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How to Get Free RDP for One Year and $100 Microsoft Azure Credit


Written by Jack Lin

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How To Get Free RDP

In this article, we will learn about how to get free RDP for one year. We have compiled and provided 12 unique ways to help you learn how to get free RDP; additionally, you will also get $100 worth of free Microsoft Azure credit.

RDP: What Is It?

RDP is the short form of Remote Desktop Protocol; this is a proprietary tool that Microsoft has developed. This tool offers a graphical interface for its users to connect with another computing system over a network connection.

You just need to run the RDP client software; however, you need to ensure that the other computer is running the RDP server software.

You will find RDP clients available for a wide range of Microsoft Windows versions (including Windows Mobile), Android, iOS, macOS, Unix, and Linux.

While the RDP servers were designed for the Windows operating systems, you will find dedicated RDP servers for OS X and Unix. The server listens to UDP port 3389 and TCP port 3389 by default.

What Are The Uses Of RDP?

There are quite some reasons why people are looking forward to learning how to get free RDP. The RDP desktop protocol offers access to an application or desktop that is being hosted remotely.

With its help, you will be able to access, connect, and control various resources and data on a host remotely, as if you are doing it on your own device.

Besides, let’s figure out how to tap a cell phone.

Benefits Of Using RDP

As mentioned earlier, there are many people who want to learn how to get free RDP for one year. This is because the tool offers a lot of benefits to its users. It is definitely not useless.

Some of the amazing benefits of using RDP include the following:

  • Already having an RDP account is a great help. You will be able to create a better connection between local and remote computer systems.
  • If you want to get an RDP account for free, you can get so without having to pay anything. Please just follow the instructions provided in this article, and you will be more than good to go.
  • The RDP tool will help you set up and/or manage various aspects of your computer, including the use of computers and data encryption.
  • The best aspect of the RDP tool is that you will be more than just acknowledged about various things like computer connections, etc.

How To Get Free RDP For 1 Year?

Now that you know why people are looking forward to learning how to get free RDP. Let us start learning how you can get RDP for free without wasting any more time.

Method 1: Working in March 2021 (100%)

If you want to figure out how to get free RDP for one year, you can click on this link. This is a 100% working link and will help you remotely access computers on the same network.

Method 2: Learn How To Get Free RDP For 1 Year

Now, let us look into another way of learning how to get free RDP. In this method, we will talk about Azure, which is a public cloud computing platform.

Some of the solutions offered by Azure include Software as a Server (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). These services can be used for a wide range of purposes like networking, storage, virtual computing, analytics, etc.

Let us look into the steps on How To Get Free RDP For 1 Year:

  • The first step you need to take is to create a .edu email address. If you want to figure out how to create a .edu email address, you can refer to the link mentioned above. If you already have a .edu email address, you can simply proceed.
  • Now, you need to head over to this link and tap on ‘Activate Now.’
how to get free RDP for 1 year
  • Lastly, please sign in with your Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you will have to create it.
Microsoft Sign in
  • Now comes the verification process. Here, you should provide some details like name, phone number, etc.
Azure for Students
  • Next, you will have to type in your student email or .edu email address. The verification process will start now; you simply need to sign in with your .edu email address to successfully complete the verification process.
sign in with your .edu email address
  • Once you are done, you will be provided with access to the 100$ free Microsoft Azure credits.

In the next part, we will find out how to get free RDP:

  • You need to head to the Virtual Machine option; here, you need to tap on ‘Create a Resource.’
how to get free RDP on Microsoft
  • In the next window, please tap on the Windows Server.
tap on the Windows Server
  • Here, you need to create a resource or select one; you simply need to type in the details of the RDP you want to create.
Create Virtual Machine on Azure
  • The next step for learning how to get free RDP for one year is to start creating an Administrator account. Once done, you will have to select the size of your RDP. Once all the required information boxes are filled in, you need to tap on ‘Review+Create.’
tap on 'Review+Create'
  • With this, the process of learning how to get free RDP is done. You have to tap on the virtual machine with the chosen name. Then, head towards the connect option and tap on the Connect button. Here, select the RDP.
tap on the Connect button
  • Now, the RDP file is ready to download. To start the downloading process, you can tap on the RDP file and type in your login credentials, like your username and your password. You can connect the RDP via your personal computer or your mobile device.

Can I Get Free RDP On My Android Device?

Another way to learn how to get free RDP is to download the RDP for your Android device. You can download and install the application called AccessToGo RDP/Remote Desktop. All you have to do is tap the shortcut to start the program.

The first step is to create a new connection for the server; next, tap on the RDP (Free Client). You then need to type in the required fields, like your username, your password, and your IP. Simply tap on the Connect button next.

Is It Possible To Connect To RDP On Windows Devices?

Now that you know how to get free RDP for one year on your Android device. Let us learn how to get free RDP on your Windows devices. The steps are as follows:

  • First, please open the ‘Remote Desktop Connection‘ app or download the RDP file.
  • Type in all the required information, like your username, password, and your IP address.
  • The last step here is to click on the Connect button.
how to get free RDP on Windows
  • You need to accept the certificate errors by clicking on the Yes button.
accept the certificate errors

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to connect RDP to your Windows device.

Can I Connect RDP On My Mac Device?

Thankfully, Microsoft has also extended its RDP services to various other operating systems so that users can learn how to get free RDP for one year, including the Remote Desktop app for the macOS. This tool can be downloaded from and installed via the Apple App Store.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop App for macOS is very similar to the Android and iOS clients that Microsoft has to offer for mobile users. Therefore, even the steps for connecting RDP on Mac are similar to these platforms.

The steps are as follows:

  • You first need to tap on the Add PC button only if you do not already have a remote connection. Alternatively, you can also tap on the + button and then on Add PC.
  • On the next window, you will have to type in the IP address or the hostname in the PC name box for your Windows Remote Desktop.
  • You have to select your preferences on the tabs you see next – the General, the Display, the Devices & Audio, and the Folders tabs. Once done, you need to tap on the Save button to save your settings.
how to get free RDP on Mac
  • Once done, you simply need to right-click on the mouse; here, tap on the Connect button, which will establish your connection successfully.
tap on the Connect button

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get free RDP without a credit card?

Unfortunately, most platforms require credit card information for verification, even for their free tiers.

2. Is it safe to use free RDP?

Yes, as long as you take necessary precautions like setting strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

3. Can I extend the free RDP after one year?

This depends on the platform’s policies. In some cases, you might be able to extend it by switching to a different free tier or plan.

4. Will I be charged if I exceed the limits of the free RDP?

Yes, exceeding the limits of the free tier can result in charges. It’s crucial to monitor your usage.

5. Can I run heavy applications on the free RDP?

Free RDPs have limited resources. Running heavy applications may exhaust these resources and affect performance.

Final Thoughts

With the help of the steps mentioned above, you will learn how to get free RDP for the entire year. You can check out our other articles if you are looking for more tips, guides, methods, and leaks.


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