How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?


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How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

Would you like to know how to turn off read receipts on Instagram without any trouble? You have landed on the correct guide as we explain the process in the simplest possible format here.

With time on Instagram, you may have come across the read receipt tool. Senders may see if their messages have been opened or not. The message is marked “Seen” once it has been read.

Instagram is the Norm Today

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

When it comes to social media, Instagram has become an exceptionally popular, innovative option. It is mainly based on sharing photos and short videos among users.

Over the past couple of years, digital marketers across the globe have been using this tool for branding. That is apart from using it for personal use.

In addition to sharing pictures and videos, Instagram allows users to communicate through private messages as well.

As soon as you read a message in your inbox, the sender will be notified. That means the sender knows if you have read the message they have sent.  

Read Receipts Are Pretty Tricky

If you’re not careful, this functionality might put you in some sort of difficulty. When you get a message, you should have enough time to come up with a good, meaningful response. 

Taking enough time prior to replying to Instagram messages is tricky since the recipient sees that you’ve read it. When you’re in a scenario like this, you don’t want the sender to know you’re reading their messages.

Checking the possibility of disabling Instagram’s read receipts is the subject of this article. We’ll also go through a couple of other strategies to read messages without being detected.

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How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram?

Compared to applications like WhatsApp, Instagram doesn’t necessarily come up with an option to disable read receipts. That is exactly why people are wondering how to turn off read receipts on Instagram.

The good news, however, is that there are several unofficial methods to acquire similar types of results. In other words, you can accomplish the task of disabling Instagram message receipts with some indirect workarounds.

The best part is that the sender will not know if you have disabled the read receipts or not. In the next part, we explain how to do that.

Besides, let’s figure out when you ignore someone on Messenger what do they see on their end as a notification.

How to See Instagram Messages Without the Knowledge of the Sender?

Well, there are a couple of methods for those who wonder how to turn off read receipts on Instagram.

In this section, we explain those methods to you.

Option 01: Read Messages Through the Notification Bar

Reading messages using your device’s notification bar is considered to be an exceptionally effective method. It’ll allow you to see those messages without having to open them.

Whenever you get a message, a notice displays in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. In this method, you don’t have to open the chat window to view Instagram chat messages.

For this option to work, you must have instant message notifications enabled. This is exactly how to switch it on if you haven’t done it yet. 

● Step 01

First, you should open the Instagram app on your mobile device. After that, you will be able to head to the profile section.

Instagram profile section

● Step 02

There, you’ll be able to see a menu that appears as three parallel lines (it appears like a hamburger).

three parallel lines

● Step 03  

Now, please go to the option called “Settings“.

Instagram Settings

● Step 04

After that, you are supposed to select the option called “Notifications“.

Instagram Notifications Settings

● Step 05

When you are under the section called “Push Notifications“, you should select the option called “Messages & Calls“.

Messages & Calls Settings on Instagram

● Step 06

Now, tap on the option called “On“. It is located under the option called “Messages“.

Enable Messages Notification

That’s basically it. You can choose this option if you wonder how to turn off read receipts on Instagram.

Option 02: Turn on the “Airplane Mode” on the Device

Here’s another option to try if you want to read messages without letting the sender know. As per this method, you will have to enable “Airplane Mode” on your device. As a result, the internet connection of the device will be disabled.

In fact, switching to airplane mode will disable all the inbound and outbound connections on your device. Let’s see how this method becomes effective when it comes to viewing Instagram messages without the sender’s knowledge.

● Step 01

Let’s start off by assuming that you have received the message. Just switch Airplane mode on. If not, you should simply disable your device’s Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to proceed.

Those who use Android devices can swipe the screen from top to bottom to open settings. There, you should see the icon that appears as an airplane. Under usual circumstances, it should be disabled.

Just tap on that icon once to enable it so it will be highlighted. For iPhones, on the other hand, access their “Control Center” first. You can find “Airplane Mode” under “Control Center“. Tap on it.

Airplane Mode on Control Center

● Step 02

After that, you should go to the Instagram app.

Once you have done that, you should read the messages while the data network is turned off.

Even if you read the message, it won’t appear “Seen” from your sender’s view.


After turning the internet connection “ON“, however, the respective message you read will be marked “Seen“. But the above method gives you some time to decide on a good, meaningful reply.

So, turn on your internet connection after deciding on a meaningful, proper reply for the sender. And that’s exactly how to turn off read receipts on Instagram.

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The above paragraphs explain how to turn off read receipts on Instagram.

There is no official method introduced by Instagram to turn off read receipts for messages received.

However, the good news is that there are some unconventional, nonofficial methods to accomplish the same task.


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