Can You Hide Posts on Instagram?


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Can You Hide Posts on Instagram
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Can you hide posts on Instagram so other users cannot see them?

Many individuals have the same question, and, in this article, we intend to answer that question.

Part 1. Can You Hide Posts on the Instagram Platform?

There are many reasons for individuals to hide posts on their Instagram profiles.

Some individuals want to hide their posts only from specific users. Well, the truth is that there’s no direct, official method to activate such an option on Instagram. 

But the good news is that there are some tweaks you can try to accomplish this task. This article aims to explain those methods and hide your posts from some followers.

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Steps to Take to Hide Your Instagram Posts from Some Followers

Can you hide posts on Instagram?

As mentioned before, Instagram doesn’t necessarily allow you to hide posts after posting them. Instead, you can try some workaround to address this requirement. 

If you are a novice to Instagram, the following techniques will be very handy. No matter for what reason you decide to hide your Instagram posts, the following instructions will be your guide.

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Option 01: Make Your Instagram Account “Private” 

Make Your Instagram Account "Private" 

Here’s the easiest solution for those who wonder, “can you hide posts on Instagram“. As per this method, you are supposed to change the settings of your Instagram account so it becomes “Private“.

After making your account a Private one, the public cannot see it. However, those who receive your follow request can see all the posts on your Instagram.

Assume that you know someone on Instagram, and he or she shouldn’t see your Instagram posts. In that case, you can decline their request to follow. But the problem is that this method works under one condition; the respective user shouldn’t be a follower.

In other words, if that user is in your following list, try a different method to hide your posts. Such methods are explained below.

Option 02: Block the Respective Instagram Follower

Block the Respective Instagram Follower

You may even ban specific Instagram users from keeping their feeds private. When you unfollow someone on Instagram because you blocked them, Instagram prevents them from following you again. 

Assume that those users are not following you. They wouldn’t be able to view your Instagram posts or stories even if you have a public Instagram account.

Can you hide posts on Instagram? In this way, you may keep others from seeing your updates by blocking them. It is true that you can unfollow a person from your Instagram feed. Also, you will not be able to see the posts they have on Instagram when you block them.

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Option 03: Archive Your Instagram Posts

Here’s another method if you wonder, “can you hide posts on Instagram“. As per this method, you are supposed to archive the posts you intend to hide. After archiving a post, it will not appear on your Instagram profile.

As a result, other users will not be able to see that post in your profile. Also, none of those users will know if such a post exists. However, you should note that archiving isn’t the best option if you want to hide posts from some users.

In fact, you are hiding that post from every user who follows your Instagram account. That said, if you want to archive a specific post, you can go through the following steps:

  • 01: First, you should log into your Instagram profile.
  • 02: Next, tap on the video or photo that should be hidden.
  • 03: After that, go to the three-dot icon and tap it (at the top-right of the post).
  • 04: As the final step, tap on “Archive” so you will be able to hide the post.
Archive Your Instagram Posts

The good news is that you can undo this step whenever you need it to appear in your account. You can go to the settings and unarchive any archived post easily.

If you are wondering, ‘can you hide posts on Instagram’, these are the solutions for you to try.

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Part 2. How Can You Hide an Instagram Story?

Instagram allows users to conceal their stories from particular followers, notwithstanding the postings that appear on the feed.

You may block folks exactly as you did to conceal posts if you want to keep a story under wraps.

Additionally, only those who are following you can read your stories if you set your privacy to private. That said, do you want to hide Instagram stories from a certain group of people?

If so, there are a couple of ways to do so. Mentioned below are those methods for your reference.

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Option 01: Hide Stories

Some Instagram settings allow users to keep their stories private from a specific set of followers. As it turns out, you don’t have to be concerned about this action.

That’s because the person you’re hiding a story from will never get notifications about your action.

If You Want to Hide an Instagram Story, Follow the Steps Below.

  • First, you should log into your Instagram app after opening it.
  • Then, you should tap on those three lines that appear at the top part of the screen.
  • Once you have done that, go to “Settings“.
  • Then, you should tap on the option called “Privacy” and then select “Story“.
  • You will be directed to a different page.  You can then add users simply by tapping on the option called “Hide Story From“. After that, you should choose the users that should be added.
Hide an Instagram Story

That’s basically it. Now, the followers who were selected will not be able to see the stories on your Instagram account.

Option 02: Create a List of “Close-Friends”

The Instagram platform comes with a feature so users can create a list of Close Friends. This specific feature allows you to share many stories with individuals you prefer to have.

After creating this “Close-Friends” list, you will be able to post your stories only for the friends in it. And that’s a pretty handy option to hide your Instagram stories from other individuals.

Steps to Add or Remove Users to or from Close-Friends:

  • 01: First, you should open your Instagram app using your smartphone to proceed.
  • 02: After that, you should tap on the three-line icon located at the top of the screen.
  • 03: Now, tap on the option “Close Friends“.  
  • 04: After that, tap on the option called “Add” to choose followers.
Create a List of "Close-Friends

That’s basically it. After the above process, you will be able to send your stories directly to close friends only.

In other words, those who are not on your Close-Friends list won’t see what is shared as stories.  

Part 3. What if You Don’t Want to See Stories and Posts of Other Instagram Users?

Have you got any friends, coworkers, or family members whose postings and articles should not appear on your homepage? Well, the person you’re unfollowing may notice and be offended by it!

So, it’s important to remind you that there’s a technique to avoid seeing their posts without necessarily unfollowing them. Muting their postings or tales is all that is required.

Their articles and stories will disappear from the home page as well, as they won’t be visible there.

Steps to Mute a User on Instagram

Here are the steps to follow if you want to unmute a specific user on Instagram.

  • 01: First, you should go to the Instagram profile of the user you intend to block.
  • 02: After that, you should follow the option called “Following“.
  • 03: Tap on the option called Mute to proceed.
Mute a User on Instagram
  • 04: You can now mute posts or stories.

Part 4. Instagram Posts vs. Instagram Stories

● Instagram Posts

Most of Instagram’s content consists of Instagram posts. In your followers’ newsfeeds, these are the standard square photos and videos.

Posts on Instagram last forever. Because they remain on your profile in perpetuity (unless you decide to remove them), they receive more views over time.

They must be consistent with your brand’s image and beliefs, as well as the quality of material that your fans demand. This has resulted in highly curated Instagram postings for large businesses and profiles.

● Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, on the other hand, are more ephemeral and lighthearted. It takes just 15 seconds to post a story on Instagram, and it’s gone in 24 hours. 

Instagram Stories can, however, be put at the top of the profile and will remain there forever. 

Instagram Stories do not display in a user’s feed but rather at the top of your Instagram app. Instead of being square, Instagram Stories are vertical videos or photos. 

Instagram stories tend to be less formal because of their transitory nature. They’re more of a live, in-the-moment interaction tactic than a polished, staged Instagram post.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can someone still see my hidden posts if they are tagged in them?
    • Yes, if someone is tagged in a hidden post, they can still see it.
  2. Are hidden posts visible to new followers?
    • No, hidden posts are not visible to new followers unless you choose to make them visible.
  3. Can I unhide a post after I’ve hidden it?
    • Yes, you can unhide a post by accessing your archive and selecting the post you want to bring back to your profile.
  4. Will hiding posts affect my Instagram algorithm ranking?
    • While it is not confirmed, hiding posts may potentially impact your algorithm ranking as engagement metrics play a significant role in post visibility.
  5. Can I hide multiple posts at once?
    • Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide an option to hide multiple posts simultaneously. You will need to hide each post individually.


There are many individuals who ask, “can you hide posts on Instagram“. If you have had the same question, the above content will be precious for you.

As we explained before, there’s no standard or official method to prevent only some individuals from seeing your posts. Instead, there’s a workaround that comes with some consequences.

However, when it comes to Instagram posts, you can hide them from specific followers. To do that, you will have to create a list of close friends on Instagram. Then, you should add preferred users to your close friends. The stories can then be made visible to the ones that are on the close-friends list.

So, can you hide posts on Instagram? Yes, but with some limitations!


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