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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

If your children are spending more time on their Nintendo Switch, then there is a way to stop them from wasting time on Nintendo.

No, we are not talking about forcibly taking their Nintendo from them. But there are other methods to do so.

As you know, it is very easy for kids to indulge in console games. However, taking the device away directly would not do you any good. Initially, your kid will feel disappointed and rebel against you.

So, the best way is to set a time limit for which they could play on Nintendo. After the time is over, your children have to power off the device on their own.

However, there are chances that your kids would not listen to you even after having this agreement.

In that case, you need to activate the Nintendo Switch parental controls. Once you have activated these controls, the device automatically shuts down, or a notification shows up on display.

Here, we will discuss why and how to set Nintendo Switch parental controls on your kid’s Nintendo Switch.

Part 1: Reasons for Setting up Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Reasons for Nintendo Switch parental controls

As you all know, kids like to spend too much time playing games. This phenomenon is pretty common and happens to lots of children. Nintendo Switch’s games are full of entertainment that children play a lot. Hence, they spend so much time on these interesting games.

No matter how much they like these games, it’s not good for your children. If they continue to play games for long hours, it will hurt their tender eyes and affect their character growth.

Moreover, they will not focus on the studies that become clear from their grades. Some of the Nintendo games comprise nothing but violence and blood. These kinds of gaming options are not good for your lovely children. They will even affect their mental health and potential growth.

Here, we are not saying that they should not play games at all. Obviously, entertaining gaming sessions are very much important for kids to unwind.

However, there should be a limited time period for gaming. If they spend long hours gaming, it will have an adverse effect on their examinations and other important activities.

So, parents need to employ parental control applications on their kids’ smartphones to prevent them from wasting their time.

With the help of these programs, parents can monitor their playtime. Plus, they will notify your kids when the time is up.

Part 2: Things that Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Perform

Nintendo Switch parental controls

The application regarding Nintendo Switch parental controls is quite effective. It is available at no cost.

The program assists you in engaging with the family irrespective of all the Nintendo Switch activities. The latest Nintendo console comes with a parental control application.

By enabling Nintendo Switch parental controls through this application, parents are free to monitor console usage. Moreover, this application helps you to create an educational and safe upbringing for children.

So, there are certain things that users can perform if they enable Nintendo Switch parental controls.

Monitor the Playtime

The main intention of activating parental controls is the non-stop usage of the console by children, where it gets difficult for parents to prevent them. Using this feature, parents can monitor the playtime of their kids on Nintendo.

Also, they can set a limit for which their kids can use the device on a regular basis. After the time is up, a pop-up will show up on display.

The best part about this application is that parents will receive a notification if the device remains working even after the daily usage time is over. If this situation arises, parents can even choose to power off the device after the time limit is over.

Meanwhile, you can remove all game interruptions and alarms using the PIN if you like to grant a free day to your kid.

In addition, here is the list of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls for your reference.

Choose Games that Kids Can Play

While you set up the Nintendo Switch, you can even select a category from the preset options. Using the parental control feature, you can choose which games your children will be able to play. It could be according to their age.

Moreover, you can look for games that your kid is fond of and make a decision regarding restrictions using that information.

Other Online Features

Each and every game on Nintendo comes with unique and diverse online features. Some features may not be apt for your children.

With the help of Nintendo Switch parental controls, parents can even set restrictions on the in-game text as well as image sharing.

Moreover, they are also capable of preventing their kids from posting screenshots on social media applications.

Part 3: How to Switch on Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

In case your little one spends most of the time playing games on the Nintendo Switch, it could be a problem. Children tend to ignore their studies, and it gradually affects their mental growth and studies.

If that’s what your kid is going through, then you have to prevent them from committing this mistake for their future’s sake.

However, you should not just stop your kid from playing games altogether. You can put up Nintendo Switch parental controls for setting up a time limit on their entertainment. If your children come across situations like this, it will assist them in unwinding the Nintendo.

Plus, they would not waste their precious time playing games on their Nintendo console. So, let’s discuss how to switch on the Nintendo Switch parental controls.

Steps to Switch on Nintendo Switch Parental Controls:

If you have no clue about how to switch on Nintendo Switch parental controls, then follow the instructions given below.

It is very easy to turn on these parental controls. Have a look at the steps below!

Step 1: Launch Nintendo Switch

In the first place, you need to run the console, Nintendo Switch. From the home tab, look for System Settings and tap on the tab.

Step 2: Look for ‘Parental Controls’

Next, you need to scroll down to look for the ‘Parental Controls‘ feature.

parental controls on Nintendo Switch System Settings

Step 3: Choose ‘Parental Controls Settings’

After that, you have to choose the tab ‘Parental Controls Settings‘ present at the top. Now, choose the option ‘Use Your Smart Device.’

use this console

Step 4: Download the Application

Next, you have to download the application Nintendo parental control from App Store or Google Play. After that, you need to log into the same account as Nintendo.

sign in to the account

Step 5: Put in the Code

Take the Nintendo console and put it in the application’s code. Once entered, the gaming console will get connected to the application.

enter registration code

Step 6: Place Restrictions

The application is connected now. You can place restrictions on usage time and communications, a ban on social media postings, etc.

When we talk about usage restrictions, they will disable your kid from crossing a set time limit. Here, users have several options like a 6-hour interval, a 15-hour interval, and no limit.

choose the restriction level

Now, you know what you have to do when your kid spends most of the time on Nintendo gaming options. Plus, you can stop them from playing inappropriate games.

To stop them, you can employ Nintendo Switch parental controls present under ‘Settings‘ and control the time that your kid spends playing games. Thus, it is quite an efficient and simple method for preventing your kids.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Forgotten PIN

If you forget your PIN, don’t panic. You can reset it through the Parental Controls app or Nintendo’s customer service.

Misconfigured Settings

If a setting isn’t working as expected, double-check your configurations in the app. Most issues can be resolved this way.


The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls offer a robust and flexible system to protect your children while they enjoy their gaming activities. With this guide, you can confidently navigate these controls, ensuring a safe and balanced gaming environment.


  1. What is the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app?
    • It’s a free mobile app that lets you set and manage Parental Controls for a Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Can I set different play-time limits for different days?
    • Yes, you can specify different limits for weekdays and weekends.
  3. What if I forget my Parental Controls PIN?
    • You can reset your PIN through the Parental Controls app or by contacting Nintendo’s customer service.
  4. Can I restrict my child’s communication with other players?
    • Yes, you can limit their ability to send/receive messages and post on social media.
  5. Do Parental Controls block all mature content?
    • While you can restrict games based on age rating, some user-generated content (like comments in multiplayer games) may not be filtered.

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