the comment section.


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