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Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? No! (Updated in 2024)


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Bumble Have Read Receipts

There are many readers who ask the same question – “does Bumble have read receipts?” 

If you want to know the answer to the same, keep reading as this article explains it in detail.

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts?

Let’s get to the point straightaway; does Bumble have read receipts? Well, there are many dating apps that come with the function of “read receipts“. In fact, “read receipts” become exceptionally handy when it comes to social media usage.

The “read receipt” feature is an important aspect of social media apps. This is specifically important as it provides users with information about the status of their messages. Essentially, read receipts notify a user when their message has been read by the recipient.

Here are some reasons why the read receipt feature is important for social media apps.

01. Confirmation

Read receipts give the sender confirmation that their message has been received and read. This can be especially important in professional or formal settings. In such environments, it is crucial to ensure that messages are received and acted upon.

02. Accountability

The read receipt feature can also hold recipients accountable for their actions. If a message has been read, the sender knows that the recipient has seen it. So they can follow up if necessary.

03. Efficiency

The read-receipt feature can also help streamline communication. If a user knows that their message has been read, they can avoid sending duplicate messages or unnecessary follow-ups.

04. Transparency

The read-receipt feature can also promote transparency and open communication. When both parties know that a message has been read, it can help build trust and foster healthy communication.

However, it is important to note that not everyone likes or wants to use read receipts. Some people may find them intrusive or feel pressured to respond immediately upon receiving a message.

Therefore, it is important for apps to have the option to enable or disable the read receipt feature. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Bumble.

Also, let’s learn how to change location on Bumble with easy steps. Bumble can detect your location via device IP, but there are ways to trick it. Read on to find out how.

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? No!

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? No!

Bumble doesn’t come with a read-receipt feature. Neither does it offer the option of getting screenshots of chats.

It is true that not having the read receipt feature may sound like a disadvantage at once. However, it becomes an advantage for the recipient. The recipient can open and view the message and avoid replying without being offended. It can also be an advantage when it comes to accidentally opening messages in the chat.

However, it is always a disadvantage to the sender; they don’t know if the message is seen or not.

Is It Possible to Turn on Bumble Read Receipts?

As of this writing, Bumble doesn’t offer any option to enable read receipts for users. However, once the message is sent, the sender will be notified that the message has been sent successfully.

So, if you wish to have “read receipts”, you may have to communicate through Snapchat, iMessage, Messenger, or Instagram.

Can the Sender Know If You Have Read Their Message on Bumble?

Nope. Even if you read the message, the sender will have no clue about it. That’s something appreciable if you are the recipient.

01. If You Typed Something and Stopped

When one user in a Bumble chat begins typing, a notification appears to let the other user know they have active typing focus. If they do, it will show that you have viewed the message. Then, if you start typing and then stop, they will know you read the message but decided not to respond.

Simply refrain from entering any text when the text is opened to avoid this. What if you don’t respond to people? Well, they might assume you aren’t interested in talking to them, which might not be the case. You could respond after the fact and say you were too busy to respond at that time.

02. If You Have Recently Updated Your Bumble Profile

Let’s assume that you have updated your Bumble profile after someone has sent you a message. For instance, let’s assume that you have updated a profile picture, added pictures, or changed bios.

In that case, the sender will obviously know that you have been online recently. Also, they will assume that you are trying to ignore them intentionally. This will give a bad impression about you.

03. If You Have Been Active on a Different Platform

They would know you’re online and haven’t checked their Bumble messages if you respond to them on another app. Since you are still communicating with this individual, it’s probably not a major deal.

However, you should still exercise caution. Have you had enough of Bumble chat and want to switch to another service? If so, you can simply transfer the conversation there.

04. If You Have Suddenly Stopped Messaging

What if you were constantly texting one another, and then you became silent for a long time? So, they might suspect anything is wrong. If you don’t respond for more than 8 hours, they’ll figure out that you’re not interested or are sleeping.

Nevertheless, what if it’s been longer than that? Then, the other individual will assume that you’ve gotten up and just forgotten or ignored to respond.

What is “Delivered” on Bumble?


Delivered” signifies that the message is sent to the intended recipient’s device. That’s all it means.

With a “Delivered” notification, you cannot necessarily decide if the respective user is read it or not.

Does Bumble Have Read Receipts for Audio?

Well, many individuals ask, “does Bumble have read receipts“. The answer is “No“. Even if you send a voice message to another Bumble user, you don’t get a read receipt.

Instead, you will only get to know if the message is delivered successfully to the device.

Can You See Read Receipts for Videos or Pictures for Bumble?

It’s a “No” again. Regardless of the type of message sent, you will never get a read receipt on Bumble.

Does Bumble Offer Notifications About Your Online Status?

Interestingly, Bumble doesn’t come with an option to show if users are online or offline. Social media applications such as Instagram display a green color dot on the profile picture within the chat.

However, this doesn’t appear when you are using the app. Unfortunately, Bumble does not come with any of those options. In other words, Bumble doesn’t show your online status or chat status.

How to Learn If Another User Is Ignoring You on Bumble?

Calling someone is a cunning technique to find out whether they are ignoring you. You can start a voice or video call with the person you matched with by clicking a button. It is located in the top-right portion of the respective chat window.

If their phone just rings for several seconds before becoming silent, it’s probably because they’ve manually declined your call. Let’s assume that they don’t wait for the phone to stop ringing on its own. In that case, it’s probably because they can’t pick it up or are otherwise preoccupied.

Don’t worry much; if they’re serious, they’ll contact you. If they haven’t gotten back to you on the same day, it probably wasn’t meant to be. If the other person isn’t interested in responding to your messages, it’s best to move on. Keep in mind that there are many suitable partners out there.

Can You Tell If Your Messages Are Read by Someone?

Frankly, it is not possible to see if the recipient has read your messages or not on Bumble.

There is no read receipt feature associated with Bumble, so no one can be sure about this. However, if you still want to check it, there are some clues you may try.

01. Check Their Location

We all know that read receipts become handy in finding whether your messages are read or not. But does Bumble have read receipts? No, it doesn’t. So, there should be another way to find it out. As per this method, you should find the location of the recipient.

It is true that your potential partner’s whereabouts won’t tell you whether or not they received your message. However, it can give you a hint that they’ve recently been on the app.

Imagine you use the Bumble app every morning at your neighborhood cafe and meet your match there. So, both of you are at home at the time. You were probably separated by at least ten miles at the time.

You can verify that their location has been updated by opening the Bumble app again and checking their profile. Bumble only changes your location when you’re using it; it’s not a real-time change. 

This Might Seem Pretty Useless

So, that seems useless. You can tell whether someone recently tried Bumble since they were in the same area when you signed on. However, now they’re either 50 or 2 miles away.

That’s right; they appeared online but either chose to ignore that message or were too preoccupied to respond. Although it’s not clear when they were online once, you delivered the message; at least you have some idea.

02. See Their Profile Page

You may capture a couple of screenshots of the target user’s profile page as per this trick.

On the following day, you can take another screenshot and see if any detail is changed. You may take another screenshot after a couple of days and see if anything has changed.

If there are any changes, you can decide that the respective user has been online. But this can only tell if the user has been online.

03. Are There Any Third-Party Applications to See Read Receipts?

As of this writing, no 3rd party applications are available to find read receipts. However, there are some services to reveal the latest active status of the recipient.

The problem is that they don’t offer any read receipts. In fact, developing such an app can be illegal.


  1. Q: Can I tell if someone has read my message on Bumble? A: No, Bumble does not provide a read receipt feature, so you cannot directly tell if someone has read your message.
  2. Q: Why doesn’t Bumble have read receipts? A: Bumble aims to create a relaxed and pressure-free environment for communication. Read receipts can introduce expectations and compromise user privacy, which goes against the app’s values.
  3. Q: How can I gauge someone’s interest on Bumble? A: While Bumble doesn’t have read receipts, you can assess interest by observing response time and the content of the messages you receive.
  4. Q: Can I adjust my privacy settings on Bumble? A: Yes, Bumble provides privacy settings that allow you to customize the information displayed on your profile according to your preferences.
  5. Q: What should I do if I encounter inappropriate behavior on Bumble? A: Bumble has reporting and blocking features in place. If you encounter any issues, you can report or block the user to maintain a positive experience on the app.


Well, does Bumble have read receipts? No, it doesn’t. Read receipts are not made available in Bumble.

This applies to all sorts of messages on Bumble, including voice, videos, and pictures.

Bumble displays not more than the delivery message related to messages you have sent. Also, there isn’t any third-party tool to get this job done.


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