Top 10 Best Clone Cards in MTG: The Gathering and Their Abilities


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MTG Clone Cards
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MTG Clone cards have a fascinating job, which copy any creature in play.

This ability can provide an extra copy of the strongest creatures of the controller, or it can provide a copy of a harmful threat to your opponent.

However, there are many different Clones in the game, which have different abilities.

Top 10 Clone Cards in MTG

Below are the ten best clone cards in Magic: The Gathering as we will look at and discuss their abilities and utility.

1. Evil Twin

Evil Twin

Being a traditional mono-blue Clone, Evil Twins has a Dimir spin on it. It cost four mana, the same as the original Clone, and it can enter the battlefield and fight for you like a copy of any creature.

Now you may think: “It is like a normal Clone without anything special!” It’s more than that. No matter what kind of creature Evil Twin copied, that creature will gain a treacherous ability.

If you pay blue and black mana, Evil Twin should be tapped to destroy the creature that has the same name.

This may sound complicated, but let me put it this way, if Evil Twin copied a creature of your enemy, then it could destroy the original creature, the one your opponent has.

Like its name, Evil Twin is evil. Whenever your opponent casts and played a creature that is hard to deal with, just use Evil Twin.

See that giant scary monster? I have it too, and yours goes boom! This helpful ability makes it one of the best MTG Clone cards.

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2. Altered Ego

MTG Clone Cards - Altered Ego

Like the Evil Twin, Altered Ego is also the Dimir variation based on a traditional original Clone creature. It functions as one substitute for the premier Simic. During its basest form, Altered Ego act as a four-mana Simic Clone that will not be countered in any way.

Even though this itself would make Altered Ego a unique, powerful clone, there is an additional X in Altered Ego’s mana cost.

Altered Ego joins the fight with the amount of +1/+1 counters equal to the number of extra mana paid to cast it. This ability allows the spell’s controller to play a more robust version of opponent creatures.

Unlike Evil Twin, this time, I will have your giant scary monster more scarily. The similarity between these two Clone cards is that they both prefer their enemy to cast and play a powerful creature. The more dangerous the creature you play, the happier I am!

3. Spark Double

Spark Double

Continuing with the trend of the cards recently printed, now we have the Spark Double. It has the exact mana cost as Stunt Double, but its utility is strictly better.

Published in the Planeswalker-heavy “War of the Spark,” this Clone card not only can enter the fight as a copy of any creature but also can be used to act as a copy of any Planewalker.

Additionally, if the Duplicate is a creature, Spark Double will enter the battlefield with a counter of +1/+1. On the other hand, if it enters the battlefield as a Planewalker, then there will be additional loyalty available.

Even though this Clone does not have any ability or trait added to the copied creature, the fact that it can enter the battlefield as a Planeswalker makes it unique.

Reasonably, Spark Double is one of the best Clone cards in MTG.

4. Clever Impersonator

MTG Clone Cards - Clever Impersonator

By now, the most flexible and reliable Clone in MTG, Clever Impersonator, is both modified and effective. Only costing four mana, like most of the other Clones, its ability is simple: entering the battlefield as a copy of any non-land permanent.

Under this circumstance, Clever Impersonator can be used to copy any compelling creature no matter what type it is, except lands. Practically, in any case, there is a use of Clever Impersonator.

5. Progenitor Mimic

Progenitor Mimic

Even though this Clone requires six mana, Progenitor Mimic can stay for more than a single turn on the battlefield. This indeed makes up for the extra cost.

Furthermore, Progenitor Mimic is another Simic Clone just like Altered Ego, so we can guess that it will come with a beneficial ability that makes it stand out from other Clones.

Progenitor Mimic will enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature you prefer. Additionally, this Clone creates a copy of itself during the beginning of its controller’s upkeep.

This might be unclear, but it simply means the more extended the copy stays on the field, the more value will accrue to it exponentially since it can create a large number of a creature over time.

What makes this Clone so unique is its ability, which forces the opponent to deal with the mimic. The longer the opponent leaves it alone, the more the copy of that creature.

In this case, though costing six mana, Progenitor Mimic is way more valuable than other Clones. Way to go!

6. Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

MTG Clone Cards - Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

Unlike other Clones on the list, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, will not immediately join the battle as a copy of another creature. However, he possesses several strengths that make this Clone unique.

As a start, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, can become any preferred creature in an opponent’s graveyard, not your own. With this ability, any kill or mill spell will be able to serve the duty, giving Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, the ability to become a duplicate of a powerful creature.

Meanwhile, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, comes with the trait of Hexproof, which provides Hexproof to the copied creature.

For this ability, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, becomes a special card to have in battle since Hexproof makes Lazav and the creature become incredibly difficult to deal with.

Just in case some of you may not know, with Hexproof, the creature cannot be the target of any spell or ability of your opponent’s control.

Now you may realize how powerful this ability is and how Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, is so hard to deal with.

With that being said, Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, deserves a place on the best MTG Clone list.

7. Stunt Double

Stunt Double

Unlike the previous Clones, Stunt Double is more recently printed, and it invalidates the use of the original Clone, having a strictly better alternative. Requiring four mana, Stunt Double can make a copy of any creature on the battlefield. Same abilities as the original Clone.

The thing that makes Stunt Double stand out is that it comes with the additional benefit of possessing Flash. This means that you can cast this spell anytime and cast it in an instant. This makes Stunt Double more flexible and provides it with many more uses through an instant speed.

While battling, casting a spell at an instant speed is quite important. When the other spells require you to use it at your turn, this spell can be used anytime. There are many more ways it could be used, either as offense or defense.

With this being said, it’s undoubtedly one of the best MTG Clone cards in this game.

8. Dack’s Duplicate

MTG Clone Cards - Dack's Duplicate

Continuing with the trend of two-colored alternatives on Clones, Dack’s Duplicate is a representative of an Izzet Clone. It can enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature just as expected; this Clone spell gains two different abilities: Haste and Dethrone.

Both abilities allow Dack’s Duplicates to be used more aggressively than other Clones. For its first ability, Haste enables it to attack when it enters the battlefield.

On the other hand, Dethrone can allow the Duplicate to grow larger as long as it attacks the player with the highest life total.

The reason why Dack’s Duplicate is on this best MTG Clone list is mainly because of the two abilities. Haste turns the Duplicate into a more helpful creature that can either bring support or bring more power.

If you feel that you are having a tough time this round, use Dack’s Duplicate and gain a creature that can attack immediately. If you feel like you need more power to finish an opponent off, use Dack’s Duplicate.

Indeed, this Clone deserves to be one of the best MTG Clones.

9. The Mimeoplasm

The Mimeoplasm

This Clone is an excellent choice for any Sultai Commander. Being a powerful clone, The Mimeoplasm does not create a copy of the creature on the battlefield. Instead, it copies creatures that are from the graveyard, which is kind of similar to Lasav, Dimir Mastermind.

When entering the fight, The Mimeoplasm has the ability to exile two cards you prefer from any player’s graveyard.

After that, it turns into a copy of one of the exiled creatures. After that, it gets a +1/+1 counter that has the same amount of power as the other creature that is exiled, easy and simple.

This ability not only can make the copy of The Mimeoplasm powerful but also remove threats that are in an opponent’s graveyard since some cards have the ability to revive creatures from the graveyard.

Not only that, but this MTG Clone Card can also utilize the graveyard of the controller, which is also helpful.

If you have one of your powerful creatures removed or killed, then using The Mimoplasm will be a great choice of making your opponent regret their act.

10. Mirage Mirror

MTG Clone Cards - Mirage Mirror

Last but not least, Mirage Mirror. Mirage Mirror can be a colorless artifact instead of a creature with color. This distinction is essential for two main reasons.

Firstly, being one artifact usually apply to being harder for enemies to remove. Also, this MTG Clone Card can be utilized in any deck of your choice.

Having the cost of only three mana, Mirage Mirror is relatively easy to cast. Once in play, the controller may choose to pay two mana and turn it into a copy of the target creature, artifact, land, or enchantment until the player’s turn ends.

This ability enables Mirage Mirror to duplicate any vital cards, either its controller controls or its enemy controls. This also makes Mirage Mirror more flexible and valuable.


  1. What is the best clone card in MTG? There’s no definitive answer as it depends on your deck and strategy. However, many players favor Phyrexian Metamorph and Progenitor Mimic.
  2. Can clone cards copy legendary creatures? Yes, but due to the “legend rule,” if the copied creature is legendary and you control two with the same name, you’ll have to sacrifice one.
  3. Can clone cards copy tokens? Yes, clone cards can copy tokens, but the clone is not a token itself.
  4. Are clone cards affected by summoning sickness? Yes, clone cards will have summoning sickness unless the copied creature has haste.
  5. Can clone cards copy transformed creatures? No, clone cards can only copy the front face of a double-faced card.


That’s pretty much it for the ten best MTG Clone cards. These Clones have different abilities, but all these abilities can be beneficial either in some instances or at any time.

While deciding which Clone to use, consider these ten. They will not disappoint you.


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