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Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV? – 7 Easy Fixes


Written by Jack Lin

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Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV

If your Nintendo Switch not connecting to a TV, you might feel so annoyed, don’t you? If you are looking for a solution as you are experiencing this issue currently, here’s a must-read for you.

You can enjoy your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. However, it isn’t the same as relaxing on the couch as you earn back Tom Nook’s debt.

When playing with a group, that sort of feature is especially useful. That is because the small screen isn’t conducive to cooperative play.

There are several potential causes to consider before taking your Switch in for repair. So, mentioned below is the content to read if it isn’t able to establish a connection to the TV.

Reasons Why Nintendo Switch is Not Connecting to the TV 

There are a few different scenarios in which your Switch can refuse to link up with your TV.

If you can’t solve the problem by eliminating possible causes, at least try to rule them all out.

  • The Switch is wired in; however, the TV is set to the incorrect input. Having multiples of the exact input can make things somewhat complicated. For instance, if you have four HDMI ports, it is simple to forget which configuration the TV is on. There will be a unique number for each, but it’s easy to mistake them.
  • Either the cords you use are flawed, or you use the incorrect type of cables.
  • You have the Switch docked wrong. You can try different things, and one of them could just work to solve the issue you’re facing.
  • Either the wall adapter or the faulty Switch itself has to be rebooted.

Many gamers have had problems with syncing their Switch with the TV. However, these issues were solved on the same day. Try the obvious first to see if you can put your Switch to its working status again. 

In addition, here is the list of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls for your reference.

So, What Are the Solutions to Try if Your Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Get Connected to the TV?

Before checking the connections, make sure everything is set up properly. If everything looks good there, you should check the Switch as well as the TV.

However, the Switch’s Lite version lacks a means of connecting to a TV for use as a “second display.” If you don’t have a Switch version that can make the necessary connections, then these methods won’t help you.

Check the Input

Check the Input

One of the several inputs on your TV is suitable for using the Switch. Verify that your HDMI cable is properly connected.

  • First, establish a connection between the TV and the Switch unit. Make sure you are using the correct connection by checking the rear of the respective TV unit. The correct port must be labeled with the text “HDMI.”  
  • Turn the TV on to proceed to the next step.
  • Now, you should press the button “Input” on the remote. You should then be able to find the same connection into which your Nintendo Switch is plugged. If the ports are not labeled as you would expect, you should skip to the next step.
  • Choose HDMI 1 if you don’t see any labels. Then, please wait for a while so the TV will finish loading the source. If it doesn’t necessarily work, try HDMI 2. You should attempt each possible HDMI connection in turn and wait until it finishes loading.

Be patient, as Switching inputs on a TV or monitor might take a few seconds. Don’t be in a rush. On many devices, there will be a momentary pause before the connection is fully established.

If the Nintendo Switch still doesn’t connect, try a different HDMI port on the TV. It’s possible that only one of the TV ports is broken, but this doesn’t apply to every TV.

Once you have changed the cable, consider turning your TV back on. After that, you should select a different port for input.

Solution 01: Change the Resolution for the TV

Try Switching the screen’s resolution. The preferences section of your menu should contain this option.

Whether you’re using the right output, you can try turning it down a bit. Then, you should see if the Switch’s screen becomes legible.

Also, the issue of the Nintendo Switch dock not working can be very troublesome. Read on to learn how this problem can be fixed effortlessly.

Solution 02: Change the Way You Have Plugged the Cables In

Change the Way You Have Plugged the Cables In

This may sound a little interesting and silly, but it works for some users. If your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to a TV, just follow the order mentioned below to fix it. This little hack might help you establish a solid connection.

  • Remove the cables (all of them) that are connected to the TV, Switch, and wall outlet.
  • Then, you should plug in the Switch dock’s power cable first.
  • After that, plug that power cable into the respective wall outlet.
  • Now, plug your HDMI cable into the Switch’s “Out” slot.
  • Then, plug the other end of the same HDMI cable into the input socket of the TV.
  • That’s it. Now, you should place your Switch into its dock.

Let’s see if we can get the Switch to show up on your TV. Just to be sure, it’s a good idea to cycle through the TV’s input connections again.

Solution 03: Check the Cables

Check the Cables

In practice, non-Nintendo cables are used frequently. Many people will find that they are useful and effective.

There have been numerous reports of problems caused by utilizing non-standard connectors. In fact, a proper AC adaptor must be used to control the Switch’s power output.

There are third-party cables that will not charge your Switch. Make sure the cords you use are Switch-compatible if they’re not the official Nintendo ones.

Assume that there’s a problem with the cords. So, you can see if the console still connects to the TV using a different cable set. It is possible for an HDMI cable to appear undamaged but still be defective.

Solution 04: Reseat the Faulty Console

Positioning the Nintendo Switch properly in the dock is essential for use. When releasing the Switch from the dock, many individuals found it wasn’t properly docked.

There’s one way to see if the portable device’s lack of TV connectivity was caused by a loose connection. All you need is to remove it and then reseat it.

  • Remove your Switch from its dock. After that, you should see if any dust or dirt is accumulated on the dock. Suppose you don’t find anything that obstructs the connection. Otherwise, you should clean them.
  • Check properly if the ports are clean and unbroken.
  • Now, you should hold the Switch in a way its screen faces the front side of its dock.
  • Lower it. Then, place it on the dock to establish a connection.
  • Reconnect your Switch with the TV and see if it works.

If your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to the TV due to a poor connection, the above steps will fix it.

Solution 05: Reset the AC Adapter

Sometimes, restarting the adapter of the Switch and checking the console’s status will solve any problems with it. Whenever the Switch doesn’t connect to the TV, Nintendo suggests trying this.

To avoid any complications, please do not use any add-ons. Never use an adapter or extension cord. Instead, you should always use direct connections to equipment like the TV and the dock. 

  • Switch off the devices (Switch and the TV).
  • Then, remove your Switch from its dock.
  • Remove the cables of all the devices.
  • Leave everything unplugged for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug its AC adapter into the device and the power supply.
  • Switch on the console.
  • Now, the AC adapter should be removed from the Switch.
  • Plug the adapter into the console’s dock.
  • Plug in the HDMI cable to its TV as well as the HDMI cable.
  • Switch the TV on.
  • Place your Switch back in the dock.
  • Select the correct input.

Solution 06: Perform a Soft Reset

Perform a Soft Reset

If your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to a TV, just try a soft reset. To do that, you should press the power button and hold it so the Switch should be turned off.

Then, wait for about 10 seconds and press the power button once again to Switch it on. Check if it works.

Solution 07: Check if Other Hardware Components Are in Order

If nothing has worked so far, you may try a different TV with your console. Or, you can use a different console on the same TV to see if it works.

That will help you figure out where the problem lies. Also, check if your cables are working properly.

PS: let’s learn more about how to use Nintendo Switch parental controls easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why won’t my Nintendo Switch display on the TV?

A: There can be several reasons why your Nintendo Switch is not displaying on the TV. It could be due to a faulty HDMI cable, incorrect TV settings, or issues with the docking station. Refer to the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article to resolve the problem.

Q: How do I know if my HDMI cable is faulty?

A: To check if your HDMI cable is faulty, inspect it for any visible damage or loose connections. You can also try using a different HDMI cable to connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV and see if the issue persists.

Q: Can I connect my Nintendo Switch to a different TV?

A: Yes, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to a different TV. Follow the same steps mentioned in this article to troubleshoot the issue and ensure that the TV settings are properly configured.

Q: What should I do if my Nintendo Switch still doesn’t connect to the TV after trying all the troubleshooting steps?

A: If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and your Nintendo Switch still doesn’t connect to the TV, it is recommended to contact Nintendo customer support for further assistance. They will be able to guide you through advanced troubleshooting or advise you on repair options if necessary.

Q: Can a software update fix the Nintendo Switch not connecting to TV issue?

A: Yes, a software update can sometimes address compatibility issues and improve the overall performance of the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to keep your console up to date by regularly checking for system updates in the settings menu.

Q: Is it possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a computer monitor instead of a TV?

A: Yes, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to a computer monitor that has an HDMI input. Simply follow the same steps mentioned in this article to establish the connection. Keep in mind that the monitor should have built-in speakers or you will need to connect external speakers for audio.


Well, at least one of the above solutions should work if your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to the TV.

However, if none of those solutions have worked, you have nothing to do other than contact Nintendo for help.

They have a dedicated online portal to help customers out.


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