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Pokemon Go Sniping – Is It Working Presently in 2024?


Written by Jack Lin

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Pokemon Go Sniping

Do you want to use Pokemon Go sniping? Or do you simply wonder if it works as of today? If so, it is best to read this article and learn more about it.

Pokemon Go has indeed become a top-rated game for several years. Once, it was the most popular game on the App Store. The main challenge associated with this game is that you should physically walk to catch Pokemon characters.

In other words, it is a location-based AR game. So, the game will use your iPhone’s physical location before making Pokemons available for you.

However, many individuals use various strategies to catch Pokemons that are located away from you. Catching a Pokemon that is not within your location is often called sniping.

There are many tools in the modern-day market to snipe Pokemon characters. The main strategy behind sniping Pokemon characters is spoofing the actual location.

So, if you find the correct location spoofing tool, you can even catch Pokemons located anywhere. You can do it if you are in the USA and want to catch a Pokemon in Australia.

Part 1: An Introduction to Pokemon Go Sniping 

Well, as we mentioned above, Pokemon Go sniping is the act of catching a Pokemon in a distant location. You use a tool to set a virtual location to acquire this specific target.

However, the main risk associated with this approach is that it can ban your Pokemon account. Therefore, you should always be careful to use a professional tool that doesn’t put you at risk.

With That Said, Mentioned Below Are Some of the Terms You Should Know About Pokemon Go Sniping.

● Sniping

This is the practice of entering a virtual location to capture a Pokemon located somewhere else.

● Camping

Well, camping is the word that refers to the practice of staying at your spoofed site without being noticed. This process is essential to minimize the risk of getting a ban.

You should remember that some actions don’t require you to settle down. With that said, you can get an idea of how to react before sniping a Pokemon.

There Are Some Actions You Should Perform After a Cool-down Period.

  • Catching a Pokemon from the Mystery Box of Meltan, Incense, Lure Models, Special Lures, and so on.
  • If you drop the ball in the encounter screen accidentally and in raids.
  • When you take part in gym battles.
  • Before placing a Pokemon in a gym
  • Before feeding wild berries to Pokemon
  • When a Pokemon is fleeing
  • Before feeding gym defenders on your screen’s radar
  • When you try to catch a Pokemon with a Gotcha device

Mentioned Below Are the Actions That Don’t Need Players to Have a Cool-down Time.

  • When you were evolving Pokemons
  • When you teleport the respective device
  • Catching Pokemons during a quest
  • When powering up a Pokemon
  • Trading Pokemons
  • When you want to meet a wild Pokemon
  • When you want to feed a gym defender
  • Using auto walk without necessarily using a spinning strategy
  • When you hatch eggs
  • To get awarded with weekly quests
  • While performing speed raids
  • When you open gifts that are exchanged

You can easily update the list of actions that require a cool-down period. It is not that difficult because the list is not that long.

PS: let’s learn more about whether the KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator is worth the try.

Part 2: Pokemon Go Sniping – How to Do It?

Actions such as catching Pokemons after teleporting to a different location can be called snipping. So, if you get caught by Niantic (Pokemon Go’s developers), you will likely face a ban. This is exactly why many apps can be used for sniping.

Well, this information gives you a better idea to figure out what snipe is. That said, sniping is pretty simple as long as you use the correct tool and method.

In this case, you will have to enter the coordinates of the Pokemon in whatever app you use. After that, the respective device will be virtually moved to that location (called teleporting). After that, you can capture any Pokemons out there.

However, when you teleport, you must also pay attention to the timing factor. If not, you will face a ban. This is exactly why we mentioned something called “cool-down time.” If you rush from one location to another in an unrealistic manner, you risk a ban.

For instance, think that you catch a pokemon now and catch the next one teleporting 200 km in a minute. Even a beginner will realize that it is an unrealistic move. So, respect the reality when moving from one location to another.

As a Pokemon Go player, you can use this time to spend some time with other players. You can even go on raids and exchange some gifts as well.

Besides, if you wonder how to perform Snapchat map hacks, just read more.

Part 3: Is It Safe to Do Pokemon Go Sniping?

It is always important to remember that you are vulnerable to a ban after getting caught for spoofing. The ban could go for 30 days at the least. In certain cases, some users have experienced permanent bans for the same reason.

Pretty recently, many warnings were issued to those who have performed location spoofing.

So, only a few of the users were able to use those methods successfully. This is specifically because the algorithms used in the new updates could catch most of the misuses.

Well, Is It Safe to Use Pokemon Go Sniping?

Before providing a straightforward answer to this question, you should learn a few things about the ban.

It is best to understand from where most of those warnings have come. Listed below are some reasons why the bans were implemented on users.

  • The first ban appeared on iSpoofers. A considerable number of users say that they experienced at least warnings when using iSpoofers.
  • Players who relied on iSpoofer versions acquired from third-party sources have experienced that issue. Some examples of such third-party sources are Panda Helper and Tutu.

By the way, here is the free Pokemon Go accounts for your reference.

Well, How Can You Address That Issue and Use Pokemon Go Sniping?

As mentioned before, learning how to do Pokemon Go sniping properly is important to avoid bans. The best way to get it done is to create a new account. With the new account, you should start sniping or spoofing.

As a result, you will not have to face any bans or warnings. If you get caught by any chance, you can switch back to the main account.

In addition, if you wonder how to change location on Spotify, you should check out this guide.

Part 4: What is the Best Alternative to Do Pokemon Go Sniping 

There is no shortage of ways to spoof your location when playing Pokemon Go. With one of those methods, you can snipe Pokemon characters as you wish.

In this case, a reliable spoofing app is the best method to change the location. Otherwise, you will always face the risk of getting blocked permanently.

1. Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

There are only a couple of reliable tools we can recommend to change the location reliably. Dr.Fone Virtual Location is the most recommended app for this purpose. Let’s learn more about this powerful tool from this point forward.  

Features of Dr.Fone Virtual Location

To better understand this awesome application, let’s look at the list of features mentioned below.

  • It lets you teleport instantly to anywhere, regardless of the country.
  • You can use it to navigate easily across the map, thanks to the joystick feature.
  • It allows you to be virtually present at any location by simulating movements. For instance, you can even pretend that you are riding a bike or taking a walk.
  • This tool is compatible with all the apps that work based on geo-location, including Pokemon Go.

How to Perform Pokemon Go Sniping using Dr.Fone Virtual Location?

Now that you have an awareness of the capabilities of Dr.Fone Virtual Location. Let’s learn how to use it.

  • First, download Dr.Fone using the official website. After that, you should install it on your computer and launch it.
  • On your Dr.Fone home screen, click on the option “Virtual Location.” Then, connect your device to the same computer using an authentic USB cable for an uninterrupted connection. Go to the option “Get Started” to proceed.
Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)
  • Now, the screen will display the actual location of the device. If there is a discrepancy in the location, just hit the “Center On” icon to reset the location.
Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)
  • You should now go to the upper part of the interface and locate the third icon. Click on it to proceed. As a result, you will be directed to the “Teleport” mode. Now, you should enter the desired location you intend to snipe. As the final step, you should click on the option labeled “Go.” As a result, the device will be teleported to the respective location.
Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)
  • Now, Pokemon Go will take the location you set as the device’s actual location. After moving into that location, just spend a cool-down time. You can consider the actions we have recommended in the previous paragraphs. After some cool-down time, you can click on the option “Move Here.”
Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)

The most beneficial aspect of using Dr.Fone is that it allows you to spoof the location precisely. Once the location is changed into a virtual one, there is no accidental going back. Thanks to that solid performance, you don’t face the risk of banning due to suspicious location changes.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)
Pokemon Go Sniping alternative - Dr.Fone Virtual Location (iOS)

2. iSpoofer

Pokemon Go Sniping alternative - iSpoofer

iSpoofer is the most popular location spoofing app for Pokemon Go players. This tool comes with several important features, such as a joystick, so you can easily move across the map.

In addition, it allows you to conveniently move through GPX routes and teleport locations.

This app can get real-time information on the Pokemons that are located nearby.

3. iPogo

Pokemon Go Sniping alternative - iPogo

The other popular option is iPogo, and you can use it to change the location easily on Pokemon Go. It is a free tool and comprises some of the features of paid apps.

It even lets you change the speed of the movements. The joystick feature helps you navigate to different locations. All in all, iPogo offers several decent tools for a free location spoofing app.


  1. What is Pokemon Go sniping?
    • Pokemon Go sniping refers to the practice of finding and catching Pokemon from rare and far-off locations without having to physically travel there.
  2. Is sniping in Pokemon Go allowed?
    • Sniping is generally discouraged and considered against Niantic’s fair play policy. It can result in penalties, including temporary or permanent bans.
  3. How does sniping work in Pokemon Go?
    • Sniping involves manipulating your device’s GPS data to trick the game into thinking you’re located somewhere else.
  4. What are the alternatives to sniping in Pokemon Go?
    • Alternatives to sniping include participating in Raids, using Lure Modules, or hatching Eggs to catch rare Pokemon.
  5. What is the future of Pokemon Go sniping?
    • The future of sniping in Pokemon Go is uncertain as Niantic continues to discourage and take action against it.

The Bottom Line

You should do it with good awareness when it comes to Pokemon Go sniping. Otherwise, you will be facing serious issues with your Pokemon Go account. If you do it wrongfully, you are likely to face warnings or even bans temporarily or permanently.

Therefore, you must use reliable apps to change the locations. In this case, Dr.Fone Virtual Location is a highly recommendable app that does what it says.

However, regardless of your app, be sure to make your movements realistically, as mentioned in this article. Good luck in Pokemon Go sniping.


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