How to Fix Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7


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Why did the Samsung Moisture Detected Error Happen?

Moisture detected errors on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 can be one of those errors that will ruin the entire experience of the phone. You can spend the entire day looking for the right spot where the problem seems to be coming from.

The error Moisture detected S9 could be from thousands of things from the smartphone before we take a strong look at how to fix this error from the phone.

First, we must understand what moisture detected S9 error is and how it happens on the phone?

Smartphones can be very repulsive at times, but they are built to make things easier for the user, as these phones have enough functions that make them capable of running thousands of things every second.

It can get very hard for the user to keep track of every little development of the smartphone; you will need to have a technical background to understand what is happening inside the phone.

But most people use smartphones as just one of the electrical equipment in their daily life. They might like knowing everything about the smartphone before using it.

Moisture Detected S8, S9, S7 Error

Errors in smartphones can pop up any minute without any notification. If you own a Samsung phone, you might have seen moisture-detected errors plenty of times.

The problem doesn’t only consist of one model; you might have seen moisture detected on S8 or moisture detected on S9. This error leaves less clue to the user to figure what the rational next step to take to get rid of the problem?

Many Samsung users have reported facing moisture-detected errors on their phones recently. This error can be very persistent on the phone. The craziest thing about this error, your phone doesn’t have to be in contact with any watery surface to trigger this error.

This will happen suddenly without giving the user any prior signs or notice. That is why many Samsung users have been complaining about this error on various forms online.

What Will This Error Do?

This error would prevent you from charging your phone. Think of this as a safety precaution Samsung took to prevent any dangerous accidents from occurring with electrical devices, as anybody can expect what kind of reaction would occur if an electrical device comes in contact with any liquid substance.

But having errors such as this can make your battery dead because it won’t support charging every time you try plugging your USB cable into the back of the phone. It would throw the moisture-detected S7 error on your phone.

Don’t let the errors let you down; there are plenty of ways you can solve the error on the phone without taking any bigger steps. These methods will be quite a lot easy to comprehend and simpler to execute.

Fix Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7

1. Clearing the Charging Port

Changing the environment will bring moisture into the air; this can’t be blocked or prevented from reaching your phone because this will be part of the weather system. Changing weather will deposit moisture inside your charging port.

Or this could be the reason if your charging port has some liquid substance still in the port. If that is the problem, then there are steps you can take to erase that.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Take a piece of cotton and try to clean the charging port.
  • If you find any liquid substance inside the port, then all you need to do is dry the port.
  • Which can be done by leaving the port alone or using a dry blower;
  • Once it has dried, try plugging the USB wire back again to see if the phone charges. If it does, then congratulations, you have fixed the moisture-detected S8 problem.

If this method worked out for you, then great; if you are still getting the moisture-detected S7 error, try the next step to solve the problem.

Broken Cable

Sometimes the moisture-detected S8 problem is blamed on the connection cable you are using to charge the device. If that is the case, follow the previous, but instead of cleaning the port on the phone, clean the end of the USB wire.

While you are here, clean the other end of the wire, and make sure there isn’t any liquid substance in the adapter. This might fix your problem. If it hasn’t, then proceed to the next step.

2. Fixing the Software

If you didn’t find any moisture inside the charging port and the phone still shows the same old moisture-detected S8 error, the problem might be in departments other than the hardware.

This brings us to the software aspect of the phone. Even if you tried cleaning your charging port solution to fix the problem, the problem could be coming from the software part of the smartphone. Then the question becomes, how do you fix the software?

To eliminate this bug from your smartphone, you will need software called ‘Tenorshare Reiboot for Android.’ The chances are really high in erasing any bug on the phone with this software.

It is a highly recommended solution for this problem because the software packs many features to counter any sort of problem inside the smartphone in a matter of minutes.

System Requirements

  • CPU – 1GHZ (32-bit or 64-bit) or above would be better; it will make for a faster installation.
  • Memory – 1028 MB ram, above would be better
  • Support Operating System – Windows 7/8/10 and even Vista, XP (32bit/64bit)
  • Device Operating System – Android 2.0 to Android 9.0
  • Support Devices – A massive 600+ android phones, including tablets.
  • Languages – 10 languages

Follow these steps to install and remove the moisture-detected problem on your phone effectively.

● Download

First, you need to download the software on the pc. For this, you will have to go to the website and click on the download button; make sure you download the version compatible with the Windows version installed on your PC. The download process can take a couple of minutes, depending on the internet speed.

● Install

Once the download has finished, the next step is to install it. On some computers, you will get a dialogue box asking you to allow access to the software in the firewall setting. Click on allow for the setup to continue.

● Setting Up

Once you have finished installing the software, the next thing is to connect the device to that you are having a problem with your computer. Make sure the device is connected by accessing the device through your computer.

● Start

Here you start the process of the removal of the moisture-detected S8 on your phone. Once you launch the app, you will see plenty of app features on the home page.

This might confuse some users from following what to do next. Don’t worry; just click on ‘Repair Android System.’

Tenorshare Reiboot for Android

● Providing Information

Hitting repair Android System would have you press the ‘Repair Now‘ button to begin the removal process. On this page, you will see various empty fields on the menu.

Because this is where you be inputting most of your information about your phone, you must select your brand name, the series name of the phone you are having trouble with, the model of the same phone, the country, and the carrier service. Then click on Next to continue the process of removal.

Repair Moisture Detected S8 Error via Tenorshare Reiboot for Android
Select Galaxy S8 on ReiBoot for Android

● Download

In this step, you will have to start the download of the firmware package; this can take a couple of minutes. If your internet speed is not decent, you might see some hiccups on the road.

The download may get canceled or end in some sort of error. You don’t have to get freaked out by this. Just press retry and continue to download the firmware package. Eventually, the setup would fully download the software.

Download S8 firmware with Reiboot For Android

● Repair

Once the software has been downloaded the right software, you can follow the instruction on the display of the screen to repair the phone. This would only require you to click the software’s ‘Repair Now’ button.

The repair can take just a little time to complete; once the bar reaches 100, you will know the problem has been fixed.

firmware package have downloaded
Repair Moisture Detected S8 Success with Reiboot For Android


Q1: Why does my Galaxy S9 show the “Moisture Detected” error even when it’s not wet?

A1: The error can be triggered by dust, debris, or a faulty sensor in the charging port, causing the device to falsely detect moisture.

Q2: Can I fix the “Moisture Detected” error myself?

A2: Yes, you can try cleaning the charging port, restarting the device, or clearing cache and data of charging-related apps. However, if the error persists, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance.

Q3: Will a factory reset remove the “Moisture Detected” error?

A3: A factory reset can resolve software-related issues, but if the error is caused by a hardware problem, a reset may not fix it.

Q4: How long does it take for the moisture sensor to reset?

A4: The time it takes for the moisture sensor to reset can vary. After cleaning the charging port and ensuring it’s dry, wait for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge again.

Q5: Can the “Moisture Detected” error damage my device?

A5: The error is designed to protect your device from potential damage. However, if the error persists or if you ignore it and continue charging, it may lead to actual water damage.


Following the steps above will help you fix your phone’s moisture-detected error. Some of the steps may seem complicated initially, but if you follow the steps one at a time, you will reach the right conclusion.

The error Moisture detected S9 could occur from various things. There is no need to resort to downloading software to fix the error. If cleaning the ports works out well for you, you won’t need the software anymore.

Make sure every connection to the phone is dried. Sometimes, this can lead to the Moisture detected S8 error.


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