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Android Factory Reset Code

In the world of Android devices, sometimes it becomes necessary to revert back to the factory settings for a variety of reasons.

To help you maneuver through the process, we bring you a comprehensive guide on Android factory reset codes and more.


Knowing the correct Android factory reset code is useful for any user these days. In fact, factory reset code becomes crucial if you want to hard reset your Android device. You may want to go for a hard reset due to many different reasons.

Hard resetting works as a very effective solution customers try when their Android smartphones malfunction. Common issues include failing to remember the passcode, experiencing a device freeze or hang, or having an app crash.

If you hard reset a mobile device, all of its data gets erased permanently. Also, the device will return to its original state. One technique to perform a hard reset on an Android device is by using a factory reset code. Find out exactly what a factory reset code is and how to implement it into your workflow.

Besides, let’s figure out how to master the process of disabling FRP lock on Android through these effective techniques. Safeguard your information and select the most suitable method to deactivate FRP.

Accessing Android Factory Reset Code

Accessing Android Factory Reset Code

If you intend to perform a hard reset, you are supposed to know the Android factory reset code. In fact, it is not possible to move forward with a factory reset unless you have this code.

Entering the factory code to do a hard reset on your device is not difficult at all. In fact, entering the code is easy as entering any other number into your phone. These codes could be crafted with a particular device or version of Android in mind.

Let’s assume that you are interested in learning the codes for resetting your phone. If so, you’ll find them listed below, along with information on the most common smartphones. We also present alternate methods, such as professional and effective programs for resetting the device. These methods are helpful in case you have tried to reset your mobile device and were unsuccessful.

Factory Reset Code for Samsung Devices

Many users have Samsung devices. If you are a Samsung user, the Android factory reset code for Samsung devices is ##7780##. If none of the other codes work, you can even use 27672878# as the custom reboot code.

That said, below is how to reset a Samsung phone with this Android factory reset code.

  • As the first step, you should take the SIM card out from the device that should be reset.
  • Open the dialer or the phone app on your device and type the code we mentioned before (##7780##).
  • The third step is to confirm your action. After confirming it, you will see that the resetting is started.

And that’s how to reset a Samsung device with an Android factory reset code.

Factory Reset Code for LG

For LG phone users, you can use 1809#101# or 2945## as an Android factory reset code. Also, ##7780## is another code that works for many Android users.

How to reset your LG phone using a master reset code

  • Go to the emergency dialer of your LG device.
  • Enter 2945##. If not, you can even use 1809#101# using the dialer. If none of those codes are working, use #668 along with the power button.
  • As the final step, just follow all those instructions that appear on the device’s screen.

Factory Reset Code for Nokia

For Nokia mobile devices, you can use *#7370# as the code for hard resetting. This code allows you to reset the device so it will be in its original settings. After this step, the data on the device will be completely erased.

How to hard reset a Nokia device with Android factory reset code

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” option through “Menu“. After that, go to the option called “Restore Factory set“.
  • After that, enter the code #7370.
  • As the final step, click “OK“. Then, the reset will take place, and the data will be erased.

Factory Reset Code for OPPO

If you want to perform a hard reset on your OPPO device, you can use 27673855#. If not, you can try ##7780## as well because it works with plenty of Android models.

In fact, performing a factory reset delivers the same result on any device, regardless of the brand. It wipes out all the data and brings the device back to its original state.

After a factory reset, you can simply configure the device from scratch so the errors will be fixed. The same theory applies to OPPO as well. Just open the dialer and enter the code above to get the factory reset done.

Factory Reset Code for Huawei

If you are using a Huawei device and you want to reset it, read this section. You should enter the code ##7780## on the dial pad of your Huawei device. Then, the factory reset will happen.

Steps to follow to factory reset your Huawei device

  • Remove the SIM card first.
  • Then, open your device’s dial pad and dial ##7780##.
  • Subsequently, adhere to the directives that are displayed on the screen. Once the steps are completed, the resetting will take place.

Factory Reset Code for Sony Xperia

Those who want to reset a Sony Xperia device can use the code ##7378423## to do it if you want to know the step-by-step process, below is how to do it.

  • First, open your Xperia’s Emergency dialer. After that, you should enter the Android factory reset code ##7378423##.
  • Then, go to Customization Settings under Service > Menu.
  • After that, you can select the “Reset Customization” option. Then, choose Reset Customization & Reboot to proceed.
  • After that, your device will get back to the original state of the phone. The data on the device will no longer be available.

By the way, if you can’t recall your Android device’s pattern or pin? Let’s discover how to establish and utilize a universal unlock PIN for Android. Expedite unlocking and access any Android gadget!

Resetting an Android Device Without a Factory Reset Code

Are you facing issues with the codes provided for your phone models? If not, are you struggling to find the right one for your Android device? Well, don’t worry! There’s a fantastic tool called Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android) that can help you reset your phone effortlessly.

This user-friendly software, which you can easily install on your desktop, allows you to quickly remove various screen locks. For instance, it removes PIN, password, pattern, fingerprints, and even FRP lock.

The best part is that you can remove the screen lock without any concerns about losing your data. With its intuitive interface, the entire process becomes a breeze.

Features of Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

Here’s a quick look at the main features of this tool.

  • It helps you to reset your Android device easily and safely.
  • You don’t have to know the version of the OS to reset your device using this tool.
  • This utility is accessible to all, irrespective of their proficiency level.
  • Excellent success rate witnessed by millions of users across the globe.

How to Factory Reset Your Android Device Using “Screen Unlock” by Dr.Fone

Below is how to use it.

  • Download Dr.Fone on the PC and get it installed. Upon successful installation, select the ‘Screen Unlock‘ option.
dr.fone home
  • The locked Android device should be connected to that PC. You can use a USB cable to do it. Then, select “Unlock Android Screen“.
Dr.Fone Unlock Android Screen
  • Now, you can select the basic information like the brand of the device, its model, and its name. This is necessary to download the recovery package.
Select Your Device Brand to Remove the Lock
  • Thereafter, put your device into “Download Mode“. When you do that, the recovery package should start to download.
Install Drivers with dr.fone
  • At the completion of a successful download, tap “Remove Now“.
Dr.Fone - Removing Android Lock
  • After following the steps above, you will be given access to the device with no restrictions.
Dr.Fone Unlock Android Screen Completely

So, even if you have forgotten the password, “Screen Unlock” can help you overcome it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Android factory resets.

During a factory reset, all data, including apps, settings, and personal files, are erased from your device. It reverts your device back to its original manufacturer settings. This includes removing all Google accounts, wiping all apps and their data, and deleting any system settings and files.

Yes, a factory reset will delete all data and settings on your device. This includes any personal files, user-installed applications, and saved passwords. If there are files you need to keep, make sure to back them up before initiating the reset.

The duration of a factory reset varies between devices and the amount of data stored. Generally, a factory reset could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

In most cases, once a factory reset has been performed, the data cannot be easily recovered. That’s why it’s important to back up any important data before proceeding with the reset.

Yes, a factory reset can significantly improve the performance of your device by removing temporary files, clearing caches, and deleting unnecessary apps and data. After a reset, the device should run more smoothly.

If your device is infected with a virus or malware, a factory reset will remove it along with everything else on the device. However, if the virus came from an app that you reinstall, the virus could return. It’s best to install apps only from trusted sources.

A factory reset does not downgrade or change the operating system of your device. It only removes user data and apps while the operating system remains the same.


Knowing the Android factory reset code is useful, especially when you want to reset the device. The reset codes for leading brand names are provided in our article.

That said, if you have forgotten the password, you can try the professional tool called Dr.Fone Screen Unlock.


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