How to Fix Screen Tearing With Easy Steps


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How to Fix Screen Tearing
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“Is there a surefire way to fix screen tearing? I experience this error every now and then when I play some games on my PC. I find it really annoying, and I don’t find any solution. Please help me!”

Well, the above question may relate to many individuals. It is particularly true when it comes to those who play games on their computers.

With that said, if you are annoyed with this issue, you should be looking for ways to fix it. And, you need a fix ASAP.

Well, the truth is that you are not alone at all. There are many users who experience this error and look for a solid solution. So, let’s see how to fix screen tearing.

Introduction to Screen Tearing

Basically, screen tearing is a technical problem associated with graphics displays. As per this error, you will see multiple images appear from different frames within a single screen draw.

It is possible for the video feed to become out of sync with the refresh rate of the monitor. When there is no sync between two frames rates that are similar, the tear line will remain steady.

As a result, you will clearly notice the differences between those frames. That will create a distortion as well.

When the edges of objects in the video fail to align, the result is a screen tearing. This problem occurs pretty frequently with some display technologies and graphics cards. Also, you will notice this defect most prominently in horizontally-moving displays.

For instance, movie slow-motion camera plans and side-scrolling video games are pretty common victims of this error. In contrast, you won’t experience it within the same refresh interval once the rendering is completed. The reason? Well, the screen gets several narrow tears rather than a single wide tear. That is the reason.

How to Spot Screen Tearing?

It’s possible to have screen tearing if you notice a shift or breaking of vertical white and black stripes.

Those stripes will form a horizontal line across the screen of your computer monitor. Whenever a video isn’t synchronized with the refresh rate, a visual artifact appears to be the strip’s edges.

Screen tearing will continue to appear on your monitor’s screen if you don’t solve it. Those distortions can be displayed continuously while you are watching a video. If not, they can appear intermittently throughout your video.

Also, they can even appear from time to time as you progress through a crucial gaming session. Needless to say, that’s the most annoying experience. Just like we mentioned before, it is mandatory to fix screen tearing, or it will be there forever.

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The Reasons Behind Screen Tearing

If you want to know the reasons behind screen tearing issues, you should first learn how monitors work. This is due to the fact that screen tearing occurs when your monitor doesn’t synchronize with your graphics card. The monitor is not capable of rendering multiple images simultaneously.

Instead, it processes one image at a time. Consider the following: you command the GPU to generate a new image while the initial shot is being generated. The computer or monitor will process the most recent data. As a result, image mixtures and a torn screen will be visible.

Assume that you notice such an issue while your graphics card and monitor are not properly synchronized. In that case, there will not be any differences even if the monitor refreshes slower or faster.

That’s because there is nothing like VSync that cares about timing in this case. It takes only a small difference in terms of speed to cause screen tearing. You should also know that torn screens do not always result in simple out-of-sync images.

Instead, it may even show a pretty negligible screen distortion. Moreover, they can also cause a slight screen distortion, while other screens do not align with colors. As a result, you will see stuttering in image edges.

With that said, it is definitely annoying to see this error, specifically when you play a game. So, you should know how to fix screen tearing. Even if you have not experienced this error, it’s shandy to know the best way to fix screen tearing.

So, the good news is that we have the solutions to fix screen tearing. The remainder of this article will explain how to fix screen tearing.

How to Fix Screen Tearing

Method 1: Change the Resolution of the Screen to Fix Screen Tearing 

It’s true that the refresh rate of the monitor or the incorrect resolution is the cause of screen tearing. So, to fix screen tearing, you should try the following steps.

01. To open Search, press Win + S on your keyboard. After that, type resolution into the box. Once you have done that, from the results, select Change the display’s resolution from the drop-down menu.

Change Resolution of the display to Fix Screen Tearing

02. Now, you should continue to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced display settings. To configure your current display settings, you should go to Advanced display settings. Then, you should select the option called “display adapter properties for Display 1” from the drop-down menu.

03. Now, you will see that the hardware properties of your computer are displayed in the pop-up menu. In this case, please select the option called “List All Modes” from the Adapter tab’s drop-down menu.

"List All Modes" from the Adapter tab

04. Now, select another valid mode. That can be chosen from the drop-down menu. Then click OK. Once the project is finished, you can restart your PC.

Method 2: Deactivate the Game Mode and Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Here’s how to fix screen tearing using another solution. Game Mode is a feature in Windows 10 that allows users to optimize their system & play games smoother. In fact, it is available to all users. It comes with the ability to provide the best possible performance for game processing.

In addition, the Game Mode lets you record their gameplay. It even allows you to take screenshots with a single button press while playing the game.

It is possible, however, that it is the cause of screen tearing and game crashing. So, to fix screen tearing, try disabling Game Mode and seeing if that makes a difference.

01. To open the Settings menu, press Win + I on your keyboard.

02. Disabling the Game Mode

  • The Game Bar can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. Just select it and turn on the option to “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.”
How to Fix Screen Tearing by Deactivate the game mode and disable Full-Screen Optimization
  • Now, select the option called “Broadcasting” from the drop-down menu and select “Record audio when I broadcast.”
  • Now, please restart your PC and then check to see if the problem is fixed.

With that said, are you still experiencing the same issue while playing games on the PC? If that’s the case, please turn off the full-screen optimization feature in your video game.

Properties can be accessed by selecting them from the context menu of your game icon. Now, the tab labeled “Compatibility” should be selected. Also, the checkbox labeled “Disable full-screen optimizations” should be selected.

  • Now, you can save changes. To do that, you should click the Apply button and then restart it, and that’s it!
Disable full-screen optimizations

Method 3: Install the Latest Graphics Driver

In some cases, an out-of-date driver can also be the source of screen tearing problems. So, let’s learn how to fix screen tearing by updating the graphics driver on your computer.

01. To open the Run window, press the Windows key and the R key together. Then, in the box that appears, enter the text “devmgmt.msc“. Then, you should click OK so you can open “Device Manager.”

02. To expand the Display adapters section, double-click on it.

03. You should select “Update driver” from the context menu of the graphics driver. It can be found under Display adapters.

update Driver

04. Now, please choose a way to look for drivers on the internet. You should choose the option called “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the drop-down menu that appears. After that, Windows will automatically perform a scan, download the most appropriate drivers and install them.

05. That’s it. Now that you have installed the most recent graphics driver. To apply those changes, you must restart your computer so the problem will be solved.

Method 4: Using V-Sync

V-Sync, or vertical sync, is a feature found in most graphics processing units (GPUs) that can help reduce or eliminate screen tearing. It works by limiting the number of frames your GPU can process to match your monitor’s refresh rate.

Method 5: Implementing G-Sync or FreeSync

If you’re still experiencing screen tearing after trying the above methods, you might want to consider using G-Sync or FreeSync. These are technologies developed by NVIDIA and AMD, respectively, that dynamically adjust your monitor’s refresh rate to match the output of your GPU.

Preventing Screen Tearing

Investing in a High-Refresh-Rate Monitor

One of the most effective ways to prevent screen tearing is to invest in a monitor with a high refresh rate. These monitors can handle more frames per second, reducing the likelihood of screen tearing.

Keeping Your GPU Drivers Updated

Keeping your GPU drivers updated can also help prevent screen tearing. Manufacturers often release driver updates that include fixes for various issues, including screen tearing.


Is Screen Tearing Damaging to the Monitor?

No, screen tearing doesn’t cause physical damage to the monitor. It’s a software issue that affects the visual output, not the hardware itself.

Can Screen Tearing Occur on Any Monitor?

Yes, screen tearing can occur on any monitor, regardless of its specifications. However, it’s more common on monitors with lower refresh rates.

Is V-Sync the Only Solution to Screen Tearing?

No, V-Sync is just one of many solutions to screen tearing. Other methods include adjusting the monitor’s refresh rate and using technologies like G-Sync or FreeSync.

Does Screen Tearing Affect All Games?

Screen tearing can potentially affect any game, but it’s more noticeable in fast-paced games with lots of movement.

Can Screen Tearing Be Fixed Permanently?

While there’s no guaranteed permanent fix for screen tearing, using the methods outlined in this guide can significantly reduce its occurrence.

Is Screen Tearing More Common in Certain Types of Graphics Cards?

Screen tearing can occur with any graphics card, but some may handle it better than others. This often comes down to the card’s capabilities and the driver support provided by the manufacturer.


Screen tearing can be a nuisance, disrupting your immersive gaming or movie-watching experience. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can learn how to fix screen tearing with easy steps.

Whether it’s adjusting your monitor’s refresh rate, using V-Sync, or investing in a high-refresh-rate monitor, there are several ways to combat this common issue. So, don’t let screen tearing tear you away from your favorite visual experiences. Take these steps today and enjoy a smoother, more immersive viewing experience.


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