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What is LOST.DIR & LOST.DIR File Recovery


Written by Jack Lin

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Imagine that you are transferring some files from your personal computer to your smartphone’s memory card, but you seem to have forgotten about the ongoing transfer and directly ejected the SD card from your computer.

Now, you will see a folder that reads LOST.DIR on your phone device and cannot find the files that you were transferring.

In most normal cases, all these files can be recovered one by one manually. However, this step can get tricky when you have lots of files.

If you have faced situations like this, you can read this post to understand the LOST.DIR issue and should be able to fix and recover the files that you seemingly lost.

Part 1: What is LOST.DIR?

While the folder might look like a potential virus, it is actually not. This folder is created by the Android system to save the files that your operating system recovers while rebooting. These files are stored in the LOST.DIR for recovery later.

For instance, imagine that you have connected your phone to your personal computer and transferred your files between them. While this transfer, your phone gets disconnected from your computer; it is at this moment that a LOST.DIR folder is created to store all your unsaved files for recovery.


What Does the LOST.DIR Folder Contain?

The LOST.DIR folder is almost similar to Window’s Recycle Bin; however, the LOST.DIR folder contains files that your Android could not save before getting disconnected. The folder is created while your device boots up. However, in many scenarios, the folder is usually empty.

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Part 2: How to Recover Files from LOST.DIR on SD Card?

Here is another method by which you can recover your files from the LOST.DIR. You will first have to add the filename extension for the LOST.DIR files. This filename extension will indicate by its type, and the system will open it with certain software from which you can view the file.

At times, the files can only be opened by certain software. The mechanism of removing the file’s filename extension. This mechanism of removing the filename extension in the LOST.DIR directory will not allow the file to open. Thankfully, there are some methods by which you can recover some of those files via adding the filename extension.

Here is How:

  • 1: You first need to locate the LOST.DIR directory on your Android device. You can do so quickly with the help of the search bar.
What is LOST.DIR
  • 2: Here, you can check all the LOST.DIR files and rename them according to the batch. In this step, you can also add the filename extension.
  • Tip: Common music formats include CDS, WAV, MP3, etc. Common video formats include FLV, WMV, 3GP, MP4, AVI, etc. Common picture formats include BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.

You can try to open these files to check whether they have been recovered or not.

Part 3: Tenorshare 4DDiG – The Easiest Tool to Recover All Your Missing LOST.DIR Files

Perhaps the easiest solution to recovering your LOST.DIR file is to make use of Tenorshare 4DDiG.

It is one of the best computer applications that will help you recover all your files that are inaccessible due to this kind of error, as well as some deleted files like apks, zips, videos, pictures, etc. The recovery process is done effectively, easily, and fast.

Features of Tenorshare 4DDiG

  • There are no tech skills or other specific skills needed to use the LOST.DIR File Recovery
  • You can recover all your lost files while protecting other files from being over-written
  • The LOST.DIR File Recovery can be made on all types of data loss, no matter whether these files were formatted in an external device, emptied in the recycle bin, or mistakenly deleted
  • Support for the majority of file types like emails, audio, documents, videos, images, and pictures
  • File recovery can be made on all sorts of storage devices like flash drives, external hard drives, and memory cards

How Do You use 4DDiG to Recover Your LOST.DIR Files?

  • 1: Open Tenorshare 4DDiG, select the ‘SD Card,’ and start ‘Scan.’
Tenorshare 4DDig
  • 2: Wait for 4DDiG to scan out your Lost.Dir folders from SD card.
scan out your Lost.Dir folders from SD card
  • 3: When you finish the scanning, choose the Lost.dir folders and click on the Recover button.
choose the Lost.dir folders and click on the Recover button

Part 4: Is It Possible to Delete the LOST.DIR Folder?

Yes, you can remove the LOST.DIR folder. But the folder will show up again when you reboot your Android device.

Most of you must be familiar with the prompt ‘Preparing external SD card’; the system checks all the files inside the LOST.DIR folder. If no files are found, another folder is created while booting up.

How Do You Prevent the LOST.DIR Directory on Your Android Phone?

Once you are done recovering your files from the LOST.DIR directory, you should read the tips mentioned below to know how to prevent LOST.DIR and fixing the problem:

Method 1: Manage Your Smartphone Properly

If you wish to avoid running into the LOST.DIR problem again, it is important that you keep your phone running and functioning well. Hence, you need to devise some strategies that will prevent your phone from shutting down accidentally or freezing.

You need to shut your phone off occasionally, close unused applications, run antivirus programs regularly, and clean up junk files regularly.

Multiple program processes and too many junk files will eventually slow your phone down, and your device will keep shutting down automatically, thereby creating LOST.DIR directories. If you shut your phone off manually, the cache will be released, and your phone will speed up to some extent.

Additionally, you should always eject the memory card properly. Therefore, you need to close all the programs and shut down your phone manually before ejecting the SD card to end the read-write process.

Method 2: Formatting SD Card or Flashing Phone

If you continuously run into the problem of your files getting lost due to the LOST.DIR folder, you should consider that there might be a problem with your SD card or your phone’s system.

If you solve this problem, you will be able to remove the LOST.DIR issue radically. If your system does not run properly, you can flash fix the trouble. If the LOST.DIR issue is caused by the SD card; you can repair it by formatting the storage device.

However, before you perform this step, you need to back your files up to avoid loss of data.

Important Tips to Remember about LOST.DIR

Here, we have shared some tips about the LOST.DIR folder and the associated errors. There are some important things that you need to know about this folder. While you can delete the folder, you need to ensure that the contents of the folder are copied out of it first.

To avoid such issues, you should always strive to eject your Android device from your computer before disconnecting it, especially after a media transfer. Apart from this, other reasons why your files can get into the LOST.DIR folder is:

  • Sudden pulling out of the SD card from the computer
  • Android smartphone freezing at random
  • Suddenly-interrupted downloads are also stored in the LOST.DIR folder
  • Shutting down the device when the transfer is going on


  1. What is LOST.DIR? LOST.DIR is a system folder in Windows devices that stores data that could not be saved during an unexpected system shutdown or crash.
  2. Can I delete LOST.DIR files? Yes, but it’s recommended to check whether the files are important or not before deleting them.
  3. How can I recover LOST.DIR files? You can recover LOST.DIR files using various recovery software. Remember to back up important files regularly to prevent any data loss.
  4. Why does LOST.DIR take up so much storage space? If your system frequently crashes or if applications aren’t closed properly, LOST.DIR files can accumulate and occupy significant storage space.
  5. How can I prevent LOST.DIR files from accumulating? Proper device maintenance and updates, as well as correctly closing applications, can help prevent the accumulation of LOST.DIR files.


Whenever you are stuck in these situations and trying to recover files from the LOST.DIR folder, there is no need to fret; all you need to do is acquire the services of LOST.DIR File Recovery – Tenorshare 4DDiG.

Moreover, you now know the exact meaning of the message and the ways to prevent it. The folder is not a virus, so you do not have to worry even if you see it in your Android device’s directory.


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